Dog Ate Tums : Can Dogs Eat Tums? (5 Menacing Health Issues)

Dog ate tums now. Tums human medicine tablets are very common all over the world. They are very useful for the treatment of heartburn and indigestion.  These tablets have a very good flavor which is why dogs are very attracted to tums tablets. So that is why dogs eats tums.

In this article, we will discuss dog ate tums now, what can I do, are tums bad for dogs, and the side effects of tum eating. Let’s dive into the topic.


Can Tums Kill A Dog?

Many dog owners use the tum tablets as a source of calcium. But a higher concentration of tums can cause serious problems, and it can be fatal. Can dogs eat tums? We should be well aware of the toxicity of tums. The tums are a calcium carbonate mixture. They can cause toxicity when a dog consumes in large concentrations.

Dog ate tums
Dog Ate Tums – Can Dogs Eat Tums

Can dogs have tums, and what compound tums contain? When a dog consumes the calcium carbonate present in tums, they don’t mix into the blood. Instead, they pass through the digestive system. That is why tums are fatal. However, if your dog vomits after eating tums, then it will be good because they remove the tablets in the form of vomit.

The tums are also present in a sugar-free form in which there is no glucose content. These sugar-free tablets don’t have xylitol which is known as an artificial sweetener. Xylitol is very poisonous and toxic to dogs, and it can cause serious disorders. 


What Happens If A Dog Eats Tums?

Many people use tums for dogs if they have a problem with digestion. Can you give a dog tums for diarrhea? Many people use them for indigestion. Only use tums after consulting with your vet. Tums is not considered a good treatment, especially for dogs. However, it can be useful in case of stomach issues, diarrhea, and heartburn.

The treatment of dog is very much different from humans. The dose amount for dogs is different from humans. You can give the tums dose without consulting your doctor. For the small-sized breed, the tums dose will be 1250 mg, and for the large-sized breed, the tums dose will be 10 grams. The regular use of tums is strongly discouraged.

My dog ate tums and showed uncanny behaviour. What can I do? If the dog is vomiting and showing gastric distress, then it is a sign of tums poisoning. Immediately consult with your vet to save the life of your dog.


Are Tums Safe Dogs?

It depends upon the consumption of the tums. Dog ate tums in higher amounts. So the higher the consumption of tums, the higher will be the risk factor. The calcium tablets that we use in our home for calcium intake contain calcium carbonates that are good for humans but not good for dogs.

Can dogs eat tums? If the dogs consume a small amount, then they will vomit. After vomiting, they are feeling quite well.  If there is a large intake, then you should consult with your vet. Dog ate antacids, is it harmful to dogs? The calcium carbonate doesn’t mix with blood. It remains undigested and passes through the digestive tract that is why they cause stomach disorders, diarrhea, and vomiting.


Do Tums Have Xylitol?

Tums are also present in the sugar-free form. The tums that are sugar-free contains xylitol. Xylitol is used as an artificial sweetener. Xylitol is not bad for human’s health, but it is poisonous to dogs. That is why when you buy tums, you should see the ingredients that are used in making tums.

If there is xylitol in the list of ingredients, don’t buy this tablet because if the dogs unintentionally eat the tum, it will not be good for the dog’s health.


Will Tums Make A Dog Sick?

Yes, tums can make your dog sick because of excessive eating. Dog ate tums should I consult a vet? There is a specific dose of tums that is not bad for the health of the dog. However, any change in the quantity will cause a problem and make your dog sick.

So, self-medication can be harmful to your dog. That is why you should consult your vet before introducing the calcium supplement to your dog.


Will Tums Hurt A Dog’s Stomach?

The tums will hurt the stomach of your dog. Can dogs eat tums? The tums contain calcium carbonate, and it is known as a calcium supplement.  The calcium carbonate is not digestible, and it is not mixed with blood. That is why tums cause stomach disorders.


My Dog Ate Tums And What Symptoms They Would Show?

If the dog eats the tums in large amounts, then it is very dangerous for your dog. The dog will show many symptoms that indicate tums poisoning. For example, my dog ate tums. Will it hurt her? I can spoil your dog in many ways. Following are the symptoms that dogs would show when the dog ate tums.


Diarrhea And Vomiting

The most common signs of tums poisoning are diarrhea and vomiting. When the dog ate tums, they would vomit and get diarrhea. If you observe that the dog is trying to remove the thing by vomiting, go to your vet. Vomiting is a sign of the wrong intake of dogs.

The excessive eating of tums is very much allergic to dogs. Although the less intake of tums is not fatal, diarrhea and vomiting can cause dehydration and weakness in dogs.


Scratching And Red Eyes

The scratching and redness of eyes tell us that the dog is a victim of allergy. If the allergic reaction is not much, then homemade remedies are enough for treatment. If the allergy is severe, then you should consult with the vet for proper treatment. 


Coughing And Drooling

The drooling and coughing signs indicate that there is some problem in the throat of your dogs. Something is lodged in his throat, which is why they are drooling and coughing. These symptoms can be due to the tums intake.

Drooling tells us that the dog is not feeling well because of the chemical reaction. The chemical reactions might be due to the consumption of eating something wrong.



Excessive intake of tums can cause constipation in your dogs. Constipation is a condition in which dogs feel difficulty in removing stools. Constipation can cause serious problems because we know that constipation is the mother of diseases.  If the dog is a victim of constipation, consult with your vet immediately.

Dog ate tums
Dog Ate Tums


Lethargy is a behaviour in animals when they eat something strong. This symptom tells us that there is something wrong with the organs. It can be organ failure and organ damage. Lethargy is very much dangerous for the dog’s life.

If the gums of animals have a pale or blue colour and his eyes cannot focus well, then the dog is a victim of lethargy. Likewise, excessive intake of tums can cause lethargy.



Seizures can be due to many problems; excessive tums intake is one of them. If the dog is a victim of unreasonable seizures, then go and consult with a vet. One of the most common reasons for seizures is electrolyte imbalance. Seizures can cause other problems. That is why the treatment of seizures is very important. 

Dog swallowed tums and showed different behaviourTum’s excessive intake of anything unsuitable for a dog can be harmful and leads to many serious issues. Tums is not dangerous if taken in a considerable amount, but excessive intake can cause issues. Excessive intake causes stomach problems, blockage and other symptoms.

My dog ate a bottle of tums. How can I avoid my dog not doing this? The solid plastic bottle of tums is fatal if the dog eats it. So keep the Tums bottle out of reach of your dog. The bottle’s swallowing will not cause a chemical problem to your dog, but it can cause a physical issue.  The consumption of bottles is more problematic as compared to tums tablets.


What Should You Do If Your Dog Ate Tums?

Now the question is, my dog ate tums. What do I do? There are many things that we can do.

  • If you find that your dog is eating something wrong that is bad for his health, then keep the thing out of the reach of your dog. Ensure that there is not leftover of the thing that he has eaten. Can I give my dog tums for throwing up? If the dog wants to vomit, then encourage him to do this because through vomiting the dog can remove the thing that is causing the problem to the dog?
  • If the dog ate tums and you can give your dog charcoal. Activated charcoal can be helpful in this condition. Hydrogen peroxide is also used for vomiting. Some people used hydrogen peroxide but only used this technique if you are well aware of the dose. The vet advice is essential before doing any treatment to your dog.
  • Give plenty of water to your dog if they eat tums. It is because the dog becomes dehydrated due to the excessive loss of water by diarrhea and vomiting.  Dehydration is very dangerous. That is why you should encourage your dog to drink plenty of water.
  • The tums are not much worse if taken in the prescribed amount. Any change in the amount of dose will cause indigestion and stomach issues. The tums are useful to humans but not to dogs. The ability to digest things in dogs is faster than in humans.
  • Some people use tums for proper digestion if the dog is not able to digest properly. But don’t use it without consulting your vet.


When Will Tums Hurt a Dog?

Can dogs have tums tablets? The vet has been prescribed the number of tums that is good for calcium supplementation. It enhances the level of calcium. The amount will be 1250 mg for small size breeds, and for large size, the amount will be ten grams.

Any change in the amount of dog will result in stomach problems. Can dogs eat tums? Tums are harmful if the dog consumes in large quantities. The tums are also very dangerous when the dog is already a victim of organ damage. The dog feels difficulty in digesting the things when they are a victim of organ damage.

If the dog is taking other medications and giving him tums, the dog can get issues. Many brands use the xylitol in tums as a natural sweetener. Xylitol is toxic for dogs.

If the dogs consume tums that contain xylitol, then they become a victim of seizures. If you give Tums overdose, dogs are getting seizures; then It is dangerous for their lives.

 My dog ate tums. Will he be okay? It depends upon the dogs how much concentration will be good for him. So, vet consultation is essential in this regard.


Can I Give My Dog Tums For Diarrhea?

Can dogs eat tums? The tums are only best in case of improper digestion. If the dog cannot digest properly, then the vet prescribed amount is good for dogs. Only a vet can recommend the dose for dogs.

That is why vet recommendation is very important before giving any new treatment to your dog. If you give tums and dogs are not feeling well. Stop giving tums to them for any treatment.


Final Verdict On Dog Ate tums.

Tums are chemically composed of calcium carbonates. The calcium carbonate remains undigested when the dog consumes it. That is why the vet did not recommend this medicine. Humans can use tums for calcium supplements.

Dog ate tums
Dog Ate Tums – Can Dogs Eat Tums

Dog ate tums is it okay? If the dog is feeling well, then it’s good. If the dog is not feeling well and shows the symptoms of excessive intakes, consult with your vet.


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