Black Line On Dog Tooth : (11 Menacing Facts)

Dogs are notorious for biting anything they can find. Many owners are not aware of this condition, so their dogs’ teeth can end up rotten or fall out. Sometimes owners find a black line on dog teeth and are confused about what to do because they don’t know why it happened in the first place.

Black line on dog tooth are caused by several things, such as dog stains, cavities, or tartar build-up. Dogs can’t be like humans who tell you that their teeth are dirty or sore and turn black over time. It is the owner’s job to regularly check the dog’s teeth as a whole. Check with the vet if there is a black line dog tooth sign to get medical attention.

Dog oral condition is essential to be studied in more detail. Let’s read this article to find out what to know when your dog has black teeth.

Black line on dog tooth
Black line on dog tooth


Why Is There A Black Line On My Dog’s Tooth?

Many canine owners don’t check their dog’s teeth until they notice something is out of the ordinary. Many regret not having their dog’s teeth checked regularly until the teeth with black lines are almost full.

The owners have seen pictures of dog teeth with problems but never understood this could happen to their pets.

Dental problems cannot be noticed directly since your dog will not tell you verbally. You can feel the oddity in your dog’s teeth from a bad odor from the dog’s mouth or red gums with a little tartar between the teeth.

Starts from white tartar that accumulates to brown color and ends with black teeth. The sticky gunk can harden and cause bacterial infection, pain, or tooth loss. If your dog starts to scratch their mouth or the dog feels uncomfortable when eating, see a vet immediately.


What Does It Mean If My Dog Has A Discolored Tooth?

Unhealthy dog teeth start to change color significantly. Normal tooth color is white without any dirt stuck between the teeth. If your dog has abnormal tooth formation and several teeth with different colors, it is a sign that your dog’s teeth are not safe.

The cause of discoloration must be identified and treated immediately. If there is tartar build-up left for a long time, the dog’s teeth are susceptible to bacteria and infection.

I realized there was a black line on my dog’s tooth after several times my dog refused to eat. After I checked, three teeth started to blacken, and one tooth was almost broken. My vet used dental radiographs until I found a problem point in my dog’s teeth and started doing the best treatment.

The black line on the dog tooth includes discoloration problems. Although it’s a bit late for prevention, you can still consult a vet for treatment or things that can be prevented before bacteria enter the teeth and damage the dog’s gums and nerves.


What Does A Black Line On Dog’s Tooth Mean?

Your dog has a dental disease with tartar build-up on the tooth surface. The dog has a black line on the tooth that will worsen as tartar accumulates in the same place, making the tartar harder and discoloring the teeth.

Tartar from white to yellow, and dog’s teeth become brown to black. Tartar can spread to adjacent teeth to cause a black line on dog teeth. A black line is a form of tartar that will absorb minerals from the saliva and begin to harden. The tartar build-up will not go away if you don’t use hygiene procedures or brush regularly.

It does not only happen to dogs, but humans can also if the attention to dental hygiene is less. What does a black line on your tooth mean? Its medical name is dental calculus. Starting from tartar build-up, which will harden because it absorbs minerals. If the tartar absorbs too much iron or copper, it will make black marks on the teeth.

If you or your dog is experiencing this, the regular brushing process can’t get rid of it instantly. Try to find a professional cleaning for black spots and do regular dental cleanings for prevention afterward.


My Dog Has A Black Line On Her Tooth – What Is It?

The black marks on the dog’s teeth are tartar build-up and accumulate from food that dogs eat, and tartar absorbs iron or copper so that it hardens and causes discoloration. The initial problem starts with one tooth with tartar build-up until it forms a black line if left for a long time.

Not all canine owners care about the details of opening their dog’s mouth and having their teeth checked. The owners think more about a good environment and proper diet. They forget that teeth and mouth play an essential role in a dog’s health and appetite.


How Do You Get Black Plaques Off A Dog’s Teeth?

Regular plaque can be removed by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. If your dog is not used to teeth cleaning, try to do it gently until your dog feels calm. Look for dog-safe toothpaste with toothbrushes that won’t hurt the dog’s gum.

Do not give a sense of trauma to your dog because of the process of cleaning teeth in dogs regularly. If your dog has a black line on the tooth, you will have a challenging time removing tartar with just a regular toothbrush. Try using a finger toothbrush for hardened tartar.

Your job is to hold the dog still and sit still. Although it sounds challenging, you should know your dog’s behavior and try to give a healthy treat if you want to start cleaning teeth. If you’ve tried brushing your dog’s teeth several times, but the black line on the dog tooth won’t come off the gum line, ask your vet to do dental cleaning.


How To Tell If Your Dog Has Dental Disease?

Dogs won’t be able to tell us if there is a black line on the dog tooth. We must be sensitive about what happens to their teeth by checking regularly or knowing some of the characteristics of our dogs when they have dental disease. The table below will help us to identify some of the symptoms.

Dental diseaseExplanation
Discolored teethBrown or black teeth depend on the severe tartar build ups.
Bad breathTartar and bacteria on gum lines create a bad odor that can be smelled when your dog is barking or near you.
Excessive droolingDogs will drool abnormally indicating something is wrong with their teeth.
Loss appetiteDogs don’t want to eat because they have problems with their teeth.
Keeping food in mouthDogs don’t seem to want to chew food quickly or leave food in their mouths for a long time.

The most common thing that happens starts from a black spot on a dog tooth. One cavity looks harmless, but the spot can spread to several adjacent teeth and cause black on the dog’s teeth. Tartar can appear and build-ups with food residue that sticks to the teeth, making it easy for bacteria to come and damage your dog’s teeth.


Signs Of An Oral Problem In Dogs

Problems that often occur in dogs are cavities disease and gum disease. Neglected pets for the quality of their teeth will turn black, like the case of black line on cat teeth, which must receive medical cleaning and treatment until the problem disappears.

Canine owners ask ‘why is there a black line on my tooth‘ because they are confused about what is happening to their pet and start having signs such as loss of appetite, excessive drooling, bloody saliva, or chewing with only one side of the tooth.

Dogs start to feel pain if you touch their mouth, followed by whining or crying. It all started with a black line on the dog tooth that got worse. Bacteria could enter and cause the condition of the teeth to get worse.

Dog teeth cavities due to bacteria will damage the teeth and gums. Sometimes some infections require the vet to remove the bacteria completely. If the bacteria has started to spread in some parts of the teeth, the dog’s teeth will slowly rot.


Is A Black Tooth An Emergency?

The black tooth is more likely to lead to dental decay and start to feel pain in the cavity. The black spots on dog teeth are caused by bacteria lodged in the tartar that has begun to harden.

Dogs will start whining and refusing to eat because of black stuff on the dog’s teeth. It is a sign of an emergency because a dog’s condition can worsen when they start refusing to eat, and tooth decay is inevitable.


Are Black Spots On Dogs Gums Normal?

A normal dog’s teeth will have no other color than white teeth and pink gum. The presence of black spots indicates that your dog’s teeth are cavities due to bacteria. Unhealthy dog teeth will reduce the dog’s desire to eat and cause other things such as excessive drooling, bleeding gum, and other dental problems.

The black spots on dog teeth are things to avoid. Try checking your teeth once a week and brushing gently using a finger toothbrush and safe dog toothpaste.

If the black line on the dog’s tooth has started to get worse, immediately take your dog to the vet for dental cleaning. Although your dog will feel pain during the treatment process, this is better than dealing with bacteria that can make their teeth fall out.


How Long Does It Take For A Dog Tooth To Go Black?

The more stuff your dog bites on, the greater the risk of your dog getting tartar build-up and starting a black line on the dog tooth. We can not prevent the activity of dogs all the time. They are easily curious about the things around them and bite whatever they want.

Our job is to make sure the dog’s teeth stay healthy and clean. If your dog often bites dirty things and rarely brushes the dog’s teeth, there’s no need to wait a few months for your dog to turn black.

Get used to brushing your dog’s teeth slowly and regularly. Use toothpaste that is specifically for dogs and a soft toothbrush. Calm the dog when brushing its teeth because brushing the wrong way can cause injury to the gums and traumatize your dog.

Black line on dog tooth
Black line on dog tooth


What Does A Rotting Dog Tooth Look Like?

It starts with a hardened dental plaque whose color is to darken like brown or orange. You will see dog teeth black at the gum line. If there is already one blackened tooth, there will be cavities in dark holes or dark spots on the tooth surface.

The black tartar on a dog’s teeth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and causes swollen gums. If bacteria invade the base of the teeth, the swollen gums can become periodontitis, and you notice the dog’s gum as it is pulling away from the teeth.

Your dog’s gums will bleed due to a severe tooth abscess. The tooth will begin to decay, and your dog will feel pain at the point where the tooth is damaged. They will not chew as usual and are too lazy to eat.


Can A Rotten Tooth Make A Dog Sick?

Before rotten teeth existed, a black line on a dog tooth could already make your dog feel pain in certain parts of the tooth. Unhealthy teeth have started to appear bacteria and can create cavities. When bacteria enter the hole, your dog will feel pain in his teeth.

The cavities will look like a black spot on a dog’s tooth and can be more than one if their teeth have been in bad condition for a long time. Dogs with rotten teeth will not have an appetite. They won’t chew like they normally would and feel pain in the gum.


What Causes A Dog’s Teeth To Turn Black?

There are two possibilities for your dog’s teeth turning black. First because of injury, second because of tartar build-up. If your dog eats hard foods such as large animal bones, metal, or antlers, the tooth fractures and causes cavities.

The bacteria enter the black spot on the dog’s tooth and infect the tooth from the inside. The blood supply is killed off, discoloring the dog’s teeth until it becomes a dead tooth. If there is a dead tooth, but the gum still looks healthy, the bacteria will not cause infection in the gum. It will only damage the tooth and not the roots.

This process does not always end in a black line across teeth because there is usually only one tooth that breaks. In contrast to tartar build-up, which can spread to several other parts of the teeth to form a line across teeth.


Does Black Tooth In Dogs Make Teeth Loose?

The dog cavity that is infected with bacteria can cut off the blood supply, causing the tooth to decay. As the condition of the teeth worsens, a dog’s teeth may loosen or fall off after being subjected to harsh pressures such as eating bone or biting hard objects.

If tartar build-up occurs between the teeth, and bacteria can get to multiple roots at once, the gums will recede and cause an exposed furcation dog. Dogs will feel pain in the gums and they do not want to chew food on the teeth that are infected.


Do Puppy Teeth Turn Black?

Puppies losing their teeth is normal until they grow adult teeth. If black lines in teeth occur in a puppy, you will see the puppy’s teeth fall off a few weeks later. Some canine owners know this and let it happen.

Canine owners believe that the black line on dog teeth does not cause significant damage to puppies because they can still grow adult teeth. But it will be a big problem if the black tooth happens after the adult teeth have grown.

Never underestimate discoloration in a dog’s tooth because bacteria can spread to all tooth parts to the roots. Check your dog’s dental health from puppies until they grow adult teeth. Do not give the slightest opportunity for the presence of bacteria that cause tooth decay due to infection.


Did Dog’s Black Tooth Start From Bacteria?

The dog’s black tooth can start from tartar or cracked teeth. Tartar can appear due to food residue stuck to the teeth or teeth that have never been cleaned. Tartar will absorb the minerals and will harden over time. Tartar is getting harder to clean and darkens the dog’s teeth.

The dark line on the dog’s tooth is a fairly long build-up, and canine owners neglect dog dental hygiene completely. Not only happens to dogs, but the cat tooth black line also occurs because of the same thing. The black line on dog teeth can be overcome if the owners check every tooth part regularly.


How To Get Rid Of Black Tartar On Dogs?

Look for dog-safe toothpaste and soft toothbrushes, then brush your dog’s teeth several times. Focus on the dog’s front teeth if your dog won’t sit still during the cleaning process.

If there is a black line on the top of the tooth, don’t brush hard right away because the tartar removal process doesn’t depend on the brushing power but the toothpaste used and the toothbrush design.

If the black line on a dog tooth insists even on how hard you are to clean your dog’s teeth, try getting a dental cleaning done by a vet.


Black Line On Dog Tooth Symptoms

The most common are bad breath and thin black lines on teeth. Sometimes you can take some tartar build-up that hasn’t hardened because of the food residue stuck between the dog’s teeth. Notice the presence of a black spot or cavity as a sign that bacteria can easily enter your dog’s teeth.

The black line at the top of a dog’s tooth can cause tooth decay and fall off if the blood flow is blocked by bacteria. The tooth will start to break or fall off. Dogs will rarely use blackened teeth for chewing.


Old Dog Bad Teeth What To Do?

If there is a dog tooth root exposed because senior dogs are rarely checked for dental hygiene, you can do several treatments such as chew toys or giving a dental treat. Dental problems that have gone to the root will cause excessive pain and make your dog whine and refuse to eat.

Immediately do the treatment before the dog’s teeth die, and you need to do the dog dead tooth treatment before the bacteria spreads to other healthy teeth. Take it to the vet for a medical examination and prevent further infection by brushing the old dog’s tooth regularly.


What Are The Dog Tooth Decay Stages?

In the first stage, tartar builds up until it hardens and turns a darker color. The gums start to turn red due to inflammation. Next, the gums continue to be swollen, and bone loss starts to occur. Tooth discoloration and bone loss continued until bloody gums and teeth were lost.

Take a look at some of the references to dog tooth decay stages to check how badly your dog’s teeth will be if they experience the same thing. Immediately do a total dental cleaning if you start to see thin black lines on your dog’s tooth or do dental cleaning by a professional.


How To Treat Black Line On Dog Tooth?

It is very difficult to reverse a dog’s cavity due to bacterial infection. What you can do is prevent it by brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. The vet will use ultrasonic instruments to remove tartar and black lines on teeth in no time.

If the vet’s tools don’t work and still leave black tartar on the dog’s teeth, your dog will have to undergo surgery for a complete extraction or root canal. Some of these ways will eliminate the problem with your dog’s teeth, but after that, it is your job to keep it from happening a second time.


How To Prevent Black Line On Dog Tooth?

There are several things you can do to keep your dog’s teeth clean. First, don’t hesitate to check your dog’s teeth by opening their mouth and looking through the inside of the teeth. Do this every few days, so your dog gets used to the method.

The black dog teeth can be overcome if you brush your dog’s teeth regularly using well-recognized dog toothpaste. If black lines on the tooth have occurred, give dental treats or chewing toys to reduce tartar build-up.

Encouraging your dog to drink a lot and it easier to clean the bacteria on the teeth. Do not let your dog eat a lot of food that contains sugar for dental health.


Final Verdict – Black Line On Dog Tooth

An unhealthy dog’s teeth will change color from white to yellow. The tartar build-up will harden and turn brown and black. Signs your dog’s teeth are in severe condition if they start to have lots of cavities and blackened teeth until they fall off.

The black tooth can occur because of a cracked tooth, and bacteria enter to damage the tooth from the inside. There is something that happens because of tartar which attracts bacteria and then damages the teeth to the roots.

Black line on dog tooth
Black line on dog tooth – Is Black line on dog tooth dangerous?

If the damaged teeth are left untreated, bacteria can attack the adjacent teeth and create black lines on the dog’s teeth. You will find it difficult to treat dental problems if they are severe.

What you need to do is prevent it by brushing the dog’s teeth regularly, using chewing toys to reduce tartar build-up, encouraging the dog to drink a lot, and reducing food that can make the dog’s dental health less healthy.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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