Glowing Axolotl : 7 Cool Facts About Glow In The Dark Axolotl

Axolotls are exotic aquatic pets with adorable faces and cute shapes that are sought after by many people. Because there are many types of axolotls in breeders, owners are confused about which one is suitable for their aquarium. There is also a unique type of Axolotl, which is called the glow in the dark Axolotl.

Does Glowing Axolotl exist? This is a recessive gene that can be passed from generation to generation. GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) allows the Axolotl to glow under UV light. When the Axolotl has less pigment, they will glow brighter.

Is there only one Axolotl that can do that? Or do all axolotls glow in the dark? Let’s find out in this article.

Glowing axolotl
Glowing Axolotl – Glow In The Dark Axolotl


Can Axolotls Glow?

Glowing Axolotl can only occur if that Axolotl has a gene that produces GFP. It can be found in lab-modified axolotls or their descendants. Many were surprised after they saw the glow in the dark Axolotl because previously, they did not know that this type of Axolotl existed.

Many say that the axolotl mouth glows in the dark, but in fact, the Axolotl only glows under blue lighting or UV light.


Are Axolotls Bioluminescent?

Bioluminescence is found in many invertebrates and marine vertebrates. Bioluminescence is the emission of light from living organisms. The axolotl is not included as Bioluminescent because it includes lab-modified and GFP derived from jellyfish.

If you see a glowing green axolotl under UV light, then the Axolotl is lab-modified. Can all axolotls glow in the dark? All types of axolotls can glow below the UV light if they have the GFP gene.


Do Axolotls Glow Under UV Light?

Axolotl only fluoresces in blacklights due to green fluorescent protein. Glowing Axolotl will look like ordinary axolotls if they are not exposed to UV light during the day or at night.

Can axolotls glow? Axolotls cannot glow by themselves and will glow when exposed to blacklights. The axolotl is not like jellyfish, which can glow in the dark even without light because jellyfish include bioluminescence. Make sure to invest in a good aquarium chiller as well to keep them healthy.


Do Axolotls Glow In The Dark?

If you just want to take care of axolotls, of course, you will ask, “do axolotls glow in the dark?” Because salamanders are not like jellyfish, which can glow in the dark.

You must understand this in detail because glowing Axolotl only exists when exposed to UV light and does not glow independently.

Can all axolotls glow? All axolotls that have the GFP gene and their offspring can glow under blacklights.


Why Do Axolotls Glow In The Dark?

Axolotl can glow below the ultraviolet light due to genetically modified protein from the lab setting that allows Axolotl to glow green from blue lighting or other UV. Do axolotls glow in the dark blacklight? Yes, if the axolotls have less pigment, they will have a more vivid vibrant green.

Do axolotl glow in the dark? There is no axolotl glow in dark if your Axolotl doesn’t have the GFP gene. Axolotls also cannot glow on their own without the help of ultraviolet light.


Are Glowing Axolotls Good Or Bad?

The GFP gene on Axolotl is not harmful, so Axolotl that can glow under ultraviolet light is not bad. It’s just a protein carried by the Axolotl that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Many think of these as axolotls glow in the dark, although they are not. If you want to buy glowing Axolotl, you can choose the type of Axolotl as usual, but make sure they have the GFP gene.

You can ask the nearest breeder whether glowing Axolotl is available or not. Make sure you see them glowing under ultraviolet light before you take them home.


Are Glowing Axolotls Healthy?

Axolotl that glow has the same health level as other normal axolotls. The difference is only in the GFP gene, a protein that they carry in their bodies and can be passed on to the next generation.

The nickname of salamander owners is glow in dark Axolotl because of its bright green that is charming when you put it in a dark room and only illuminates it with UV light.

How to care for glowing Axolotl is the same as other normal axolotls. There is no difference whatsoever in water quality, diet, or how to maintain axolotl health.


What Is The Rarest Axolotl Color?

In addition to discussing the glow in the dark Axolotl, we also have to know the level of axolotl rarity in terms of color. The table below is a list of some types of rare color or rare morph axolotl.

Rare Color/MorphExplanation
EnigmaDark gray with pale red gills, white toes and belly, and golden eyes.
FireflyLab-making axolotls with green fluorescent protein in their tail. When there is UV, only the tail lights up.
LavenderGrayish-red gills, silvery purple hue, gray spots body.
PiebaldHas black symmetrical patches in their back and faces. The body is white with red gills and has black eyes.

If you are looking for a certain color and glow under the UV light like axolotl pink glowing, you need to look for white albino or leucistic ones that look pink and have the GFP gene.

Glowing axolotl
Glowing Axolotl – Glow In The Dark Axolotl


How Rare Is A Glowing Axolotl?

Right now, there are many axolotl breeds genetically modified glowing Axolotl or Axolotl with the GFP gene, and you can already see it in many different types.

If you are happy to have white albino or leucistic, the most popular axolotl type, you can search at certain breeders to ask if there is a glow in the dark Axolotl for sale in the color you want. Glowing Axolotl is not rare because this lab-modified Axolotl is still being researched.


How Much Are Glow In The Dark Axolotl?

The Axolotl’s GFP is no different from a regular axolotl, and it costs $70 on average. This price has a difference of $40 more than the wild Axolotl or normal albino.

Does axolotl mouth glow? Not only the mouth but all parts of their body can glow with vibrant green color, especially if their body is less pigmented. Except for the firefly axolotl because its GFP gene is only on the underside of its body until the tail.


Where To Get Glow In The Dark Axolotl For Sale?

You need to look for breeders that provide several axolotls, from common to uncommon ones. Not all breeders have axolotl offspring with the GFP gene.

Look for information on axolotl owners where to find the right breeder, and see some videos on youtube glowing Axolotl. If you’ve found the breeder, you just have to say what kind of Axolotl you’re looking for. For example, leucistic axolotl glow in the dark.


Glow In The Dark Axolotl Squishmallow

Do you know about Squishmallows plush toys? There are also squishmallows axolotl glow in the dark, which have the same effect as axolotl GFP. This squishmallow is the same as the Axolotl green glow because this toy’s color is green.

If you still don’t have an aquarium or are not allowed to take care of an axolotl, you can look for a squishmallow axolotl and can put it in your bedroom. In addition to their cute shape, they can also glow in the dark.


Glow In The Dark Axolotl Minecraft

For the Minecraft game, glow in the dark axolotl salamander is also from the Minecraft texture pack with a dark green color, unlike the common axolotl colors found in Minecraft.

This glowing axolotl lizard is not available in the regular game, but you can find glow squid that can be placed on the same farm as your Axolotl.

If you like additional packs from games that can change the color of axolotls, such as glowing Axolotl with exotic colors, you can look for them in the texture pack.


Do Glow In The Dark Axolotls Have Night Vision?

Axolotls have poor eyesight, so they do not have night vision even though they have the GFP gene. In addition, the Axolotl is also sensitive to lights, so the suitable lights are blacklights or blue lights.

Axolotl glowing in black light does not increase vision because it is the only protein carried and affects eyesight. If you see white Axolotl glows with black light and is brighter in color than other Axolotl GFPs, it means they are less pigmented than other axolotls.

If you find a white albino glowing Axolotl or leucistic, then you are like having additional lights in the aquarium because the vibrant green emits after getting UV light.


What Are GFP Axolotls?

Green Fluorescent Protein is a protein that is inserted into the Axolotl’s body to see the Axolotl’s limb regeneration. This is specifically for axolotls which have less pigment, so their skin that looks brighter will be easier to see the cells after irradiating it with UV light.

It was from this laboratory experiment that glowing axolotls were made, and it turned out that this protein could be passed to the next generation such as the glows red Axolotl or the reddish-colored Axolotl that has the GFP gene, or the glow gold axolotl or golden albino, which has the GFP gene.

Glowing Axolotl is becoming commonplace nowadays, as even the most common wild-axolotl and leucistic Axolotl can have the GFP gene in their offspring.


Lighting For GFP Axolotls

The lighting for axolotl iridophores glow, or other axolotls with a GFP gene are UV, blue, violet, and others like blacklight.

There was no difference in the light required for any axolotl species that had the GFP gene. For example, if you have a yellow body axolotl glow, it will be the same as a white albino axolotl glow when exposed to UV light.

Glowing Axolotl has the same treatment method as other axolotls, and only you can see them glow with vibrant green color when you turn on the UV light and turn off the room lights.

Do not apply a lamp other than UV because axolotls are sensitive to light, and their eyesight is poor. The light that is too bright can also affect the temperature of the tank, and it will be dangerous if the temperature of the tank is more than 22°C.


Where To Get GFP Axolotl For Sale?

Looking for a green glowing axolotl is not difficult because you just have to look for whatever type you want and have the GFP gene. But it will be difficult if you look for a specific type of Axolotl, such as the axolotl leucistic glow, because you have to look for a leucistic with the GFP gene.

The price of an axolotl with a GFP gene will be slightly higher than the normal price of Axolotl, so you need to prepare $30-$50 more than the usual leucistic or wild-type price.


Final Verdict On Glowing Axolotl – Glow In The Dark Axolotl

Lab-modified axolotls are unique, namely the GFP gene present in the Axolotl’s body to see the growth of cells to check existing regeneration. This is specifically for axolotl experiments with less pigment because the cells will be easier to see.

Glowing axolotl
Glowing Axolotl – Glow In The Dark Axolotl

It turns out that this protein can be passed from generation to generation, so this type of Axolotl can glow with vibrant green color when exposed to UV, blue, or blacklights.

All types of axolotls can glow under UV if they have the GFP gene. The perception of the Axolotl is that it can glow in the dark only if there is ultraviolet light, but the Axolotl cannot glow by itself.

Make sure they don’t get sick and carefully choose their tank mates.

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