Axolotl Aeration : Do Axolotls Need an Air Pump? 7 Cool Facts

The axolotl is a salamander that spends its entire life in water. Many people call it Mexican walking fish with their adorable faces. Meeting the axolotl’s needs as an aquatic pet is the duty of every owner to care for them according to their life expectancy. One question that naturally arises in your mind next.

Is axolotl aeration in the tank needed to keep Axies healthy? It depends on what aeration device you are using in the axolotl tank. If you are already using the filter as a source of oxygen, you do not need to use an air bubbler or air pump for aeration. The filter itself is sufficient to provide enough oxygen for the axolotl and the tank mates.

Axolotl aeration - do axolotls need an air pump
Axolotl Aeration – Do Axolotls Need an Air Pump?

We need to learn about axolotl aeration and some things needed in caring for an aquatic pet like an axolotl. Read this article to the end.


Do Axolotls Need A Bubbler?

Bubbler is a good idea for an axolotl tank if there are no live plants or biological filters. If the Axolotl tank is showing a lot of algae because there is no filter, the bubbler can produce oxygen for the axolotl.

Bubbler alone is not enough to keep the axolotl tank clean and maintain axolotl aeration. Plant live plants that can withstand cool temperatures and only need a little light because the axolotl cannot live if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Warmer temperatures will make axolotl stress and less their life expectancy. If live plants cannot live at cool temperatures and decay quickly, it will accelerate the rise of ammonia levels in the tank.

Oxygen and a suitable temperature can keep the axolotl healthy. But you need to keep in check the axolotl water tank because axolotl produces heavy waste.

Bubblers cannot help in cleaning waste unlike biological filters, which maintain a nitrogen cycle and keep ammonia and nitrite levels steady.


Do Axolotls Need an Air Pump?

An air pump or air bubbler will be needed if the axolotl tank does not have a filter to produce oxygen and improve the water quality. It depends on the owners whether the air pump can help axolotl aeration, or with a filter alone is enough.

If the filter you choose is not very beneficial for producing oxygen, occasionally axolotls will come to the surface to inhale the air when they need more oxygen. When this happens more often, you can consider using an air pump.

In addition to using an air pump, several things can keep the water clean and oxygen production. Live plants and clean water increase the oxygen supply in the tank. Removing uneaten food, axolotl stool, and doing water changes will increase oxygen production in the water.

The air pump in the axolotl tank is not a major requirement if you are already using a biological filter. You can fulfill axolotl oxygen needs with or without an air pump. Use an air pump with a slow water flow because the water flow also affects the axolotl behavior.


Do Axolotls Need Aeration?

Aeration has a role to keep aquatic pets breathing properly. Many devices can be used in the axolotl tank to increase aeration, such as filters, air stones, live plants, and aerating decorations.

If the axolotl is at a warmer temperature, it will affect the oxygen supply and axolotl aeration. Adequate aeration and suitable temperature make axolotl healthy. Do not leave the axolotl in a tank with a temperature over 20°C.

Temperatures higher than 20°C will stress the axolotl and cause less appetite, lethargy, and floating because the axolotl is not comfortable in the tank.

Place the axolotl tank in a cool room, not exposed to direct sunlight. If you want to provide a lamp for the tank, provide a UV light whose heat will not increase the temperature in the tank.

Do axolotls need an air pump? The air pump can help aeration if no other device is used in the tank. If the axolotl tank already uses a filter, then the air pump is not so necessary.


Do Baby Axolotls Need Aeration?

Baby axolotl care is different from adult axolotl care in every way. Baby axolotls are more sensitive to water temperature, axolotl aeration, and water quality. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, the baby’s axolotl cannot grow quickly.

If not cared for properly, baby axolotls die easily in the first few weeks. The major factors that prevent baby axolotls from surviving are infections from poor water tanks or genetics.

Consider placing the baby axolotl in a tank with live plants, just in case the oxygen supply is low. Baby axolotls have a much larger feeding schedule than adult axolotls. Immediately clean uneaten food so as not to increase the ammonia level.

Do axolotls need an air pump? To keep the oxygen supply in the tank, you can add an air supply to the tank. Even if you use filters, baby axolotls rely on oxygen to survive and grow. Do a water change if the ammonia or nitrite level starts to rise. Do not allow any algae or dead plants in the tank.


Do Axolotl Eggs Need A Bubbler?

You don’t need an air bubbler for axolotl eggs because the development of axolotl eggs is seen from the suitable temperature, and the tank is safe from adult axolotl. Do not put adult axolotls in a tank with eggs because adult axolotls can eat eggs.

Axolotl eggs require a higher temperature than after hatching. If you put axolotl eggs at a temperature of 20-22 °C, the chances of hatching are up to 14 days. But if the axolotl eggs are below 20°C, the chances of hatching are more than 20 days.

Since axolotl eggs, you need to think about axolotl aeration. If aeration is good, axolotls hatchling can immediately get their oxygen needs. Young axolotl will absorb oxygen particles in the water. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, it will stunt the axolotl growth.


Do Axolotls Like Bubbler?

Axolotl likes bubble air, and sometimes they play with it. But the axolotl doesn’t like heavy current because the air pump can affect the water flow. Although axolotl aeration will be safe if using a bubbler, the axolotl can be stressed because the water in the tank is not calm.

You can use a bubbler if the axolotl tank does not use any device that can increase the oxygen supply. Look for a bubbler or air pump that does not change the water flow, or increase the temperature of the tank due to the heat of the appliance.

If you feel that the oxygen supply in the tank is sufficient because there are live plants and filters, you can not use the bubbler even though the axolotl likes to play with the air bubble.


Do I Need An Aerator For My Axolotl?

You need an aerator in the tank if the axolotl continues to rise to the surface to inhale air. In addition to indicating poor water quality, axolotls also need more oxygen in the tank.

The most popular axolotl aeration device is the biological filter. In addition to cleaning debris and harmful particles, the filter can also produce oxygen.

Do axolotls need an air pump? If you have used the right filter, you don’t need another aerator such as a bubbler or air pump. Too many accessories that are lit on the axolotl tank can increase the temperature and are not good for the axolotl’s health.

You can also increase the oxygen supply by doing water changes regularly between 20-30% water. The water in the tank will reintroduce oxygen and remove ammonia. Good water conditions are crucial for the health of the axolotl. If axolotls are in dirty water, they will change their behavior.

Axolotls that lack oxygen will often rise to the surface to take a breath. If it continues to be ignored, the axolotl can float and be susceptible to disease or infection. When ammonia reaches 1 ppm, axolotls can get ammonia burned and will cause problems for their gills or their skin.

Axolotl aeration - do axolotls need an air pump
Axolotl Aeration – Do Axolotls Need an Air Pump?


How Oxygen Gets into the Axolotl Tank?

Axolotl aeration is needed to increase oxygen in the tank. If you use a biological filter, there are beneficial bacteria that will convert ammonia to nitrites, then to nitrate for a later nitrogen cycle. If this process is smooth, the axolotl can get oxygen in the tank continuously.

Even if you use a filter, you still need to change the water once a week with a rule of thumb of 20-30% of the amount of water in the tank. The water change process will reduce the ammonia content and add oxygen from the new water.

If you put live plants, each plant will absorb ammonia and convert it into oxygen even if only with a small capacity.

An air pump or air bubble can also add oxygen to the tank and maintain water quality. Although the filter alone is sufficient, you can use an air pump if the axolotl is large, and you don’t have much time to change the water regularly.


Does Aerator Make Your Axolotl Stress?

Axolotl aeration is the main requirement for the axolotl to breathe properly. But if you use an air pump that can change the water flow to a larger one, the axolotl can be stressed.

Axolotls only want to live in calm water. If they are in a heavy current, axolotls can refuse to eat, swim upside down, or do some other behavior that can worsen their health.

Some axolotls don’t like air bubbles and stress them out because they feel overcrowded. Use a bubbler if the axolotl tank is large and can still provide space for the axolotl not to be near the air bubble.


What Is The Benefit Of Using Aerators On Axolotl Tank?

Good axolotl aeration will increase oxygen exchange in the tank. You don’t need to be confused about adding oxygen supply if the aerator is running well.

Signs of axolotls are not deprived of oxygen by looking at their behavior to take in air at the surface. If you rarely see axolotls rising to the surface, it is a sign that the water condition in the tank has sufficient oxygen.


What Other Factors Do Axolotls Need Besides Aeration?

Oxygen supply includes the same thing to ensure the axolotl can live up to its life expectancy. But is it only axolotl aeration that we need to do? The table below is some of the factors you need to do for the health of your axolotl.

Other factorsExplanation
Suitable temperatureKeep temperature at 16-18 °C
Ammonia & nitrite levelShould be at 0 ppm
Axolotl tank sizeRule of thumb with 10-gallon tank per axolotl
Tank matesAxolotl is better alone in the tank
FoodLive food for young axolotls. Adult axolotl can eat dead prey and pellets
Water pH levelIdeal water pH for axolotl is 7.4-7.6

Caring for an axolotl is not difficult if you can keep the water clean and at a stable temperature. If you see strange behavior on the axolotl, immediately check the water with a water test kit. Do a water change to restore water quality.


Final Verdict – Axolotl Aeration

Aeration is needed for axolotls because oxygen is the main need for breathing. Young axolotl will absorb oxygen particles from the water. Cleanliness of the water in the axolotl tank is a must. You can use an aeration device such as a filter, air bubbler, or air pump to increase the oxygen supply.

Axolotl aeration - do axolotls need an air pump
Axolotl Aeration – Do Axolotls Need an Air Pump? Axolotl Aeration in Axolotl’s Tank

Axolotls can be stressed if they are in bad water conditions with poor oxygen supply. If left untreated, axolotls are more susceptible to disease and have less life expectancy. Water temperature can also affect aeration. If the axolotl is at a warmer temperature, oxygen will also decrease.

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