Dogs With Brown Noses : 9 Interesting Dog Nose Facts

Most of us have been conditioned to think that all dogs have black noses. Therefore any discussion on dogs having brown noses is likely to arouse a great deal of interest. Read on, to find out whether indeed some dogs have brown noses, which specific dogs have such brown noses and what causes the dogs to have brown noses.

By default, dogs’ noses are black. But dogs with brown noses do exist. In the dogs that have black noses, that color (at its core) is due to the presence of melanin. But where there is melanin suppression, the end result can be a dog with a brown nose.

Dogs with brown noses
Dogs with brown noses


What Color Should A Dog’s Nose Be?

Before going any further with this discussion on dogs with brown noses, it is a good idea for us to pause and try to understand what color a dog’s nose should be.

There is no single specific color that a dog’s nose should be. There are some dogs with black noses (the majority). Then we have others with brown and pink noses. We also have dogs that have the so-called liver color…

Further, we have dogs that have a nose in the same color as their coats. That is where, for instance, you have a light brown dog nose on a dog whose coat color is also light brown.

That is also where you can have a dark brown dog nose on a dog whose coat color is also dark brown.

On the other hand, you can also have dog’s whose nose color is different from their coat color. This is where, for instance, you get brown dogs with black noses.

Other examples are those of brown dogs with pink noses and white dogs with brown noses.

In the final analysis, the dog’s nose color is genetically determined – just the same way the dog’s coat color is determined genetically.

But it is also worth mentioning that dog nose colors do sometimes change. For instance, during winter, you may notice a brown dog nose where, during the warmer months, you normally see a black dog nose.


Can Dogs Have Brown Noses?

Another key question we need to tackle, in the course of this discussion on dogs with brown noses, is the one on whether dogs can actually have brown noses.

There are people who have only ever encountered dogs with black noses. Such people have never seen dogs with brown noses.

Therefore for such people, the question on whether dogs can have brown noses is a legitimate one.

So, indeed, can dogs have brown noses? The answer is ‘yes’. There are some dogs that are born with brown noses. Such dogs may then live all their lives with brown noses.

We also have cases where dogs are born with black noses. Then those noses turn brown as they progress with the course of life.

All in all, it is possible for dogs to have brown noses.

Turning this question around, someone who has only ever encountered dogs with brown noses may ask, are all dog noses brown? And the answer would be that besides brown, there are other common dog nose colors – such as black, pink and liver color.

As a matter of fact, a brown dog nose color is the exception, rather than the rule.


Why Are Some Dog Noses Brown?

The first reason as to why some dogs’ noses are brown is due to genetics. There are some dogs that are genetically programmed to have brown noses. Therefore that is the nose color they have all their lives.

The dogs have genes that suppress melanin, leading to the brown noses.

The second reason why some dog’s noses may turn temporarily brown is due to winter conditions. This is where you find that some dog’s noses turn from black to brown during the winter. But, to reiterate, this brown dog nose color is usually temporary.

Those dog noses typically regain their usual black color once the cold wintry seasons are over.

The third reason why some dog’s noses are brown is a condition we refer to as Vitiligo. This may also make the dog’s coats have white spots.

Further on, the fourth reason why some dog’s noses are brown is age. This is where most dogs are actually born with brown or pink noses. Then they become black as they dogs mature. Later on, as the dogs become aged, the dogs may become lighter again.

And the fifth reason why some dog’s noses are brown is a condition called Dudley’s nose. Here, the dog may have a normal black color in its youth. Then it turns brown permanently at some point.

Dogs with brown noses
Dogs with brown noses


What Are The Dog Breeds With Brown Noses?

Some of the breeds of dogs with brown noses include English Springer Spaniels and Puli dogs. Others are poodles, Labrador Retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

Some of those, like the poodles, are quite small dogs with brown noses.

Others, like the English Springer Spaniel are medium size dogs with brown noses.


Are Dogs With Brown Noses Rare?

To put it differently, is a brown nose on a dog rare?

Firstly, it is worth understanding that most dogs have black noses. Therefore we can assert that dogs with brown noses are rare.

In fact, in some places, it can be very hard for you to get a dog with a brown nose. Things can get even more complex if you include more conditions in your search: like, for instance, where you insist on only dogs with brown noses and green eyes.

Or where you insist on a perfect match: namely, dogs with brown eyes and noses.

All in all, brown is a relatively rare color, when it comes to dog noses.

Indeed, if you were to conduct research on what percentage of dogs have brown noses, you would notice that the figure is relatively low.

Therefore dogs with brown noses are relatively few in number. Most dogs have black noses.


Why Is My Dog’s Nose Brown Instead Of Black?

If your dog’s nose is brown, and has always been brown, then it is probably due to the dog’s genes. There are some dogs whose genes set them out to have brown noses.

But if it is a case where the dog’s nose was previously black, yet it has turned brown, it could be due to several factors.

It could be due to the condition we refer to as ‘snow nose’ or ‘winter nose’. This is where some dogs’ noses turn brown during the winter, then regain their black color during the warmer months.

It could also be due to abrasion, due to the condition we refer to as vitiligo or due to the other condition we refer to as Dudley’s nose.

This therefore also answers the question on what does it mean if your dog has a brown nose?


Dog’s Nose Turning Brown – What Are The Possible Reasons?

If your dog’s nose is usually black, yet it is turning brown, you need to look at four key possibilities.

If it is during the winter season, you need to know that it could be on account of the ‘snow nose’ or ‘winter nose’ condition. This is temporary hypopigmentation, but it usually resolves by itself once winter is over.

You may also be looking at a situation where your dog is suffering from the effects of Dudley’s nose. Most experts would regard this as a deviation from that particular dog breed’s standard.

Further, you may be having a situation where the dog is suffering from Vitiligo. If the change in color is accompanied by the appearance of white spots on the dog’s coat, this may be a possibility.

The other possibility is where the dog may be having an abrasion on its nose. So the abrasion makes the nose raw, the result being brown color. It should go back to the original black color once the underlying injury resolves.

Contact dermatitis can also cause a dog’s nose to turn brown.


Final Verdict – Dogs With Brown Noses

There are some dogs that are genetically programmed to have brown noses.

We have others that are born with black noses, but then the noses turn brown in the course of their lives. This may be due to conditions like Dudley’s nose, Vitiligo and contact dermatitis.

Many dogs do experience a temporary change in the color of their noses – from black to brown – during the winter months. This is referred to as ‘snow nose’ or ‘winter nose’.

Dogs with brown noses
Dogs with brown noses – dogs with brown noses instead of black

Abrasions can also make dogs’ noses turn brown. But those noses typically go back to their original black colors once the abrasions heal.

There are certain specific dog breeds you can buy, if you want to end up with a dog that has a brown nose throughout its life. Those include the likes of the poodles, Puli dogs, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Some of those are dogs with coats of other colors, but with brown noses. Others are dogs that have matching brown coats and brown noses.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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