Merle Goldendoodle : (Complete Clear Dog Breed Guide)

If you are considering acquiring a truly unique-looking Goldendoodle dog, you may find one with the merle coat color pattern interesting. In this article, you will find comprehensive information about the merle Golden doodles: including how they look, their behavioral attributes and how to procure one.

A merle Goldendoodle is simply a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever-Poodle crossbreed dog) on whose coat the merle mottled patches color pattern is present. Like every other Goldendoodle, it tends to be an intelligent, loyal and affectionate dog. But the merle color pattern makes its appearance very unique.

On a merle Goldendoodle, there is typically a base color, on which the mottled patches appear.

In most cases, the dog turns out to be either a blue merle Goldendoodle or a chocolate merle Goldendoodle. You can also have primarily black merle Goldendoodle dogs and brown merle Goldendoodle dogs.

The merle color pattern can be present alongside other patterns: giving rise to the likes of sable merle Goldendoodle dogs.

Merle goldendoodle
Merle Goldendoodle – Complete Dog Breed Guide

Also seen at times are red merle Goldendoodle dogs and silver merle Goldendoodle dogs.

In some cases, the mottled patches may be rather faint, almost unnoticeable. This gives rise to what we refer to as phantom merle Goldendoodle or cryptic merle Goldendoodle dogs.

The merle color pattern occurs as a result of an incompletely dominant gene: that is, the heterozygote of it.

Like all Goldendoodles, the merle Goldendoodle has both Golden Retriever and Poodle blood.

And like all Goldendoodles, the merle Goldendoodles come in large, medium (standard) and mini sizes. You can therefore get a large merle Goldendoodle, a standard merle Goldendoodle or a mini merle Goldendoodle.

Depending on the breed purity of its parents, the dog may be a merle f1 Goldendoodle, a merle f1b Goldendoodle and so on.


What Is A Merle Goldendoodle?

A merle Goldendoodle is best described as a Goldendoodle dog (Golden Retriever-Poodle cross) on whose body the merle (speckled) color pattern is present.

Thus the Goldendoodle is a dog breed that arose as a result of crossing Golden Retrievers with Poodles: with the objective of getting the best qualities from both breeds.

Now the merle Goldendoodle names provide a complete description of the dog. It is, in other words, a merle colored Goldendoodle. It is a Goldendoodle on whose body the merle (mottled) pattern is present.

People often wonder, is merle an acceptable color for Goldendoodles? Or in other words, can Goldendoodles be merle? And the answer to both questions is ‘yes’.

If a Goldendoodle happens to have the characteristic mottled patches pattern on its coat, then it becomes a Goldendoodle merle dog.

It is the presence of the Goldendoodle merle color pattern that earns a dog a spot in this category.

Usually, besides having speckles (mottled patches), the dog will also tend to have odd-colored eyes: normally blue.

If its parents are a 100% pure Golden Retriever and a 100% pure Poodle, then it becomes a F1 merle Goldendoodle.

Otherwise it may be an F1b merle Goldendoodle, F2 merle Goldendoodle, F3 merle Goldendoodle and so on.

Depending on its origin, it may be an Australian Goldendoodle merle dog (also known as a merle Aussie Goldendoodle), an American merle Goldendoodle… and so on.

Whatever the case, it is the presence of the merle coat Goldendoodle pattern that sets it apart.

A merle Australian Goldendoodle will tend to have the mottled patches pattern, just like an American merle Goldendoodle.

If a Goldendoodle dog has the mottled patches coat color pattern, and it has odd-color eyes (typically blue), then it is a merle Goldendoodle.


How Does A Merle Goldendoodle Dog Look?

There are two distinctive features that define a merle Goldendoodle dog, and set it apart from the rest.

The first distinctive feature in a merle Goldendoodle dog is the presence of mottled patches on its coat. These make it appear as if the dog has speckles.

The second distinctive feature in a merle Goldendoodle dog is the presence of odd-color eyes, normally blue. So the gene that causes the skin to have mottled patches typically also cases the dog’s eyes to have an odd color, normally blue.

Like any other Goldendoodle, this dog normally has a broad muzzle. Its ears will tend to be of the droopy type. The skull is typically round. And its eyes are usually not round, but rather oval in shape.

The body of a merle Goldendoodle, just like any other Goldendoodle, will normally be quite muscular, with an impressive chest.

With regard to color, the commonest seems to be blue. Blue merle Goldendoodles are quite ubiquitous.

People seeking blue merle Goldendoodles for sale sometimes have an easier time than those seeking merle Goldendoodles of other colors.

What is a blue merle Goldendoodle, one may ask. In the merle blue Goldendoodle, there are mottled patches set against a very dark shade of gray, which looks ‘blue’.

Thus the blue Goldendoodle merle dog is quite common.

The dog may turn out to be a blue merle Australian Goldendoodle. Or it may be an English Goldendoodle bleu merle dog.

This blue merle Goldendoodle may be from a 100% pure Golden Retriever and a 100% pure Poodle. That would make it a F1 Goldendoodle blue merle dog.

It may also be from a Goldendoodle bred with a pure Poodle. This would make it a blue merle f1b Goldendoodle


Other Merle Goldendoodle Colors

Besides blue, there are other colors in which merle Goldendoodles can be.

Merle chocolate Goldendoodle dogs are quite common, as are the (seemingly) brown merle color Goldendoodle dogs.

A stereotypical picture of an adult merle coated Goldendoodle dog will normally show a blue-gray dog, with light color speckles.

But in the merle.Goldendoodle context, this (blue-gray background color with light color speckles) pattern is not the only one possible.

You can, for instance, also find a primarily chocolate Goldendoodle, with light color speckles. And this too would qualify to be termed as a merle Goldendoodle.

It is also worth saying something about the merle parti Goldendoodle.

Now to understand the parti merle Goldendoodle, you have to remember that the Goldendoodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.

Now with regard to the Poodle, it sometimes happens to have a coat that is at least 50% white. It is then termed as a Parti poodle. This terminology has been appropriated by Goldendoodle enthusiasts too.

So that is how we end up with parti merle Goldendoodles. Those have bodies that are at least 50% white, with another base color, and with mottled patches.


Do Merle Goldendoodles Change Color?

Merle Goldendoodles do sometimes change color.

For instance, blue merle Goldendoodle puppies may be born with light patches. Then those patches darken with time.

Thus if, for instance, you are acquiring blue merle mini Goldendoodle puppies, you may expect this sort of effect.

Sometimes, due to these sorts of color changes, you may actually end up with such puppies looking like blue merle phantom Goldendoodle dogs at adulthood.

Similarly, sable Goldendoodle merle puppies may have the shade fade with time. So they only remain with light patches.

Thus the changes in merle coats Goldendoodle dogs have can bring about a huge impact.

The Goldendoodle puppies merle breeders sell are not always in the same color that they will be as adult dogs.

Many of the straightforward breeders who offer Goldendoodle merle puppies for sale are upfront in giving these facts.

But you can also find some breeders offering Goldendoodles merle puppies for sale without mentioning these facts.

The whole thing is similar to how there can be significant color differences, when you undertake a merle Poodle puppy vs adult Goldendoodle comparison.

So the dogs do change color: sometimes quite significantly. But the mottled patches tend to remain – though they may sometimes fade or darken.


Merle Goldendoodle Sizes

Merle colored Goldendoodles come in three sizes: large, medium and miniature.

The miniature Goldendoodle is referred to by some people as a ‘mini’ Goldendoodle. So this is how we end up with the so-called merle Goldendoodle mini dogs.

On the other hand, the medium merle Goldendoodle may be referred to by some people as a standard merle Goldendoodle. These things occur when people borrow Poodle nomenclature, and apply it to Goldendoodles.

Note that under the respective merle Goldendoodles sizes, we have dogs of all colors.

Thus, for instance, you may find a mini blue merle Goldendoodle dog (also known as a miniature blue merle Goldendoodle).

Or you can have a red merle mini Goldendoodle dog. This is also where we find the chocolate merle mini Goldendoodle dog.

In the latter case (of a mini Goldendoodle chocolate merle dog), what you find is a dog whose size is ‘miniature’ and color is ‘chocolate’.

A full grown mini blue merle Goldendoodle (like any other mini Goldendoodle) will normally be small: weighing as little as 15 to 35 pounds. So that is how big you should expect a miniature merle Goldendoodle to grow to be.

Merle mini Goldendoodles are more or less toy dogs. But at times, you may find the merle mini Goldendoodle price being higher than that for the bigger varieties.

The medium or standard Goldendoodle on the other hand will normally range from 40 to 50 pounds. Thus if, for instance, you are buying a standard merle f3 Australian Goldendoodle, you should expect it to be that size at adulthood.

Of course, the standard merle f3 Aussie Goldendoodle puppy will be like any other puppy while young. But it should typically grow to a weight of 40 to 50 pounds.


Are Merle Goldendoodles Healthy?

There are people who think that merle Goldendoodles have defects or are otherwise unhealthy.

The true position, however, is that merle Goldendoodles can almost be as healthy as other Goldendoodles. That is unless they happen to be double merles.

Double merle Goldendoodles are simply those that are a product of breeding two merle Goldendoodles. Now merle Goldendoodle health issues do tend to become scary, if two merles breed (in double merles).

In that case, the dog may have vision and hearing problems. It can also have heart and other organ issues which lower its quality of life and life expectancy.

Otherwise Goldendoodle merle problems (health-wise) are similar to those of other Goldendoodles.

Those include things like hip dysplasia, skin allergies and diseases like progressive retinal atrophy. Megaesophagus can also become an issue, as can a condition like the Von Willebrand disease.


Are Merle Goldendoodles Intelligent?

The gene that leads to the merle coat color pattern in Goldendoodles doesn’t seem to affect their intelligence.

Therefore these dogs are as intelligent as any other Goldendoodles. And Goldendoodles are remarkably intelligent. After all, they get the best (in terms of brain qualities) from both the Golden Retriever and Poodle parents.


Are Merle Goldendoodles Loyal?

Just like all other Goldendoodles, merle Goldendoodles tend to have a high level of loyalty.

The gene that makes these dogs to be ‘merle’ only affects their coat color pattern. It doesn’t affect their personalities. So they are as loyal as any other Goldendoodles.

Now Goldendoodles are descended from highly loyal parents: the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. It follows that a Goldendoodle tends to be quite loyal: unless something is done to mess it up.

This applies to the merles Goldendoodle dogs as well.


Are Merle Goldendoodles Trainable?

So far, we have seen that merle Goldendoodles are both intelligent and loyal.

Now that combination of high intelligence and loyalty in any type of dog translates into easy trainability.

Thus merle Goldendoodles are quite easily trainable.

Of course, if one uses the wrong training methods, the dog may not respond well. But with proper training methods, merle Goldendoodles tend to be reasonably easy to train dogs.


Are Merle Goldendoodles Good With Kids?

Merle Goldendoodles – just like all other Goldendoodles – tend to be quite good with kids.

Both parents from whom Goldendoodles are descended are reasonably gentle dogs, that get along well with kids. The Golden Retriever is good with kids. So is the Poodle.

It follows that a Goldendoodle – including a merle Goldendoodle – would also tend to be good with kids.

Indeed, even when you take a closer look at merle Goldendoodle pictures, you tend to see gentle dogs. And in actual fact, they are gentle, normally with sweet non-scary faces.

While at it, someone may ask, do merle Goldendoodles like to cuddle? And the answer is that it depends on how a particular dog is socialized. But most merle Goldendoodles – just like all other Goldendoodles – certainly don’t mind cuddling.

Merle goldendoodle
Are Merle Goldendoodles Good With Kids?


What Is The Life Expectancy For Merle Goldendoodles?

As mentioned earlier, unless they are ‘double merles’, the merle Goldendoodles tend to have health profiles similar to those for all other Goldendoodles.

Now the life expectancy for a Goldendoodle is normally in the 10 to 15 years range. And that is what would apply for a merle Goldendoodle too: unless it is a double merle.

If the dog is a double merle, then its quality of life and life expectancy may be lower. But most responsible merle Goldendoodle breeders do all that is humanly possible to ensure that they don’t breed double merles.


Are Merle Goldendoodles Rare?

Yes, merle Goldendoodles are quite rare.

The (incomplete dominant) gene manifestation that gives rise to the merle coat color pattern in Goldendoodles is not that common. On that account, merle Goldendoodles are quite rare.

As a matter of fact, if you research on what is the rarest Goldendoodle color pattern, some sources may mention the merle pattern.

And if you venture seeking a merle Goldendoodle for sale, you may have some difficulty finding one. The search for a merle Goldendoodle puppy you can buy may actually take you outside the national borders.

And even when you eventually find it, the merle Goldendoodle price may turn out to be quite high.

All this goes to show that merle Goldendoodles can be quite rare.


How Do You Make A Merle Goldendoodle Dog (Breeding)?

As we said earlier, a merle Goldendoodle dog is one that belongs to the Goldendoodle crossbreed (of Golden Retriever and Poodle) and which has the mottled patches coat pattern.

Are merle Goldendoodles real crossbreeds? The answer is yes: as they come as a result of crossing two breeds – Golden Retriever and Poodle.

Now there are different approaches you can use, in breeding a merle Golden Retriever.

Firstly, you can get a pure Golden Retriever and a pure Poodle to breed. One of them needs to have the merle gene. This way, what you get is a F1 Goldendoodle. For instance, if it is blue, it would be a F1 blue merle Goldendoodle puppy.

That is also the approach you can use, to get a F1 brown merle mini Goldendoodle.

The size of the dog will determine whether it is classified as a mini, standard or large Goldendoodle.

The second approach you can use is that in which you breed a Goldendoodle with a pure Poodle. This will give rise to a F1b Goldendoodle merle dog.

So you can get a brown merle Goldendoodle stud, and breed it with a female Poodle, to achieve this result.

If you do encounter a merle F1b mini Goldendoodle on sale, it would be as a result of this approach.

More specifically, a breeder may use this approach to get a blue merle f1b Goldendoodle for sale. Indeed, there may be no other way to get a blue merle FB1 mini Goldendoodle.

There is also the approach in which you simply breed two Goldendoodles, one of which has the merle gene.

When it comes to how to make a merle Goldendoodle dog, the last one may be the simplest approach.


How Do You Acquire A Merle Goldendoodle Dog?

Since breeding your own merle Goldendoodles may be too much work, you may find yourself considering the alternative acquisition methods.

The first major alternative acquisition method is that of buying the merle Goldendoodles (from commercial breeders).

And the second major alternative acquisition method is that of adopting the merle Goldendoodles.

Suppose, for instance, you want to get a blue merle Goldendoodle full grown dog. One option open to you is that of buying: from a merle Goldendoodle breeder.

So you just find a breeder with a full grown merle Goldendoodle, and buy it from him.

Then again, finding a breeder with a full grown blue merle Goldendoodle may not always be easy. These people normally deal in puppies, not adult dogs.

Thus in your search for the full grown blue merle mini Goldendoodle, you may have to consider the adoption route.

All in all, the ways to acquire the dog are either by purchasing or adoption. Let’s look at each more deeply.


Purchasing A Merle Goldendoodle

There are breeders from whom it may be possible to purchase a merle Goldendoodle.

These breeders can be especially helpful if you are seeking puppies you can procure from an early age.

Sometimes, you may find a breeder with very cute blue merle Goldendoodle puppies for sale. You then only need to negotiate a price, and thereafter close the deal.

If you opt to purchase the merle Goldendoodle from a breeder, there are several steps you need to follow. Let’s look at the main ones briefly.


Making A Decision On The Merle Goldendoodle Dog To Purchase

Firstly, you need to make up your mind on the exact type of merle Goldendoodle you wish to buy.

Whether it is a blue merle Goldendoodle mini dog, a chocolate merle Goldendoodle standard size dog and so on.  Just start with clarity.

You can be even more specific: like in saying that you only want a blue merle F1b mini Goldendoodle, a blue merle Goldendoodle with stand and so on.

Being decisive on what you are going to buy makes things easier later.


Finding A Suitable Breeder

The next step is to search for a suitable breeder.

The breeders are normally not too specialized. You may not, for instance, find any specialized blue merle Goldendoodle breeders anywhere.

What you tend to find are generalist Goldendoodle breeders, who then happen to have the specific type of dog you are seeking.

You can search online, if local enquiries are not bearing fruit. For instance, you can carry out a search for ‘merle Goldendoodle for sale near me’. You can even be more specific, and do a search for ‘blue merle Goldendoodle for sale near me’.

An even more specific search would be for something like ‘blue merle mini Goldendoodle for sale near me’…

The more specific you are in your search, the higher your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for.

Browsing through the websites of the breeders can also be helpful. It can be helpful in figuring out whether they have the sorts of dog you are seeking.

For instance, while going through a breeder’s website, you may find a notice to the effect that they have merle mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

Or you may find a more specific one, saying that they have blue merle mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

If you happen to be searching for such a dog, you would know that you have found a perfect match.

There is of course the other option of simply calling the breeders on phone, and asking them if they have the dog you need.

This may work well if, for instance, you specifically want a mini Goldendoodle merle dog. You just call a breeder on phone, and ask if they have such a mini merle Goldendoodle for sale.


Closing The Merle Goldendoodle Purchase Deal

After finding a suitable breeder, the next step is to close the deal.

Naturally, this will be after agreeing on the merle Goldendoodle cost.

You should ideally have researched the prices first. Suppose, for instance, you were seeking a blue Goldendoodle merle dog. You should ideally first research on the typical blue merle Goldendoodle cost.

Once you know the average blue merle Goldendoodle price, you can negotiate from an informed position. Thus whether you are buying a mini Goldendoodle blue merle dog or any other type, first research to know the typical prices.

Otherwise you may end up paying a highly inflated price, upon finding the blue merle Goldendoodle puppy for sale. This applies for any other dog in this context actually.

Before actually paying and closing the deal, you may need to inspect the dog. Inspect it, to ensure that it is actually a merle Goldendoodle, and it has no obvious issues.

Then pay the money, to close the deal.


Adopting A Merle Goldendoodle

As noted earlier, besides purchasing, the other way in which you can acquire a merle Goldendoodle is through adoption.

In some cases, this may actually be the only path open to you. For instance, you may be seeking an adult merle Goldendoodle.  It may be more specifically say a full grown F1B blue merle Goldendoodle you want.

Now you may not be able to find a breeder with such an adult Goldendoodle merle for sale. You therefore discover that the only way to acquire the merle Goldendoodle adult dog is through adoption.

Sometimes, there may be no commercial breeder with the type of dog you need. Yet you find that there are dog rescues with such dogs: and who don’t charge too much money for them.

For instance, you may not find a breeder with chocolate merle Goldendoodle puppies for sale. Yet in spite of not finding any chocolate merle Goldendoodle for sale, there may be some available for adoption.

You therefore shouldn’t look down on the adoption route.

How do you get a merle Goldendoodle via adoption? You just visit the various dog rescue shelters, check out the dogs available there, and see if any fits the bill.

Then if you find a suitable dog, you fill in the necessary paperwork, to complete the adoption.

Sometimes, you may have to make a small payment, to keep the dog rescue running. Even if they don’t ask for it, you can nonetheless volunteer a donation to the charity running the specific dog rescue shelter.


How Much Does A Merle Goldendoodle Cost?

Merle Goldendoodle cost varies from breeder to breeder.

A Goldendoodle typically costs between $2,000 and $3,000. That is also what you need to be ready to pay, in order to acquire a merle Goldendoodle.

But some types of merle Goldendoodles may be sold at higher prices than others. For instance, you may find the blue merle mini Goldendoodle price being lower than that for chocolate merle Goldendoodles.

Similarly, if you do find merle standard Goldendoodle puppies for sale, their price may be higher than for, say, mini Goldendoodle puppies.

All in all, the price for a merle Goldendoodle puppy tends to be in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.


Final Verdict – Merle Goldendoodle

A merle Goldendoodle is simply a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever-Poodle crossbreed) dog on whose coat there is the mottled patches pattern.

The merle Goldendoodle also tends to have odd-color (typically blue) eyes.

It is the expression of an incompletely dominant gene heterozygote that leads to the mottled patches (merle) pattern in Goldendoodles.

A merle Goldendoodle can be standard size, miniature size or large.

Common background colors for merle Goldendoodles are blue and chocolate, with light color patches to make the merle pattern.

In terms of intelligence, temperament and trainability, a merle Goldendoodle is similar to any other Goldendoodle.

Even in terms of health issues, an ordinary merle Goldendoodle is similar to any other Goldendoodle. Only a double merle Goldendoodle (whose parents are both merles) would have unique health issues.

Merle goldendoodle
Merle Golden Doodle Dog Breed Review

You can breed a merle Golden doodle by crossing a pure Golden Retriever with a Poodle. One of the dogs needs to have the merle gene.

It is also possible to breed a merle Golden doodle by crossing a Goldendoodle with a pure Poodle or pure Golden Retriever. Just ensure that one of them has the merle gene.

Yet another way to breed a merle Golden doodle is by crossing two Goldendoodles, one with the merle gene.

The key thing is to ensure that no two dogs that both have the merle gene breed. If that happens, the result is a double merle Goldendoodle, whose health tends to be very problematic.

You can acquire a merle Golden doodle from a commercial breeder or by adopting from a shelter.

If you are buying the merle Golden doodle from a commercial breeder, typical prices will be in the $2,000- $3,000 range. But some breeders may charge significantly more or significantly less.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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