Rottweiler Husky Mix Rottsky Breed : 15 Important Facts

Whether you are a first time dog owner or someone who owns a bunch of dogs in the house and you are thinking of getting yourself a Rottsky in the house or you are trying to answer some questions that might help you find out more information about the Rottweiler husky mix before you get yourself one, then am here to help you answer some of those questions

Buying a pet is not an easy decision that one can just wake up and make a decision that they want to own a pet. It involves getting to know what it takes and learning features about the pet in question.

Rottweiler husky mix
rottweiler husky mix rottsky

For instance, you might want to know whether the animal is friendly or not, the kind of diet required to feed the pet and also important is the temperament of the pet so that you might know what you should be ready for.

Let’s narrow this down to most of the common things you might be wanting to learn about the Rottweiler husky mix dog. Although one must remember that this kind of breeding is not recommended for a number of reasons. One of the important reasons is because it may lead to severe health complications of the animal in question. 


What Two Breeds Make A Rottweiler Husky Mix?

The Rottsky, or what others might call Rottweiler Husky mix came along after the hybrid between the Rottweiler German guard dog breed and the Russian sled dog Siberian breed. 

These two breeds put together bring in the Rottweiler husky mix characteristics which include a very clever and playful hybrid dog. Other characteristics include them being affectionate, loyal and protective. These features are inherited from the parent breeds which are the Siberian husky and Rottweiler German guard dog. 

Rottsky also exhibits a very unique characteristic when it comes to their eye colour. They tend to have blue eyes or even in most cases two different colours on both eyes. This feature is very rare and it depicts the Rottweiler husky mix dogs  from all the rest.


How Big Do Rottweiler Husky Mixes Get?

The Rottsky can grow between 51 cm (which is also equivalent to 20 inches), up to 69 cm (which is equivalent to 27 inches) in terms of height. 

In terms of weight, Rottweiler Husky mixes can grow between 35 pounds (which is also 16 kgs) up to 135 pounds (which is also 61kgs).

Below is a table that gives clear basic features of a Rottsky.

HEIGHT 20 – 27 inches 
WEIGHT 35 – 135 pounds
LIFESPAN9 – 13 years 







TEMPERAMENTVery active dogs


How Much Is A Rottsky?

The price of a Rottsky is likely to range between $500 to $1000 in order to get a dog that is healthy

You should also note that for this case you cannot just go and buy a Rottweiler husky mix in a common pet shop, but you should instead consider consulting and getting one from a trusted breeder.

If you might be looking for Rottsky puppies for sale or Rottweiler husky mix for sale, look for legit Rottsky breeders.

Remember that most of these breeders that advertise their offer may not all be genuine so it is important to consider getting your Rottweiler husky mix from  a trusted source. 

Always ensure that before purchasing your dog as well it is important to follow up on the health status of the dog and also practice routine health health check ups even after purchasing it. You might also consider the maintenance cost that comes along with raising a Rottsky. 


Are Husky Mix Good Dogs?

The Rottweiler husky mix can be said to be good dogs. They are playful, friendly and can easily light up your home with their presence. 

Their ability and feature that comes from Rottweiler German guard dogs makes them very protective of the people around. 

Your children can be well protected with the Rottsky around but this does not mean that you should leave the dog alone with your children. You should keep an eye on your kids when they are playing with a Rottweiler husky mix dog.


Do Rottweiler Husky Mix Like To Cuddle?

Yes they love to cuddle. One can snuggle with them on the couch or even in bed. They provide  really great company and they enjoy being cuddled on occasional moments.


Do Rottweiler Husky Mix Like To Bark?

Rottweiler husky mixes do not bark a lot. They are a seemingly calm and quiet breed. It is very rare to hear them making noise in the house.

They remain quiet most of the time unless they have a good enough reason to bark. They instead like to study their surrounding environment while calm and quiet.  


Are Rottweiler Husky Mixes A Good Family Dog?

Yes the Rottsky is a good family dog. They are a friendly breed of dog that makes them so easy to blend within the family. 

Rottweiler husky mixes are also a protective breed of dog. They tend to be protective with the people close to them. You can be sure of your children’s protection with the Rottsky around. Apart from them being called ‘guard dogs’ they are also called ‘family watch dogs’.

They also provide great company and one can actually involve them in family outings and participate in activities like game hunting. 


Do Rottweiler Husky Mix Bond With One Person?

Rottweiler husky mix is known to be a very intelligent dog. They tend to form a connection with one person where they can have their trust. 

With their smart features they most of the time seem to cling to one specific person who is their favorite. This does not mean that they do not like the other people in the family. They still remain loyal and friendly to other family members.


Why Does My Rottweiler Husky Mix Stare At Me?

Your Rottsky is likely to stare at you for a couple of reasons which may include them wanting something from you. It may be because they need attention, want food or a ball to play with. 

Other reasons that might prompt your Rottweiler husky mix to stare at you might be because of fear, waiting for a command or in the guilt of having just misbehaved. 


At What Age Do Rottweiler Husky Mix Calm Down?

Once you manage to take care and tolerate a Rottweiler husky mix for the past two years, then the rest of the years become easy to handle. 

They start to calm down once they reach 24 months. The harder part when raising them is when they are still young puppies. They tend to be  really playful during their tender age than when they grow up.


Is Rottweiler Husky Mix Good For First Time Owners?

I would not recommend a first time owner to buy and own a Rottweiler husky mix because they require a lot of hard work and tolerance. 

If a first time owner really wants to own a Rottsky, then I would advise that the person in question should consult with a trusted breeder and get to learn more about what Rottweiler husky mixes require and also learn characteristics of the hybrid in order to better understand it.

For a first time dog owner it might be really difficult to tolerate a Rottsky’s aggressive behaviour.


What Owning A Rottsky Says About You?

A person that owns a Rottweiler husky mix can be said to be a hardworking, responsible, devoted and loyal person. 

It takes a lot of care and maintenance to raise a Rottweiler husky mix breed. 

Rottweiler husky mix
rottweiler husky mix rottsky


Why Do Rottweiler Husky Mix Fart So Much?

Just like human beings and other breeds of dogs, it is common for your dog to fart once they are having stomach distress. Farting is most of the time caused by food intolerance, therefore it is important to learn about the kind of diet that your Rottweiler husky mix will require.

Most of the time your Rottsky will fart a lot when you incorporate very high fiber food in their diet

You might be wondering what is the best diet for your Rottweiler husky mix. A Rottsky requires a mix of food that is rich in high protein, medium – high fat and low carbs. 

Puppies might have a very sensitive stomach and therefore it is really important to check on the proportion of food you give them and the time interval between every meal.


Can Rottweiler Husky Mix stay Home Alone?

It is not advisable to leave a Rottsky alone in the house but if need be then they can be left for 6 hours to more than 24 hours. 

Ensure you leave them with sufficient water and food in the case when you have them alone at home. 

Also remember that Rottweiler husky herders are very clingy around their owners therefore you should ensure to give them bonding time once you get home. This can be done by going out for a stroll in the evening.

This is also helpful since it helps them as well with the regular exercise which they require. Remember that they require a lot of exercise and taking them along for an evening walk is a really great way to achieve this.


How Smart Is A Rottweiler Husky?

Rottweiler husky mix dog breed is known to be among the most intelligent dogs. They can be ranked among the top 10 most intelligent dogs. 

Rottsky have the ability to follow commands therefore they are known to be obedient. 

They are also very easy to train as they learn fast thereby depicting the fact that they are extremely intelligent dogs


Are Rottweiler Husky Mix Puppies Easy To Train?

Rottweiler husky mix puppies are very easy to train. They respond very positively to commands given. They are also obedient when given instructions. 

Remember it is very important to start training your dog from an early stage on what is bad and good. They should know which are the limits and to what extent they should not go. 

With the Rottweiler husky mix puppies, it is easy to establish this because they know how to follow commands even though to achieve that might at times be a hustle.

The first common commands you should train your Rottweiler husky mix dog to obey are stay, lay down, sit and come. From there you can build all other commands. Teach them easy dog tricks.

Another thing you should know during training is that you should never feel like you are being harsh or too hard on your dog when you instruct  them to follow a command or give boundaries as to what they are not supposed to do. It is important to establish proper training right from the time you bring them home.


What Are The Common Health Complications In A Rottsky?

Rottweiler German guard dog and Husky the Russian sled dog Siberian crossbreed  is not recommended as it may result in health complications. 

The following are the common health disorders likely to be experienced in the Rottsky hybrid:

Hip and elbow dysplasiaThis condition is characterized by abnormal joint formation. 

Sub valvular aortic stenosis – This is where blood flow is stopped due to blocked heart valves.

Dilated cardiomyopathy – Rottweiler husky mix puppy born with a thinned heart wall and therefore becomes susceptible to heart failure.  

It is in this case that you need to have your dog undergo a health check up before purchasing it from the breeder. 


How Can You Take Care Of Your Rottsky?

Apart from taking them for routine check ups, there are some procedures which are supposed to be carried out in the house with care. 

A Rottsky requires bathing but it is important to note that it should not be done frequently because this may lead to the loss of essential oils which are needed in order to maintain the coat.  

In a case where the Rottweiler husky mix dog has a lot and deep fur like the Siberian husky, then it is important to ensure that the fur is well dried because moist fur may lead to growth of molds and mildew if left moist or wet. 

The body of a Rottsky needs to have regular exercise. One can achieve this by going for a jog or a walk with their dog as company.

Another way that you can ensure you are taking care of your dog is through following and giving them the correct diet to avoid bloating and other stomach disorders. 


Do Rottweiler Husky Mix Dog Shed?

Yes they do shed. This is in consideration that Siberian husky and Rottweiler German guard dogs shed heavily.

Even in this case it is important to brush your dog’s hair frequently as it helps in removing the dead skin. Brushing is also required during fall and spring seasons when shedding is more intense.  


Which Are The Other Common Dog Breeds That Can Be Crossbred With The Rottweiler Husky Mix?

Some of these hybrids might be very rare to find. They also exhibit certain characteristics that come along from the parent breeds. Some features are more or less the same. 

Rottweiler husky German shepherd mix has  almost the same features as the ones that the Rottsky has on its own. This hybrid brings along features such being energetic, smart and the distinctive feature that makes them suitable as guard dogs. 

Husky lab Rottweiler mix, also known as Rottador are said to be great swimmers, energetic, affable and affectionate as well. 

Pitbull Rottweiler husky mix is characterized to be loyal, protective, affectionate, strong and large in terms of size. They make good guard dogs or family watch dogs. 

Chow Rottweiler husky mix is a high maintenance hybrid.


Final Verdict – Rottweiler Husky Mix Rottsky

In conclusion, I hope that the information I have just given you will be important and will make you think twice before contacting a breeder to purchase a Rottweiler husky mix dog. If you are considering buying yourself a Rottsky for a pet then do not forget to follow up and get to learn about the basic things like the health complications and diet required. Remember also that even after you bring the dog home it is advisable to take the dog to the veterinary doctors for routine check ups.

Rottweiler husky mix
rottweiler husky mix rottsky

Also remember to take your dog out for some walk frequently as a way for them to exercise. Rottweiler husky mix herders require frequent exercise in order to channel out their energy. 

The best way I would recommend you to achieve  that is by treating your dog as your training partner and companion. You can do this by letting them tag along when you go for your evening jog or walk. You can also do this by going for game hunting. Rottweiler husky mix dogs enjoy going out for game hunting.

Rottweiler husky mix dogs are good pet dogs if you know how to maintain them and have a better understanding of them above all. They can bring so much life and brighten your home.

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