Are Viburnum Poisonous To Dogs? (7 Interesting Facts)

Dogs are pack animals in the biological sense that are active and lively. Dogs may have evolved from wolves to form a separate species, or some wolf-like canids may have become dogs. Domesticated dogs have been selectively bred for millennia for various behaviors, capabilities and characteristics.

Talking of dogs and their characteristics, what about when it comes to the dogs eating viburnum?

Are viburnum poisonous to dogs? If a dog eats a significant amount of any type of viburnum, she can experience gastrointestinal distress and other problems. Symptoms occur within a few hours to one day after ingestion. Although vomiting is the most usual symptom, some dogs do not vomit but still show signs of illness, others may act lethargic and depressed, while others may have diarrhea with blood or mucus and develop dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Are viburnum poisonous to dogs
Are viburnum poisonous to dogs?


Are Viburnum Poisonous To Dogs?

According to the Humane Society, Viburnum is not poisonous to dogs. The plant rarely causes serious illness or death and is considered only mildly toxic. Keep your dog away from consumption of the berries, which are the most common source of poisoning.

Furthermore, contact with the sap of all parts of the plant in any amount can cause dermatitis in some pets.

Talking of whether viburnum are poisonous to dogs, what about when it comes to snowballs, are snowball bushes poisonous to dogs? Dogs are susceptible to Snowball Bush toxicity in two ways.

The first, and obviously the most common way is through ingestion of the plant parts. Though Snowball Bush leaves look like just another leafy plant to some, you should never assume that your pet, or a feral animal, knows this, or even cares.

Talking of whether viburnum is poisonous to canines, what about when it comes to toxicity, is viburnum toxic to dogs? Yes, viburnum is one of the most common and dangerous plant poisoning to dogs.

Furthermore, viburnum contains a poisonous substance that inhibits the function of the heart, which may cause irregular heartbeat, a dangerous increase in heart rate and greater work required by the heart.


Are Viburnum Berries Poisonous To Dogs?

Viburnum berries can be toxic to dogs. Dogs should therefore not be allowed to eat the berries or any part of the plant, as they may cause stomach upset, severe vomiting and diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, inflammation of the pancreas, liver failure and even death.

Talking about whether viburnum berries are poisonous to dogs, what about when it comes to are viburnum poisonous to dogs? Viburnum are members of the honeysuckle genus, a group of woody plants that are nontoxic to both humans and dogs.

Though most viburnum trees are not harmful to dogs, there are a few species, such as the American cranberrybush or snowball bush (V. opulus), that have been known to cause problems in some dogs.

If your dog exhibits signs of illness following contact with a viburnum, emergency care from a veterinarian is recommended.


Are Blue Muffin Viburnum Berries Poisonous To Dogs?

Most of the berries on blue muffin viburnum, which are also known as Viburnum lentago, are poisonous to canines. This shrub grows in the U.S. in the Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8 and beyond, and is native to North America.

Moreover, this plant attracts hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden with its red berry-like flower clusters that color in early spring and produce fruit by midsummer. In addition to the low-growing varieties mentioned above, blue muffin viburnum  also comes in a bush form.

Talking of whether blue muffin viburnum berries are poisonous to canines, what about when it comes to are viburnum poisonous to dogs? All parts of the common and lovely Viburnum opulus are poisonous to dogs.

Its Ingestion can cause severe kidney damage in pets such as your canine. It can also cause vomiting, diarrhea, heart rhythm abnormalities, and in a worst case scenario, death.


Are Viburnum Trees Poisonous To Dogs?

Dogs can eat Viburnum berries. In fact, some types of the plant are specifically cultivated for their appeal to canines. These plants create a sweet smell and taste that will attract your dog and should be cut down if you own one.

However, the seeds and sap of the Viburnum species, primarily those in the genus “Viburnum”, are poisonous to pets as well as humans. The poison is hydrocyanic acid, commonly referred to as cyanide or prussic acid, which is produced by the plant and fruit.

Talking of viburnum trees, what about when it comes to their berries, are viburnum berries toxic to dogs? Although Viburnum berries may be tasty to your canine, they are toxic to dogs. It is also worth noting that Viburnum has berries and flowers, which are known as dogwoods.

Talking of whether viburnum trees are poisonous to canines, what about when it comes to are viburnum poisonous to dogs? The fruit of many viburnum shrubs, including Viburnum opulus, or snowball bush, and Viburnum rhytidophyllum, or leatherleaf viburnum, are poisonous to dogs.

While ingestion of these fruits is not lethal, ingesting them can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other digestive upset.


Is Viburnum Tinus Poisonous To Dogs?

The white flowers of the viburnum tinus are shaped like a bouquet. They smell strongly of honey and are very pretty. However it is known to cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in dogs after consumption, therefore vet advice should be sought if your pet eats any part of the plant.

Are viburnum poisonous to dogs
Are viburnum poisonous to dogs?

Talking of whether tinus is poisonous to dogs, what about when it comes to viburnum itself, viburnum are they poisonous to dogs? No, although viburnum are generally not poisonous to dogs, they can cause GI upset. The leaves of the viburnum plant also contain a glucoside named “viburnin” and it is this that is believed to cause poisoning when ingested in large quantities.

What about when it comes to spring bouquet viburnum poisonous? Although some of these flowers are poisonous to dogs, some are quite safe for your canine to have.

The safe ones include the high-bush cranberry, Indian currant, and ailanthus. Peonies and lilies are also toxic.


Is Sweet Viburnum Poisonous To Dogs?

Viburnum prunifolium, or “canines” in layman’s terms, is a native perennial plant with white flowers, which are reputed to smell like honey. The plant mainly grows in Virginia and Alabama, but can also be found throughout Florida and parts of Texas.

Whether your dog will be staying on your property or in a fenced-in backyard, the nectar from this plant can be extremely toxic when ingested.

Talking of whether sweet viburnum poisonous to dogs, what about when it comes to viburnum berries poisonous to dogs? Viburnum berries are safe for your canine to have. In fact, the berries of the viburnum trees have a great deal of medicinal value for dogs-but only if you know how to use them in the right way.

Talking of whether sweet viburnum is toxic to canines, what about when it comes to viburnum and humans, Is viburnum poisonous To Humans? The Viburnum is a pretty shrub that many people enjoy having in their backyard. However, Viburnum plant parts such as berries, twigs and leaves are extremely poisonous to dogs and humans as well.


Is A Snowball Bush Poisonous To Dogs?

A snowball bush, also called false or pasture rose, is a shrubby, thorny plant that produces small, dark red to black fruits in the summer months. These thorns are extremely sharp.

Moreover, the fruits from snowballs are poisonous to dogs if they consume them directly.

Talking of whether snowball bush is poisonous to canines, what about when it comes to arrowwood viburnum berries poisonous? Arrowwood viburnum is a highly poisonous and invasive shrub/tree found throughout much of the United States.

Pets can easily be exposed to arrowwood viburnum by sniffing, licking, or chewing the leaves, flowers, berries, or seeds of this plant.

Furthermore, ingestion of these arrowwood viburnum berries can lead to death. Although no specific anti-viburnum treatment exists, if you think that your pet has ingested any part of an arrowwood viburnum plant, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Talking of whether a snowball bush is poisonous when it comes to is snowball viburnum toxic to dogs? Some dogs eat snowballs without apparent ill effects. However, some canines develop severe signs, including depression, vomiting and diarrhea, swollen limbs and weakness progressing to paralysis of the hind legs and lack of autonomic function.


Is Viburnum Suspense Poisonous To Dogs?

Viburnum suspense is not poisonous to canines. However, it contains an odorless, disagreeable tasting volatile oil that may cause gastrointestinal irritation if eaten in an amount sufficient to cause vomiting.

What about when it comes to viburnum and dogs, is viburnum safe for canines to have? Yes, dogs can safely eat Viburnum. However, it should only be fed to them occasionally in small doses due to the fact that it is a toxic plant.

Viburnum berries are also safe for your canine as long as they are cooked and sweetened so that they can’t be crunched-remember that some plants become toxic when their seeds are cooked.


What Bush Is Poisonous To Dogs?

There are some plants that Bush is toxic to your dogs, such as hemlock, belladonna, lily of the valley and philodendron. Some commonly eaten plants are toxic to dogs as well, including chocolate and onions.

Bush is poisonous to dogs in fairly small quantities, which makes it definitely not okay for dogs to eat. The only problem is that sometimes people don’t get to the vet with Bush in their dog’s system, and the bush that killed their dog was creeping through the yard trying to look dangerous.

Talking of which bush is poisonous to canines, what about when it comes to viburnum berries, are viburnum berries poisonous? The Viburnum genus of plants contains about 190 species across the globe, including the Snowball Viburnum.

This shrub is known for its white flower clusters in the spring that turn into berry-like fruits in the fall. The fruits are red to black and are poisonous to both humans and animals, including dogs.


Final Verdict – Are Viburnum Poisonous To Dogs

In conclusion, what can we say about the topic are viburnum poisonous to dogs? Viburnum can be toxic to dogs if ingested in large quantities, according to the ASPCA, who warn that the berries, leaves and seeds all contain chemicals called esters that can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities.

Are viburnum poisonous to dogs
Are viburnum poisonous to dogs?

For instance, American Viburnum, also known as Arrow wood or Squash berry, contains some of the highest levels of this toxin. That said there are some viburnum varieties that can be safe for your canine to eat. They include high-bush cranberry, Indian currant, and ailanthus.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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