How To Calm A Hedgehog? (9 Interesting Facts)

Hedgehogs are very cute, small, and adventurous mammals that have sharp quills on their backs that protect them from predators. They live in Europe and Asia and can be found in a lot of different colors. Hedgehogs can turn their feet backwards so they can curl up in a ball when sleeping, like a ball of yarn.

Talking of hedgehogs and their character traits, what about when it comes to calming a hedgehog.

How to calm a hedgehog? To calm your hedgehog down, you can pick up the hedgehog very carefully, and tilt his body downwards until it is almost lying on its belly.

How to calm a hedgehog
How to calm a Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs can be calmed in many more ways, more so if your pet hedgehog makes a fast movement, like running or crawling quickly, which will usually mean that he may be startled in which case he may make a loud hissing noise. He can also be startled by rubbing its back or head when it is resting.


How To Calm A Hedgehog?

Most hedgehogs are really quite friendly once they’re settled in, but how do you get a hedgehog to settle in? There’s no magic trick to make them feel at home, but there is a method.

First, be patient. The first night in its new home might be the hardest for your pet because it will be adjusting to a new environment, as well as getting used to you.

Talking of how you can calm down your hedgie, why is my hedgehog so jumpy in the first place? The hedgehog’s jumpiness is a reaction to your being unfamiliar and also to the fact that your presence might be a threat, whether real or imagined-Just let her calm down.

Also avoid staring, reaching out to stroke it repeatedly, or taking pictures. As is the case with all animals, including pets, you never know what your pet sees or hears. You have to respect that the hedgehog doesn’t know you, nor you it.

That is why they are so jumpy in new situations, especially when in new hands. Give them time and let them come to know you and you will gain their trust which will make your relationship with them very rewarding for both parties.


How Do You Tame A Grumpy Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs in the wild are naturally calm and will not attack humans. Spiny animals, however, do like to roll up into a tight ball when they feel threatened or scared.

So to calm a hedgehog, lean over the top of its cage and start gently rolling it into a ball with your hands then return it to its natural state by slowly unrolling it.

This can be repeated 2-3 times a day until you begin to see the results. Also note this should not be done for other types of spiny animals due to their personality.

Talking of how you should tame a grumpy hedgehog, what about when it comes to how to calm a grumpy hedgehog? Hedgehogs are great pets, but they can get grumpy and prickly. The original hedgehog treat, Conkerberry Crunchies are the perfect way to cheer up these prickly beasts.

These crunchy treats with a taste of blackcurrant are sure to be a real treat for your pet.

What about when it comes to how long does it take for a hedgehog to get used to you? It takes from a few weeks to a month or so for Hedgehogs to get used to humans. They are naturally shy, and can take time to adjust.

It also depends on how you act around them. Try not to make eye contact with them, as that’s when they tend to run away. Just let them adjust by themselves.


Why Is My Hedgehog So Angry?

The reason for this is simply due to the fact that hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, not like cats or dogs who naturally wake at sunrise.

Their sleep cycle is based on your average schedule, which would be around 9PM to 4AM, and they must sleep in order to maintain a healthy life; the more they sleep, the better they feel and the happier they are in their environment.

If you keep your hedgehog up too late during the night, trying to do things or play with it, this will cause it stress and lead to what many pet owners describe as snarling. To counter this problem there’s two easy solutions.

Talking of hedgehogs being angry, what about when it comes to how to calm a hedgehog? You can let your hedgehog go to bed later but if you want to enjoy some extra play time with your new pet why not turn on some relaxing background noise on a low volume? Music works wonders when it comes to soothing your spiky friend.


How To Pick Up A Hedgehog Without Getting Pricked?

Hedgehogs are tiny animals, but they can do a lot of damage if you don’t know how to pick one up properly. Their spines aren’t hollow like a porcupine’s, so they may not be that horrible if they prick you.

The quills are still sharp, though. Bending down and sliding your hands underneath the hedgehog is a great way to lift one safely.

Talking of how you would pick up a hedgehog without getting pricked, what about when it comes to how to pick up a scared hedgehog? A scared hedgehog can be picked up easily with a towel, a newspaper or a box by putting it on its side and tucking it gently inside. It will fluff up and warm in a matter of minutes.

It is important not to handle the hedgehog until it has warmed up.

Talking about how you can lift a hedgehog safely, what about when it comes to how to calm a hedgehog? To calm down a hedgehog, turn on a radio and have the hedgehog lay close to the speaker. Play some light background music while keeping an eye on the hedgehog.


Are Hedgehogs Friendly To Humans?

Because they are small and adorable, some people assume that hedgehogs would make friendly pets. However, they are not at all friendly to humans. Next to rats, hedgehogs are the second least friendly mammal to people.

They have many predators, including owls, foxes and coyotes, making them solitary animals. This makes them quite difficult to keep in captivity because they can become aggressive when kept in close proximity to one another or even with other species of animals.

Furthermore, hedgehogs like their food to be warm and there has been no successful attempt at getting them to eat raw meat and veggies.

Talking of whether hedgehogs are friendly to human beings, what about when it comes to how to tell if your hedgehog likes you? You can tell that your hedgehog is comfortable and happy with you by observing whether she will curl up in your lap.

Hedgehogs are very clean animals and use their spines to cover dangerous objects in their environment.

If your hedgehog sits in your lap for any period of time, you can be certain that she is comfortable with you.

Talking of whether hedgehogs are friendly to humans, what about when it comes to how to calm a hedgehog, can humans do so? Calming a nervous hedgehog can be quite a stressful situation.

Approaching a hedgehog can also be difficult because they have the instinct to curl up and puff themselves up when frightened to gain support against predators, as well as looking like different creatures such as porcupines, warts, or even snakes.

How to calm a hedgehog
How to calm a Hedgehog?


How To Play With Your Hedgehog?

Your hedgehog will enjoy playing in a variety of ways. However, what you choose will depend upon their age and how accustomed they are to direct handling.

Younger hedgehogs would benefit from frequent but brief handling sessions, whereas more mature hedgehogs tend to become more shy and therefore require longer and less frequent playtimes.

That said, it is wise to build up the frequency and duration of handling sessions slowly and over a number of days.

Talking of how you should play with your hedgehog, what about when it comes to how to bathe a hedgehog? Bathing a hedgehog is one of the simplest things. Just scrub your hedgie with a little dish detergent and rinse thoroughly.

If they shed, you can bathe them more frequently, but as little as once a month is probably ok.

Talking of playing with your hedgehog, what about when it comes to how to calm a hedgehog? Normally, when a hedgehog is under stress ,they will assume a fetal position. This includes rolling up in a ball and closing their eyes.

People can also hold the attention of the hedgehog with gentle hand movements or soft voices. Usually, this action helps it to become tired, and within minutes it will be asleep.

Another suggestion is that overweight hedgehogs should receive more food as this helps them to gain more weight. This is because their usual diet of dry cat or dog food does not contain enough nutrients for them.


First Week With A New Hedgehog

When you first brought home your new hedgehog, the only thing that mattered was eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom. Okay well maybe those aren’t the only things that mattered, but they were certainly on the top of your list.

The most important thing at this point is bonding with your new pet. Now that your hedgehog is well over a week old and established in their cage, it’s finally time to handle them.

Be prepared though, along with all of that sweet cute comes a lot of teeth (they could be your pet’s or yours). In this regard, you’re going to need something called bonding hand food which can be found in many pet stores.

It’s basically just a mixture of seeds and nuts for them to munch on during handling sessions so that young hedgehogs won’t use their teeth on you.

Talking about how you should spend the first week with your hedgehog, what about when it comes to how to bond with your hedgehog? Whether you have one or one hundred hedgehogs, it is possible to bond with them. While you may be tempted to engage in facetime right away with your new pet, it’s best to let them acclimate first.

Think of this process as similar to the setup phase your dog might go through when you move into a new home. The hedgehog will explore its new living space, building comfort and familiarity with its environment.


What Step Should You Take If Your Hedgehog Is Rolled Into A Ball?

If you have a hedgehog that is rolled into a ball, and it doesn’t want to eat or drink, don’t panic. Sometimes hedgehogs get stuck that way for a day or two until they decide to unroll.

Remember, hedgehogs are naturally nocturnal animals and keep themselves curled up all day long because they use their legs as protection against predators such as birds of prey. If your hedgehog is rolling itself up, take away its food and water for the time being to discourage this behavior.

There may be something wrong with the accommodations for your pet which may need to be adjusted.


How To Calm A Hedgehog Down?

When a hedgehog becomes excited it will curl up into an almost impenetrable ball of spikes. This is called the ‘hedgehog’s blow’, and if you are unfortunate enough to get your fingers caught in this, it will hurt dearly.

If a hedgehog curls up like this, then you should very slowly try to un-ball the hedgehog by carefully prodding the base of the tail from underneath. Do not panic if they do not unravel straight away. They usually just need time to relax.

Talking of how to calm a hedgehog down, what about when it comes to how to calm a wild hedgehog? It is possible to calm a wild hedgehog down by not being afraid and gently picking it up by carefully lifting its forepaws.

After that talk quietly and softly to your canine, and after a while, gently run your fingers through its bristles so it gets used to your scent, then stroke it very slowly, and let it go after a while.

Don’t try getting a prickly hedgehog used to you in less than 8 hours though, as they take 24 hours to get ready to trust you, unless they’re an African pygmy hedgehog which takes about 6 hours.


How To Soothe A Hedgehog?

Soothing a hedgehog is not so different than soothing any other animal. However, since they are nocturnal animals, it’s best to approach them at night when they’re most active. You want your hedgehog to be relaxed and eating.

It is also worth noting that soothing and calming is one and the same thing. Talking of how to calm a hedgehog, what about when it comes to how to calm a scared hedgehog? If your wild hedgehog is nervous, a warming hideaway will help.

You can make a ‘hot-tub’ for them with a plastic tub or box filled with polystyrene granules. Heat this bed up in the airing cupboard, on the radiator or (in summer) in the sunshine. After doing this, your hedgehog should be back to its normal jovial self.


Final Verdict – How To Calm A Hedgehog

In conclusion, what can we say about the topic of how to calm a hedgehog? Whether you keep a hedgehog as a pet, or have one visit as a guest in your garden, there are many ways to help it stay calm.

How to calm a hedgehog
How to calm a Hedgehog?

By keeping it cool in hot weather, keeping things familiar in new surroundings and knowing the dangers of different items, you can help make sure that your hedgehog has an exciting, comfortable and safe time on the go.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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