Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies? (9 Interesting Facts To Know)

Can dogs eat fortune cookies? The answer is a resounding “yes,” but there are some things you need to know before you let your pup chow down on one of these tasty treats. Fortune cookies may not be toxic to dogs, but they can still make them sick if dog eats too many fortune cookies at the same time.

There are also ingredients in the cookie that could upset their stomach and cause a host of other issues. If your dog has had too much, don’t panic – just be sure to give them plenty of water and monitor them closely for signs of distress.

As you know, dogs cannot always determine what is good for their health. They love to eat things that can make them sick. This is why it’s important you know what foods your dog should and shouldn’t have in their diet.

The best place to start when deciding whether a food item is safe or not for your pup, is with the ingredients list. If any of these items sound unfamiliar to you, do some research and see if they are safe for your dog.

If a food is not listed on the ingredients list, it should be assumed that it has been verified as being safe for dogs to eat. It also might have only one ingredient or two so there’s no need to worry about those foods at all!

For more information on the cookie ingredients that should be safe for dogs, continue reading more of our blog post “Can dogs eat fortune cookies?”

Can dogs eat fortune cookies - can dogs have fortune cookies
Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies – Can Dogs Have Fortune Cookies


What Is A Fortune Cookie?

Fortune cookies are a popular treat in the United States and other countries, but it’s not just humans that enjoy these tasty treats! Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies? Dogs can eat fortune cookies too. Just like people, dogs need to be careful what they put into their mouths because of potential health risks.

Unless your dog is very small, you should avoid letting them eat any type of cookie that has multiple ingredients.

Fortune cookies are typically safe for dogs to consume, but they should be avoided if the dog is nervous or sensitive. The filling inside may make these types of dogs sick because it’s a sugar-heavy snack.

One telltale sign you know your pet has had too many cookies is when they start to act ill. Depending on the amount of fortune cookies eaten, this may be a sign that your dog has suffered from abdominal discomfort or nausea.


Where Did Fortune Cookies Originate?

A Fortune cookie is a Chinese-American cookie typically made from flour, sugar, shortening or oil, vanilla extract and egg. It’s usually shaped in an oval shape with points on the corners of one side. The typical filling found inside traditional Fortune cookies (especially those purchased outside Asia) are “fortune” slips which give either positive messages or jokes.

Fortune cookies are a Chinese dessert that has evolved over the years. They’ve been enjoyed in China since the 1800s and they became more popular with Westerners when they were brought to San Francisco by Japanese baker, Makoto Hagiwara.

By 1924, fortune cookies had made their way into American culture and quickly became an iconic part of the Chinese-American experience.

In 1958, they were officially recognized as a traditional Japanese dessert in Japan and became known as “biscuits” or Bikkuri Senbei.

Fortune cookies can now be found in many different flavors including chocolate chip cookie dough, Nutella fortune, pink lemonade, and more.

In some countries, fortune cookies are still eaten as a symbol of wealth and prosperity at the end of a meal.


Fortune Cookie Recipes: Bikkuri Senbei (Japanese Fortune Cookies)


flour, sugar, baking soda, milk powder, eggs and vanilla extract + pinch salt


Steps To Prepare Fortune Cookies

  • Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Add eggs and vanilla extract, then pour milk into the mixture to soften it up a little bit.
  • Roll dough out on parchment paper until thin enough for cookie cutters. Cut shapes with cutter (star shape is traditional). Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about six minutes or until golden.
  • Fortune cookie recipe can be cut into smaller pieces to fit more in a batch, and prepared with different shapes for variety.


Fortune Cookie Variations

  • European version of the cookies comes without filling and are known as “lefse” in Norway. They’re often made from potatoes or flour instead of rice flour.
  • In China, the cookies are sometimes deep-fried instead of baked and known as “jianbing” or “crepe.”
  • Some cultures fill their fortune cookie dough with bean paste called adzuki (red beans) for a sweet flavor rather than the customary vanilla extract.


Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies?

Some fortune cookies contain fillings such as chocolate, which can make dogs sick.

Chinese “jianbing” or “crepe” is deep-fried instead of baked and often have a red bean paste filling that may cause stomach upset in some cases if eaten by your dog.

In Norway, “lefse” often do not contain a filling and are made from potatoes or flour instead of rice flour.

Norwegian “lefse” is usually served with butter (or when veganized, margarine) for dipping the cookie before eating it.

Other cultures have been known to serve their cookies in other ways, such as with ice cream or “dulce de leche”.

Stray dogs in South Africa will eat “ukhwala”, a traditional sweet made from corn meal and syrup.

However, they’ll only do so if it has cooled sufficiently to be eaten without scalding their mouth.


Is Fortune Cookie Good For Dogs?

Yes, Fortune Cookies are usually okay for dogs. That doesn’t mean they should be fed to your dog in large quantities on a regular basis – especially if you have any concerns about ingredients or fillings. Whether it is with humans or our pets, we don’t want anyone eating too many sweets!


Can Dogs Eat Sugar In Fortune Cookies?

You might want to make sure there aren’t any sugar-filled fortunes inside the cookies before giving them to your dog.


Can Dogs Eat Chocolate In Fortune Cookies?

Yes, some of these types of chocolate are safe for dogs – but not all! It is best to check with a veterinarian or animal trainer before letting your dog eat any chocolate.


Can Dogs Eat Star Anise In Fortune Cookies?

Star anise is not toxic to dogs, but it can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in some dogs – so you may want to avoid this ingredient if your dog has a sensitive digestive system.


Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Extract In Fortune Cookies?

Vanilla extract is not toxic to dogs. It can make them drowsy, but it’s unlikely that it will cause any other side effects in most cases.


Is Flour Toxic To Dogs In Fortune Cookie?

Flour is not toxic to dogs in fortune cookie. If the dog eats too many, they may fall sick because of what ingredients are there that might not sit well with their stomach. Your dog should be fine if it only ate one or two. The same goes for a human eating them who has food allergies or intolerance; however, humans have different reactions to food than animals.


Can Dogs Eat The Fortune Paper In Fortune Cookies?

The Fortune paper is not toxic to dogs but dogs should avoid eating them at any time.

Can dogs eat fortune cookies - can dogs have fortune cookies
Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies


Can Dogs Eat The Fortune Cookie Wrapper In Fortune Cookies?

No, the wrapper will cause a dog intestinal issues and should be avoided at all costs.


5 Health Issues If My Dog Ate Fortune Cookie

Some of the most common digestive issues that can arise from Fortune cookies are diarrhea and stomach upset. Other rare, more serious health risks include pancreatitis, colic or anemia.


When Should I Avoid Feeding Fortune Cookie To My Dog?

Dogs should not eat any Fortune cookie that is more than a year old and they should never consume the wrapper.

It is best to not give old dogs any fortune cookie and also other unhealthy dogs irrespective of age.


How Can I Tell The Age Of A Fortune Cookie?

A fortune cookie’s age can be determined by looking at its design on top as well as how hard it feels when you press your fingers into it. If in doubt, just discard it.


Can Dogs Eat Chinese Fortune Cookies?

Can Dogs eat Fortune cookies made in Chinese recipe method? Chinese fortune cookies are not toxic to dogs. A human with food allergies or intolerance may react differently, but animals don’t have the same reaction as humans do and some ingredients in Chinese Fortune Cookies may be problematic for a dog’s stomach.


How Much Fortune Cookies Is Too Much Fortune Cookie For My Dog?

There is no easy answer to this question. Some dogs may not be bothered by a few cookies while others can’t handle one cookie before feeling ill.

It’s important to note that the amount of fortune cookies your dog eats in relation to their size will determine if they’ll get sick or not. Larger breeds are more likely to vomit than smaller breeds.

In general, it is best to avoid giving your dog more than one any kind of cookie. If you do accidentally give them too many cookies and they start vomiting or have diarrhea, please contact a veterinarian.


What Can I Give My Dog As A Substitute For Fortune Cookies?

A great alternative for dogs are bread slices. You can use a variety of things like peanut butter, Nutella or honey to spread on the bread slice and add slices of banana.

Alternately you could give your dog some fruit for dessert instead of cookies. Try something simple like sliced oranges, apple wedges or other fruits cut in half. Dogs love these types of fruits because they’re sweet and they have a lot of fiber.


Does Dog Eating Fortune Cookies Have Any Health Benefits?

No, not really. Fortune cookies are made with a lot of sugar and preservatives which can be upsetting or toxic to your dog’s stomach if they eat too many at one time. If you have any questions about whether the Fortune cookie is safe for your dog to consume, contact an animal care professional before giving it to them!


What If My Dog Ate Too Many Fortune Cookies Accidentally?

If your dog eats too many cookies, the ingredients may not sit well with their stomach. Even if Fortune cookies are usually healthy for dogs to eat in moderation, it doesn’t mean they’re suitable as a meal substitute or that you can feed them any amount of time without concern!

Make sure to continuously monitor the dog’s health and provide timely updates to your Vet to get the right advice.


Are Dogs Allergic To Fortune Cookies?

No, dogs are not allergic to fortune cookies. Dogs can eat them with no problem if they only have one or two.


Fortune Cookie Calories

A typical fortune cookie has just enough calories to make it seem like a snack for humans. Dogs would need more than five Fortune Cookies this size before they get the same amount of energy and nutrients as their human counterparts. Can Dogs eat fortune cookies? Yes but they are not supposed to eat many fortune cookies for health reasons.


Fortune Cookie Or Dog Treat Little Misfortune

Some people might use Fortune Cookies for their dog as a treat, but they are not the best option. Dogs need much bigger treats to give them enough energy and nutrients.


Should You Feed Your Dog Fortune Cookies?

It is up to each owner of the pet if they want to try it or not because no one knows how their pets will react to Fortune Cookies. Give just one fortune cookie once and see how your pet reacts if at all you want to feed your dog with a fortune cookie.


Final Verdict On Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies aren’t toxic to dogs so if your dog found and ate a Fortune cookie or two, it’s usually not cause for concern. Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies? That doesn’t mean they are suitable dog food though! Some ingredients may make the dog sick and we don’t trust those small pieces that slip through our fingers anyway.

Can dogs eat fortune cookies - can dogs have fortune cookies
Can Dogs Eat Fortune Cookies – Can Dogs Have Fortune Cookies – Can Dogs Eat Chinese Fortune Cookies

Be sure to monitor the dog’s health and provide timely updates to your Vet before giving them any more Fortune cookies. May the year of fortune be with you and your pet!


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