Do Ferrets Fart? Do Ferret Farts Smell? (7 Clear Facts)

One of the most frequently asked questions about ferrets is on whether they fart. In this article, we answer that question.

Do ferrets fart? Yes, ferrets do fart. Ferret farting is more common when they are pooping. But they do occasionally fart at other times too. Ferrets that are on new foods or ferrets that are fed on the wrong things may tend to have stomach upsets that make them fart more.

Do ferrets fart
Do Ferrets Fart?

Generally though, ferrets fart less than most other pets. That is because the diet eaten by ferrets has fewer carbohydrates.


Can Ferrets Fart?

Ferrets are capable of farting.

Many people who keep ferrets report incidents in which they have heard (or smelt) farts from their ferrets. Therefore ferrets do fart.

Most of the ferret farting happens while they are pooping. Therefore just before a ferret poops, it may let out a fart. But there are also cases in which ferrets may fart even when they are not in the course of pooping.

While the phenomenon of ferrets farting while pooping is more common, that of them pooping at other times (when they are not pooping) is less common. There are ferret owners who have never experienced the latter.

On the whole, ferrets farting is not as pronounced as the farting we see with other animals.

The whole thing is akin to asking, can ferrets burp? And the answer is ‘yes’, though they do it so infrequently that there are many people who live with ferrets for quite a while, without ever experiencing them burping.

Worth noting is the fact that ferrets sometimes seem to be surprised by (and even scared of) their own farts!

But then again, they can also seem to be scared of human farts. Indeed, people sometimes ask, why do ferrets get scared of human farts.

The bottom-line though is that ferrets do fart. And if you do find your ferrets farting, you should know that it is doing something other ferrets do.


Is It Normal For Ferrets To Fart?

Some degree of flatulence (farting) in ferrets is normal.

After all, ferrets, like all other animals, do swallow some gas while eating. And this gas has to come out somehow: hence the farting or burping.

Moreover, the digestion of the foods that ferrets eat results in the release of certain obnoxious smelling gasses. And these have to come out somehow: hence the farting.

However, there are some cases of ferret farting that may not be normal. For instance, if a ferret is farting too often, is lethargic and with a distended stomach, then the farting may not be normal.

In this case, the ferret’s farting may be a sign of bloat, which can be dangerous.

But the occasional fart while the ferret is pooping or at other times is normal. It shouldn’t be cause for concern.


Do Ferret Farts Smell?

Yes, ferret farts do smell.

Some ferret farts may have more obnoxious smell than others. But they do all have some sort of smell. That is what makes them ‘farts’.


How Often Do Ferrets Fart?

Farting frequency may vary from one ferret to another. Even in one particular ferret, there may be times when farting is more frequent than others.

In comparison to most other pets though, ferrets don’t fart very often. This is understandable, given the fact that ferret diet doesn’t have much carbohydrate.

What causes a lot of farting in many other animals is the digestion of carbohydrates. In ferrets, the intake of carbohydrates is lower: hence less farting.


Why Do Ferrets Fart?

There are three key causes for ferrets farting.

First is the phenomenon in which ferrets, just like all other animals, swallow some gas while eating. This can then lead to some farting, if it is not released by burping.

Second are digestion processes, which lead to production of certain gases that are then let out by way of farting.

Third is a poor diet, which can lead to ferrets farting more often.

Why do ferrets fart
Why Do Ferrets Fart?

Let us now look at each of these causes of ferrets farting more closely.


Swallowing Gas While Eating As A Reason For Ferrets Farting

Like all other animals, ferrets sometimes end up swallowing some gas as they eat. They then have to release this gas somehow. While some of it may come out by burping, some also comes out by way of farting.


Digestion Processes As A Cause For Ferrets Farting

The process of digesting certain foods that ferrets eat leads to production of obnoxious gasses. The only way these gasses can come out is by way of farting.

Here, one may ask, why do ferrets get gas yet they don’t eat lots of carbohydrates?

And the answer is although they may not eat carbohydrates, the digestion of some of the fats and protein they eat nonetheless leads to production of gas.

That gas is what is then at times let out as farts.


Poor Diet As A Cause For Ferrets Farting

Ferrets that eat the wrong things may end up farting excessively on account of it.

Eating the wrong things (especially plant-based foods) leads to stomach upsets, one sign of which is gassiness – and the subsequent farting.


How Do You Prevent Ferrets From Farting?

One question that sometimes bothers ferret owners is that of how to prevent ferret farts.

First of all, it is important to note that there is nothing you can do to completely prevent a ferret from farting.

However, if the ferret is farting excessively, there are measures that may be helpful. For instance, you may need to change what you feed it.

Knowledge of what foods to give ferret to avoid smelly farts would be helpful here. The key thing is to focus on feeding the ferret on a meat-based diet strictly, and avoid even small traces of plant-based foods.

There are instances in which ferrets farting may be a sign of a serious health problem. If the farting is accompanied by stomach distention, lethargy and apparent pain, then it is a medical problem – possibly bloating.

Therefore that would require veterinary attention. The vet may give medications to reduce the farting, while also treating the underlying problem.


Final Verdict – Do Ferrets Fart

Ferrets do fart. Most of the time, ferrets fart while they are pooping. However, there are also instances in which ferrets may fart at other times: even when they are not pooping.

Since ferrets don’t eat a diet that has lots of carbohydrates, they don’t usually fart as much and as often as many other animals.

However, the processing of some of the fats they eat is akin to the processing of carbohydrates. And that leads to farting.

The air that ferrets swallow while eating may also require being let out through farting.

Some degree of farting is normal in ferrets. But if you find a ferret farting too frequently, it may be a sign of an underlying problem.

Farting in ferrets is particularly worrisome if it is accompanied by major stomach distension, lethargy and apparent pain. In that case, it may be a sign of bloating, which in ferrets can be life-threatening.

So that would require veterinary care.

Do ferrets fart
Do Ferrets Fart In The Wild?

If your ferret starts to fart more often than previously, you need to consider any recent changes in its diet. Then you may identify the troublesome foods, and get rid of them.

If you start feeding a ferret on plant-based foods, it is likely to start having stomach upsets and bloating. And such a ferret is bound to start having a tendency to fart more.

Generally, you can reduce ferret farting by feeding it on the right foods. Those should be meat-based foods, including kibbles that are meant specifically for ferrets.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life!

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