Why Do Huskies Have Different Colored Eyes? 3 Cool Husky Eye Colors

We will talk about the unique characteristic of husky eye colors in this article. Why do huskies have different colored eyes? Some huskies may have blue or red or even bi eye colors, which means you can buy a Siberian husky with different colored eyes.

A husky with different eyes is adorable, and it is one of the most innocent creatures you will ever see. We will also see husky eye color combinations and do a good debate on a dog with different colored eyes myth.

Why do huskies have different colored eyes
why do huskies have different colored eyes – husky eye colors

Let’s start the article by talking about the Siberian Husky’s different eye color combinations. A husky is a dog that is naturally found in Siberia. They are intelligent dogs that are efficiently used for watching and guarding purposes.

A Husky can have different colors of eyes depending upon the conditions in which it is bred.

Primarily, we know that there are three basic colors, red, blue, and green, that can occur in the genes; but, a Husky can have both its eyes of different colors. In that case, it is called a bi-colored Husky.


What Is The Rarest Husky Eye Color?

If you talk about the rarest eye color in the huskies,  it is the Parti eyes. Let’s talk about what is Parti eyes, which is when both eyes of the Husky have two different colors in a single eye.

It is said to be the rarest eye color and less than 7% of the Husky color features. These huskies are very beautiful and the rarest.


What Does It Mean When A Dog Has Two Different Colored Eyes?

When a dog has both colored Eyes,  it is a genetic combination known as a bi-colored dog. The most common combination here is blue and brown. One eye of the Husky will be blue, and the other will be Brown.

It is not harmful or a medical condition, but it is genetically selected by nature.  But, we can also change the color of a Husky by using biotechnology if we want.


Why Do Huskies Have Different Colored Eyes?

Why do huskies have different colored Eyes? Due to some change in the huskies’ genetic makeup,  we see that huskies a different colored Eyes. We don’t need to worry about this, as it is just a normal thing in Husky puppies.

Eyes with different colors make the huskies look very beautiful and unique. It also raises the demand and price of huskies.

The different eye colors include;

  • Red
  • Green
  • Icy blue to blue
  • Brown


Heterochromia In Husky

to answer the question, Why do huskies have different colored Eyes? We will talk about the medical condition which is known as Heterochromia.

It is generally a genetic mutation that occurs when there is less or more than the normal amount of melanin which decides the eyes, hair, and skin color.

Research has found that Heterochromia is not an error, and it is not causing any eye problems. It is a normal thing that occurs in Huskies.


Corneal Change

The corneal changes are normal for Husky puppies. Most of the huskies will start to change their eye color when they are almost 2 to 3 weeks old.

This corneal change will continue till 12 to 13 weeks, and the Husky will have a clear and final eye color when it reaches the age of week 14.

A husky with different colored eyes will take almost six months to develop its eye color completely; but, the average time is the same for all the huskies.


Why Is Heterochromia Common In Huskies?

why do huskies have different colored eyes? It is because of HeteroChromia.

Heterochromia in dogs is not generally seen as a good thing. But, a heterochromia husky puppy has different eye colors. We can see that a Siberian Husky is a unique breed.

Heterochromia is common among the huskies because it is a genetic thing, the pigment that decides the eye colors has something to do with it.


 Percentage of heterochromia dogs

Heterochromia is a condition when a dog has different eye colors. If we estimate, 15-20 percent of Siberian Huskies will have Heterochromia.


Is Heterochromia Harmful?

Let’s talk about the myths related to Heterochromia. We have already discussed this. Why do huskies have different colored Eyes? which is due to Heterochromia.

Is Heterochromia dangerous or harmful? No! It is generally thought that Heterochromia is hazardous and detrimental to the Siberian huskies but this is is not true. It is harmless and has nothing to do with the vision of huskies.


Is Heterochromia Caused By Interbreeding the Dogs?

Yes, Heterochromia is caused by mixing the different breeds of dogs and getting a unique breed with the desired characteristics.

But, when we are interbreeding the dogs or even cats or other animals, this will lead to Heterochromia, a condition in which the eyes have different colors.

But, it has nothing to do with the eye conditions, and in most cases, the dogs and the cats will have normal vision and have no problem at all.


Husky Eye Color Chart – Huskies With Different Colored Eyes

why do huskies have different colored eyes? Now, it’s time for a husky eye color chart, and we can see the different proportions of huskies’ eye colors. Generally, husky with two-colored eyes is very common. It is, in fact, the rarest breed and has more demand than any other rough.


Husky Eye Color By Percentage

More than 40% of the huskies have blue-colored eyes, and you can see almost every Husky with blue eyes and green eyes are the rarest if we talk about the Monochromacy.

But, in Heterochromia, the Bi-eye-colored condition, these are existing only 11 percent on earth.


Husky Eye ColorPercentage


Husky With Blue Eyes

Siberian husky eyes are the point of attraction for every person who is considering buying a Siberian husky. A husky-dog has beautiful eyes-making it a very noble dog with an intelligent and creative mind.


Why do Siberian Huskies have one blue eye?

Siberian Husky has one blue color eye because of Heterochromia. The blue color is one of the most found eye colors in the huskies. About 42-43 % of the huskies have blue-colored Eyes.


Husky With Bi Eyes

Bi-eyed Husky is also a great choice to buy, and it has two different colored eyes. The most probable eye color combination we get is green and blue.


Why do Husky eyes glow red?

There is a portion in the eyes of most of the dogs known as Tapetum. It is the look that lies right behind the retina and reflects the light so that colored eyes are shown whenever light falls on the eye.

But, talking about the Siberian Husky, this Dog does not have the Tapetum area, and therefore when light reflects through the retina of the Husky giving out a reddish glow making the eyes look like they are red.


Husky With Brown Eyes

Brown eyes in huskies are also very common. Approximately less than 40% of the huskies have brown eyes, and they are also in demand in the market.

Having colored eyes in the huskies never a problem, and you don’t have to worry about it if your Husky has colored Eyes.


Husky Parti Eyes

Parti Eyes in Huskies is the rarest case in which both eyes have different colors, and each eye has two different colors in it. Yes, such a Husky is known as a particolored eyes Husky.

It is a unique mixed breed of huskies, and small puppies look like they are very innocuous and beautiful. We see this husky as a very intelligent-looking and cool husky.


Husky With Different Colored Eyes Price

Are you considering buying a husky? We can tell you husky with different colored eyes for sale. You can find your best Husky on PuppyFind.

Suppose you want to have a husky with both eyes of the same color or find the different colored eyes, Siberian Husky. The price ranges from 1400 US dollars to almost $3000.

For a blue Husky, the price is almost above $1,000. Hence, if you want to adopt a Husky, it will be a great idea to practice some parental techniques and then consider buying a Husky.

why do huskies have different colored eyes? So, Husky breeders can make a killing breeding and selling them. Just kidding.

Why do huskies have different colored eyes
why do huskies have different colored eyes – husky eye colors


When Do Huskies Eye Color Stop Changing?

When do Huskies eyes stop changing? Huskies eye color will start to develop when it is at the age of two weeks, and this process will continue till a fully mature and proficient I color decided for the Husky by its genes.

It is generally thought and is a well-researched topic of debate that, when the Husky is almost two weeks old, the eye color is constantly changing at that time. This process of changing will continue for nearly 4-5 months on average.

Some husky owners have also claimed that the eye color kept on changing for six months. After six months, the eye color is finally selected by the genes that will be retained all its life.


What Color Eyes Do Purebred Huskies Have?

The natural color for the eyes Husky is the blue color.  All the newborn Siberian huskies have the naturally selected blue color by their genes. why do huskies have different colored eyes?

When The Siberian Huskies are two to three weeks old, the process of changing eye colors will start, and it can transform into any color like brown, blue-green bi-color, or parti-color.

The proportion of these colors has already been discussed in the section above, and you can see what proportion of huskies have different colored Eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Huskies change the eye color?

Husky eye color will change for sure, All the Husky are born with blue eyes, but this color will vary when they are growing.

After six months, they will have the obvious eye color that will remain for their whole life.

Most of the huskies will have blue-colored eyes. While 40% of the huskies have brown colored eyes and the rest of the proportion will have:

  1. Green is the rarest eye color in Huskies
  2. bi-colored (a condition in which both eyes have different colors)
  3. parti-coloured (two different colors intermixed in a single eye)


Do Husky Eyes Turn Red?

Husky eye colors will turn red when they are placed in front of visible light.

The visible light will reflect through the Siberian Husky’s eyes and will produce a reddish glow making it look like that the Husky has red eyes.

How does this occur? We have already discussed that the Tapetum, which is part of most of the dogs’ present eye, is absent in the Siberian Husky.

Tapetum is a part of the eye responsible for producing the colored eyes the dogs have originally. But, in the Siberian Husky, this part is not present.

Hence, when this absent Tapetum does not facilitate the reflection of light so much as it in the dogs in which it is present, The shiny rays of light will directly reflect the retina. Changing the red color of eyes will be seen in the Siberian Husky, making it visually a ferocious dog.

why do huskies have different colored eyes? You know now.


How Much Does A Blue Eyed Husky Cost?

A Husky with blue will cost between a thousand US dollars to 1500 US Dollars. Because of the Blue Eyes’ beauty, these puppies are expensive, and the price can go up if the puppies have a White-colored coat.

why do huskies have different colored eyes? So, Husky breeders could sell them for a premium. Just kidding.

With the eye colors, the coat color is also a contributing factor in predicting a Husky price. If you are considering buying a white-colored Husky with blue-colored eyes, it will be really expensive, and you will have to save almost $2,000 for it.


Do Huskies With Blue Eyes Have Problems?

It is a popular myth about the color of the huskies’ color that the huskies that have blue eyes will have a defect in the vision. Still, this is not true, and the huskies that have blue-colored eyes have more price than other huskies, so the huskies with blue color eyes have no problem at all and is a very normal dog which you can consider buying.


Are Huskies The Only Dogs With Blue Eyes?

No, huskies are not the only dogs with blue eyes, but several dogs have blue eyes. If you want your Dog to have blue eyes, you can also do it by the process of genetic engineering.

This genetic engineering process will help you get your desired characteristics and eye color as well.

These dog breeds also have blue eyes

  • Border Collie
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Weimaraner
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi


Do Huskies Have Eye Problems Often?

Why do huskies have different colored eyes? You know the answer to this now but what you don’t know is the eye problems for Husky.

These are the common diseases in the Siberian huskies

Huskies can have eye problems, but The doctors and the veterinary specialists can treat every situation, give the Dog a cure, and eye diseases well in the Husky.

The average cost for diagnosing Husky eye problem is almost 200 to 500 Dollars. We need to address this problem as soon as you get to know that your Dog is going through some eyesight problem.


Is It Better To Have Two Huskies Than One?

If you are getting one husky and have not much time for your Dog, your Husky may become bored, run away from you or hide away or start whining or howling.

The dogs are not fond of staying alone and quiet. So, it is a great idea if you pick up 2 Huskies rather than one.

It may be a little bit out of budget, but your husky will be healthier and better. It will always have one friend to play with and to some with whom it can cheer.

If you are going to buy a Siberian Husky Puppy, consider buying two huskies so that they won’t get bored and mad.


Final Verdict – Why Do Huskies Have Different Colored Eyes

So in this article, we studied blue eyes husky. Huskies are the breeds of dogs that have a distinct feature of blue eyes.

The first that comes to our mind when we think about a multi-colored eye dog is husky.

It’s a very intelligent dog that can also find its way home if it gets out. The Siberian Husky has a pure white-colored coat which is the pure breed.

It comes in different colors, the size of husky ranges from 20 Inches to 24 Inches. It weighs around 50-70 pounds on average.

Why do huskies have different colored eyes
why do huskies have different colored eyes – husky eye colors

We have seen in this article that, Why do huskies have different colored eyes? The main color is blue, and other colors are Green, brown, and black.

You can get a Siberian husky with blue eyes ranging from $1000 to $1700. The price goes up if you are buying a White Coat husky.

The rarest eye color that is seen in huskies is Green. It is present among less than 5% huskies.

The Heterochromia seen in the huskies is a genetic phenomenon in which the Huskies possess different eye colors. It occurs due to a genetic cause but is stable.

Thus, if you are buying a Husky with preferably different colored eyes, then you should read this article for a complete guide.

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