Why Is My German Shepherd So Skinny? 7 Best Ways To Fatten Up

The general concern for many German Shepherd is that their dog is getting fat as they get older. That’s one of the reasons why they can become overweight.

The sad and surprising thing is, most owners don’t expect their German Shepherd to stay skinny as they grow. If your dog stays slim and you are seeking answer to the question “why is my German Shepherd so skinny” then you’re at the right place reading this in-depth article about skinny German Shepherds and how to fatten up your dog.

Why is my german shepherd so skinny
Why is my german shepherd so skinny

Here are some of the answers you need to start unraveling the mystery of why is my German Shepherd so skinny.


How Do I Know If My German Shepherd Is Too Skinny?

Before the dog owners ask why is my German Shepherd so skinny, they will ask about how do they know if their German Shepherd is skinny or not. There are several ways to determine if your German Shepherd is skinny or not.

First, you can look over your dog’s body. You can be sure your dog is skinny if the body is shaped like an hourglass rather than a triangular shape. Another way is to feel the ribs. You can find out if you can feel their bones just by holding the ribs.


What Causes A German Shepherd To Lose Weight?

There are many factors why German Shepherds can be skinny. They can become thin due to a lack of nutrients, parasites, or worms. There are also saline reasons such as picky eaters, metabolic disorders, stress, and age.

Unlike the skinny German Shepherd breed, which looks skinny or loses weight, the breed looks like it. Miniature German Shepherd or Mini Shepherd is a small or medium-size dog breed, weighing about 50 pounds and a height of 15 to 20 inches.

If your German Shepherd loses weight by a normal number, you can still rest easy because you can fatten them back. But if your dog has lost a lot of weight, it may have severe health issues.


Should You Be Able To See A German Shepherds Ribs?

Yes, you could see German Shephred’s ribs if they were running or laying on their side. But it’s different, like I can feel my german shepherds spine. This is one reason why my German Shepherd so skinny.

If your dog has not been spayed or neutered, you will be able to see her ribs in the mammary glands. These are located on the front side of the dog’s abdomen. You can see them from the backside as well.


Why Is My German Shepherd So Skinny?

German Shepherds were originally used as herding dogs all over Europe. They have the power to herd cattle and sheep, and they like the sound of it. Now that we have our dogs like this, we want to know what can be done to give her some more weight.

Of course, it will be a problem if your German Shepherd losing weight rapidly because if we are not careful, it could be that your dog has health issues that can be fatal to their old age.


Some of the things below are causes for why the German Shepherd looks skinny.

Parasites Or Worms

Some people say that the German Shepherd’s skinny body is caused by parasitic worms, while other people think that the dog has certain kinds of allergies, which can cause the skin to become very thick and the hair to become very dry and sticky.

These worms are much bigger than the normal parasites found in dogs, and they also cause much more damage to the dog. This damage causes them to get extremely skinny, and the hair loss also increases.

So, how can you keep the German Shepherd healthy if the dog develops some kind of parasitic infection? You can take precautions by using some kind of vaccination and regular check-up.

You must also be aware that the diet that you give to your dog must be healthy and include some kinds of supplements that will provide the necessary nutrients to boost the dog’s immune system.


Dog Diet Changes

The number one reason is a diet that is too dry. If the dog’s body does not get enough water, it will not have enough energy to perform at its best. Water helps with all of the body systems, including the skin.

When you see that your German Shepherd is not gaining weight and has a dull coat, it may be due to improper nutrition. One of the most common German Shepherd diet changes is they are not getting enough protein.

Why is my German Shepherd so skinny? Because he lacks protein. Just like human beings need protein, your German Shepherd puppy needs it as well. They should receive enough protein from the bones of the dog.


Dog Age

It is natural that if your dog gets older, they become less active, eat less, and exercise less. That’s why your German Shepherd so skinny. Although not all dogs are like that when they are old, age also affects how active your dog is.

By keeping the proper dog age in mind, you will be able to help your German Shepherd look its best for years to come. With proper care, you can help your dog enjoy a long and healthy life.


Dog Diabetes Makes It Skinny

If your dog has diabetes, you might not be too surprised at all when you learn that why is my German Shepherd so skinny. It usually begins with a lack of insulin, which is a hormone made by the pancreas. It is produced to deal with glucose, which is a sugar found in the blood.

When a dog’s pancreas does not make enough, cells in the dog body cannot work properly, and glucose isn’t transported to all the cells as it is needed. When diabetes in dogs is not treated promptly, the cells often begin to die, which means that the dog will lose weight.


German Shepherd Liver Disease

Liver disease in dogs will cause important nutrients from the food they eat. If the liver disease is severe, your dog will lose the desire to eat and vomit frequently.

Because he often vomits and rarely eats, this why is my German Shepherd so small and skinny.

Your veterinarian will need to do some tests to confirm that your dog has liver disease. A complete blood count will show you an excess of red blood cells, and a urine test will determine if there is an accumulation of protein.


German Shepherd Depression

German Shepherds would display some signs of being depressed at some point in their life. It could be that the dog is feeling over-protected or over-worked and that it is not getting enough exercise or its living space is inadequate.

When they are depressed, they will not enjoy whatever they are doing. There is even no interest in eating even though they are served the food they like. This can one of the reasons to your question on why is my German Shepherd so skinny.


Change In Environment

You must keep your dog’s living conditions in check during the changing seasons so that he does not get stressed out and create behavioral problems.

Why is my German Shepherd so skinny? Because German Shepherds will have feeding problems. They have to adapt to the new environment. If you frequently move or move your furniture, or there’s someone new in your apartment, this can be a serious eating problem for them.


German Shepherd Dental Problems

German Shepherd teeth and gum disease make them skinny because they don’t have an appetite to eat. Without knowing it, teeth are broken, or there is a problem in the dog’s gums. Make sure you do regular checks on your vet regarding the health of your dog’s teeth and mouth.


Poor Dog Nutrition

German Shepherds are the most popular breed in the United States, and they are also among the dogs that are the most prone to develop some sort of poor dog nutrition issues. Poor dog nutrition is the number one cause of illnesses and diseases in dogs.

Why is my German Shepherd so skinny? Because they have poor nutrition. Just like humans, your pet needs a certain amount of protein every day to maintain healthy body weight. Without protein, dogs can develop all sorts of health issues.

Poor German Shepherd nutrition can make your dog sick, lose weight, and can shorten his life. It’s important to feed your dog the best food for his breed and age.


What Foods Are Bad For German Shepherds?

It is essential to learn what foods are bad for German shepherd dogs. Many German Shepherd owners neglect this important fact, and as a result, their dogs’ health suffers.

Foods like grapes, onions, wild mushrooms, chocolate, walnuts, alcohol, macadamia nuts are bad and poisonous to German Shepherds. This will answer why is my German Shepherd so skinny, because of the poisonous foods.

Your German Shepherd’s diet is very important, so you should spend some quality time researching before buying food for your dog to ensure that the food you provide your dog is healthy, nutritious, and has no harmful ingredients.

Why is my german shepherd so skinny
Why is my german shepherd so skinny


What Is A German Shepherds Favorite Food?

Most German Shepherds love items containing lamb, fish, chicken, and beef. If you want to provide canned food or commercial dog food, make sure you add some of the ingredients above to add to your dog’s appetite.


What Human Food Can German Shepherds Eat?

Dogs are omnivores, and they do eat human food. It would make sense then that German Shepherds would also be able to eat other types of food.

Vegetables and fruits are good for German Shepherds, including watermelon, carrot, pineapple, blackberries, corn, broccoli, green peas. And other foods like oatmeal, popcorn, honey, rice, and shrimp.


Should You Be Able To Feel A German Shepherds Spine?

Another reason why the dog owners asked about “why is my German Shepherd so skinny?” because they can feel the spine of a German Shepherd.

A German Shepherd’s spine is marked by a series of curves that make up their shoulder, back, and leg bones.

Because this type of dog has its bones arranged so that if your dog were to lie down flat on his back, the spine would be able to lay parallel to the floor.

While your dog can sit upright with his back straight and his legs straight, he will not be able to stand up straight without stressing himself. It’s easy to see their spine if your German Shepherd is very thin.


How Can I Fatten Up My German Shepherd?

Many dog owners want to know how can I fatten up my German Shepherd? If you have a German Shepherd, you will likely want to make your dog look as good as possible. When you get your dog, you should also know how to feed it right.

The table below is a German Shepherd weight gain chart which can be a reference so you can fatten your dog.

1 month2.5 – 4kg2 – 3.5kg
2 months6 – 9kg5 – 7.5kg
3 months10 – 14kg8 – 12kg
4 months16 – 18kg14 – 16kg
5 months18 – 22kg16 – 20kg
6 months22 – 26kg20 – 22kg
7 months26 – 28kg22 – 24kg
8 months28 – 30kg24 – 26kg
9 months29 – 32kg25 – 27kg
10 months30 – 33kg26 – 28kg
11 months30 – 34kg27 – 29kg
12 months32 – 34kg27 – 29kg


Give Them High Calorie Food

When you want to answer why is my German Shepherd so skinny, make sure that the food you feed your German Shepherd is of good and healthy quality.

Good German Shepherd food contains mostly meat and grains. High-calorie food will bring weight gain to your German Shepherd.

Look for German Shepherd food with lots of vegetables, lean meat, and a good, complex, high-calorie balance. This will answer how to fatten up a German Shepherd, energetic and healthy.

High Calorie Foods like ground beef, hamburger meat, lean beef, or fish are good for German Shepherds.


Feed Puppy Food High In Proteins

The first rule of raising a puppy is to feed a puppy food that is high in proteins. High in protein means your puppy will have good growth.

Why is my German Shepherd so skinny? Because I didn’t provide enough nutrition and nutrition when my German Shepherd was a puppy.

The way to feed your puppy consistently is to feed it twice a day. The best way to feed puppy food high in proteins and carbohydrates is to contain a balanced ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and vitamins.


Home Made Treats

Homemade treats are the best way to provide your dog with high-quality and nutritional homemade dog food. By starting to feed your dog homemade dog food, you will be providing them with the best type of food possible.

You can mix pumpkins, peanut, flour, and water to make frosting cookies. Or you can give carrot-apple dog treats. If you want to add veggies, you can make chicken with veggie broth, yogurt, and peanut butter.


German Shepherd Wet Food

German Shepherd nutrition can be a real bear to deal with, especially if your dog is young and has not been fed properly in the past. The best thing to do for this age group is to feed them wet food.

Wet food will not attract fleas, and it is healthier for your dog. This type of food is also easier to digest. It should always be stored in cool, out of reach of puppies and out of reach of children.

Puppies love cereal, but you should not feed them too much. Most dogs need one ounce of wet food for every pound of bodyweight.

When your German Shepherd puppy is between four to seven months old, you should begin to feed him one ounce of wet food for every pound of bodyweight.

A six-month-old German Shepherd should get about ten ounces of wet food for a daily ration. You should always check to see if he is eating his food at the same time each day.


Take The Dog To The Vet

Why is my German Shepherd so skinny? You may want to get him or she checked out at a veterinary clinic because the dog could be suffering from a serious health condition.

Before you bring your dog to the vet for examination, make sure that he or she is in good overall health. This can be done by testing the dog’s eyes, legs, liver, kidneys, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Your vet should perform a complete physical exam, collect urine and feces, and check for heart and lung problems. Blood tests will also reveal any existing diseases.


Increase Meals Frequency

Increasing meal frequency for your German Shepherd is something you should never neglect doing. With a dog like this, the food you give him will affect his health in many ways. He must get enough nutrition to keep him healthy.

Why is my German Shepherd puppy so small and skinny? Dogs who don’t eat often enough become overweight or underweight. Your German Shepherd’s health can also be affected if he eats too often or eats the wrong kinds of food.

One of the biggest reasons your dog will not have enough energy to do his day-to-day activities is because his body is getting insufficient amounts of energy. He will need to have enough food and water to do his daily activities.

Try to provide your German Shepherd with various food sources so that his dietary needs are met. German Shepherds are prone to developing allergies to certain types of foods, so you should also be sure to give them plenty of cooked meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Why is my german shepherd so skinny
Why is my german shepherd so skinny


Train German Shepherd To Not Be Picky Eater

The most important part of training your dog not to be a picky eater is to be patient. Your dog is just adjusting to his new diet. They have to learn that there will be a period where they will not be allowed to have certain foods.

Sometimes, you may have to feed them the same foods repeatedly until they realize what you are asking of them. As long as you keep your expectations realistic, it should be easier for you to train a German Shepherd not to be a picky eater.

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