Is A Full Blooded Pitbull Rare? (3 Cool Pictures)

Over the last few decades, there has been great interest in full blood Pitbulls. People are keen on knowing whether such full blood Pitbulls actually exist and if yes, how they look like, what their temperaments are like, how their care needs are like, how they can be acquired and so on. This article has the answers.

We may describe a full blooded Pitbull as a dog that is a descendant of the British Bull and Terrier dog, with a clear bloodline. Full blooded Pit Bulls can include the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and The American Bully.

It is important, right from the outset, to point out that the word ‘Pitbull’ doesn’t describe a specific dog breed. Rather, it is a broad description for a type of a dog: usually one that is a descendant of the British Bull and Terrier dog.

The discussion on purebred Pitbull dogs would obviously be much easier if ‘Pitbull’ was a single dog breed. But you find that there are actually several breeds which would qualify for the purebred Pitbulls name.

Full blooded pitbull
Full Blooded Pitbull

Ultimate though, an image has come up in people’s minds over the years, on what a Pitbull should be like. That, as well as a dog’s breeding history, is what helps in telling whether it is a full breed Pitbull.

Nonetheless, in answering the is my dog a Pitbull question conclusively, one often has to resort to a bit of conjecture.

This is because appearance is often not enough to truly tell pure Pit Bulls from other dogs.


Is There Such Thing As A Full Blooded Pitbull?

Perhaps the most ideal place to start a discussion on full blooded Pit Bulls is by finding out whether there is such a thing as a full breed Pitbull.

And the answer is that there are two schools of thought. There is one school of thought which holds that such a thing as a pure breed Pitbull exists. The other school of thought holds that pure bred Pitbulls don’t really exist.

Some of the people who believe that full blooded Pit Bulls exist tell us that a dog descended from British Bull and Terrier dogs (with a clean bloodline) would be a full blood Pit Bull.

We have others who argue that the American Pit Bull Terrier is the only full blood Pitbull. So according to these people, the only pure breed Pitbulls are American Pit Bull Terriers.

According to them, what makes a Pitbull purebred is belonging to the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, with a clean bloodline.

And that is how, according to them, a dog like the American Staffordshire Terrier loses its place in the list of pure bred Pitbull dogs.

Other people are more generous, giving up to 5 breeds of dogs that qualify for reference as full blooded Pit Bulls.

The 5 include the American Pit Bull Terrier, The American Bully, The American Bulldog, The American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

So any of those can be a pure Pitbull.

Those who argue that there is no such thing as a pure breed Pit Bull point out that ‘Pitbull’ is a description for a ‘type of a dog,’ rather than a breed.

According to them, since Pitbull is not a single breed, there can’t really be such a thing as a ‘full blooded Pit Bull‘.


How Can You Tell If You Have A Full Blooded Pitbull?

There are three key ways in which you can tell if you have a full blooded Pit Bull.

The first way to tell if you have a full blood Pitbull may be by examining the dog’s appearance.

Another way in which you can tell if yours is a purebred Pit Bull is by making reference to the dog’s breeding history. So you trace the bloodline.

And the third way in which you may tell if yours is a pure blood Pitbull is through DNA testing.

Thus if you were wondering, do I have a Pitbull, you can get an answer through any of these methods.


How To Recognize A Pitbull Through Appearance?

With regard to the appearance, you will tend to find the pure bred Pit Bull being remarkably big and muscular.

The Pitbull head shape is typically square. And the pure bread Pitbull will normally have a bulky body build.

Thus if you find a very small, non muscular dog, it is highly unlikely to be a purebred Pit Bull. That is because a full Pit Bull has to be somewhat big.

One of the things that make a Pitbull pure, appearance wise, is the bigger than average size.

Sometimes, you find full blooded Pitbull puppies being bigger than adult dogs from other breeds! Actually this is very common with full blooded Pit Bulls puppies.

Generally, a Pitbull has a certain distinctive appearance. True, appearance alone may not be enough to tell if my Pitbull is purebred. But it can give hints.

But then how can you tell if a pit is full blooded (conclusively) if appearance alone is insufficient? How do you know if a Pitbull is full blooded without relying on appearance alone?

That is where the other two ways come into the picture, in terms of how to tell if dog is Pitbull (pure breed).


How To Know If Pitbull Is Purebred Through Its Breeding History?

How to tell if your Pitbull is purebred through the dog’s breeding history is quite easy.

You just see to it that the dog belongs to a clear Pitbull bloodline, with no mixing at any point. So that is really how to tell if a dog is a Pitbull through the breeding records.

This approach can also be useful with regard to how to tell if your dog has Pitbull in it. That is even if the dog is clearly not one of the full blooded Pit Bulls.

Thus on how to determine the purity of a Pit Bull puppy, the breeding records can be very useful.

Suppose, for instance, you want to know if you have a purebred American Pitbull. Then in that endeavor, the breeding records can be very useful. But these are only effective if you are buying the dog from a responsible breeder.

The irresponsible breeders who run puppy mills don’t really keep good breeding records. If you ask them, is my Pitbull mixed, they will normally tell you that it is pure breed almost automatically.

Nonetheless, if you research on how can you tell if a puppy is a Pitbull, you will see that the breeding records can be helpful.

You get the same general response, when you research on how to tell if my Pitbull is full-blooded, how do I know if my Pitbull is purebred, how to tell if a Pitbull puppy is purebred… and so on.

So generally, when it comes to how to tell if a dog is full blooded Pitbull, you can’t ignore the breeding records.


How To Tell If You Have A Full Blooded Pitbull Through DNA Testing?

DNA testing can be quite a reliable way to tell if a dog is a full blood Pit Bull.

Indeed, if you research on how can you tell if a Pitbull is full blooded, you will find that one way to do so is through DNA testing.

But even then, you have to start by establishing a definition of what a ‘full blood Pit Bull’ is.

As noted earlier, there is some controversy as to what exactly a full blood Pit Bull is.

Suppose you opt for the definition in which a full blood Pitbull is any American Pit Bull Terrier dog.

Then the task would boil down to finding out whether yours is actually a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier dog.

So you compare your dog’s genetic makeup to that of a standard full blooded American Pitbull.

You get a DNA sample from the dog. Then you carry out a comparison with a full bred Pitbull, to see if it is a perfect match.

That is essentially how to know if a Pitbull is purebred through DNA testing.

Indeed, even if you were wondering, what breed can I say my Pitbull is, DNA testing may be helpful.

Even if a Spanish speaker asked, como saber si mi Pitbull es puro (how to know if my Pitbull is pure), DNA testing may be helpful.


What Does A Full Blooded Pit Bull Look Like?

Generally, a full blood Pit Bull will tend to be a big, muscular dog.

Its head will usually be of square shape.

The coat will typically be short, smooth and glossy. It would be highly unlikely to find a purebred long haired Pitbull.

The coat color can vary. Thus, if may be possible to find a full blooded blue Pit Bull. Besides the full blood blue Pit Bull, you can also find a full blooded Pitbull black in color.

The fact that a full blooded blue Pitbull exists only goes to show that almost any color is possible here.

The nose color can also vary greatly. You can find a brown nose full blood Pit Bull. Or you may find a full blood blue nose Pitbull. Besides the full blooded blue nose Pit Bull, a full blood red nose Pit Bull also exists.

Yet another possibility (on top of that of the full blood red nose Pitbull) is that of you finding a black nose full blood Pitbull.

All in all, the fact that a red nose full blooded Pitbull is common only goes to show the great range of nose colors.

A full blooded Pit Bull terrier can range from 17 inches to 21 inches in height. So a full blooded Pitbull full grown size should be in that range.

Further, a full blooded American Pitbull Terrier may range from 30 to 60 pounds in weight. A full blooded Bully Pit should also be in that range weight-wise.

Incidentally, these features of full blooded Pit Bulls can also be helpful even when it comes to the aspect of how to identify a Pitbull mix.

So when it comes to how to identify a Pitbull mix puppy, knowing how a purebred looks like can still be helpful.


What Are The 5 Types Of Pitbull?

Earlier, we said that there are people who hold that all dogs that are descendants of English Bull and Terrier dogs (with clear bloodlines) are all full blood Pit Bulls.

This often gives rise to some 5 types of Pitbull.

Those include the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Others are the American Bully, The American Bulldog and The Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Thus if you were wondering, is my Pit Bull full blooded, you can make reference to that list. If the dog’s breed is one of those, it may indeed qualify (in certain circles) for terming as one of the full blooded Pit Bulls.

Indeed, if you research on how do you identify a full blooded Pitbull, you find that one criteria is by checking its breed type. And if it is one of the above, then it may be one of the full blooded Pit Bulls.

All in all, full breed Pitbulls tend to be of any one of the above breeds.

And if you were wondering, what can I say my Pitbull is, then you need to make reference to that breed list.

Full blooded pitbull
Full Blooded Pitbull


What Is A Full Blood Pitbull Temperament Like?

In terms of temperament, full blood Pit Bulls tend to be friendly to humans, but somewhat aggressive to other dogs.

They are loyal dogs, almost to a fault. And they are also quite remarkably intelligent and agile.

They are zestful, with a need for both mental and physical stimulation.

If you have a full blooded Pitbull terrier for instance, that is how its temperance profile is likely to be.

But it is important to note that besides the standard breed temperance profile, the dogs’ individual personalities also affect how they behave.

That is how, for instance, you get people even wondering, is Hulk a full blooded Pitbull on account of its temperament and personality.


What Health Problems Is A Full Blood Pit Bull Prone To?

Here, we have to start by finding out, are Pitbulls purebred (strictly speaking)? And the answer depends on which school of thought one belongs to.

If we take it that some Pit Bulls are purebred, then surely there would be certain health problems they are prone to.

As it turns out, those include hip dysplasia, demodex mange and congenital heart problems.

Their short coats also make them rather too prone to skin-affecting allergies.

If you take the American Pit Bull Terrier as the pure Pitbull breed (as some people do), you would also need to include greater than average susceptibility to parvovirus. So that is another health issue.


How Are Full Blood Pit Bulls Grooming Needs?

Thankfully, full blooded Pit Bulls grooming needs are modest. This is mainly because they tend to have short coats.

Therefore an occasional (weekly or twice weekly) brushing may be good enough.

But their nails grow rather fast: hence the need for regular clipping.


How Long Is Full Blood Bull Dogs Life Expectancy?

Full blooded pit bulls tend to be rather big dogs, with relatively long life expectancy.

With proper care, a full breed Pitbull puppy may live for as long as 12 to 14 years. But that is assuming one gets a full Pitbull puppy in good basic health, and one proceeds to take good care of it throughout.

Otherwise if one gets a full pit puppy with inherent health problems, life expectancy may be shorter. The same applies if one fails to take good care of their full blood Pit Bull.


How Dangerous Are Full Blooded Pitbulls?

Objectively speaking, full blood Pit Bulls are not more dangerous than most other dogs.

True, they do have a tendency to latch when biting. But normally, they will only bite on command.

Full blood Pit Bulls only happen to have tough looks, which make them look more dangerous than they are.

Then again, because of their big size, they may not be ideal in homes where there are small kids or other small pets.

That is because they can inadvertently trample them (on account of their weight). So the biggest concern with these Pitbulls is accidental trampling, rather than biting.


Why Does It Matter If Your Pitbull Is Full Breed Or Mixed?

There are people who view the full blood Pit Bulls as being more prestigious to own than the mix Pitbulls.

Moreover, if one is a breeder, a full blooded Pitbull puppy will tend to fetch more than a mix puppy.

Some people are willing to pay a fortune for a dog with authentic Pitbull markings.

For instance, in some markets, a full blooded blue nose Pitbull or a full blooded red nose Pitbull can sell for a colossal sum.

This is why how to identify a Pitbull puppy that is purebred becomes so critical. That is whether it is a full blooded red nose Pit Bull or anything else.

But in all this, it is important to remember that in certain circles, there is still no consensus on what exactly is a full blood Pit Bull.

You only need to raise the question on what is a full blooded Pitbull called? That then arouses fierce debate!

There may not even be agreement on what makes Pitbull puppies purebred, let alone anything else.

All in all though, purebred Pitbulls are more prestigious to own in certain circles. They also tend to fetch higher prices. That is why it matters whether or not a Pitbull is purebred or mixed.


How Do You Get A Full Blooded Pitbull?

The first step may be to research, to identify breeders who usually have full blooded Pit Bulls.

For instance, you may carry out a search on ‘full blooded Pitbull for sale near me’.

Or you may opt to be more specific. If, for instance, you are in Missouri, you can carry out a search for ‘full blooded Pitbull puppies for sale in Missouri’.

That may yield better results than a search for full blooded Pitbull puppies for sale near me.

If you want to get a truly pure Pitbull puppy, you need to focus only on reputable breeders. Otherwise you may fall into the hands of scammers, who try to pass off other types of dogs as full blood Pit Bulls puppies.

Once you find a good breeder offering full blooded Pit Bulls for sale, you can discuss the price. Normally, the full blooded Pitbull price will tend to be higher than the average for other dogs.

After agreeing on a price, you can proceed to check the dog. And if you find it satisfactory, you can proceed to purchase it: subject to it getting a health clearance.

Besides buying from a breeder, there is another option. You can check if the possibility of adopting a full blood Pit Bull from a shelter is open to you.


How Much Does A Full Blooded Pitbull Cost?

The price range for full blooded Pit Bulls is wide. You can get a full blood Pit Bull for as little as $500. And you can get one for as much as $5,000 – or even more.

$500 to $5,000 is the range you will normally get. That is when you research on how much is a full blooded Pitbull?

What you actually pay depends on the specific breeder you buy from. Some breeders typically charge more for full blooded Pit Bulls than others.

The appearance of the dog may also influence the price. Dogs with rare features (for instance the blue coat color) may cost more than more ‘ordinary’ ones…

Generally though full blooded Pit Bulls tends to cost more than the average dog.


Final Verdict – Full Blooded Pitbulls

Full blooded Pit Bulls may be described as dogs that are descendants of the British Bull and Terrier dog, with clear bloodlines.

Dogs that may qualify to be termed as full blooded Pit Bulls include the American Pit Bull Terrier, The American Staffordshire Terrier, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, The American Bulldog and The American Bully.

Full blooded pitbull
Full Blooded Pitbull

These tend to be bigger than average dogs. But in spite of their fierce appearance, they tend to be friendly (to humans at least), loyal, intelligent and agile.

People can get full blood Pit Bulls from breeders. There may also be the option of rehoming abandoned full blood Pit Bulls from dog rescue shelters.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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