Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery? (7 Cool Facts!)

Bearded dragons also called ‘beardie’ have gained popularity as adaption pets in the last few decades. Now more verified and authentic information about their personality and food habits in captivity are being known.

Can bearded dragons eat celery? Celery is a green veggie that can be given to bearded dragons. However, celery should not be made part of the regular diet. The best way to feed celery is in raw form. It should be finely chopped for feeding the bearded dragon.

In this post, we discuss the frequently asked queries can bearded dragons eat celery and similar questions related to celery for bearded dragons and how to prepare bearded dragon celery at home, and more.

Can bearded dragons eat celery
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery – can i feed bearded dragon celery – celery for bearded dragons

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

People ask can bearded dragons eat celery because they want to be sure they are giving their loved bearded dragon pet the right diet.

Bearded dragons are omnivorous lizards. That means they will eat meat as well as greens. The meat or protein is in form of insects & worms and the greens are in form of vegetables & fruits.

In the wild, the animal learns to hunt and eat by observing and participating with its member species. In captivity, it is the caregiver’s or owner’s job to provide food and other nourishments.

Based on observations in the wild and in consultation with the nutritionists and actual experience, a lot of information is now available with pet owners and enthusiasts on the feed of the beardies.

Lizard Specialists tell that a baby beardie’s diet when growing up must comprise 80% proteins (insects) and 20% greens.

This composition reverses when the beardie grows up. That is 20% diet comes from insects and 80% from greens.

The vets and specialists have charted out elaborate diet plans for the bearded dragon of different ages and situations in captivity. This is all based on the nutritional requirements of the beardie.

To the query can bearded dragons eat celery, the answer is yes. Celery is one of the greens which can be given to the bearded dragon. But not daily. Once a week or less.

Due to its low nutritional value, it is of not much value to the bearded dragon. Hence it should not form a part of its regular diet. Instead, it should be mixed with other vegetables and greens in smaller quantities.

The aim being to give a variety or mix of greens to the beardie, so it does not stick to one type of vegetables and yet gets all vitamins and minerals daily as required.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raw Celery?

Celery for bearded dragons can be given in many forms. Vets and pet owners agree that like most of the greens and vegetables celery in raw form is the ideal feed for the bearded dragons.

Normal precautions should be followed. That is wash the vegetables thoroughly to clean them from pesticides and sprays and bugs. If the celery is organic that is a bonus.

Cut the raw celery and its stalks or stems into small pieces, so it does not choke the beardie.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked Celery?

The bearded dragon celery as a feed can be in many forms. Pet lovers frequently ask can bearded dragons eat celery in cooked form.

Some vegetables lose their nutritional value upon cooking, especially antioxidants and vitamins at high temperatures (boiling and above while cooking). Further, other salts and ingredients are added while cooking.

Although cooked celery is not unsafe for the bearded dragon, due to its already low preference food value for the beardie, cooked celery is not a good choice for beardie food.

Due to their small size beardies eat small quantities of food. Giving them food of little nutritional value does not serve any purpose, only weakens the beardie.

Pet owners tell that their beardie enjoys crunchy celery in raw form. Raw or cooked form of the bearded dragon celery should be fed sparingly.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Celery?

It is often asked by pet lovers if the bearded dragon celery can be given in frozen form. Well, the simple answer is that frozen vegetables can be given to the beardie, after thawing properly at room temperature.

Frozen celery or fresh celery can be treated at par for the quantity of feed-controlled diet. There are some vitamins that are lost during the process, but overall frozen celery is not a bad deal.

As for the overall health of the beardie is concerned, the frozen celery in diet should not be continued over a long period of time, as the water-soluble vitamins are lost during the blanching process before freezing, which is not good for the beardie.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery Leaves?

When people ask can bearded dragons eat celery, it is normally understood that it refers to the celery stem. Celery leaves also have nutritional value and can be given to bearded dragons.

Leaves should be chopped into smaller portions for easy devouring by the bearded dragon and provided along with the celery leaf stalk.

Celery leaves contain calcium, fiber, and vitamin E. All essential nutrients for the beardie.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery Stems?

When someone asks can bearded dragons eat celery, it is generally referred to the stem, also referred to as the Celery stalks, which comprise the main body of the plant above ground. The leaves grow on top of the stems.

The root part is in the ground and is not consumed. The stem, stalks, and leaves are to be consumed, as they contain most of the nutrients and are easily digestible.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery Everyday?

Pet owners often ask if celery for bearded dragons can be given every day. Celery is not a perfect diet to be given every day as it lacks many nutrients, essential for the beardie. Even when made part of the daily feed.

The main reason is that celery is high in oxalates, which are naturally occurring compounds in plants. Oxalate is not an essential nutrient for the body.

Oxalate is associated with gout and kidney stones. It is secreted from the body through urine.

Oxalates bind with calcium thus preventing the availability of calcium to the beardie’s body for development, especially its bones. Lack of calcium ultimately will result in metabolic bone disease (MBD), which can be fatal.

It is important to control the intake of celery for your bearded dragon pet. Celery should be given now and then, and the weekly quote should not be exceeded.

Can bearded dragons eat celery
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery – can i feed bearded dragon celery – celery for bearded dragons


How Much Celery Is Too Much For Bearded Dragons?

It is quite agreed amongst the vets and bearded dragon pet owners that celery for bearded dragons should be given in controlled amounts because of the inherent nutritional worth of celery.

It should not be given daily as part of its diet. Vets and nutritionists recommend that celery be given as an occasional snack or once in a fortnight.

The actual amount (weightage) of feed will depend on the weight (size) of your beardie, but as a rule of thumb, a handful is considered as one feed for a fortnight. It may be good for a month for a small beardie.

It would be preferable to mix celery with other greens, and not made a whole one-time feed. If your beardie likes celery, it may be given in small pieces as a treat occasionally, but not to exceed its weekly or monthly quota.

The best is to consult your vet specializing in reptiles, by examining the pet he would recommend the diet and frequency for your loved one.


How Frequent Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

The aim is to not exceed its weekly quota. Celery for bearded dragons must be given in a controlled manner now and then.

The feeding frequency for the bearded dragons is about three times a day. The preferred way is to add the celery in small amounts every now and then to the daily feed, mixed with other greens and vegetables, and fruits.

Alternatively, it may be given as a whole one times feed in a day, but overall it should not exceed the weekly quota. As a guideline, a handful of celery is enough for a fortnight or a month for a beardie.


Can Celery Be Part Of Bearded Dragons Diet?

Pet owners are in a quandary to know can bearded dragons eat celery every day. Reptile nutritionists and vets advise it should not be made a part of its daily diet.

The best way is to give the beardie celery occasionally every now and then as a treat. Like once or twice a week. The important thing is to not exceed its weekly or monthly quota.

Precaution should be taken that the beardie does not start liking the celery too much and leave other vegetables or start to dislike celery (get bored) because of too much feeding.


Celery Nutritional Information For Bearded Dragons

The below table lists the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in 100 grams of raw celery. All figures are rounded off. (g = gram; mg = milligram; µg = microgram)

Water95.43 g Minerals 
Vitamins  Calcium, Ca40.00 mg
Betaine0.1 mg Iron, Fe0.20 mg
Choline6.6 mg Magnesium, Mg11.0 mg
Riboflavin0.057 mg Manganese, Mn0.103 mg
Vitamin A (RAE)22.0 µg Phosphorus, P24.0 mg
Vitamin B120.00 µg Potassium, K260.0 mg
Vitamin B60.074 mg Sodium, Na80.0 mg
Vitamin C3.1 mg Zinc, Zn0.13 mg
Vitamin D0.00 µg Carbohydrates2.97 g
Vitamin K29.3 µg Fiber1.9 g
Ash0.75 g Sugars1.34 g

Check the ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus which is 1.67:1 (40:24), which is ideal as a vegetable for calcium intake.


How Do I Prepare Celery For My Bearded Dragon?

Feeding the bearded dragon celery is easy. Take a raw stalk (or stem or rib) and chop off both ends, wash it thoroughly and chop it into small pieces. The pieces should be small enough for the beardie to not choke on them.

For reference, the piece should be smaller than the space between the beardie’s eyes. Do not cook, beardie should enjoy the crunchiness of the celery.

Place the cut pieces in the feeding bowl of the beardie. These can be mixed with other vegetables and greens or given as it is occasionally.


Can Bearded Dragons Have Celery?

It is agreed between lizard nutritionists, vets, and bearded dragon pet owners and lovers that it is a yes to the query can bearded dragons eat celery?

The most important is bearded dragon celery fodder should be controlled and should not go beyond its weekly or monthly quota. It needs not to be given often, only be given now and then.

Due to the presence or absence of certain nutrients, it is not recommended for a daily diet. The vet specializing in lizards will let you know the exact diet formula with celery as one of the constituents.


Do Bearded Dragons Like Celery?

It is a common observation by the bearded dragon pet owners that their beardies like celery. They report that mostly their pets like the crunchiness of celery.

Only in rare cases, the beardie has refused to eat celery. There could be some other reason for the beardie refusing to eat celery.


Should I Feed Celery To Bearded Dragons?

One of the questions by pet owners for the feed of the bearded dragons is can bearded dragons eat celery? They ask this to be sure they are giving their bearded dragon celery in the right amount.

Bearded dragons can be given celery in raw form in small pieces only occasionally and not as a daily diet or part of the daily diet.

Overfeeding of celery can result in serious health issues for the beardie and prolong overdose can be fatal for the pet.


Final Verdict On Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery

Can bearded dragons eat celery is one of the many questions asked by beardie pet owners. An overfeed of celery for bearded dragons can be detrimental to their health.

Can bearded dragons eat celery
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery – can i feed bearded dragon celery – celery for bearded dragons

Celery has some beneficial nutrients which can benefit the bearded dragon. But on the same hand lacks many nutrients and cannot be fed as a staple diet daily.

Lizard vets and specialists recommend just a handful of amounts spread over a month. It is to be given in the raw form, chopped up in small pieces to not choke the beardie. As a bearded dragon owner, take a look at keeping beardie book to learn more about how to care best for them.


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