Axolotl Tank Size : 5 Smart Factors For Clear Decision

Caring for an axolotl is both fun and exciting to do. Raising them in captivity must ensure that they grow up healthy and strong as pets. Thinking about minimum tank size for axolotl is the main thing to have the right place for their entire life.

What is the right axolotl tank size? If you have one or two axolotls, you will need to place them in a 61 cm tank or standard 2ft tank or larger so they can live comfortably. 

It will assure them to swim around, exercise, and have enough room to explore. For substrates, you need to use fine sand so that the axolotl does not ingest pieces of gravel that can harm their digestive system. Also, give driftwood and rocks for their caves and hiding places.

Axolotl tank size
axolotl tank size

To determine the axolotl tank size in detail, you need to study it in this article until the end.


How Many Gallons Does An Axolotl Need?

If you have juvenile axolotls, you can put them in 5-gallon tanks per axolotl. But if you already have a full-grown axolotl, you need to have 10-15 gallon tanks per axolotl, so they have ample space to explore their habitat.

Axolotl tank size must be adjusted to their maturity because axolotls can reach 6-10 inches when fully grown. If their tank is too small, the axolotl gets bored and stressed easily.


What Is The Minimum Size Tank For An Axolotl?

A 10-gallon tank is the minimum tank size for axolotl once it reaches its full-grown state, and you should quickly move it to a larger tank, especially if you want to put tank mates in it. Axolotls need room to swim around, which means they need at least 15-20 gallon tanks to explore their habitat.

Every pet owner will ask what is the minimum size tank for an axolotl because they don’t want the axolotl to be stressed because of its small habitat even though it can live alone. Providing a large space will also increase their interest in enjoying their life.


Can Axolotls Live In A 5 Gallon Tank?

It is possible if you put the juvenile axolotl in a 5-gallon tank, but not for long. These fish do indeed enjoy living in large tanks. They will not be happy in a small tank. The reason for this is quite simple.

In a way, these fish represent nature’s natural aquarium. When you look at photos of what fish would look like in their natural habitat, you will see that the 5-gallon tank are fairly small. Axolotl tank size for 1 adult is 10 to 15-gallon tank, and it can be better if you buy the size above.

You can compare the axolotl price with the axolotl tank size you will use. If you think the axolotl is more expensive than a small tank, of course, you want to buy a larger tank size.


Can An Axolotl Live In A 10 Gallon Tank?

A 10-gallon aquarium can accommodate one axolotl size up to a full-grown state. But if you know how much waste the axolotl produces, and you want to keep the water temperature and water clean regularly, you are better off putting the axolotl in a larger tank size.

Axolotl tank size for 10-gallon is a minimum tank size for axolotl because axolotls will be more comfortable if placed in a larger and longer place because they are bottom dwellers.


Is 20 Gallons Enough For Axolotl?

As you determine the number of gallons needed for your axolotl to survive comfortably, you also need to look at other factors as well. Axolotl aquarium size does require 20-gallon water for their convenience because of the lot of waste they generate.

The axolotl tank size in this size is perfect for adult axolotls up to 10 inches in length in an environment like their natural habitat. If you already know the 20-gallon tank is the right choice, of course, you will ask the axolotl tank size for 2 or more.


Can 2 Axolotls Live In A 20 Gallon Tank?

Many pet owners say a 20 gallon axolotl tank is suitable for one axolotl but not two axolotls. But if you can change the water regularly, 10 gallons can also be used for two medium-sized axolotls.

2 axolotls in 20 gallon can be a good size, as they are less active animals and are mostly in the bottom tank. Ensure you put two adult axolotls in one tank because it would be risky to put two juveniles in one tank because of their fin-nipping behavior.

If you want to put more than one, Axolotl tank size needs to be considered because they waste a lot. If you want to put more than one axolotl, you should always check the cleanliness of the tank every few days.


How Many Axolotls Can I Put In A 75 Gallon Tank?

If you have a 75-gallon tank, you can put up to 5 axolotls in a tank with a full-grown state. It will fit suitable tanks per axolotl, i.e., 15-20 gallon tanks.

Although many are still hesitant to put axolotl tank mates, you can put more than one axolotl in one tank to see their behavior if they can coexist.

The bigger the axolotl tank size, the more axolotls or fish you can put in it. You need to remember that axolotls are aggressive animals and can eat little fish or bullying other small axolotls.

To be safe, you can use a 75-gallon tank for axolotl tank size for 3, so they can have a wide space like their natural habitat.


How Many Axolotls Can Live In A 40 Gallon Tank?

To figure out how many axolotls can live in a 40-gallon tank, you need to know their body size. You can estimate 3-4 axolotls can be in the axolotl tank size.

A 40 gallon axolotl tank will be the right size for two adult axolotls if you want to take the 20-gallon tank per axolotl rule for a suitable size. But you can also put three or four medium-size axolotls.

What animals can live in a 40 gallon tank other than axolotls? You can put small fish such as guppy fish or minnows that can be axolotl tank mates with not too many axolotls so that the axolotl doesn’t get stressed.

Axolotl tank size
axolotl tank size


Axolotl Tank Requirements

After determining the axolotl tank size liters, there are several requirements that you must meet to become the perfect tank for your axolotl. The table below is some of the things that must be in the axolotl tank.

Place to hideAxolotls like to hide when they want to rest or get out of the sun.
SubstrateSuitable substrate like sand will be safer for your axolotl.
Small fishAxolotls can have tank mates such as small fish that do not have a hard spine or exoskeleton.
Water temperatureThe axolotl tank must have a cooler that maintains the temperature between 15-18°C.

Even if you choose to use the minimum tank size for axolotl, you must meet the requirements above so that your axolotl can live a healthy life.


How To Set Up An Axolotl Tank?

First, choose the axolotl tank size by determining the number of axolotls you will put in the tank. You can provide a suitable tank per axolotl with a 20-gallon tank so that the axolotl habitat looks spacious.

Provide fine sand as a substrate, and avoid using gravel because it is dangerous for axolotls. Then prepare filtration with a flow rate knob that is strong enough for the size of the tank.

Use a cooler set below 22°C for a suitable water temperature for axolotls. In addition, you can add plants and rocks for tank decoration.


Water Quality For Axolotl Tank

Water temperature, cleanliness of the water, and filtration are needed so that the axolotl can live a healthy life. Tank size for 2 axolotls requires a pH level between 6.5-7.5.

You also need to regularly replace the air tank per week because the waste from the axolotl is quite a lot. Don’t forget to use brackish water because axolotls can comfortably live in a mixture of freshwater and saltwater.

When you want to change the water, you need to look at the axolotl tank size first. Reduce the water by a third before removing the axolotl and cleaning the tank thoroughly. Add the axolotl to the remaining water before draining it, then prepare the new water in the tank.


Can I Put Other Fish In The Axolotl Tank?

You need to choose if you want to put other fish in one tank with the axolotl. Fish that are much larger or more aggressive than the axolotl will be a threat, while much smaller fish will become a snack for the axolotl.

If you choose the minimum tank size for the axolotl, make sure you only put the axolotl alone without tank mates. But if you choose a larger axolotl tank size, you can put enough guppies or other small fish to enliven the aquarium.

Things To Consider When Having An Axolotl Tank

Having an axolotl cage is not only good in terms of appearance and size but must have axolotl tank needs such as filtration, water cooler, or aquarium fan. Axolotls cannot survive high temperatures and must remain at cool temperatures.

Don’t forget to cover it like an aquarium lid, because axolotls can also jump out of the aquarium. Because the axolotl is considered a heavy waste, the axolotl tank size must be considered so that the tank does not get dirty in a short time.


Axolotl Tank Cleaning

If you use tap water, you should use a dechlorinator to remove the chlorine, which can destroy the nitrogen cycle. The water change must be checked for the nitrate level so that the axolotl remains healthy after the process.

Never drain the water in the tank, but use a gravel vacuum to suck up waste or use a turkey baster to do spot cleaning. It’s not hard to clean a 20 gallon axolotl tank if you have the right tools. In the last step, don’t forget to rinse the filter using tank water.

If you are worried about the axolotl being moved from the tank, you can do the axolotl salt bath because they can survive in brackish water.

If the Axolotl did reproduce eggs, then it is your responsibility to remove the eggs from the tank and separate them from the adult since they can eat their own babies.


Axolotl Tank Ideas

To get the best tank size, you must determine how many axolotls you will put in it. The axolotl tank size would be better if it was elongated because the axolotl’s behavior prefers to spend time under the tank. Hence, a horizontal tank is better than a vertical tank.

You can choose an axolotl set up for sale with completeness to decoration to save your time.

Axolotl tank size
axolotl tank size


Final Verdict On Axolotl Tank Size

Providing a large space for the axolotl is necessary even though the axolotl can live alone. The suitable tank size is a 15-20 gallon tank, so they have enough space to swim and explore their habitat.

Although the axolotl can live in less than 10-gallon tanks, it is not recommended because the water will quickly get dirty by the waste from the axolotl. In addition, the water level of axolotls must always be maintained to keep them healthy.

You can choose several small fish in the same tank as the axolotl, as long as the fish you choose is not as aggressive as the axolotl. Make sure to choose Axolotl tank mates wisely.

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