Aquarium Chiller For Axolotl : 9 Important Things To Note Before Buying

Have you decided to take care of the axolotl as your pet? You have to prepare several things besides the aquarium and some of its equipment. After determining the tank with the right size, the next most important thing is to adjust the tank’s temperature so that the axolotl can comfortably live in it.

What is needed to regulate the temperature of the axolotl tank? You need an aquarium chiller for axolotl because axolotls can only withstand cool temperatures with a range of 15°C – 18°C and not more than 22°C.

We need to discuss this to get the best aquarium chiller for axolotls and how to take extra care of baby axolotls. Let’s read the article to the end.

Aquarium chiller for axolotl
Aquarium Chiller For Axolotl – axolotl tank chiller – chiller for axolotl tank


Do Axolotls Need A Chiller?

An axolotl aquarium chiller is a good option for those of you who live in places where the temperature can exceed 22°C. It has the bonus of regulating temperature, which makes the water much more bearable for your fish, and also keeps the tank clean and well maintained.

When the water in the chiller reaches just beneath the top of the tank, the low pressure of the air in the cooling framework draws the water up to the top of the exchanger, where it becomes fresh.

This cooling effect allows axolotls to remain at stable temperatures even when running on ice. This axolotl chiller cooling framework also reduces the risk of damage due to overheating by providing a stable and consistent level of cooling.

Aquarium chiller for axolotl are needed because they can’t live in the sun and the room temperature is more than 22°C, or they will overheat, and their metabolism will decrease until it becomes a health issue for them.


How Do I Cool Down My Axolotl Tank?

Axolotl doesn’t do well in warm temperatures. Therefore you must keep the tank at cool temperatures. This will be a problem if the temperature where you live is more than 22°C.

It has a cooling system such as a chiller for shrimp tank to maintain the optimal temperature for axolotl between 15°C to 18°C.

You have to understand the procedure for using a chiller for axolotl tank because the temperature must be kept below 22°C so that your axolotl doesn’t overheat and get hyperthermia.

Aquarium chiller for axolotl ensures that the temperature in the tank is the same as the original habitat of the axolotl, which has a cool temperature.

For example, you live in northern Australia, which is included in the tropical climate. For certain months, you need to activate the aquarium chiller Australia because the temperature can exceed 22°C.

Or, to be safe, you can turn it on at any time because we will not be able to be precise in maintaining the temperature manually.


Do I Need An Aquarium Chiller For Axolotl?

It depends on where you live. But to be safe, you need an aquarium chiller axolotl just in case the temperature during the summer season spikes at any time. In addition, the placement of axolotl tanks should not be exposed to sunlight.

Aquarium chiller for axolotl is a necessity. You will also need to consider the physical size of your aquarium. Before purchasing any type of aquarium chiller, you should know the dimension of the area where you plan to place it.

This will ensure that you get a chiller that will adequately cool your aquarium. Or you can also use an aquarium chiller day if you can’t buy a chiller for your axolotl yet.


How Do I Keep My Axolotls Water Temperature?

First, do not put the aquarium in the sun. As much as possible, you put the aquarium inside the house. If you want to give lighting to the tank, choose a lamp that doesn’t emit too much heat, so it doesn’t affect the temperature in the tank.

You also need to buy an aquarium chiller for axolotl that is adjusted to the size of the tank. For example, an aquarium water chiller 20 gallons will make sure the temperature is right for what you set.

Because each chiller has its own ability to how many gallons of water it can maintain cold temperatures.


How Can I Cool Down My Axolotl Aquarium Without A Chiller?

Of course, pet owners will be confused if they can’t buy an aquarium chiller for axolotl, and they will look for other ways about how to keep axolotl tank cool.

The table below shows a few ways that can be done besides using a chiller to keep the axolotl tank temperature at cool temperatures.

How toExplanation
Tank placementPut the tank in the coldest corner of your house. This will help reduce the room temperature.
aquarium fan for axolotlAquarium fan is much cheaper than a chiller. The fan will reduce the temperature by a few degrees and focus on the entire tank.
LED lightingAlthough LED lighting does not directly cool the tank, using this type of lighting will not cause heat so that the tank does not get hotter because of the light.
Cold packsAlthough this is not recommended for the long term, because it does not maintain the temperature of the tank continuously, but only drastically reduces the temperature of the tank at a certain time.


What Happens If Axolotl Water Is Too Warm?

If the temperature of the axolotl tank exceeds what it should be, your axolotl will not feel comfortable, poses several health risks, and if it continues like this, it will be fatal for them.

To prevent this, you must understand how to cool axolotl tank in various ways, by using an aquarium chiller for axolotl or other ways like aquarium fans or a DIY aquarium chiller.

If your axolotl starts to overheat, they will show stress signs such as loss of appetite, swelling, floating, pale skin patches, as they are trying to cool off their body due to overheating.


Can I Put Ice In My Axolotl Tank?

If you want to use ice cubes to cool the tank temperature, you must use dechlorinated water to make it safe to mix with the water in the tank. Reduce the water in the tank first before you put some ice cubes in the night.

You still need to check the tank temperature continuously to prevent drastic temperature changes because this step is manual, unlike the aquarium chiller for axolotl, which can be set automatically, and you don’t have to worry about the temperature of the tank anymore.

Using the best aquarium chiller for axolotl, you can get it at a low price and maximum functionality.

Aquarium chiller for axolotl
Aquarium Chiller For Axolotl – axolotl tank chiller – chiller for axolotl tank


Can Axolotl Die If The Water Is Too Warm?

Just like humans, even your pet can suffer from heatstroke just as much as us if your water is not at a perfect temperature for them. If the temperature is not suitable for several days, the axolotl will show strange behavior. If continued, then the axolotl will get the disease, and it will be fatal for them.

This is why you must understand how to keep an axolotl tank cool. Using an aquarium chiller for axolotl is the right thing to maintain the right tank temperature so that the axolotl can live a healthy life without having to experience heatstroke.

Without the axolotl chiller, they will slowly die because they cannot survive temperatures above 22°C.


Are Aquarium Chillers For Axolotl Expensive To Run?

Coolers or chillers can be expensive because they have a complicated mechanism that converts cold temperatures through electrical energy. In addition, the chiller can automatically control the tank’s temperature so that it stays according to the desired setting.

Iceprobe thermoelectric aquarium chiller is one of the best solutions for small axolotl tanks. If you only have one or two axolotls in the tank, then you can use this type of 20 gallon aquarium chiller.

Now we calculate how much the aquarium chiller for axolotl costs. If you run the chiller for 1 to 12 hours a day, you need about $10-$20 per month. You also need to calculate the cost to buy the chiller. The more complicated the mechanism, the more expensive it will be.


Do Aquarium Chillers Also Heat Axolotl?

Aquarium chiller for axolotl can cause heat if viewed from several factors. First, if there is no good airflow at the back of the chiller, it will generate heat at the back of the aquarium.

If you put the tank in a room with no ventilation, closed doors, and no air access, then the heat from the chiller will affect the room temperature if left like that for a few hours.

You should still pay attention to the location of the chiller for the axolotl tank so that it gets good airflow so that it does not cause heat which affects the temperature of the tank.


Why Axolotl Need Cool Temperature?

If you want to keep axolotls in captivity, then you have to keep the temperature of their habitat the same as in nature. By equalizing their natural temperature, it will prolong their life expectancy.

Hyperthermia can be deadly for your axolotl, so you need an axolotl tank chiller and keep the tank away from direct sunlight.

The aquarium chiller for axolotl will ensure the axolotls stay at their optimal temperature of 15°C – 18°C to keep them fit without suffering heatstroke.

Temperature is important for Axolotl. If you take care of axolotl, try to provide colder temperature and warmer water with a heating pad and cooler at the same time. That’s because they need a certain temperature for their metabolism.

Axolotls are poikilothermic animals that means it has variable body temperature. So that’s the reason they need both cool temperature and warm water at the same time.

Because the axolotl is cold-blooded, their body temperature depends on environment temperature. That’s why they are able to adapt to extreme environments like desert or under ice without any problems at all. It can also live in fresh water rivers. However, you need to know that they are not the same as other salamanders that adapts well in freshwater.


What Fish Can Live With Axolotl In Cool Temperature?

Although axolotls don’t need to have tank mates because of their aggressive nature, we need to know what fish can live with axolotls at cool temperatures. This is because how to keep the axolotl tank cold is the main thing if you want to take care of the axolotl.

You can also put guppy fish, pearl danio, bloodfin tetra, and goldfish. But you better not put goldfish in one tank with axolotl because axolotl will be a threat to goldfish because of its nibbling behavior. Choose your Axolotl tank mates wisely.


How To Keep An Axolotl Tank Cool?

A great way to help keep tank temperature down is to make sure your aquarium has plenty of hiding places. The more places for your Axolotl to hide the less likely it will be that he’ll bask in the sun all day and raise his body temperature. A good way to add more hiding spots is with plants, rocks, caves, and even PVC pipe. All of these will provide a good place for your Axolotl to chill out during the day when it’s time to sleep, but they’ll also attract other fish who might decide to hang around too.

If you’re having trouble keeping your tank cool at night, try adding an air stone, aquarium chiller or filter into his tank. These will all help to circulate the water and quickly lower the temperature in your tank.

The first step for how to keep axolotl water cold is to determine the size of the tank with the right chiller. After setting up the tank and aquarium chiller for axolotl, you need to add some type of LED lighting feature that will help your fish to see things better without causing heat in the aquarium.

Ensure the aquarium chiller does not exceed 18°C for the axolotl’s preferred temperature to normalize their metabolism.


How To Get Axolotl Tank Chiller?

First, make sure you use an aquarium of what size, for example, a 10-gallon tank or a 20-gallon tank. Then decide what kind of chiller you want to use with what kind of mechanism.

Then look for information according to where you live, for example, you live in the UK, then you need to find an aquarium chiller UK at the best price. Each region has different prices, such as aquarium chiller Canada can be more expensive than other countries.


What To Look For In An Axolotl Tank Chiller?

An aquarium chiller can help to keep the temperature of your axolotl tank at the level you desire. If you don’t have an aquarium chiller, it won’t be a problem if you use a small water heater and filter system to maintain higher temperatures in your tank.

When choosing an aquarium cooling unit for your pet axolotls, it is important to look for certain features that will make your aquarium heating experience a more enjoyable one. The following are some of the key features you should look for when choosing an axolotl tank chiller:


Axolotl Tank Size

Consider the size of your pet axolotls in order to find out the perfect size of your aquarium chiller. You should also look for a tank heater that will fit in your axolotl tank. You might think the bigger, the better but remember, since these are aquatic creatures, a small tank is sufficient enough to accommodate their kind.


Axolotl Tank Type

The type of an axolotl tank that you have will also determine the type of chiller to buy. For aquariums, it is best to stick on chillers that use an external power source for operation. There are other models which are self-powered and can function without the need for an external energy source.


Axolotl Tank Brand

When shopping for an aquarium chiller, it is best to stick on well-known brands that have a good reputation in the market. The brand you currently use with other products can be used as a reference when shopping for your axolotl’s heater.


Axolotl Tank Price

Of course, who would want to spend more money than they should? The price is also something to consider before buying. You should stick on models that are within your set budget, or if not, find a way to search for cheaper alternatives.


Axolotl Tank Reviews

It will be helpful if you take time to read online reviews about your preferred axolotl tank chiller before making a purchase. Favorable reviews are often proof of top quality products, which can also be used to determine the most ideal chiller for your pet axolotls’ tank.


Axolotl Tank Wattage

The wattage is an important factor to consider when buying an aquarium heating unit. Your chiller needs enough power to reach the temperature you desire for your pet axolotls. If your chiller does not have enough wattage, then it will be incapable of reaching that specific temperature level.


Axolotl Tank Size Of Water

This is another factor to consider when buying a heater or chiller. You should use one that works with at least one gallon of water, but if you have a larger tank, then it is best to get a chiller that works with at least 2 gallons.


Axolotl Tank Heat Output

This refers to the amount of heat the aquarium chiller can put out every day. It should be able to regulate your tank’s temperature consistently all throughout the day.

The most important thing to remember when buying an aquarium chiller for your pet axolotls is that you should get one with a temperature controller. Without it, you will have a hard time regulating the temperature in your tank every now and then. Thus, it is best to buy one with this feature so you can easily adjust the temperature as needed.


Axolotl Tank Current

The current should be based on your axolotls’ needs. In most cases, you will have to choose between a strong and moderate current for your pet axolotls.


When choosing an axolotl tank chiller or aquarium heater, it is always helpful to do some sort of research about the product before making a purchase.


Final Verdict On Aquarium Chiller For Axolotl

If you have decided to pet the axolotl in captivity for a long time, you must have a tank that fits the chiller to maintain cool temperatures that match the temperature in nature. You need to pay attention to where to put the tank and aquarium chiller because if there is no good airflow, the chiller will also cause heat at the back of the aquarium.

Aquarium chiller for axolotl
Aquarium Chiller For Axolotl – axolotl tank chiller – chiller for axolotl tank

You need to look at the price of the aquarium chiller for axolotls and calculate the cost per month. If you want to run your aquarium chiller for up to 12 hours per day, the estimated cost is around $10 to $20 per month.

Keeping the tank temperature cool and not exceeding 22°C is the duty of the pet owners as axolotls cannot tolerate the heat, which can be fatal to them.

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