Husky Akita Mix: 9 Cool Huskita Characteristics

We have already talked about the Huskies; they are an incredible breed of dogs with high intellects and vision. If we want to breed the Siberian Husky with another breed of dog to mix desirable qualities and get a new species, what could it be? Today, we will discuss something new about Huskies.

Husky Akita mix is a cross-breed of Huskies and Akitas, two well-known breeds of dogs, to get a highly efficient and powerful puppy. They are also specifically called Huskitas.

Husky akita mix
Husky akita mix

This new mixed breed is cool and awesome. Let’s discuss these adorable and intelligent Husky Akita mix puppies.

The Huskita puppies are very powerful and dangerous, and we consider them one of the most potent puppies due to their jaws which are scissor shaped.  The jaw is so sharp and strong that if anything gets stuck in it, we cannot open the dog’s mouth until it decides to open it by itself.


Husky Akita Mix Explained In Detail

The Husky Akita Mix, which we call Huskita, is a powerful and intelligent dog. It has an adorable appearance. Let’s learn some more about this rare breed.


History of Akita Dogs

Let’s have quick information about Akita Dogs:

Akita Dogs
Known ForPower, loyalty, and courage
Life Span10-15 years
Average Weight32-60 kg
Average HeightUp to 70 cm inches
Coat nature and colorDouble coat in different colors
Average Price$1000


Siberia Husky Dogs History

Let’s have quick information about Siberia Husky Dogs:

Siberia Husky  Dogs
Known ForLoyalty, Intelligence, and working abilities.
Life SpanTen years
Average Weight16-27 kg
Average HeightUp to 60 cm
Coat nature and ColorDouble coat in different colors
Average Price$700


What Does A Husky Akita Mix Look Like?

When we mix Husky and Akita, we get cute Huskita pups. The physical appearance of Akita mix puppies resembles both of their parents. The coats of the Huskita breed are mixed. Its curvature can be towards any of its parents. But, we see the skin of white Akita Husky mix is usually standard.

Other colors may be:

  • Black
  • White
  • Tan
  • Cream


Husky Akita Mix Puppies

Full grown Husky Akita mix is usually ready in almost two years. It will complete its growth in this period, and we will get a highly efficient, self-dependent, loyal, robust, and adorable dog.

Husky Akita mix traits make this breed very popular. They have all the qualities that an ideal dog should have.


How Much Do Huskita Cost? Husky Akita Mix Price

The Akita Siberian Husky is breaking the market. Due to its very admirable qualities, it is one of the most demanded dogs. Its average selling price is $1000. But, the price will increase or decrease by the Huskita breeders.

Husky Akita Mix Puppies For Sale

We can get the Husky Akita mix price from the online and local market; it will depend upon the color of the coat we chose. The Husky Akita mix price white is around $900-$1000. Husky  Akita mix welpen kaufen.


Husky Akita Mix For Sale – Adult Dog

Husky Akita mix price for an adult varies. It may be less or more than the average price depending upon the breed you choose. We can also get the Akita/Husky mix for adoption. It is not very much and costs about $300.


How to Choose Huskita Breeders?

Because of the rareness of Huskita, there are a few breeders that sell Akita Inu Husky mix puppies. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find one for yourself. You can find Akita Husky mix puppies with an average price ranging from $900-$1200.


What To Ask Before Buying A Huskita Puppy

Keep the following things in your mind before buying the puppies and ask the breed:

  1. Where are the parents?
  2. Husky Akita mix temperament
  3. Husky Akita mix height and weigh.
  4. How much the puppy pees and sleeps


Husky Akita Mix Behavior

In this section, I will discuss the behavior of the Husky Akita breed. Let’s study the mood swings and personality of this unique and rare breed.


Is Huskita Trainable?

Because of the intellectual genes of their parents, Huskies, they are easy to train. We can efficiently train Huskitas, but we need to make sure that the dog is not bored.

If you mess with the dog, it may cause problems because it also carries Akita’s genes, a proud, stubborn, and dignified dog.


Husky Akita Mix Temperament

Husk Akita mix proved to be very loyal, friendly, strong, but stubborn little dogs. Their average life-span is 10-12 years. They reach a size of 60 inches and weigh about 60 pounds. They are very friendly and easy to train dogs, but we should do the training with great care.


Husky Akita Mix Leadership

These dogs are outstanding leaders. As discussed earlier, they get their origin from one of the parent’s dogs, Akita, a working dog in Japan.

Back in Japan, it is a national sign of prosperity, security, and dignity. The police also use them for investigation purposes. So, they are great leaders.

Husky dogs themselves are independent thinkers and highly intelligent.

So, mixing two dog breeds Husky and Akita is bound to produce an intelligent Husky Akita mix breed as well.


Are Huskita Mean?

Since Akitas have genetics that does not allow them to be friendly, people consider them unfit for a family dog, but if we train them well, we can leave them with kids.

So if you have your dog finish the Huskita training properly, you can leave them alone with kids and anyone else.


Is Akita Husky Mix Banned In Some States?

Many cities in the United States have banned the Huskitas, according to the Huskita rescue of the mid-Atlantic. The US has banned these because of Akita’s dangerous nature, which is the parent of Huskita.

The dangerous jaw of these pups can be a killer. If your hand gets trapped in the jaw of your puppy, it would be so painful that your hand may cut off.

The states that have banned Husky Akita Mix are:

  1. Iowa
  2. Louisiana
  3. Michigan
  4. Tennessee
  5. Washington


Husky Akita Mix Color Coat

Let’s study the coat of the Mix Husky Akita breed. Let’s clarify what “the coat” means before we go on.

A coat shields skin against harmful UV rays by providing a protective layer of fine hairs embedded in it.

The coat color of the Siberian Husky Akita Mix is not limited to only white. It is in different colors, and this is also a factor that contributes to determining the price of a Huskita Puppy.


The different colors of the coat are as follows:

Black Husky Akita Mix

The Mixed Husky and Akita, in which the color is black, are called Black Husky AkitaMix. Its black color coat is gleaming, and these are ferociously looking dogs.


Beige Husky Akita Mix

The beige color is in between brown and white but close to light brown. This color is gorgeous, and one would love these Japanese Akita Husky mix puppies.

It has some alternate white stripes (a few) on its coat.


Red Husky Akita Mix          

The significance of Red Akita Huskies is also unparalleled. They are not entirely red. But, they somehow show a reddish color in their coat.

Brindle Husky Akita Mix

Brindle Siberian Akita puppies are greyish-colored dogs, but their greyish color is darkly stained, and it is a vibrant and excellent color.


White and Grey Husky Akita Mix

The alternate white and grey Husky Akita Mix is an alternate stripes-colored dog which is a good color if you want to buy a Huskita dog.


Copper Husky Akita Mix

Copper is a charming color. These Akita mixed Husky puppies are good to see and have a perfect and shiny colored coat.


Brown Husky Akita Mix

Brown Husky mixed Akita is a very remarkable breed. It is an imposing dog sold at the starting price of $700 and will go up to almost $1200. Pet stores carry this, or you can buy it online.


Husky Akita Mix – Huskita’s Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of Huskita is profoundly adorable. A Huskita is muscular in build, 20 to 25 inches long, with a powerful back to match. In addition to their ears, they have a broad chest. Typically, they grow to a height of 22 to 25 inches and weigh 50 to 75 pounds.


Do Akita Husky Mix Shed?

Huskies are the dogs that do shedding very much, and the same is the situation with the Akita puppies. The mixed breeds also do shedding, and the shedding is suitable for their healthy coat development.

They will shed their hair three times, I hear, and if in this period you are not growing your puppy, it won’t have a Shiny and fluffy coat, so we recommend brushing whenever the Huskitas are shedding.


How To Groom Husky Akita Mix

Cleaning your Husky puppy’s coat is an essential step in making it look good. You should wash its coat at least once a week and brush it regularly to look refined and pleasing.

You can also train your puppy to clean itself and the house that it stays in as it is in their parental instinct that they love to clean.

There is also a critical step in grooming in puppies’ training because if you too train your puppy very well, it will become a strong, powerful, courageous, and dignified pet.

Husky akita mix
Husky akita mix


Huskita Lifespan – How Long Do Akita Husky Mix Live?

General Huskita puppies have a life expectancy of 9 to 12 years. However, some dogs can live into their 15th or 16th years, depending on other factors.

Husky live up to 15 to 16 years with standard living conditions and a nutrient-rich diet. Good nutrition enhances their health.

If you want your Husky to live longer, you need to take it to exercise and take it for a walk and do all the healthy things regularly that will lengthen the life expectancy of the dog.


Husky Akita Mix Weight – How Big Do Huskita Get?

Now, let’s see what size and weight do the Siberian Husky Akita dogs can attain.

Average Height

When we talk about the Husk  Akita dogs’ size, the male dogs aspire to reach a height of 60 cm, while the female Huskita dogs’ average size is approximately 50cm.

They have a good height, and thus, they are solid and dignified dogs, and we use them for many different purposes, such as serving in the police or as hound guardians.


Average Weight

It is an excellent breed between the two dogs. One is Husky, and the other is Akita, and it contains good qualities from both of its parents. The average weight of the Husky puppies when they are fully grown reaches almost 50 to 75 pounds.

They attain a good size, and they are very energetic, loyal Dogs with friendly behavior and accessible to trainability in their nature.


Maintain a Healthy Weight, Don’t Aim For More Weight

The most important thing if we talk about these puppies’ weight is that we don’t have to increase these puppies’ weight. We have to maintain a healthy weight which we can do by using a nutrient-rich diet.

You can use a rich diet in all the essential minerals and substances required for ideal growth.

Some of the essential Minerals and Substances are:


Husky Akita Health Problems

Despite the remarkable strength and muscular body with an active metabolism, Huskitas can get some medical problems related to their health. First of all, we need to follow this principle to help the issues before they come.

Prevention is better than cure.

If we follow the prevention procedures, then we can prevent the disease.

Some common illnesses that can occur in dogs:

  1. Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  2. Elbow Dysplasia
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Hypothyroidism
  5. Bloating

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a disease that is common in dogs. In this problem, the photoreceptor cells of the eyes are affected and ultimately become useless. It will cause pain of vision in the dogs, which also affects Huskitas.


Elbow Dysplasia

In this disease, the dogs have some degenerative defect in their legs. We will see some degeneration in the matrix/cartilage of the dog’s bone which will affect the dog’s walking and running.



Epilepsy occurs due to over excitement of the nerve impulses in the nerve cells’ fluid or soma. EPILEPSY will cause involuntary tremors and seizes. It does not affect mental health, but the dog acts like mad for a short time.



This disease occurs due to the less production of Thyroxin. This problem will cause goiter or swelling in the neck of Huskita. But, taking a diet that contains enough sodium and Iodine will fix this problem.



The excess gas produced in the stomach of a dog after eating a meal is known as bloating. This condition can also occur in a Huskita. We can go to a vet to cure these diseases.

These problems arise in Huskitas; we can prevent these diseases by making our dog follow restricted diets with healthy exercise daily. We should also provide it with a diet that is rich in nutrients.

If your dog is still not feeling well, you can go to a vet and get your dog checked by them.


Different Breeds of Huskita

There are different breeds of Huskitas. Let’s see a unique breed of Huskita; we can interbreed the German Shepherd with Husky Akita Mix and get a rare breed with exceptional abilities and qualities. Let’s see this breed.


German Shepherd Husky Akita Mix

There are two different dog breeds in the mix: A German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky – the Shepsky.

These pups inherited some of their best characteristics from both of their parents, namely, medium in size, energetic, and loyal.

These adorable puppies are devoted to their families and also working dogs.

Shepkita Weight and Size

Since the Akita Shepherd is a relatively new mixed breed, there are few size standards. However, like a mix between Akitas and German Shepherds, the Shepkita will be on the large side.

They usually weigh between 75 and 120 pounds and range in height from 24 to 28 inches from the shoulder.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If My Husky Akita Mix Is Happy?

If you want to know that your puppy is pleased with you, you need to check out the following things in its behavior:

  • The dog will love you.
  • It will obey your orders.
  • Your puppy will listen to you.
  • Your friend will jump toward you when you come back home.
  • It misses you when you are leaving.
  • It makes eye contact with you.


How Long Can A Husky Akita Mix Be Left Alone?

You should not keep your Huskita be at home alone for more than 6 hours. You need to start basic training. Try it from 2 hours out of your house and get back home after hours, and appreciate your dog for its anticipation for you.


How Much Are Huskita Puppies?

The Huskita puppies will cost you around $1000. If you are planning to buy one, you can check online or go to the pet store. You can also ask a breeder, but this is a rare breed, and you will have some difficulty finding the Akita mix puppies.


How Long Do Akita Huskies Live?

The average life-span of Huskita dogs is about 10-15 years. This life-span can vary and depends upon the mental and physical health of your dog.


Are Akita Huskies Good Dogs?

Yes, they are good dogs. If you train them well, they can be instrumental and serve you very long with loyalty and love. They will also make you feel safe and will fight for you in every situation. They got the blood of Akita, which is a powerful Japanese-origin dog.


Do Husky Akita Mix Like To Cuddle?

Husky Akita Mix likes to cuddle with their owner. They are very friendly, but we need to train them properly, and we should make them love others as well. If you didn’t do your Husky Akita puppy’s training reasonably, it would be a misanthropist.


Do Huskita Love Their Owners?

They love their owners very much. They won’t hurt you or upset you. So, you can love them back for this good deed.

Huskitas are very affectionate animals and will get jealous if you have another pet living in your home. They are very possessive animals who will whine and show in different ways to get attention from you.

You will see them lying in front of you, crossing your path, and doing other things that demonstrate their love for you.


Are Husky Akita Mix Dogs Loyal?

Husky and Akita Mix puppies are very loyal to their owners and will serve them till their final breath. Being associated with Akita’s blood, they will never betray and help their owner no matter what the situation may be.

Husky owners generally consider Huskitas to be loyal to the point that they would do anything to protect them. In Japan, the police and crime investigation teams have tasked Huskitas with obtaining evidence to make arrests and collect evidence.


Are Huskita Dogs Aggressive?

This puppy is aggressive. The dog will show aggression when it is annoyed with something you have done wrong. The dogs wouldn’t get along with cats if they’d never been exposed to other cats.

Because these hybrid puppies are not very friendly, their owners do not consider it safe to leave them with strangers when they are around small children.

Despite this aggression, you can overcome it and reduce it through training, making them philanthropic and highly social animals.


Final Verdict – Husky Akita Mix

The Huskita Breeder uses two dogs for breeding the dog, an Akita and a Husky. When these intelligent dog breeds are mixed and become a new dog, all its parents’ qualities make it unique.

We can see that they are very loyal and honest integrals and have lean, solid muscles and a great height and ideal weight that will witness their solid and beautiful, loving body.

It is a very social dog that can adapt to the world around him. You can teach him everything he needs for household help. These dogs are brilliant and straightforward in learning new things.

Husky akita mix
Husky akita mix

The animals are susceptible and are at risk of suffering medical conditions if their food lacks essential nutrients.

A dog may die of malnutrition, or its weight may become suddenly decreased, so we should take care if you want your dog to be healthy, wise, and prosperous.

You need to properly groom it because if you are not brushing its coat, it won’t get a soft Coat and a soft sphere.

There are puppies on the market that you can get online or at a puppy store for an average price of $1,000.

Thus, Huskitas are very loyal, strong, and powerful dogs. You would make a good choice buying one of these.

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