Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice? (9 Interesting Facts)

So you want to tell me I’m not a real dinosaur? That’s the answer you would receive from your bearded dragon if it could answer your question, do bearded dragons eat mice? There are so many things you need to know, like whether a bearded dragon eat live mice. If you have been cooking, you have been depleting nutrients off your Beardie. But before anything else, let’s brief you up with a simple answer.

Can bearded dragons eat mice? Bearded dragons are omnivores in nature! Giving entire pinky mice and not ones that have been cut into pieces can be an ideal treat as part of the dragon’s natural diet since they normally eat entire prey in the wild.

Can bearded dragons eat mice
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice – My Beardie Ate Mice

Now that you have a straightforward answer, find a humane and painless way to kill mice to feed your dragons. We would like to keep you more informed on can bearded dragons eat mice.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice?

Can bearded dragons eat mice at home? Yes. Mice are a healthy diet for your beardie. As omnivores, their daily diet is vegetables, insects, and small rodents. Although a good source of protein, mice are rich in fats, and that makes them not a good treat for occasional feeding.

There are so many opinions brought about a bearded dragon eating mouse, some arguing whether dragons could be fed while in captivity. So, what kind of mice should be fed? Can bearded dragons safely eat pinky, adult, frozen, or fuzzy mice? We will review all these types and determine the most suitable for your pet.

Do bearded dragons eat mice really? Although dragons are omnivores, this does not guarantee that they can feed on a mouse. A beardie will hardly feast on mice when full. Some bearded dragons will eat baby mice in the wild for survival only when the closest meal is these little mice.

Do bearded dragons eat mice in the wild? Yes. Wild beardies always roam searching for better meals, that is when they run into the mice by chance. And also being in the natural environment, they are likely to eat them.

When can bearded dragons eat mice? There are two approved situations where you can feed mice to your bearded dragons. When they are sick, adding some pieces of raw mice can rejuvenate your pets faster and speed up recovery. For pregnant dragons, you can include mice in their meals to boost the protein levels required by unborn baby dragons.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies?

Yes. Pinkies are recommended because they are in the healthiest growth phase of mice. Older and bigger mice, or fuzzies, contain excess fat that is much than what your bearded dragon requires. The bigger the pinkie the higher the fat content. 

Why do bearded dragons eat mice? Dragons eat pinkies because they are small and have neither claws nor teeth. Their meat is therefore easily digestible by adult bearded dragons.


How Many Pinkies Can My Bearded Dragon Eat? 

Can bearded dragons eat pinky mice and how much? Sources recommend at most one pinkie for a dragon within a fortnight, and bearded dragons eating pinky mice should never be complemented with other sources of protein. You should also decrease protein for the whole week to ensure your dragon digests fat from the pinkie. 

Can bearded dragons eat mice all the time? No. One is being cruel to mice as animals. In addition, a dragon’s digestive system can’t digest fat at once. That means, fat is stored and can either be used during exercise or when your pet is so hungry. 

Can bearded dragons eat pinkie mice? Vets suggest that although dragons can eat pinkie mice, they are not the healthier treat. Other protein sources such as roaches, bugs, and hornworms can be better treats. Pinkies are rich in fat and proteins, while hornworms provide calcium, which is more helpful.

The best pinkies are about one to three days old. Bigger pinkies will be hard to break down because of their already developed bones. This also means that not all dragons can safely eat pinkies.

At what age can bearded dragons eat pinkies? Scroll down to learn about this. 


What Age Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pinkies?

When can bearded dragons eat pinky mice? At 6 months or when your pet’s length is more than 11 inches. Adult dragons have developed digestive systems that can digest pinkies.

Can bearded dragons eat mice or not? You should not feed pinkies to baby dragons because feeding will lead to impaction. The reason is pinkies are large for tiny dragons.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fuzzies?

Fuzzies are older pinkies (about 5 to 9 days old) that have grown fur and weigh up to 6 grams. Dragons should only eat pinkies since they are smaller, lower in fat, and have the right calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Fuzzies have grown skeletons which makes them not the right choice. Excess fat that they contain can cause obesity. Information from other sources also shows that pinkies can shorten your dragon’s life and bring liver complications. That is why you should feed pinkies infrequently. 


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Live Mice?

Do bearded dragons eat mice? Since dragons take raw mice in the jungle, live mice can be not only enticing but also very healthy for your pets. Provided your pet is an adult and large enough, you can feed it live pinkies.

Can bearded dragons eat mice
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice – My Beardie Ate Mice

Live mice can harm your lizard when they bite. Better yet, kill the mice rather than waiting for a fight, and usually, your beardie won’t wrestle with the live mice if it is full. Live hopper mice and fuzzies should not be taken by a dragon because apart from biting your pet, they can strangle when swallowed.

Hence, live mice can be dangerous as they can bite you and your pet. Pinkies cannot harm dragons, so you do not have to worry.


What Is The Nutritional Value Of Mice?

Can bearded dragons eat mice? We have covered all of this, but are mice nutritious? Yes. They are, but let’s see if their nutrients are fit for a dragon’s healthy diet.

Can mice make your bearded dragons fat? Other than concluding with a short answer, we decided to illustrate the nutritional benefits of mice so that you can figure it out for yourself. A dragon should take a regulated meal, one that has recommended nutrients, just like humans. Let’s find out.

Nutrients per 100 gramsPinkies (1 to 3 days)Fuzzies (7 to 10 days)
Fat 1933
Calcium in mg160140
Phosphorus in mg90180
Calcium: Phosphorus ratio2:11:1:2

Can bearded dragons eat mice? From the table, it is clear that mice are rich in fats and proteins. Fuzzies have more fat than pinkies, and even as the growth continues, the fat levels increase. Additionally, proteins decrease with age as more fat develops when pinkies grow. 


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Mice?

Yes. Many dragon owners prefer frozen mice to avoid any drama that can be caused by live mice. As aforementioned, fuzzies can bite your dragons, hence, if you’re not a professional feeder, go for frozen mice. 

Can bearded dragons eat mice that are frozen? Feeding frozen mice require you to thaw them with warm water for about half an hour and dry them before feeding. Frozen mice will be sensitive to your beardie’s stomach. The ideal temperature is about 85°F to 95°F. Hot mice are not good for feeding too.


How To Prepare Mice For My Bearded Dragons

Can bearded dragons eat mice? Yes. We have pleaded with you to find a painless way to kill mice. You also don’t want to feed any mice to your dragon, but to focus on quality. Ergo, we will show you how to marinate them in your salad.

If you have your mice ready, chop them into pieces that can fit in your pet’s mouth. As a general rule, check the size of your beardie’s eyes. Each piece should be no bigger than that. You are trying to avoid cases of throttling as the dragon swallows.

Mix the pieces with salad in the salad bowl and feed it to your dragon. Serving ready mice is better because you can protect your pet from harm, injuries, or other health concerns like Globus pharyngeus.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rats?

Can bearded dragons eat mice or rats? Although bearded dragons are like rats, do not feed them when you can avoid them. Yes, dragons are omnivores and can eat rats. But in the jungle, they hunt opportunistically, where food availability is taken. It is rare to find a bearded dragon eating a mouse, thus, eating is purely for survival.

Can bearded dragons eat mice while in captivity? In your home, the food provided us enough, and it is much easier and better to feed bugs. Hence, only feed pinkies, and not rats, once in a while and especially to pregnant beardies who are laying eggs.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Meat?

Do bearded dragons eat mice? Absolutely. Bearded dragons are omnivores. You should include meat in your dragon’s diet, but reduce the meat content as it grows older. If you can, the best options are raw mice or cooked and lean meat got from chicken.

Can bearded dragons eat raw meat? Yes, they can. Ensure the meat has been chopped into small pieces so that your dragon can swallow at ease. You can feed minced meat or chicken. Whatever you feed should be low in fat and if not, please feed in negligible amounts at rare occurrences. 


My Dragon Eats A Pinkie Mouse And Spits It Out 

Can bearded dragons eat mice? If you are worried about your bearded dragon eating mice, it could be because you either fed a live pinkie or they are not used to feeding the rodent. You can prepare the pinkie for feeding with our method above and see if your dragon eats it.

Try feeding roaches, crickets, earthworms, and other insects instead to find out if these increase the appetite.


Final Verdict On Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice

Can bearded dragons eat mice? Yes, they can but rarely. Since food provided by stores has a complete diet for your pet, there is no need to feed mice. Slaughtering mice would be unfair considering you are getting them from their natural habitat. Therefore, we recommend you get frozen pinkies for your pet from a local store. 

Can bearded dragons eat pinky mice? Yes, so long as they do not have fur. Dragons take whole pinky mice in the jungle, therefore, feeding is safe.

Can bearded dragons eat mice
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mice – My Beardie Ate Mice

Can bearded dragons eat mice of all kinds? Apart from frozen mice, you can safely feed both raw and cooked mice.

Both pinkies and fuzzies are high in fat, so, only feed them seldomly. There are other insects, for example, grasshoppers, that you can feed instead of mice.

It is recommended to try different kinds of foods to provide all the required nutrients. It is also unhealthy to frequently feed or overfeed mice to any dragon. If possible, only feed the rodents to pregnant dragons. There are other protein sources with less fat. As discussed, fuzzies, rats, mice, or older pinkies are all unhealthy.



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