Sell Guppy Fish : How To Sell Guppies? Where To Sell? 7 Cool Facts

Petting guppies has become a trend. Guppies are one of the most favorite fishes that are easy to pet and are budget-friendly. However, many owners face the common problem of having a lot of babies coming out all the time. This makes them spend more time and care.

With so many new guppies being born an owner may think to sell guppy fish. Guppy fishes can be sold online on eBay, Facebook, Aquabid or Craigslist. An owner can also sell their guppies in the local pet stores, in some cases, an owner may require to obtain a license to sell guppies, while sometimes it may not be required.

Sell guppy fish
Sell guppy fish


How To Sell Guppies?

How to sell baby guppies? The first thing to keep in mind, when an owner is planning to sell guppy fishes is to separate the baby guppies from the mother immediately after their birth because guppies are known to eat their children.

To not let guppies eat your profit, the owner should keep the babies with adults because they will eat them and sometimes even bully them. When it comes to raising guppies, that won’t be a problem because guppies are too easy to pet.

Good food and environment will be enough for guppies to survive with a healthy body, strong immune system and beautiful colors.


Where To Sell Guppy Fry?

How to make money selling guppies? An owner can make money with the business to sell guppy fish. It is comparably easy, however, it is very demanding.

Many owners often question how to sell guppies online? Many online platforms can be chosen to sell guppies like Facebook, Instagram, eBay etc. How to sell guppies to pet stores? An owner can sell guppies to pet stores by delivering the guppies there. Selling guppies to a local store is convenient and it is recommended.

Furthermore, if the owner has friends and family members who may be interested to buy guppies, that can also become a good option to make some money.

Furthermore, if the owner has a lot of guppies, they can even sell guppy fish by putting a small stall, where there is a crowd for example a beach, where people are more likely to buy fish, however, some places may require the owner to have a license, so owner should keep that in mind.


How To Sell Guppy Fish In Local Pet Store?

How to sell guppies to pet stores? There are various ways an owner can start their guppies for sale. An owner has the choice of selling them online or in local pet stores. The only requirement an owner needs to fulfil is to get a healthy guppy fish. The Guppy fish business is also decent for beginners.

Selling guppies for profit is a good way to create a side income. Selling to a local pet store is a very convenient way of selling guppies.

Though it can become a little tough to sell the guppies at local pet stores because they may already have tie-ups with large fish farms, still the owner can give it a chance because it will be a lot easier and won’t come with the headache of transportation.

The owner should note that when selling fish to a local pet store, the owner should keep all the options open. The owner should consider trying big pet stores and small pet stores as well. However, if the owner is just doing the selling as a one-time thing then it would be best to go with a small pet store.

On the other hand, if the owner wants to sell guppies regularly, the owner should focus on a single pet store that is close to their home, it will be beneficial to transport and it will give a competitive edge.

It’s best to stick with a single retailer, selling fish online and in local stores will be bad and give indirect competition to both markets. If the owner doesn’t get a reasonable deal from a local pet store, they can turn to online selling.

When selling guppies, either in local stores or online, the owner should make sure that they never compromise with the quality of fish they sell, if they want to be competitive in the market.

Fishes are often kept in large groups in pet stores. If your guppy has a transmissible disease, it will affect the pet store and indirectly affect your sales. So owners should make sure that they sell only healthy guppies.

Sell guppy fish
How to Sell guppy fish online and offline?


How To Sell Guppies Online?

How to sell guppy fish online? Besides guppies for sale pets at home or local pet stores, the owners can also sell them online. It is also a very convenient way because everything happens in the comfort zone of your home. However, shipping may be a hectic job but many online pet companies will take the delivery from your home.

There are many fancy guppies for sale online. Besides selling guppies online on websites like Facebook or eBay, the owner can find a lot of guppy lovers on platforms like Quora, Reddit and many discussion forum websites. The owner can discuss guppies on these platforms and find potential leads out of these sites.

How to sell guppies online? To sell guppies online, the owner would also need to click photos of their pets and upload them on all selling platforms. eBay, AquaBid, guppies for sale craigslist, Facebook, Instagram are widely used platforms.

Some are post based, some platforms use ad systems. Some platforms have discussion forums, chat groups, and special guppy pages.

Different pages use different approaches for the owner to post their guppies. The owner has a wide variety of options to choose from.


What Is A Good Price To Sell Guppies?

How much are guppies worth? Different guppies have different values. Selling guppies isn’t as easy as it may sound. Guppies will be priced according to their color, pattern and some exclusive traits the more exotic color and pattern, the more they will be priced. Some of the guppies are harder to breed and they will also sell at a higher price than a normal guppy fish.

Different breedsPrice rangeDescription of their traits
Mutt guppies$10Mutt guppies aren’t considered special because these guppies are mixed with a lot of species, so these guppies are random, which makes them average guppies. The PetSmart guppies price will range at a low price.
Dragon guppies$10Dragon guppies are also not rare, which makes them less expensive. Dragon guppies can be found in almost all pet stores. Since they are so easy to find, many pet shops breed these fishes by themselves. 
Fancy GuppiesMoscow blue- $25-$60

Multi Delta-


Purple Moscow- $40-$100

Fancy Guppies often have exotic colors and patterns that make them rare. These guppies have beautiful long flowing fins and tails, that sets them apart from other fishes. There are different fish categories under fancy guppies including Moscow blue, multi delta, purple Moscow etc. Fancy guppies are pretty difficult to maintain. These guppies are very sensitive to water changes, which requires them to always live in clean water. 
Breeder guppies$30These guppies are better than mutt guppies and are often found a little more expensive than a mutt guppy. Their price can range from their origin and their color and pattern. 
Competition guppies/ Show guppiesAccording to the color and pattern, these guppies can be priced at $20-$100. Show guppies are similar to fancy guppies when it comes to physical bodies, which makes them more costly than an average fish. 
Panda guppies$5-$8Panda guppies are very common and their strain is also very common. These guppies are preferred by pet stores because they are cheap. 
Electric blue guppies$15-$25The body of these guppies is covered almost in blue color. These guppies don’t have a lot of pattern variations, which makes their price stable. 


How Much Do Fancy Guppies Cost?

Fancy guppies’ cost varies from breed to breed. A Moscow blue would cost somewhere between $25-$60 and a Multi delta fancy guppy would also cost around $25-$60. Purple Moscow guppies would be a little more expensive around $40-$60.

A purple Moscow guppy for sale would also be a little difficult to breed. Selling fancy guppies is a good start because many customers demand where can I buy fancy guppies?


How Do I Start Selling Guppies?

How to sell guppy fish? Before selling guppy fish, the first thing that the owner would need to do is create an efficient breeding environment for the guppies to feel comfortable. Proper lighting, food, water, structures, hiding spot, temperature, are all crucial parts to make guppy fish comfortable.

If guppy fish won’t feel comfortable enough, they will be too stressed to mate. After setting up the right environment, the owner should home healthy and young guppies.

Different guppies cost differently, so owners can choose any guppy according to their requirements, however, owners should note that guppies that are priced higher, often are very difficult to mate.

After selecting the guppy, the owner should add them to the terrarium. It’s better to add 2 females and one male. It increases the chances of mating. When breeding guppies for profit, the owner should never force the guppies.

Furthermore, when a guppy gets pregnant, the owner should make sure that they take good care of the pregnant guppy. If required, the pregnant guppy should be separated from the tank.

Once a guppy fish has given birth to babies, the owner should immediately separate baby guppies from the rest of the adult guppies. Guppies can eat their babies, so it’s better to save all of them to increase the survival rate among guppies.

Furthermore, the owner should ensure that babies get the good food, required necessities, one they have grown up, the owner can take them to a local pet store selling guppy fry or sell them online.


Can You Make Money Selling Guppies?

Can you make money selling guppies? Yes, many people do make money by breeding and selling fish. However, it depends on the quality of fish and the prices that the breeder demands.

Where can I sell my guppy fish? An owner can sell guppies to local stores or online platforms as well. The demand for guppies is always prevalent as many customers are often asking: where can I buy guppies?

Furthermore, an owner may ask: how to sell guppies online? The owner can sell guppies by putting pictures of guppies and adding a competitive price so that fish are sold fast. Another most asked question is: Can you sell guppies to PetSmart? Yes, an owner can sell their guppies at PetSmart.


Final Verdict – Sell Guppy Fish

Many owners have successfully operated their businesses to sell guppy fish. Guppies are known to give birth to a lot of fries, many owners try to make a side income from these fries.

Sell guppy fish
How and where to sell guppy fish? Can you sell guppy fish offline? How to sell guppy fish online? Sell guppy fish to neighbors

If an owner is thinking of selling their guppies, they can be sold at many online platforms and in local pet stores as well. However, it can be a difficult task because some guppy breeds may not mate that easily.

To make sure that guppies give birth to healthy fishes, the owner should make sure that they provide a good environment to fishes so that they can mate comfortably.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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