Do Dogs Have Lips? 9 Awesome Dog Breeds With Big Flews

If you love dogs or have a genuine interest in dogs, then you might have asked yourself several questions about dog’s lips. Different people have varied opinions on dog’s lips.

Do dogs have lips? If you are seeking an explanation to this question, read to find out from this brief article. Different people will have various comments on the dog’s lips.

Some may urge on the color anatomy and even names for the dog’s lips. This article will help you get facts on what many people think they know, yet they get it wrong about the dog lips.

Do dogs have lips
do dogs have lips


Dog Lips Anatomy

It is essential to understand the Dog lip anatomy when discussing whether dogs do have lips or not. Not necessarily digging deep into a detailed anatomic description of the dog’s lip, but to have a brief understanding of the dog’s lips’ positioning and function.

The lips and cheek of a dog make up the lateral boundaries of the oral vestibular. The dogs have lower and upper lips. Dog lips are separate from each other, making them differ from human being lips.

The primary function of the dog’s lips is to protect the jaws and teeth continuously. They also play a role in transporting the scent to the nose for the smell sense’s perfection.

Dog lips are useful in saliva retention. They also form a continuous circular protective layer to protect the dogs’ dental structure.


Do Dogs Have Lips?

Do dogs have lips? Yes! Dogs have lips, but they are different from human lips. For some reason, many people assume that dogs have no lips at all.

Upper and lower human lips are prominent. You can easily distinguish them, unlike the dog’s lips that seem hidden.

Dog lips vary in size and shape. Dogs with big lips may belong to a particle breed or family tree. Puppies may not be the same as big dog lips. However, as they grow, their lips may as well increase in size.


What Are The Dog Lips Called?

There are unique names that describe dog lips. The upper lip of the dog is ” a flew.” There is no particular name to represent the dog’s lower lips.

The dog flew differ from breed to breed in terms of length and size.

When you study the dog flew anatomy, you will discover that Bulldogs and mastiffs have long and low-hanging upper lips.


What Color Are Dog Lips?

Contrary to many beliefs, not all dog lips are black. Just like eye color, the color of dog lips depends on the melanin content of the dog. The color varies from dusty (Isabella), brown (liver), grey (blue), and black.

Genetics are not consistent in all dogs, and hence the color may differ.

Some factors like cold temperature and age affect the level of melanin production and consequently dog lip color. If your dog has a black lip, you have a reason to give for their color.

Some people like dogs with some color pigmentation on their lips as opposed to a plain black color. It depends on the genetic makeup of your dog breed.


Do Dogs Have Upper Lips?

Do dogs have lips? Some dogs have very heavy flews while some are almost not visible. It depends on the kind of dog breed one owns.

Dogs have both lower and upper lips. If you are not keen enough with the dog’s lips’ structure, you may not discover the upper lip. Some breeds have more extended upper lips compared to others.

With such a breed, you may fail to locate the lower lip without pulling the flew.


Why Do Dogs Have Serrated Lips?

Take a close look at your dogs’ lips edges, and you will notice that it is serrated. The serrations have a particular function on the lip.

When a dog chews a bone, it is likely to bite its lips. So the serration’s primary reason is to keep the lips out of the way of top teeth.

The other function is to give the dog’s mouth an attractive design. If you pull the dog up, you will notice that at the intertwining of the top and bottom teeth. The serration keeps the lips of the dog away from the teeth when closing the mouth.


What Are The Spikes On My Dogs’ Lips?

Strike on the lips of the dogs should never be of concern. It is usual for a dog to have spikes on its lips. The tips are of great importance to the veterinarian. It helps them to perform a tooth extraction. They also aid in the cleaning of the teeth.


Why Do Dogs Have Bumps On Their Lips?

The bumps on the dog’s lips are for tear the flesh off of bones. The bumps grip the bone during chewing chews to prevent pulling away the teeth crushing the bone. Without this function, a dog could easily injure the surrounding skin and gums.

The bumps on the lips come in handy for dogs with big lips ensuring they don’t injure themselves.

Do dogs have lips
do dogs have lips


Why Do Dogs Have Black Lips?

It is pretty how dog black lip colors occur, but, similar to human beings, the black pigmentation results from melanin. Darkening increases with an increase in melanin levels.

Melanin pigment plays a significant role in skin protection. Humans and dogs with more melanin pigmentation get extra protection from dangerous sun rays. Therefore, the darker the lips of a dog are, the more protection t from the sun.


Why Do So Many Large Dogs Have Droopy Lips?

Mastiffs, boxers, and bloodhounds are some of the giant dog breeds with droopy lips.

These dog breeds have a similar hunting characteristic. The droopy lips protect the critical organs from injury by the dog’s sharp teeth during hunting. With more hunting, the lips get droopier.


Dog Breeds With Big Flews

Do Dogs have lips? Yes, they are called Flews.

Dog breeds that have big Flews include

  1. Bulldog
  2. Newfoundland
  3. Dogue de Bordeaux
  4. Spinone
  5. Italiano
  6. Saint Bernard
  7. Bullmastiff
  8. Labrador retriever
  9. Bull terrier


How To Care For Dog Lips Bumps?

To keep the dog’s lips healthy:

  1. Ensure the dogs’ lumps are clean and dry.
  2. Avoid using scented soap as it may cause dry skin.
  3. Consider brushing the dog’s teeth.

It keeps the dog’s lip bumps hygienic and healthy. In case of irritation to your dog’s lips bumps, seek veterinary services from qualified personnel.


Do Dogs Kiss With Their Lips?

Hope you know the answer to do dogs have lips now. I know that your curiosity peaks if Dogs can kiss their lips. Dogs kiss but not to express their emotions like human beings.

Dogs learn the kissing behavior when they are puppies from their mothers and they do it since they sense a taste from the skin because of salt deposits.

Now that you found your dog with big lips doesn’t mean they can kiss you.

Do not kiss the dog out of love. You may get disappointments trying to kiss a dog’s lips for affection. Dogs like to enjoy a salt taste from the skin. Dogs may not get any emotional connection from kissing.

You may consider sharing a kiss with the dog, but the nasty thing to think about is what they may have eaten before.


Final Verdict – Do Dogs Have Lips

After finding out the most important information about dog lips, I believe we have answered your question: “do dogs have lips?”. With all the knowledge from this article, you can care for your dogs and puppy’s lips more efficiently.

Understanding dog mouth anatomy is critical when exploring facts about its lips. Interestingly, the dog flews anatomy, dog lip anatomy, and understanding why dogs have serrated lips and black lips.

Do dogs have lips
do dogs have lips

Regardless of the breed, provide much love and care. All dogs turn up to be quite good pets and genuinely loyal friends at the end of it.

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