Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins? (9 Interesting Facts)

The question may sound simple enough, but it is not. You see, Beardies love raisins and they will eat them by the handful. However, you need to know if raisins have an impact on your pet beardie’s health. In a way, we have seen both sides of the coin – those who give their pets Raisins and those who do not.

These reptiles have a weird habit of eating everything they see in the first place. When they are in the woods, bearded dragons will be eating fruits, but the question here is if raisins are safe for bearded dragons or not.

Can bearded dragons eat raisins? Yes, Bearded dragons can eat raisins safely. It will not cause any toxicity. But, it doesn’t mean that bearded dragons should eat raisins because of its high sugar content and is not a staple diet for beardies.

For a Bearded dragon, raisins are not very suitable when they take it in large amounts. In this article, we will cover if raisins are healthy for beardies and other interesting facts about raisins for bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat raisins
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins – bearded dragon raisins – can bearded dragons have raisins


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins?

Can bearded dragons eat raisins? The answer to the question of whether or not bearded dragons can eat raisins is yes. Raisins are made from dried grapes and contain a lot of sugar, which makes them an unhealthy food for both humans and lizards alike.

Humans should avoid eating too many raisins because they have a high sugar content and offer little to no nutritional value. A bearded dragon’s diet should consist of foods that are more nutritious and less sugary.

The reason why many people ask if their bearded dragons can eat raisins is because it is a common and popular myth that this food will help sickly lizards recover or bring an appetite back to creatures who have stopped eating.

Raisins are too sweet for a bearded dragon and can upset their digestive system, so they should not be used to try to tempt a picky eater or help heal an ill lizard.

If your bearded dragon is sick and you want him to eat, feed him more nutritious foods such as eggs or mealworms to help him get better.

Once he is healthy again, you can try to introduce the food that he was previously eating back into his diet slowly. Bearded dragons should also be fed a variety of different foods and not just one thing, so you may have to experiment with new types of lizard treats if your bearded dragon doesn’t like any of the ones you offer him.

In this way, your bearded dragon will be able to maintain a well-rounded and nutritious diet.

Before giving any opinion on this topic, I would like to say something about the nutritional facts about the raisins. After that, we will decide why they are not very healthy for your pet.


Nutritional Facts about Raisins

It would help if you took care of the diet of your beardie. Adding something or removing anything from its diet should be done carefully after looking at the nutritional values. It would help if you were very careful about the calcium, protein, and phosphorus ratio.

Now, let’s see what is in 100g of raisins. A hundred grams of raisins carry 3.7g of protein with0.46g of fat.

Both the proteins and the fats are required for the healthy growth of your pet reptile. The percentage of fiber in raisins is 3.7g.

Fiber is essential for lizards. The digestive system is very much reliant on fiber.

Now, let’s see the proportion of calcium and phosphorus. Hundred-gram raisins have 50 mg calcium. Yeah! It is not much. 101 mg phosphorus is present in 100gof raisins. That’s why this dry fruit is not recommended for your pet.


Why are Raisins Unhealthy for Bearded Dragons?

Raisins may not be a good source of energy for bearded dragons. Many nutrients are present in excess, while others are in less than the standard amount.


Calcium and Phosphorus Ratio

To get a healthy skeletal system, calcium is an essential nutrient that helps beardies and many reptiles to maintain their bones. Calcium strengthens their bones while they are growing.

Another important feature of calcium is that it is important for laying. The female beardies need calcium to protect the eggshell and keep it hard and dense not to break.

It is not important how much calcium your reptile is getting, but the phosphorus present in the raisins also affects bones’ health.

The amount of phosphorus is directly affecting calcium absorption. Too much phosphorus is not healthy for bones. So, you should provide a balanced diet in which phosphorus and calcium are present in a standard ratio to the beardies.


Standard Ratio or Phosphorus and Calcium Vs. the Ratio Present in Raisins

Statistically, the amount of calcium in a bearded dragon’s should be two times that of phosphorus. It is the standard amount that will ensure healthy bone development.

But, raisins have the opposite amount. The amount of phosphorus is two times that of calcium which is very unhealthy. This ratio can cause many diseases to the beardies.


More Sugars in Raisins

After disturbing the ratio of calcium and phosphorus, sugar contents also drastically affected a beard’s health. If we consider 100g of raisins, there is about 60g of sugar present in it.

It poses many diseases. You may be thinking of diabetes, but beardies do not have this condition very often. Other types of illness are found in beardies due to high sugar:

  • Tooth decay problems
  • Upset stomach conditions
  • Diarrheal complications
  • Obesity


Advantages of Raisins

Though raisins cause many damages, they also have some awesome advantages, making them a slightly recommended diet once a week.

Dietary Fibers

Raisins are the best things in case your beardie has some complications in bowel functioning. What makes these fix the bowel function? The essential fibers present in the raisins will surely make the bowel function work properly.

But, there should be a limit that you can give to your bearded animal. A tablespoon or two would be great for your beardies’ health.


Can you Give Raisins to Your Beardie Daily?

Raisins are not good for lizards daily. You should be able to understand this from the nutritional facts. The amount of phosphorus is the biggest threat which makes it unhealthy for your pet.

Also, the sugar content is not preferable and may cause several diseases, such as tooth problems and obesity.

That is why you should only be giving the raisins once a week to your lizard pet. It would be great that you only give this thing when your beardie has low bowel functioning.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins With Skin On?

Can bearded dragons have raisins with skin on them? As you know, raisins are dried grapes. So, it would not be bad that you give skinned raisins to your bearded dragons.

The raisin’s skin has dietary fibers, which are an essential nutrient for proper bowel function. Thus, if you give raisins with skin on them, it will be very good as they are a rich source of fibers.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins Frozen?

Can bearded dragons have raisins in a frozen state? The raisins in dried or frozen form have no difference. They still are raisins with the same chemical composition of minerals and nutrients.

Your beardie will be loving this food as part of its meal. But, you have to restrict it to only a weekly meal. There are many other options that you can feed to your beardie.

So, frozen raisins are not toxic to your beardie, but they generally are not suggested due to an unbalanced ratio of minerals and upset concentration of sugar.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisin Leaves?

Can bearded dragons have raisins and leaves? Leaves are generally not very much suggested and recommended by nutritionists.

Raisins’ leaves may have some good chemicals to support their health, but overall, the contents of raisins (dried grapes) are not healthy for your pet.

Thus, it would help if you were careful in choosing how much and how often they can eat a specific fruit or food.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins Raw?

The “bearded dragon raisins” relationship is not seen as a very good one. Raw raisins are only suitable if you are giving them only once a week.

As you know, the high phosphorus and carbohydrate concentration is not good for the bearded lizard’s health, so you should not be giving raw raisins to your pet very often.

Thus, raw raisins are not toxic, but they will break down your beardies’ health if given in very large quantities, which may trouble you. So, restrict the number of raisins you are giving to your beardie.

Can bearded dragons eat raisins
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins?


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins Cook?

Can bearded dragons eat raisins after cooking? Cooking the raisins is also a great thing you can do. It will be very good as if any bacterial agent was present in it, it would kill it immediately.

So, yes! Your beardie lizard can eat the cooked raisins, and they will have no problem at all. They will enjoy the benefits of clean and purified raisins without any salmonella entering their stomach, causing them to have any infections.

Plus, there is another advantage of raisins that they taste even better when cooked. But you have only to give the raisins only once or twice a week.


Should Raisins Be Cooked For Bearded Dragons?

Can bearded dragons eat raisins that are cooked? The raisins are dried grapes. When you keep the grapes for one season and dry them, they are converted into raisins. These raisins are rich in sugar and also have an unhealthy ratio of phosphorus and calcium.

But, cooking the raisins decreases the quantity of sugar present in it. Thus, cooking the raisins is very good and is considered very good.


Are Raisins Good For Bearded Dragons?

Can bearded dragons eat raisins? What are the health benefits of raisins? Raisins are a food that is very high in sugar content. Almost more than 60g of sugar is there in just 100g of raisins.

But, it is not that only bad things about raisins are there. Raisins are also very good for the metabolic function of a beardie. As you know, raisins also contain a lot of dietary fibers.

In 100g of raisins, about 3.8g of dietary fibers are there. It is a good percentage which can make the need of a beardies’ daily dietary need.

These dietary fibers are very helpful to keep good bowel functioning. Dietary fibers also increase the immunity of an organism and help fight the diseases in a better way.


Do Bearded Dragons Like Raisins?

Can bearded dragons eat raisins? Yes, they can eat raisins. But, there is one other question here. What do you think that they like the raisins for?

Do these bearded lizards like the raisins or not? The fact is that, due to high sugar content and a good taste, your beardie can like these raisins. You can probably think that it can become the favorite dish of your beardie.

But, it would help if you were not doing this and feeding raisins daily. Apart from all of this, you can think that to avoid the bearded dragons from getting addicted to these unhealthy raisins; you can give them some alternate foods that will be good for them.

So, bearded dragons like raisins, but not all of them like these raisins. Some of them may not like the taste, and you have to skip this meal and feed some other things to him. There are a lot of foods which are healthy for your beardie.


Alternative Foods for Your Beardie

There are a lot of foods which you can feed to your beardie. But, first, you have to use the hit and trial method and feed a lot of food which is complete in nutrition and is healthy for your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons can either eat vegetables and fruits, or they can also eat some insects.


Healthy Insects for Beardie

Following insects are good for your beardie:

  • Rickets
  • Mealworms
  • King worms

These are considered to be the best and one of the favorite meals of the beardie. They have a good ratio of dietary fibers, phosphorus they need, and calcium they need for their bones.


Vegetables for Beardie

There are many vegetables suitable for beardies and have all the essential nutrients in them. Following vegetables are best for a beardie:

  • Collard greens
  • Turnip greens
  • Watercress
  • Alfalfa hay


Human Food Alternative of Raisins

Human foods may also be a good diet for your beardie. You can give it to your beardie, and it does not have bad effects on your lizard friend.

These foods are best for bearded dragons:

  • Figs
  • Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Apples



What Are Raisins?

The fruit of the Grape Vine, also known as “raisin,” are small round-shaped dried grapes that have been originated in Asia. They are usually dark to golden brown, but they also come with red, purple, black, and even green color. The most common type of raisin is the sultana, which are small seeded variety that have been sun dried.

The history of Raisin dates back to 6,000 B.C. where the Sumerians and other cultures have been growing grapes for thousands of years. The history behind raisin is distinctive as it has connected with human civilizations from all over the world.

Raisin is one of the oldest dried fruits in the world, alongside dates and figs (that are also good for bearded dragons).

They are also one of the most popular snack foods in the world, and they are used as a condiment in certain dishes. Raisins can be found in different kinds of flavors like vanilla-flavored raisins or chocolate covered raisins. They can either be eaten by themselves or added to certain desserts.


How Do I Feed Raisins To My Bearded Dragon?

This fruit has a lot of benefits, which makes it an excellent nutritional food source for your pet bearded dragon when fed in moderation.

Always keep in mind that it is not recommended to feed raisins to your bearded dragon at every feeding because it is high in sugar and can lead to obesity if not restricted enough.

If you are planning to feed raisins, keep in mind that they should be soaked beforehand so the fiber inside will soften up. This way, there would be less chance that your bearded dragon would have intestinal problems.

Bearded dragons love raisins because of their sweet flavor, and they also contain essential vitamins. Here are some things you should know before feeding this fruit to your bearded dragon:

Raisins should be warmed up prior to feeding. It is recommended to soak it in warm water for 15mins. This will soften it up for your bearded dragon to eat and digest it easier.

Raisins can also be dried out in the sun before feeding them to your bearded dragon. You can do this by spreading raisins on a clean surface then leave them in the sun for at least 24 hours before feeding to your pet bearded dragon.

After soaking raisins in warm water, place them in the refrigerator and leave it there overnight. This will help to dry out excess moisture which is very important for your bearded dragon since they love fresh fruits and don’t like foods that are too moist.

Bearded dragons can eat both dried or soaked raisins as long as you know how to prepare them correctly.


How Do You Choose Raisins For Bearded Dragons?

For your bearded dragon’s diet, you don’t need to worry about picking out the best raisins. You will only need to know which types of raisin are acceptable for feeding to dragons and how to choose them.

Raisins that can be fed to bearded dragons are dried fruits in the grape category. Raisins from other fruits such as figs and prunes are too high in sugar.

In order to tame the sweetness, you can soak then cook them before feeding to your pet bearded dragon.


How Do You Store Raisins For Bearded Dragons?

Unlike other types of pet food, you don’t need to store raisins in the refrigerator. They are already dried and processed before packaging them for sale.

If you like to keep extra raisins just in case your bearded dragon doesn’t finish it, then it’s advisable not to store them in airtight containers because they will lose their moisture and become too hard for your pet dragon to eat later on.

If you are planning to store raisins, it is ideal to keep them in cardboard boxes or brown paper bags so they will still have some air left inside. These containers should be closed tight but not airtight.

The first batch of raisins that you buy might not be enough to last you or your bearded dragon for a long time. In this situation, it is advisable to keep the raisins in airtight bags then store them inside the refrigerator. Raisins that are too moist won’t last very long and will spoil easily so make sure you know how to store raisin properly before planning to buy them.


How Much Raisins Can Be Fed To A Bearded Dragon?

Although raisin is a very good source of vitamins and minerals, but it is still considered a sugary treat. Can bearded dragons eat raisins? If you give your bearded dragon too much raisins at once, then there’s a chance that they will get sick or even die from too much sugar intake. This is the reason why raisins aren’t good for bearded dragon’s day to day diet and shouldn’t be fed regularly.

Bearded dragons love to eat many kinds of fruits but it can be a bad thing if you give them too much sweets at once. They will just fill up on sugar instead of eating other healthier foods that can provide them with essential vitamins and minerals.

You should only feed this treat to your bearded dragon sparingly. If you continue giving raisins as a regular part of their food, then there’s a chance they won’t eat other foods that are good for them such as leafy greens and insects.

If you want to know the recommended feeding guidelines for raisins, then you can always ask your veterinarian. Every pet has a different diet so it’s best to talk to a professional before planning to feed your bearded dragon with raisins.


Final Verdict On Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins

Can bearded dragons eat raisins? Yes! You can feed raisins to the bearded dragons, and you can easily use them in the diet plan of your bearded dragon. They have a good proportion of dietary fibers and can be used once or twice per week.

Can bearded dragons eat raisins
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raisins – bearded dragon raisins – can bearded dragons have raisins

But, due to the unbalanced concentration of phosphorus and calcium, you can’t use this diet regularly. You should be well aware of double the amount of phosphorus which is unhealthy for the bones.

Thus, bearded dragon may eat raisins, but as a responsible pet parent, feed them raisins in moderation only once a week.


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