Axolotl Names : What Are Good Names For Axolotls? (5 Cool Names)

Have you recently acquired a pet axolotl? Or are you considering acquiring a pet axolotl? In either case, one of the things you will need to give some thought to is the name you will be giving to your axolotl. In this article, you will find information on some of the suitable names for pet axolotls.

Axolotl names may be on the basis of the axolotls’ appearance, behavioral traits, gender, endearment, the circumstances under which the axolotls were acquired and so on. Common cute names for axolotls include the likes of Axie, Bubba, Cici, Bean and Cutie.

When thinking of cute axolotl names, the only limit really is one’s imagination. There are literally millions, if not billions, of possible names for an axolotl.

Axolotl names
Axolotl Names : What Are Good Names For Axolotls?

The key thing when selecting an axolotl name is to ensure that you go with one that you will be proud of, and one that you will feel good about.

When thinking of what to name my axolotl, I would certainly take the axolotl’s appearance into consideration. The key thing there is to ensure that you don’t end up with an ill-fitting name.

The axolotl’s gender may also be a relevant consideration. So there are axolotl names girl axies usually go by. Then there are axolotl names boy axies usually go by.

Some would consider it unfair to give a boy axolotl a name that usually goes with girls, and vice versa…

If you are planning on introducing your pet axolotl to people who will be visiting your home, that too is a key consideration. You need to select a name that you will be comfortable introducing the axolotl by.


What Are Good Names For Axolotls?

A good name for an axolotl is simply one that sounds nice. It should be a name that endears you to the axolotl. And it should be a name that you can be proud introducing the axolotl by.

The colors of the axolotls often influence the names that they end up being given. So in this regard, we start by thinking of axolotl color names – golden, brown, black, melanoid and so on.

Subsequently, golden axolotl names may include the likes of Goldie, Blondie, Stash and so on.

With regard to brown axolotl names, we may be looking at the likes of Brownie, Earthy, Chocolate, and so on.

Turning to white axolotl names, suitable ones may include the likes of Whitie, Milkie, Whites, Brightie e.t.c.

As for melanoid axolotl names, you could be thinking terms of Darkie, Nightie, Ebony and others in that line.

Color is not the only criterion on the basis of which you can name an axolotl.

Axolotl other names can be on the basis of things like the axolotl’s body build. This is how, for instance, the popular squishmallow axolotl names come into the picture.

So the said axolotl squishmallow names are usually on the basis of how the axolotls look.

When thinking of axolotl names funny ideas may keep on coming to mind. So you may end up giving your axolotl a name like ‘Cartoon’, ‘Roughie’, ‘Geezer’ and so on.

If you have no ideas for good axolotl names reddit can come to your rescue: as it often has good suggestions.

There are also scenarios in which axolotl names adopt me (instead of it being the other way round). Thus you get so carried away with a certain name that you end up adopting it, almost unwillingly!

Axolotl names
Axolotl Names : How To Name Axolotls?


What Should I Name My Axolotl?

The decision on what to name your axolotl ultimately lies with you. You can name your axolotl literally anything. An axolotl is not like a child, for whom certain names may be totally unsuitable.

Going by convention though, most people seem to prefer naming their axolotls on the basis of factors like the axolotl’s appearance. So that is how you find things like the axolotls’ colors being the basis for their names.

So you could take that route: of looking at the axolotl’s appearance, and basing a name on that.

Another option is to name the axolotl on the basis of the circumstances under which you adopted it.

Or you could just opt for an endearing name which is generic in nature.

When thinking of suitable axolotl names puns can also be good. You could actually go for a name that will make your axolotl the pun of all manner of jokes. The axolotl won’t mind it.

If you have two axolotls in the tank, the aspect of suitable axolotl pair names comes into play. You can have one name for the pair, and then individual names for each of the axies.

You may also opt to go with exotic names – seeing that these are also exotic pets. In this regard, Japanese axolotl names may be worth going with.

Examples of axolotl Japanese names would include Tora (for tiger), Mitsu (for honey), Kei (for intelligent) and so on.

Or there are those who may opt to go for Mexican names. And that is just as well – seeing that these are animals whose origin is said to be Mexican.


What Is The Common Name For Axolotl?

One the commonest names given to axolotls is simply ‘Axie’.

Other common names seem to be the likes of Bubba, Button and Cutie. Cici and Bean seem to be also names that people frequently give to their Axolotls.

There also seems to be many people who call their axolotls Sushi and Akira.


Final Verdict – Axolotl Names

People usually give their axolotls unique names by which to refer to them. These names also help in bonding with the axolotls, and when introducing the axolotls to visitors.

When selecting a name for an axolotl, factors like its appearance, gender or the circumstances under which it was adopted may be relevant.

When thinking of suitable names for axolotls, there are limitless possibilities.

Axolotl names
What Are Some Good Axolotl Names?

Most people seem to prefer simple endearing names for their axolotls. Others opt to go for more complex exotic names.

In the final analysis, there is really no written mandatory convention governing the naming of axolotls. It is upon you to select the name that you feel is best-suited for your dear pet axolotl.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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