Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies? (7 Cool Beardie Food Facts)

Having a bearded dragon as a pet is a dream of many pet enthusiasts. Petting a bearded dragon is a unique experience but the owners are often confused when it comes to feeding their pet. As there is much misleading information available on the internet.

A common question that a bearded dragon owner may have is can bearded dragons eat pinkies? Yes, a bearded dragon can eat pinkies. Pinkies are very healthy for bearded dragons. This food is very rich and owners should avoid feeding too many pinkies to avoid overfeeding the bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat pinkies
Can bearded dragons eat pinkies?


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies?

Many owners often want to know can bearded dragons eat pinkies? Yes, bearded dragons can eat pinkies. However, there is an exception. A baby bearded dragon can not eat a pinky but an adult bearded dragon can. Pinkies are newborn mice.

These mice are good for the adult bearded dragons because they are small and have not yet fostered any paws, or teeth. This makes the bearded dragon process the food easily.

Baby bearded dragons should not have pinky mice because they are in comparison smaller and there is a possibility that digestion issues can arise in baby bearded dragons.

Feeding a pinky is often considered an old way and many owners don’t feed the mice to their bearded dragons. While some people consider this as a healthy practice. Pinkies are a healthy diet for bearded dragons and bearded dragons are known to eat mice and even small lizards.

Even though it is safe to feed mice to a bearded dragon, it depends on the owner’s understanding of what their dragon needs.

The owners should note that as the pinkies grow they are called fuzziest, fuzzies are not suitable for bearded dragons. Many people consider that fuzzies and pinkies are the same but that is not true. As fuzzies grow the skeleton in them starts to develop. Which is difficult for the bearded dragon to digest.

However, that is not the case with the pinkies. They are easy to digest and are rich in nutrients that a bearded dragon requires. However, owners should understand that feeding too many pinkies can also cause obesity and cause excess fat in their liver.


Is It Ok To Feed Bearded Dragons Pinkies?

Yes, it is recommended to feed the bearded dragons a pinky once in a while as it is very nutritious and healthy for a bearded dragon to have a variety of food. Many people recommend that bearded dragons shouldn’t be fed up with mice as it is unfair for them. It is up to the owner if they want to feed a pinky to their bearded dragon.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies Frozen Mice?

Yes, the bearded dragon owners can buy Frozen pinkies from the market. Pinkies are a very healthy diet. However, if possible, the owner shouldn’t feed frozen mice. If there is no other option then they can feed frozen mice but frozen mice are a little less nutritional as compared to a live pinky.


Feeding Your Beardie Pinkies

To feed the pinky to a bearded dragon live, an owner should simply put the live pinky in the terrarium of the bearded dragon and wait till the bearded dragon hunts it. Once the bearded dragon has eaten a pinky, the owner shouldn’t feed any more bugs and insects as feeding more bugs and insects would be overfeeding and may affect the health of the bearded dragon.


How Many Pinkies Can Be Fed To Bearded Dragons?

Every bearded dragon should be fed up to one pinky every ten days to fifteen days. Pinkies are very rich food so owners need to understand that they should not overfeed the bearded dragon. All other dietary items should be decreased when feeding mice.

To answer, can bearded dragons have pinkies as food?  Even though pinkies are considered healthy and nutritious for bearded dragons, many owners consider not feeding their bearded dragons a pinky.

However many owners promote their bearded dragons to have a pinky in their diet due to its health benefits. Whether to feed your pet a pinky or not depends on individual choice. However, pinkies can become the diet of bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat pinkies
Can bearded dragons eat pinkies?


How Old Do Beardies Have To Be To Eat Pinkies?

Baby bearded dragons can not eat pinkies. Feeding a pinky to a baby bearded dragon can create digestion issues among the babies.

It is vital for bearded dragon owners to understand at what age a bearded dragon should be fed a pinky and owners may ask what age can bearded dragons eat pinkies? Owners of bearded dragons should be feeding the mice when their dragon is at least 10 months old or when a bearded dragon reaches around 12 inches or more.


How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies?

Do bearded dragons eat pinkies, are they healthy? Bearded dragons can eat up to 2-3 mice per month. Owners should understand that feeding mice continuously is not recommended at all. As it can take a lot of time for a bearded dragon to digest the mice. It is advised to feed only one mouse in ten days.

Feeding a bearded dragon a lot of mice can harm the bearded dragon. Feeding a bearded dragon, a lot of pinkies can shorten the lifespan of a bearded dragon and cause liver diseases.

Bearded dragons should not be fed pinkies that have fur on their bodies. To answer when can bearded dragons eat pinkies? The best routine to feed a bearded dragon is by feeding them only once or twice a month as a treat. Feeding your bearded dragon a variety of food can promote a healthy lifestyle among the bearded dragon.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Live Pinkies?

Many owners ask can bearded dragons eat mice pinkies live? Yes, adult bearded dragons can eat pinkies live. Even though many owners don’t feed their bearded dragons live pinkies because pinkies shouldn’t become food as they should be left to live.

However, pinkies are very nutritious food for bearded dragons and it is advised to feed a bearded dragon a pinky once in a while only.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Pinkies?

Yes, bearded dragons can also eat Frozen pinkies. However, it is advised to feed them only live pinkies as live food has more nutritional value and it is a good natural exercise for the bearded dragons to hunt the live food. However, Frozen pinkies are also fine but the owners should warm the pinky completely as a bearded dragon may not like the frozen food.


Final Verdict – Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies

Petting a bearded dragon is a unique experience but many owners have questions related to the food they can feed their pet. Owners often ask, can bearded dragons eat pinkies? Yes, bearded dragons can eat pinkies. Bearded dragons are often seen in the wild looking for live food like pinkies, bugs, insects, worms. Pinkies are considered a very rich diet. So the owner should understand to feed a bearded dragon a pinky in a limited way.

Bearded dragons shouldn’t be fed with pinkies more than once in ten days. Furthermore, when an owner feeds the bearded dragon with a pinky, they should not feed any more bugs or insects together with a pinky.

Can bearded dragons eat pinkies
Can bearded dragons eat pinkies? can bearded dragons eat pinkies in captivity? can bearded dragons eat pinkies in the wild?

The owner should also keep in mind robots feed a pinky that has fur or an adult mouse as it can be difficult for Bearded Dragons to digest their skeleton. Pinkies should be given with a properly fixed schedule and not as a treat.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet bearded dragon a good and comfortable life!

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