Axolotl Teeth – Do Axolotls Have Teeth? 50+ Sharp Teeth Secret

The axolotl is one of the aquatic pets with incredible looks. They have unique characteristics and fascinating features. Apart from the axolotl being seen as a fish with legs, and external gills, what else is interesting?

Do Axolotls have teeth? Axolotls have teeth in their upper and lower jaws. Axolotl teeth is sharp and they use their teeth to catch prey, but they eat their prey by swallowing them. Don’t be afraid you will be bitten by an axolotl and get hurt because their teeth are not particularly sharp.

Are you curious about what is discussed from axolotl teeth? Let’s talk to the end about this.

Axolotl teeth
Axolotl Teeth – Do Axolotls Have Teeth


Do Axolotls Have Teeth?

Yes, the axolotl has teeth but is small and dull. Although axolotls are aggressive animals, you don’t need to be afraid to hold them when you want to remove them from the tank because even if they bite, you won’t hurt them even a little.

Axolotl teeth are only used to grasp their prey and are not tearing them apart or chew them. If you want to see the teeth of the axolotl, you have to get closer until you can see the teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

There are still many who are not convinced about do axolotls have teeth because of their small teeth. If you look at it from a distance, you will see axolotls like fish that do not have teeth, but in fact, they have, even if you have to see them from a very close distance.


How Big Are Axolotls Teeth?

Axolotl teeth are not big, and you can’t even see them if they are far away. You should open their mouth and see clearly their teeth, although this is not recommended because they can bite you because of it. Axolotls are known to have small and dull teeth.

Do axolotls have teeth? Yes, they have teeth with a function to grasp their food, but unlike other animals that use their teeth to chew food. Although the axolotl’s diet is mostly soft and tender, they still don’t use their teeth to make it easier for them to eat.

Many agree that axolotls have small and nearly invisible teeth because many axolotl owners are not even aware that they have teeth. We also don’t know when axolotls lose their teeth because axolotls can also regenerate their teeth if they fall out.


What Do Axolotl Teeth Look Like?

Axolotl has fine teeth that are neatly slender in shape, small, with no real jagged edges. Their teeth are there, and it’s just that they function little because of the small shape of their teeth.

The function of axolotl teeth is not like that of mammals in general and is only done to grasp their prey, nothing more. Can you consider that, do axolotls have teeth? Yes, even though they are small, they still have teeth and are part of the body regenerated by axolotls.

To ensure the exact shape of the axolotl’s teeth, you need to open their mouth by holding their mouth with a small stick, so they are not aggressive and try to bite you.


How Many Teeth Do Axolotls Have?

It’s still uncertain to see how many axolotl teeth there will be as they are neatly arranged in their upper and lower jaws. If calculated carefully, there are more than 50 teeth only in the upper or lower only.

So if it is assumed that the number of upper and lower teeth is the same, it is estimated that there are 100 or more teeth that each axolotl has.

Do axolotls have teeth that are arranged well? Because the axolotl has weak teeth, its teeth can fall out easily, and it is easy for the axolotl to regenerate its teeth.


Axolotl Bite Force

Due to the small size of the axolotl teeth, you won’t feel the bite force of the axolotl hurting your finger even if you leave your finger for them to bite on purpose.

But we can’t confirm the bite force if the axolotl bites other axolotls or hurt other fish because their aggressive habits like fin-nipping or nibbling can hurt them.

You can feel their soft and rubbery teeth, although you will still jump in shock and don’t expect them to bite you. After a while, you will get used to your axolotl’s bite, and they will prefer not to bite you.


Do Axolotls Bite Humans?

Axolotls are not aggressive towards humans, but that is a form of self-defense when they feel threatened. If you hold them for some reason, there is a chance that the axolotl will bite you even if it is not with excessive force, and you will still feel it even if it doesn’t hurt.

Axolotl bite behavior also appears because they are one of the top predators and kings in their habitat. Since they are also voracious eaters, they use their axolotl teeth to grasp anything in their way.

If the axolotl has just been moved from its original place in your captivity, the axolotl can be aggressive towards you because they think you are their prey. Once they find out that they bite you and it doesn’t work, they won’t do it again.

Axolotl teeth
Axolotl Teeth – Do Axolotls Have Teeth


What To Do If Axolotl Bites You?

The axolotl bite has minimal pressure or stinging, but you shouldn’t think there will be an injury from it. Axolotl teeth are not sharp and cannot puncture the human skin.

Although it doesn’t hurt, we must prevent unwanted things. Apply an antibacterial band-aid to the axolotl bite area or clean the bite area with an alcohol squab.

Wash your hand entirely with antibacterial soap before, and after handling the axolotl, so you don’t give the axolotl disease, and vice versa.

This is necessary because axolotls can carry salmonella or other bacteria from the tank, so you need to protect your hands from the effects after being bitten by an axolotl, even if it doesn’t hurt.


Does Axolotl Chew Food With Teeth?

After knowing about do axolotls have teeth, we will continue with how axolotls use their teeth. Axolotls are not chewing or tearing their food but only grasp with their teeth and try to swallow it with the help of water to make swallowing easier.

The food given to the axolotl must be small and make sure it is not too dense so that the axolotl does not experience impaction and digest the food properly.

Giving food to axolotls must be according to their age and size, so you can estimate how many worms, crustaceans, or other live foods are suitable for your axolotl.

Axolotl teeth are useful for catching live food to ensure the prey is not run away and swallowed right after.

This is something that axolotl owners should pay attention to because axolotl can also eat small fish that have a hard spine, which is dangerous for them. The fishbone can create an axolotl choke or impaction that leads to fatal conditions.


Do Axolotl Bites Hurts?

Axolotl bites are not painful if felt by humans because although they can leave scars, they do not puncture the human’s skin. You can bleed after being bitten by an axolotl, although this is very rare because the axolotl teeth are dull and small.

Do axolotls have teeth that can harm the owners? No, because the axolotl’s teeth are also not used to tear or tear their prey, but only to catch it. You can try it by sticking your finger in the tank or when you hold the axolotl in your hand. You will still be surprised when the axolotl bites you.


Do Axolotl Have Sharp Teeth?

No, axolotl teeth are not sharp and harmless to humans. But axolotl teeth can also hurt other fish because of their nibbling behavior and their aggressive attitude towards smaller fish.

Do axolotls have teeth that can bite their prey? Axolotls can only use their teeth for grasping, but not for biting that is tearing their prey. Giving live food to axolotls should be not too big and suitable for their mouth size to swallow their food.

The axolotl is probably a carnivore that doesn’t use its teeth to tear the meat it eats but only to hold it in before swallowing it up.


What Does Axolotl Mouth Look Like?

You will see the mouth is almost the same as a fish mouth but wider. The axolotl is also known as a large gaping mouth with teeth on the upper and lower jaws.

Do axolotls have teeth? Yes, but barely visible. You can see their teeth when they open their mouth and have to be close to see they’re fine small teeth clearly.

When the axolotl eats, you will see the axolotl smiling with its mouth wide open. This is normal for axolotls if their food is large and they must swallow it several times. Be careful when feeding axolotls so they don’t have difficulty swallowing until they digest their food.


What Does Axolotl Tongue Look Like?

Besides, do axolotls have teeth questions, axolotl owners are also curious about their tongue. Axolotls have a thick tongue. The large fixed tongue is the same as that of the fish. The only way you can see their tongue is when they eat and try to swallow their food.

Try to do hand-feeding the axolotl, and see their tongue up close. You can also see the neatly arranged axolotl teeth that they use to grasp the prey.


Is Axolotl Teeth Care Necessary?

Axolotl teeth care does not need to be done because axolotl can regenerate their body parts, including their teeth. If the axolotl’s teeth have problems and fall out, the axolotl can regrow the teeth as they were before.

Do axolotls have teeth that need to be treated? You don’t need to bother caring for their teeth because their teeth are also not used to chew or tear the meat they eat.

You just need to make sure the axolotls have enough food and, according to their size, not to overfeed for a smooth digestive system.


Reminders When Feeding Axolotls

Apart from discussing the axolotl teeth, you should also think about how to properly feed the axolotl. The table below will explain some things to consider when you want to give food to axolotls.

Meat based dietProvide axolotl small meat such as crustaceans, worms, insects, or daphnia.
Do not overfeedOnly give once every 2 to 3 days to eat axolotls to give them time to digest food.
Chop their foodAxolotls need small foods because their teeth can’t be used for chewing.
Avoid fish with exoskeletonIf the axolotl eats any fish, then they can get impaction and lead to death.


Final Verdict On Axolotl Teeth – Do Axolotls Have Teeth

Axolotls are adorable exotic pets to own. Many are curious about axolotl teeth because they’re barely visible. You can see the axolotl’s neat teeth if you open its mouth. There are small and not sharp teeth that are neatly arranged.

Axolotl teeth
Axolotl Teeth – Do Axolotls Have Teeth

Axolotls do not use their teeth to tear or tear their food but only grasp their food and swallow it immediately. Thinking about the axolotl’s diet is very important because their teeth are not used to shrink the shape of the food they get.

You don’t need to take care of the axolotl’s teeth because the axolotl can regenerate body parts, including its teeth. If any of its teeth fall out, the axolotl will quickly regrow its teeth.

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