Dog Silver Teeth : 5 Interesting Reasons Why Dogs Have Silver Teeth?

Many people ask why there are dogs with silver teeth? Dogs don’t know the cause of things that they are doing. They have a very curious nature. When they see things that are not family to them, they may start sniffing, licking, or eating without knowing the consequences.

Is Dog silver teeth normal? When there are silver strains on the teeth of dogs, it may be due to licking or chewing metallic things. The discoloration of teeth depends upon the duration of chewing. The more the dogs chew metals like steel or aluminum, the more teeth will get stained and look like a strange silver color. 

Dog silver teeth
Dog silver teeth

In this article, we will discuss why there is silver on my dog’s teeth, the cost of colloidal silver for dogs’ teeth, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of dog silver teeth.


Why Does My Dog Have Silver Teeth?

Why are there dog silver teeth? Silver spots on a dog’s teeth can be due to metal chewing. Many reasons can be there behind the silver teeth of dogs. It can be due to the licking of dogs on the metallic surface. It is mostly seen in dogs at an early age when dogs are in the teething phase, and then due to tooth pain, they may start licking the metallic.

Dog silver teeth problem is seen in nervous dogs, and then they chew metal and get silver color on their teeth. The metal surface is cool, and they feel pain relief, and it is soothing for them—dog silver teeth, due to the chewing of metal.

It would help if you did not allow them to chew or lick the metal. Hence it results in dog silver teeth.  You can give them ice cubes instead of metals to chew or lick them. When adult dogs do this type of behavior, it can be due to their habits. When dogs are very curious about things that are not familiar to them, then they start eating, sniffing, or chewing these things and hence get health issues.

Silver stain on dog’s teeth due to Pica. There is another cause of this issue, and thus the condition is called Pica. In this condition, dogs eat things that are not edible. They may eat metals, salt, duct tape, candle wax, etc. you should diagnose the cause of Pica; for this, you should consult with your vet for safe and proper treatment.


Why Are My Dogs Teeth Turning Silver?

If dogs’ teeth are of silver color and the reason is not because of metal chewing, then it can be due to some internal health problem. Some of the reasons for the discoloration of teeth can be due to systematic infection and tooth injury. The dog has silver on his teeth; it can be due to metal chewing.

When dogs are feeling nervous about something, then they may start eating things that are near them. You can give them chew toys in this condition. These toys are very important for gums and teeth. Silver marks on the dog’s teeth are due to the licking of steel or silver.


Can Dogs Get Silver Teeth?

Dog silver teeth, what are the reasons behind it? Yes, dogs can get silver teeth. When dogs have some problem with teeth or teeth fall due to injury, you can replace the teeth with titanium and steel teeth. Teeth can be due to an accident or fall. Hence you can replace it by consulting with a vet. Dog dental crown can be changed if damaged.


Can You Put A Silver Crown On A Canine Tooth?

Can you put a crown on a canine tooth? Yes, you can put a silver crown on a canine tooth. The silver crown is composed of steel, chromium, and titanium. It can be a mixture of all these elements. The teeth will be silver and shiny. You will have to remove all the leftovers of a natural tooth and then place a silver crown at this place.


Do Navy Seal Dogs Have Titanium Teeth?

No, the navy seal dog doesn’t have these teeth. They can only get titanium teeth when the previous teeth of dogs become damaged. It’s just like humans like when humans have some problem or damage in teeth, and then we may replace it with metallic teeth.

It would be best if you did not replace them without any reason because the natural teeth of dogs are effective, strong, and stable.


How Much Does It Cost To Seal A Dog’s Tooth?

The answer to this question may vary according to the tooth damage. The cost of a vet may also affect the cost of teeth. The amount for extraction is about 425 USD. And it includes polishing and scaling of teeth, and this is done before the removal of teeth.

The sedation procedure is also expensive. Sedation is essential because it can save your dog from any wrong or disturbance during injury.

If you don’t have money to bear the cost of replacing the teeth of dogs, you may avail of pet insurance. If the fracture is very complicated, the cost for larger teeth removal will be about five hundred to one thousand USD. The same price is for the root canal of the infected tooth. This price may vary and reaches 6000 USD, and this is in the case of larger breed dogs.


Will Colloidal Silver Hurt My Dog?

Colloidal silver to clean dogs’ teeth is not very toxic for the health of dogs. If dogs are in perfect health, then colloidal silver is not a bad option for dogs. Colloidal silver for a dog’s bad teeth is very effective. Colloidal silver is nontoxic, tearless, and odorless. You can use these things both externally and internally.

If you want to buy colloidal silver, you need to know which product is best for dogs. The products that the vet does not recommend cannot be given to the dogs.  You can only give that product that is recommended and has fewer side effects. You must avoid oral supplements. Vets will not recommend the oral silver colloidal for dogs.

Dog silver teeth
Dog silver teeth


Is Colloidal Silver Dangerous For Dogs?

No, colloidal silver is not dangerous for dogs. But vet does not recommend the long-term use of colloidal silver. It is because colloidal silver may damage the cells. This also has side effects. That is why you don’t use colloidal silver frequently. Silver lines on dog teeth can be due to the colloidal silver, after replacing natural teeth with silver teeth.


Can Colloidal Silver Be Used On Dogs?

Colloidal silver dog teeth can be used. It is a natural antibiotic for a dog. Colloidal silver is also anti-fungal. It can also use to remove impurities from water. This is also used as the best thing to remove skin irritation and black spot on dogs’ skin. Colloidal silver for dog gums and teeth is very much effective. You can use it by consulting with your vet.


How Many Ppm Colloidal Silver Safe For Dogs?

Spray the colloidal silver on the gums and teeth of dogs. It is best for oral maintenance, and if you want to disinfect the back, nose, and paws of your dog, you can also use colloidal silver. If the solution is ten ppm, then you can use it one or two times per day.


Cost Of Gold Teeth For Dogs

If you are not availing of pet insurance, then it can be very expensive for you. The gold crown cost can be somewhere between 800 to 1500 USD. It may vary location-wise.


Dog Tooth Crown Cost

It depends upon the breed, nature, and size of dogs. The type of fracture and method of treatment also decide the cost of the tooth crown. When there is a complicated fracture, then you need about 500-1500$ for the treatment of teeth.


Dog Tooth Filling Cost

Damaged teeth of dogs can be replaced or filled. If you want to fill a dogs’ tooth, then about 300-700$ is required for proper filling of the tooth. Cost may vary according to the nature of damage and method filling. Laser filling is expensive as compared to normal.


Titanium Caps Dog Teeth Cost

One of the most expensive cars for dog-damaged teeth is the titanium tooth cap. It is even more expensive in the case of a large size breed. Its cost is two thousand USD. Cost can be increased when we all expenses of a vet.


Why Are My Dog’s Teeth Grey?

Why is my dog’s tooth turning grey? There can be many possible reasons for the grey color of teeth. Like when there is some internal problem in the gum or tooth, then the tooth may discolor. Following are the reasons for grey or dog silver teeth.



Tetracycline is an antibiotic. When you are using it for young dogs, then it may result in grey color teeth. This condition frequently occurs in young dogs and after the use of tetracycline.


Dental Restorations

The material used for a tooth filling or cavities filling can be the reason for the grey color of teeth. It also includes a silver filling or metal crown.


Root Canal Medicine

In the treatment of root canal, this may result in grey color teeth. Ledermix is the paste that is issued during root canal treatment. Triamcinolone acetonide and demeclocycline hydrochloride are used in this paste. This results in the grey color of teeth.


Tooth Trauma

When there is tooth trauma, you can see that teeth’ color will be changed into grey color. When there is a cut in the blood supply of dogs, then teeth start decaying, or their color changes into a grey color. The color change can be seen after many months or years after the trauma.


Tooth Decay 

When teeth decay or are dead due to a fall or accident, you will see the change in color of teeth. Cut blood supply may be the reason for color discoloration.


Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

This is a genetic disease, and due to this heredity disease, dogs’ teeth become grey or blue. In this condition, the teeth become weak, and this increases the chances of teeth breakage.



Adult or fully grown dogs may have grey color teeth. Aging is also the most common reason behind the silver or blue color of teeth.


Is Colloidal Silver Safe For Dogs Teeth?

Yes, it is safe for dogs, but you cannot use colloidal silver regularly. Silver causes damage in cells. Silver ions leach from silver particles. These ions can cause serious problems because they have side effects as well.

It would help if you did not give it orally. When dogs are toxic, there may be other symptoms like neurological effects, change in liver enzymes, weight loss, and even death in severe cases. It can also cause skin and ear infections, but this is only in the case of regular or frequent use. You should only use ten ppm one or two times per day.

Dog silver teeth
Dog silver teeth – Is Dog silver teeth normal? Is Dog silver teeth safe? Is Dog silver teeth healthy?


Final Verdict On Dog Silver Teeth

For Dog silver teeth to occur, one of the most important reasons is chewing of silver or other metals. When dogs get stressed or nervous, they may start licking, eating, or chewing non-edible things. Pica is also a condition in which dogs eat non-edible things.

When there is any damage to the teeth of dogs, then you can replace or repair it. The cost of replacement or repairing may vary according to the world’s size, breed, and region.

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