Dog Ate Pacifier : 6 Clear Ways To Resolve Issue

Having a dog as a pet is both adorable and interesting. Sometimes there are dog owners who take care of their pets too much. For example, their dog is considered their baby and gives them a pacifier. If dogs don’t understand the function of a pacifier, they will eat it.

What happens if the dog ate pacifier? Swallowing the whole pacifier or in pieces can give your dog an obstruction in their intestines or stomach. If left unchecked, dogs can develop symptoms, such as fever, lethargy, constipation, and stomach pain.

To find out the dangers of pacifiers for dogs and what steps can help your dog if your dog has already swallowed pacifiers, you need to read this article to the end.

Dog ate pacifier
Dog Ate Pacifier


Does A Dog Need Pacifier?

Adults don’t need a pacifier, but puppies need one to soothe teething discomfort. Prepare their chompers to get used to chewing food and treats. Look for soft and textured pacifiers to satisfy the chewing needs.

The pacifier toy is not for adult dogs with complete teeth or dogs with powerful chewers. If the puppies are too small, you need to entice them to use a pacifier to soothe their teeth.

Do not use the pacifier for too long for your puppy. If there are parts that come off, replace the pacifier immediately before your dog eats it. Dog ate pacifier can be life-threatening. If part of the pacifier is stuck in their throat, your dog will not be able to breathe.


Is A Pacifier Toxic To Dogs?

Some dogs experience more serious consequences when they are not using a pacifier properly. When the airway is obstructed air can enter the mouth and cause a choking hazard. It is especially essential to make sure your dog receives its daily supply of pacifiers.

Pacifiers should never be given to older dogs, due to the increased risks of suffocation. If you suspect your older dog is not getting its regular pacifier break, be sure to take your dog to the vet right away for a confirming diagnosis.

Small dogs and puppies can easily swallow the pacifier if they are not being cleaned thoroughly. Dog ate pacifier can also cause gastrointestinal problems in large dogs that are improperly fed.

If you notice that your pet dog has lost weight after you changed his diet, or you notice that his teeth appear to be discolored, he is also losing nutrients due to a lack of pacifier use.

My dog ate a plastic pacifier, even if only one or two pieces of chewed plastic. I immediately took my dog to the vet because my dog started vomiting and seemed to be short of breath. Luckily my dog can recover quickly.


Do Dogs Eat Pacifier?

Typical pacifiers designed for dogs have a bit of a milky smell. Dogs eat pacifiers because of the sweet smell and will attract the puppy to put the pacifier in their mouth. If puppies don’t know what to do, they will eat the pacifier even though it’s still challenging because they don’t have strong teeth yet.

My dog ate pacifier because my dog has grown up, and the pacifier is outdated. I stopped my dog when I found out he was eating a pacifier. When a dog ate pacifier, he can experience gastrointestinal problems or difficulty breathing.


Why Do Dogs Eat Pacifiers?

Dog pacifier is designed to assist puppies in their teething process and soothe their teeth before the dog becomes heavy chompers. Not all dogs want to eat the pacifier. Some want to taste the sweetness of the pacifier and the softness.

Stop your dog if you see their behavior wanting to eat their pacifier. The plastic from the pacifier is dangerous for dogs because it can cause stomach blockage or choke.


What Happens If A Dog Eats Silicone?

If silicone is used as a dog food container or as a pacifier, it will be safe to use for your dog. But what if your dog eats it? Silicon will not be digested and will come out according to your dog when he eats it.

If your dog steals a baby pacifier with silicone as its main ingredient, then you need to know how much part of the pacifier your dog eats. Silicone can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

If your dog has swallowed it, use a little mineral oil to make it easier for the dog’s stomach to remove the silicone in the stomach. One of the dangers of dog ate pacifier is the ingredients used in making the pacifier. If the pacifier is used for babies, it is not suitable if your dog also uses it.


Can A Dog Pass A Pacifier?

If your adult dog eats pacifiers, you need to hope it doesn’t become a choking hazard for them, and it will pass through the bowels. Your dog will pass the pacifier according to its shape when swallowed because pacifiers cannot be digested.

Do not be careless to induce vomiting without a clear direction from the vet. Prevent your dog’s condition from getting worse. Immediately take him to the vet and tell him how the dog ate pacifier and how many pacifiers are in their digestive system.

Adult dogs can be easier to pass the pacifier without inducing vomiting, but puppies will be more difficult because of their tiny bodies.


How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Pass Something They Swallowed?

Dogs take about 10-24 hours to enter and be processed throughout the digestive tract. Some foods take a long time to be processed in the digestive tract. It is because of their size or because they are indigestible.

For example, when a dog ate pacifier, the pacifier will remain unchanged until it exits through the rectum.


What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Pacifier Tip?

The pacifier tip can be dangerous for your dog. If not a choking hazard, pacifier tips can cause intestinal blockage or stomach pain.

Any foreign object that cannot be digested is dangerous for dogs because the object will come out with the appropriate shape when swallowed by the dog. If the shape is large, it will become a blockage, and your dog may need surgery to remove the object.

Take it to the vet immediately if your dog eats a pacifier tip. Let the vet do X-rays and induce vomiting so that the pacifier tip can come out without having to be in your dog’s stomach.

Dog ate pacifier
Dog Ate Pacifier


Small Dog Ate Pacifier, Will He Be Alright?

Foreign objects are dangerous if swallowed by dogs. Even if your dog is small or big, any object that is hard to digest can cause severe problems for your dog’s throat, stomach, or digestive system.

If the dog is big enough, it’s common for them to eat the pacifier tip. You have to stop your dog’s behavior before seeing your dog suffering because of the plastic from the pacifiers they eat.

Small dogs have a greater risk because they can become choking problems and can lead to death in a matter of seconds. If your dog has started to have the ability to chew, immediately take their chewing toy, don’t use it again, and replace it with a treat or other safer item.


My Dog Ate My Baby’s Pacifier, Should He Be Ok?

It depends on how much pacifier your dog swallows. If your dog swallows the pacifier whole, seek help immediately by calling an emergency vet near me for medical attention.

Baby pacifiers are different from pacifiers in terms of softness, material, and size. The plastic on the outside of the pacifier is lethal if swallowed by a dog. Dog ate pacifier will only cause a lot of risk to the dog’s health because the pacifier is indigestible.


My Dog Ate A Rubber Pacifier, Is He Ok?

If your dog does not show symptoms such as lethargy, choking, stomach upset, or stomach pain, wait a few hours to see if your dog’s behavior is still normal. If nothing happens, let’s hope the pacifier your dog is eating is not bulky and can pass through their stool intact.

Even though it’s a bit disgusting, stretch out your dog’s stool to ensure the pacifier tips or parts pass through the stool and your dog remains in good health.


What To Do If My Dog Ate Plastic Pacifier?

Choking is a major problem when your dog eats the plastic from the pacifier. Let your dog gag or cough if they are trying to expel the plastic your dog has swallowed. Don’t force your dog to vomit, so it doesn’t become a lethal condition for your dog.

Contact your vet if you notice your dog is getting weaker, lying in unusual ways, and exhibiting abdominal pain. You can reduce your dog’s suffering by checking their mouths, picking up any remaining plastic in their mouths before they swallow.

Try to figure out how your dog gets and eats the pacifier. Discuss with the vet the steps that need to be taken.


My Dog Ate A Soothie Pacifier, Is It Harmful?

Dogs are allowed to use a pacifier specially designed for them. If the dog ate pacifier, check its mouth immediately if there are pacifier pieces. Wait for the dog to pass the foreign object by itself. Any pacifier can be harmful if swallowed by dogs because it is hard to digest.


Dog Who Ate 19 Pacifiers, Is He Alive?

In Boston, a family took their bulldog to the Massachusetts veterinary hospital because he stopped eating. After a medical examination, it was found that there were 19 pacifiers in the dog’s stomach.

The dog’s name was Mortimer. Early problems experienced by Mortimer were getting nauseous before meals. After being given medicine, Mortimer’s condition remained like that until he stopped eating.

After the vet did an X-ray, they found the main problem, and the pacifiers were removed without any effect. Mortimer recovered after that and returned home.


Do Dogs Use Pacifiers?

Puppies need a pacifier to soothe their teeth. Do not give pacifiers for adult dogs or if the dogs can chew food well. The puppy pacifier will help the puppy to keep clean teeth, promote dental health, and prevent tartar buildup.


How To Induce Vomiting In A Puppy?

When a puppy eats a foreign object such as a pacifier, you must know how to expel it by inducing vomiting. But if you do it carelessly, it will be bad for your dog. There are several steps to induce vomiting in dogs. Let’s look at the table below.

Give small mealIf your puppy hasn’t eaten for two hours, a small meal can help with the vomiting process.
Hydrogen peroxide solutionUse 3-percent hydrogen peroxide. Do not do more than that because it can be dangerous for your dog.
Administer the proper amountThe recommended usage is 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of weight. Maximum 3 teaspoons for dogs weighing more than 45 pounds.
Use feeding syringeAdminister the dosage with a syringe. If it has no effect for 15 minutes, give a second dose.
Watch the dog vomitWait for the dog to vomit and see if the pacifier comes out with the vomit.
ComplicationsIf there are adverse reactions, immediately take the dog to the vet.


Final Verdict On Dog Ate Pacifier

If you have babies, watch your dog. Ensure they don’t pick up the baby’s pacifier and get eaten by them. Dog ate pacifiers can cause choking, stomach pain, lethargy, fever, intestinal blockage.

If left unchecked, your dog can stop eating. Stomach blockage can make it difficult for dogs to pass stool. The pacifier will not be digested. You can only see the pacifier come out in shape when your dog swallows it.

Dog ate pacifier
Dog Ate Pacifier – Small Dog Ate Pacifier

Puppies need a pacifier to train their teeth before they become excellent chompers and chew foods. If your dog has grown up, stop giving pacifiers, so they don’t eat them.

As a pet lover, make sure to protect your pet dog by monitoring what they come across and prevent dogs from accidentally eating anything from the floor.

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