Albino Axolotl : Are Albino Axolotls Rare? 9 Interesting Info

Axolotls are exotic pets that live forever in water even though they are salamanders. There are many fans of this aquatic pet because it is classified as critically endangered, and they want to have an axolotl to prevent it from extinction. Not infrequently also practice breeding for axolotls.

One of the most popular of several types of axolotls is the albino axolotl. This axolotl has the characteristic of less pigment with a very light color body. The general color is pure white with red gills. The eyes are pink or white with golden dots on the gills.

For complete information about this type of axolotl, such as lifespan, how to care, breeding, and price, go read until the end.

Albino axolotl
Albino Axolotl


What Does Albino Axolotl Look Like?

The albino axolotl includes a different salamander from other salamanders that metamorphoses to live on land if they have entered sexual maturity. The axolotl’s life is always in the water and uses its gills as its main respiratory organ.

Axolotl lacks pigment and is almost the same as leucistic axolotl with pure white color, with the difference that there is no pigment in their eyes. You can almost see the organs inside an albino’s belly when they are young.

Their color remains white from young to adult, with the gills getting red as they age. Axolotl with albino type is popular among axolotl owners after leucistic, although you will more commonly find leucistic in pet stores than albino.


Where Are Albino Axolotl From?

You can find albino axolotls exclusively at Xochimilco, near Mexico City. If you search the wilds now, you’ll have a hard time finding specifics as there have been fewer and fewer of them in the last decade.

There are only 1000 axolotls left in the wild, and axolotls are among the animals that must be preserved. Many people do breeding to keep increasing the axolotl population and live in captivity.

The cause of the decrease in axolotls in their natural habitat is due to too much water pollution, overfishing, and invasive species where more predators reduce the number of axolotls drastically.

You will only find about hundreds if you go straight to their place of origin. However, you can still find thousands of axolotls in pet stores and some axolotl enthusiasts or laboratories that still maintain axolotls to this day.


Are Albino Axolotls Rare?

Axolotl golden albino and pure white albino are common, you can find them in various pet stores, but they are very rare if you look for them directly in their natural habitat.

The price of golden albino and pure white albino is different because golden has a more unique color than pure white. White albino is ranked number 9 most popular, while golden albino is ranked number two.

If you want to have an albino, you have to put the tank in a place that is not too light because the albino is more sensitive to light. Although the axolotl is known for its poor eyesight, albino has much more severe eyesight.


How Much Is An Albino Axolotl?

Depending on the location and breeder you visit, the albino axolotl has a price range of between $25-50. At the same time, the golden albino axolotl price starts from $50 or more.

The albino axolotl price is determined from the pet store you visit, how much stock they have for albino axolotls, and the size they sell. If you want to get a young albino, you can get a lower price, but the maintenance is more difficult if it is your first time caring for an axolotl.

Also, think about the cost for the axolotl, such as food per month, because the young axolotl needs more frequent meals than the adult one.


Are Albino Axolotls Blind?

Albino axolotls are not blind, but they have poorer eyesight compared to other breeds. Eyesight is limited, and can only see a few colors, and has blurry vision. You can try to check their eyesight by providing live food so you can understand how far away the albino can see their prey.

Do not put their tanks in direct sunlight or excessive indoor light because it will disturb the eyesight of the axolotl and can cause stress. Only provide UV light and set it so that the lights are dimmed or turned off at night so they can be quieter while sleeping or resting.


Are Albino Axolotls Endangered?

Not only albino axolotls but all axolotls are endangered in the wild. Axolotls are decreasing in number because of the less habitat they can live in and the presence of water pollution that continues to spread in their habitat.

You will only find many axolotls in pet stores, and if you want to have a rare albino axolotl, you can ask if they have a golden red albino axolotl. Reddish golden color and with red gills as the hallmark of the albino is very adorable to see every time.

You can contribute to preventing the extinction of the axolotl by treating it to its life expectancy. Giving axolotls a healthy life and a suitable tank will make them happy.


Albino Axolotl Lifespan

Axolotls can live 10-15 years in captivity, while in the wild, only up to 6 or 8 years because of the harshness of living in natural habitats. Some things such as predators, lack of places to live, water pollution, make axolotl not survive long in the wild.

Some things that must be considered so that the axolotl can live long as an aquatic pet are a diet, suitable tanks, and water parameters. If the axolotl does not live by meeting certain criteria, the axolotl will be easily stressed and susceptible to disease.

Albino axolotl lifespan is not different from other types of axolotl, and the only difference is appearance and eyesight. In addition, albino axolotls can also live normally like the others.


Albino Axolotl Care

When I first wanted to own an axolotl, I chose one that I thought was good. After choosing, I looked for an albino axolotl for sale near me and got it at a low price because it was still juvenile.

Albino axolotl care is no different from other axolotls, and they are still fed live foods until they are adults, provide the right tank temperature so they don’t overheat, and change the water once a week, so the axolotls don’t get stressed.

If you don’t have a water filter, you have to change 20-30% of the water more often every day because axolotl is a heavy waste animal and accelerates the ammonia level up from the stool.

If you see axolotl’ stool in the tank, clean it immediately, just like uneaten food, so that the ammonia level does not spike in a short time.


Albino Axolotl Eggs Care

After the female albino axolotl fertilizes by placing the spermatophore in her cloaca, let her stay in the tank until placing her eggs around the tank. It takes up to 72 hours to lay all the eggs, and the number varies between hundreds. Some even put thousands of eggs.

After the egg-laying process is complete, transfer the female axolotl to another tank, and let the axolotl eggs hatch. You can separate the fertilized eggs and unfertilized eggs so that the egg growth process is maximized.

The temperature needed for axolotl eggs is around 18-20 ° C and should not be more than that so that the egg development process is perfect. If the temperature of the tank is too hot, the axolotl eggs will not develop properly.

If the eggs develop, you will see the white part in the jelly protection, all the slowly developing larvae. The time it takes for eggs to hatch in 14 days. If the tank’s temperature is cooler than necessary, then the axolotl eggs can hatch much longer.


Albino Axolotl Baby Care

You need an air pump because baby axolotls need more oxygen for their fast growth rate. In addition, the baby axolotl must be fed twice a day in small portions. Try to give baby brine shrimp so that the axolotl can swallow it well.

Albino axolotl baby have very poor eyesight, so you have to entice them to eat by placing the food in their mouth and letting them finish their food slowly.

If your axolotl still wants to eat, give it another one or two until they refuse. The more appropriate the portion of their meal, the faster their growth process will be.

Suppose there is a baby axolotl that looks a little bigger. In that case, you can separate it in another tank because baby axolotls also have an aggressive nature that can annoy other axolotls if they are hungry or annoyed.

In addition, the water quality must always be good, because if the water quality is bad, they will have less appetite.

Albino axolotl
Albino Axolotl


Albino Axolotl Feeding

When you choose albino axolotls for sale, you also have to think about their diet according to their life stages. So that you are not confused in determining your diet, the table below will make it easier for you to schedule axolotls according to their life stages.

Life StagesHow many times
HatchlingTwice per day
BabyTwice per day
JuvenileOnce per day
Late juvenilePer other days
AdultTwo to three days

The food that can be fed to the axolotl must also be adjusted according to its size because if the axolotl is overfeeding or the food is too large, they can get impaction or constipation. Types of food can be given, such as brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, earthworms, pellets, or gel food.

When the axolotl is not yet six months old, you should only give live foods until their senses can taste food such as dead prey or pellets.


How To Provide Proper Care To Albino Axolotl?

How to properly care for albino axolotls starts from the cycle of the axolotl tank before you introduce the axolotl into the tank. The process of cycling a tank takes about 4-6 weeks if there are fish in it so that the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates levels are at normal levels.

Once the axolotl is comfortable in the tank, allow a few days for the axolotl to adapt to its new place. After a few days, you can start feeding the axolotls to help them recover.

After you are used to feeding the axolotls, provide a more lively atmosphere in the tank such as caves for them to rest, floating plants as aquarium cover, fine sand for the substrate, and live plants so that the albino axolotl care is complete.


Albino Axolotl Breeding

If the axolotl is already sexually mature, then you can put the male axolotl and female axolotl in the same tank for fertilization to occur. Female axolotls have a safe age for breeding at 18 months to produce more fertilized eggs.

The male axolotl will dance before releasing the spermatophore and attracting the female axolotl to pick it up. After that, the female axolotl will put it in the cloaca, and the fertilization process will take place after that.

Leave the female axolotls in the tank for a few days until they lay their eggs, and the breeding process can be carried out after hatching.

There is also special breeding carried out by the laboratory, namely the GFP golden albino axolotl. Albino axolotls have a special protein that gives them a bright green color when exposed to UV light.

Not only albinos but all types of axolotls can also be given the GFP gene and will be passed down to the next generation.


Albino Axolotl Tank Size Condition Setup

Size setup for albino axolotls is adjusted to their age and size. Normally one adult axolotl will be comfortable with a minimum 10-gallon tank, and it would be better if it was bigger.

The 20-gallon tank is suitable for axolotls, so you don’t have to change the water too often as they produce a lot of waste. If they are fed every two or three days, then you should at least change the water once a week.


Albino Axolotl Names

Are you confused about giving albino axolotl names? We can help you choose a good name for your lovely aquatic pet.

Whitey or Jupiter are good names for albinos because of their characteristics. If you have a golden axolotl, you can name it Goldust or Midas, which describes its golden color.

Giving a name to your axolotl will also add to your bond with them because they will have their own uniqueness from the name you give them.

You can give it any name you want, and call your axolotl by their name so they can get used to it even if they don’t really understand what you’re saying.


Golden Albino Axolotl

Did you know that golden albino has a high level of popularity after leucistic? Although it has a similar color between leucistic and white albino, leucistic is still the most favorite.

Many are looking for golden albino axolotls for sale because of their attractive golden color and less pigment in their eyes which makes them even more adorable.

The color range of golden albino is pure white to peach, yellow, or orange-gold. Speckles and reflective spots are their trademarks, and the color of the gills is brighter than the body.

They will not appear to have a golden hue until they reach adulthood, so as a juvenile, you will find it difficult to distinguish between pure white and golden albino.

If you want to look for it specifically with the golden color, you need to look for an adult one with a color that already shows yellow or gold.


Are Albino Axolotls Friendly?

Axolotls are friendly pets and can respond when you wave to them or when you feed them. Although axolotls are friendly aquatic pets, they can be unfriendly to their tank mates.

Axolotls can be aggressive if they feel overcrowded or when they are hungry. You need to be careful if you want to keep the axolotl with other fish so that the axolotl’s aggressive nature does not appear and disturb other fish.

If you’ve ever seen albino axolotl Minecraft, they don’t matter if they are placed in one lake, but they will still be safe if one and the other don’t collide with each other.

Axolotls will also not be friendly with their environment if the water parameters are unsuitable, so they become stressed and float more often or have less appetite.


Are Albino Axolotls Good Pets?

The albino axolotl is an aquatic pet with good behavior if you keep it alone in a tank. Even for a long time, they will never get bored and continue their activities as usual.

If they are adults, they will spend more time at the bottom of the tank unless it is time to eat. Don’t put too many tank mates for the axolotl so he doesn’t feel like the main predator in your tank.

Prioritize calculating albino axolotl cost such as aquarium equipment, food, and decorations so that you can turn them into good pets.


Final Verdict On Albino Axolotl

The albino axolotl has a color and shapes almost similar to leucistic, with the difference in the color of the eyes being less pigmented. In addition, golden albino is also the number two favorite type of axolotl that every axolotl owner wants to own.

Albino axolotl
Albino Axolotl

The difference between the albino axolotl and other types is only the less pigment in the body and the eyesight, which is much more severe.

If you have juvenile albinism, you can see the internal organs are transparent in the belly. This is a normal occurrence, and some researchers take albinos for their experiments by being given a special protein, and they become GFP.

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