Dog Ate Deodorant : Is He Safe? 7 Clear Health Facts

Unpleasant odors in dogs are a common problem for all canine owners. Some dogs have a lot of activity rolling out their body in smelling things as they please. Some owners want to fix the problem by giving their dogs deodorant. 

What if your dog ate deodorant? Deodorants can attract a dog’s attention because of the sweet-smelling colorful stick. There is a possibility that the dog will experience mild gastrointestinal distress if they eat it. While propylene glycol and aluminum chlorohydrate are in most deodorants, there are non-toxic to dogs. One deodorant ingredient that can be toxic in high amounts is zinc.

We need to know the details about what effect deodorant has on dogs. Let’s read this article to the end.

Dog ate deodorant
Dog ate deodorant

Is Deodorant Ok For Dogs?

Deodorant used by humans is bad for dogs’ skin. Do not carelessly use deodorant for dogs because human skin has a different pH level than dogs. If you put deodorant anywhere, your dog can find it and eat it. Try consulting your vet to find the right dog deodorant for their skin.

Dog ate deodorant can cause a stomach upset if eaten in a large amount. Deodorant is not ok for dogs. Because the dog ate gel deodorant can cause extra gassy and diarrhea for the next few hours.


Do Dogs Need Deodorant?

No dog cares about their body odor. It’s pretty much the owner’s problem. Many canine owners choose to use dog deodorants to address the smelly issues. Do not use any human deodorants because they are not for dogs. Choose a deodorant with a standard odor that is not overpowering because dogs have a sensitive sense of smell.

The real problem is when you apply deodorant to dogs. If you’re caught off guard, the dog ate deodorant carelessly. If the dog just ate deodorant in large quantities, it will have side effects, and your dog will feel uncomfortable.

My dog ate Secret deodorant, and it caused a stomach ache in my puppy digestion. I had to take care of my pet until I decided to take the dog to the vet and do a medical examination.


Can I Spray Deodorant On My Dog?

Yes, if you use a deodorant specially made for dogs. Human deodorant spray or stick type has a different pH level than dogs and can cause irritation and drying. Giving the dog a human deodorant will worsen the dog’s skin condition.

You can look for references for deodorants for dogs with various fragrances. Not all dogs like the smell of spray deodorant. If you want to use a stick deodorant, keep an eye on your dog so that dog ate deodorant accident doesn’t happen.


What Happens If A Dog Eats Deodorant?

The dangerous part when a dog ate deodorant is the packaging which can be a choking hazard and get stuck in the dog’s digestive tract. Deodorants should not be ingested by dogs. Keep access to any deodorant to ensure the dog is safe.

My dog ate deodorant and threw up several times before I brought him to the vet. Dog ate small piece of deodorant can cause tummy upset from zinc which can be toxic to your canine friend.


Is Deodorant Poisonous To Dogs?

Antiperspirant substances and deodorants are not poisonous to dogs, but there are still adverse effects if your canine ingested in large amounts. Dog ate deodorant may experience stomach discomfort followed by diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Is deodorant toxic to dogs? Deodorant is still classified as toxic for dogs if a huge amount of deodorants has been ingested. Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior if it looks like drooling and lethargy. Take your dog to the vet to check whether your dog’s condition needs special treatment or not.


Is Dove Deodorant Toxic To Dogs?

Dogs of all kinds should not eat deodorants. Even if you use dog deodorants, you should keep your dog out of reach. So they don’t lick or bite the deodorant. The color and smell of deodorants can attract dogs to try them.

My dog ate deodorant and vomited after a while looking uncomfortable. I saw a piece of deodorant stick left, and I immediately cleaned it before my dog ate it up. Dog ate Dove deodorant can be poisoned because it contains aluminum. If the dog licks it off or bites some of them, they will experience stomach upset.

Never let dog ate deodorant a little or a lot because the possibility of dogs getting mild gastrointestinal problems is high.


Is Deodorant Bad For Your Dog?

Dogs have a sensitive sense of smell and are curious about strong scents. Soap, shampoo, or deodorant have a high probability for dogs to want to taste it because of the shape and color that entice them to eat.

My dog ate my deodorant accidentally and vomited several times before I took him to the vet. Zinc in deodorants is bad for dogs if ingested. Human deodorant is harmful to a dog’s skin and can cause itching, redness, or fur loss.

Dog ate deodorant accident is never safe. Whether your dog has mild gastrointestinal problems or drooling and lethargy.

Dog ate deodorant
Dog ate deodorant


My Dog Ate Deodorant – What Should I Do?

The concern when a dog ate deodorant is how much is ingested. Other issues are whether a glass or plastic container is included. There are several steps to take care of your dog when human deodorant on dogs is ingested.

What to doExplanation
Fast your dogDog’s digestive system needs rest for all food around 12 hours.
Ensure your dog stay hydratedAfter dogs experience diarrhea and vomiting, they need more water. Wait for the vomit to stop, and give access to water 3 to 4 hours afterward.
Keep your dog restedDogs with gastrointestinal problems will be weak and need time to rest.
Return the dog to normal mealsContinue the proper diet for a few days until the dog’s condition is fully recovered.


What Happens If A Dog Eats Deodorant Powder?

Deodorant powder, gel, or stick can still be dangerous if your dog overeats it. The zinc content in deodorants can cause mild gastrointestinal issues a few hours after being ingested. Regardless of the brand of deodorants, such as Native deodorant or Dove, it is still harmful to dogs.

When a dog ate deodorant, you need to monitor how much powder has been eaten and take your dog to a safe place. See the condition of your dog, and do not induce vomiting. Take the dog to the vet after diarrhea or vomiting symptoms appear.


Should I Be Worried If My Dog Ate Deodorant?

My dog ate a Speed stick Deodorant while I was at work, and I was worried because I was afraid that my dog would swallow it all at once with the plastic or pack. After my dog vomits, I wait 3 to 4 hours before taking him to the vet.

My vet said when my dog ate a stick of deodorant, the zinc in the deodorant made mild gastrointestinal issues happen. Dog ate deodorant will be fine only in a small amount. If your dog shows stomach aches signs like constipation, bloody stools, or runny stools, take your pet to the vet ASAP.


Puppy Just Ate Some Deodorant, Is It Poisonous To Him?

I’ve heard of a case where a dog ate Secret deodorant and experienced stomach pain a few hours after being ingested. Puppies have a high curiosity about their surroundings. They want to eat anything that smells good or has a unique shape.

Zinc in deodorant might be poisonous to dogs. Ensure your puppy does not have access to deodorant.


What Happens When A Dog Eats Deodorant?

There is no severe risk happening when a dog ate deodorant sticks. My dog ate my deodorant and had an upset stomach for several hours. Although there are no fatal symptoms when your dog ingests deodorant, keep your dog away from any deodorant because it can still cause gastrointestinal issues.


What To Do If Your Dog Eats Deodorant?

Don’t induce vomiting. Let the dog vomit naturally when a dog ate deodorant. If your dog has a stomach upset, you need to wait until the symptoms subside a little. Give your dog a drink and immediately take the dog to the vet.

Try asking your dog’s condition at animal poison control whether the deodorant is toxic enough for dogs. Although some of the ingredients in deodorants are not toxic, zinc can cause stomach upset issues.


Final Verdict – Dog Ate Deodorant

Canine owners want to do what’s best for their pets. Some owners provide deodorant to reduce the unpleasant odor. But the problem is with dogs who are curious and want to eat any deodorant such as gel, powder, or stick.

Dog ate deodorant
Dog ate deodorant

If a dog eats deodorant accidentally, nothing will happen. However, if the dog ingests a large amount, there is a possibility that the dog will get mild gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and nausea.

Do not place deodorant carelessly near dogs because dogs like to bite or lick things with a distinctive and fragrant smell.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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