Wooper Rooper : Axolotls In Japanese (5 Interesting Facts)

In recent times, there has been a lot of interest in the words ‘wooper’ and ‘rooper’ within axolotl lover communities. Read on, to find out what these words refer to, and why axolotl lover communities have become fascinated with them.

In actual fact, wooper rooper is simply the Japanese reference for axolotl. In the Katakana Japanese writing system, axolotl roughly translates to u-pa-ru-pa. People then Anglicize it to ‘wooper rooper’.

Thus when searching for anything to do with an axolotl, a person with a Japanese background may often use that term.

Wooper rooper
Wooper rooper

But it is a reference to the animal we all know as the axolotl.


What Is Wooper Rooper?

To put it simply, it is Japanese for axolotl.

Under the Japanese writing system known as Katakana, axolotl roughly translates into u-pa-ru-pa. This is what we then Anglicize into wooper rooper.

If you research on what is axolotl called in Japan, this is (roughly) the name you are likely to keep on getting.

Now besides the real life axolotls, there are also games whose basis is on axolotls. So that is where the likes of wooper pokemon come into the picture.

It is also within this context that you may hear a person talking about axolotl pokemon card, the wooper moveset and so on…

Further, in the gaming context, where there is talk about the wooper, another entity known as the quagsire also tends to come up. This is because the quagsire, in video games, is similar to the wooper in many ways.

And at another level, there are also many toys that take the shape of axolotls. These too, especially those that come from Japan will tend to have names that feature the words ‘wooper’ or ‘rooper’ or both together.

Wooper shiny toys are actually quite popular in certain circles.

It is on those accounts (where the name is used in video games, toys and so on) that you may hear someone asking: is wooper trademarked?

So in trying to give a wooper meaning, you have to understand the context. One may be having an interest in the wooper rooper animal. So focus here would be on the real life wooper rooper axolotl.

Then again, the interest could be on the wooper video games or toys.

But on the whole, is wooper an axolotl? The answer is yes.

You therefore can’t really undertake a wooper rooper vs axolotl comparison: because it is the same entity.

Wooper rooper
Wooper rooper Axolotl


Wooper Rooper Characteristics

In terms of physical appearance, axolotls (woopers) are cylindrical, with rather big mouths and gills that are visible from outside. The gills have feathery features.

Their snouts are rather blunt, and axolotl (wooper) colors can range from white (in albino type) to golden, blue and black with many others in between.

Wooper evolution has been in such a manner that there is great variance in colors. But the basic general appearance is largely the same in all of them.


Wooper Rooper Temperament

In terms of temperament, axolotls (woopers) are rather laid back. But they can become aggressive (to one another) at times.

That is, for instance, if they don’t get enough food, if there is overcrowding or if something is agitating them. But by default, they are placid.


Wooper Rooper Habitat

The natural wooper (axolotl) living place is in canals and still water lakes.

If kept as pets, they normally live in tanks. Therefore if you are keen on taking up one, you would need to invest in a suitable wooper rooper tank.

Then you have to ensure proper tank water conditions. This is because wooper rooper health depends greatly on the water conditions it lives under.


Final Verdict – Wooper Rooper

Wooper rooper is simply Japanese (Katakana writing system) reference to an axolotl. More specifically, in that system, the name is u-pa-ru-pa: which we then Anglicize to ‘wooper’ and ‘rooper’.

While in search of an axolotl (or info regarding it), a person with a Japanese background may refer to it as a wooper or rooper. Or both words combined.

There are also certain games in which axolotls, under the name ‘woopers’ feature. And there are toys that are based on axolotls, which at times may come under the ‘wooper’ name.

Wooper rooper
Wooper rooper Axolotl

At its core though, ‘wooper rooper’ is simply a reference to the axolotl.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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