Can Dogs Eat Cilantro? 11 Healthy Benefits Of Dogs Eating Cilantro

Is Cilantro good for dogs? Dog keepers who know Cilantro would wish to give it to their dogs. However their big fear is safety for their beloved pet.

Cilantro is a safe herb for dogs because it helps in digestion and upset stomachs in dogs when given the correct portion. So why try Cilantro for dogs’ diets?

Can dogs eat Cilantro? The short answer is Yes, Dogs can Cilantro. It contains antifungal and antibacterial characteristics that help to fight infections and improve dog health conditions. However, if given too much or to dogs that are allergic, an adverse reaction can occur.

Can dogs eat cilantro
Can Dogs Eat Cilantro?

If you are rearing dogs and want to get facts about Cilantro, read this article to the end. Then, you will understand why is Cilantro good for dogs.


What is Cilantro?

Cilantro is also called coriander, dhania, Chinese parsley, or Mexican parsley. Only the leaves bear the name Cilantro, while the entire plant and the seeds are called coriander. Hence, Cilantro is the leaves and stems of the coriander plant. After some time, the coriander flowers develop into coriander seeds.

Although cumin is the most popular spice globally, Cilantro is the most commonly used herb in the world. This is because cilantro roots have the most succulent parts that can be ingredients for Thai curry paste, while the leaves have the most nourishment.

Cilantro is also the Spanish word for coriander, and it has wide use in Indian, Asian and Latin cuisine.

Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum

Higher classification: Coriandrum

Rank: Species

Family: Apiaceae


Can Dogs Eat Cilantro?

Yes, dogs can eat Cilantro because it is safe for them. In small amounts, it is a fiber-rich, nutritious and healthy treat when added to their food.

It helps calm the dog’s upset stomach. In addition, Cilantro has Vitamin C, A, zinc, potassium, and other good minerals for dogs.


Is Cilantro Good For Dogs?

Yes, Cilantro is healthy for dogs and also puppies. It helps relieve digestion problems and is also helpful for a pet`s health.


How Much Cilantro Can I Feed my Dog?

Cilantro is a herb and a mineral; thus cannot be used as a primary source of nutrients. Instead, it is for supplementation.

For the first time, you can mix less than a teaspoon or a pinch in their food. This is to let us know whether or not they are allergic to Cilantro. Later, you can either increase or decrease their portion, but it should not be more than a whole teaspoon.

Too much Cilantro causes Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. You can mix a pinch of Cilantro in the dog`s food several times a week. Know your dog’s size—the larger the dog, the more Cilantro you should serve and vice versa.

Sprinkle the Cilantro for dogs on their food, especially the wet ones, by mixing half a teaspoon, or you can mix it in your dog’s water. This will ensure proper mixing of the food and the Cilantro hence good health for your dog.


Is It Safe To Eat Cilantro Raw For Dogs?

Is Cilantro good for dogs in raw form? Yes, it is. The basic form is the best way for dogs to consume Cilantro. You only need to chop the raw cilantro leaves and, after that, add them to the dog`s regular meal.

Other ways of serving Cilantro for dogs include; dry Cilantro, oil extract, and cooked Cilantro, depending on your preference to your dog or the dog’s preference. It adds flavor to the dog’s food excellently.

Never force your dog to consume this plant. Your aim should be to provide healthy and safe food for the dogs and not to stress it over a meal or distract it.

Cilantro is not among the dangerous herbs for dogs. The herbs not good for dogs include Chamomile, chives, garlic, hops, leeks, marijuana, rhubarb, onions, and shallots.

Whether dry or cooked, the onion family is the most toxic food to dogs. It can cause damage to the red blood cells and gastrointestinal irritation.


Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Plants?

Just like us humans, everyone has their preference; hence it also applies to dogs. Some dogs may eat cilantro plants, while others may reject them. Your dog can live without Cilantro, but his food will not be as good as the one mixed with Cilantro.

You should keep in mind that the cilantro plant should be introduced to your dog’s food gradually, and with this, your dog’s diet will go a long way away.

Can dogs eat cilantro
Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Plants And Leaves?


Can Dogs Eat Fresh Cilantro?

Can dogs eat Cilantro in fresh form? Yes, they can. Fresh Cilantro is good for dogs. You should chop the Cilantro into pieces and mix it with your dog`s food.

Other ways of serving Cilantro to dogs include:

Dry Cilantro: Combining dry Cilantro with the dog`s wet food before serving the food to them.

Oil extract- Cilantro oil extract is available in the market. It can either be oil extract or even a liquid form of Cilantro. In this case, you should add a drop of the cilantro oil extract to the dog`s water instead of the dog`s food.

Cooked – Offer your dog the same food that you have cooked yourself, for example, lime-cilantro rice. It is both a delicious and healthy meal.

Note that this recipe requires 0.5 cups of chopped Cilantro for four portions; hence you should lessen the amount of Cilantro when you’re planning to share this meal with your dog.

Also, this food should not be added preservatives, e.g. garlic, chives, leek, and onions. This is because these spices are safe for humans but not for dogs. Furthermore, they may contain other ingredients that are toxic for dogs; hence you avoid them.

Do not force your dog to eat the dry Cilantro, oil extract cilantro, or the cooked Cilantro if it doesn’t want to. Your role is to make your dog healthy and happy and not make it unhappy and uncomfortable.


Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Sticks?

Yes, because it is a part of Cilantro hence contains vitamins and minerals like any other part of the cilantro plant.


Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Leaves?

Leaves are an essential part of Cilantro, especially for dogs. Cilantro leaves have the most nutritional content compared to the other parts of the cilantro plants.


Is Cilantro Bad For Dogs?

Is Cilantro safe for dogs? Cilantro is not bad for dogs, especially when given to dogs that are non-allergic to Cilantro and in the right proportion. However, too much Cilantro is dangerous to dogs and causes a whole lot of side effects.

The side effects include Nausea, vomiting, gas, and diarrhea. Therefore, it should help you to give in moderation to avoid these side effects.

So, is coriander safe for dogs? You should also note that you should give them in small quantities when feeding your dog Cilantro for the first time and monitor them for a few hours. It is to ensure that you are on the safe side, and you can know whether your dog has an allergic reaction to Cilantro or not.


Pros And Cons of Cilantro For Dogs

Can dogs eat Cilantro? Find the pros and cons to help you determine if you can use coriander for dogs diet.

Pros Of Cilantro 

  1. It contains vitamin A that improves a dog’s eyes, immune system, and maintains organs in great shape.
  2. Cilantro has vitamin C that helps dogs have healthy bones, and also helps in blood clots.
  3. It has vitamin K, which aids in a blood clot, maintains the skin, blood vessels, and other connective tissues.
  4. Cilantro has calcium that helps in the development of bones and teeth.
  5. The iron in Cilantro creates red blood cells and hence transports oxygen within the dog’s body.
  6. Cilantro contains magnesium that controls metabolism and also helps in neurotransmission.
  7. Cilantro is an excellent natural freshener for dogs, and it also prevents gum infection and offers good breath to dogs.
  8. With Cilantro, there’s no chance of antibacterial and antifungal properties in your dog’s digestive system because Cilantro will take care of it.
  9. Cilantro is a natural detoxifier for dogs because it binds, loosens, and excretes toxic materials from the dog’s body.
  10. It boosts the dog’s mood in stressful moments.
  11. Cilantro helps in improving the dog`s sleep hence a peaceful and restful sleep for your dog.
  12. It helps in maintaining the dog`s skin and vision. This is because of vitamin A in Cilantro.


Cons Of Cilantro

Your dog may have an allergic reaction due to Cilantro. The symptoms will include upset stomach, mild skin rash, swollen face, and body. If any of the adverse effects occur, consult a veterinary doctor.

Is Cilantro toxic to dogs? You should serve Cilantro in the right proportion because too much of it causes an upset stomach hence becomes harmful.


Final Verdict – Can Dogs Eat Cilantro

What is your final say? Can dogs eat Cilantro? Unlike other herbs with toxic ingredients, Cilantro is the best herb for dogs because it has lots of vitamins and minerals and offers fresh breath to dogs. Therefore, it improves their health and is also safe for them.

Can dogs eat cilantro
Can Dogs Eat Cilantro Leaves?

Is Cilantro poisonous to dogs? Cilantro is proven to be safe for dogs; this is according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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