Dog Hiccups In Sleep : (9 Menacing Reasons)

Many people ask the question, Why does my dog hiccups in sleep? It is mostly asked by the new pet parents that haven’t seen hiccupping before. Many reasons can be there, like when dogs get stressed or excited then they may get hiccups.

Is dog hiccups in sleep normal? when dogs drink or eat too fast and get air, it may result in spasms. Many other reasons like excitement, fatigue, and stress are also behind dog hiccups in sleep. Some vets say that these harmless spasms are very helpful in relieving irritation and pain.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind dog hiccups in sleep, how we can help out the dogs in hiccupping, Is hiccupping in sleep very harmful to dogs and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of dog hiccups in sleep.

Dog hiccups in sleep
Dog hiccups in sleep


Are Dogs Hiccups Normal?

Yes, hiccups are normal for dogs. Most pet parents are worried about hiccups when they suddenly see that normal breathing changes into body jerks while sleeping. In hiccups, rhythmic breathing changes into abnormal ones, but you don’t worry about this. It is a normal thing in dogs like humans.

Hiccups are uncontrollable spasms in which muscles of the diaphragm contract and that result in abnormal breathing. After this glottis of dogs close, and there is a stoppage of air intake. The hiccups happen.

Normally it can be seen in many dogs, and the reason behind the dog hiccups in sleep is stress and excitement. It can also be due to fast drinking and eating.


Are Sleep Hiccups Harmless?

Yes, it is considered harmless for dogs. If your dogs have hiccups while sleeping, then you should let them sleep. If you want to help them in this situation, then you can give him water. You should not give them their favorite food or treat at that time because it can cause a choking hazard to dogs. You can also use the toys to distract them.

Multiple reasons are there for hiccupping in sleep, but one thing is important: it is not life-threatening or fatal for dogs. It is a normal thing, just like it also happened in humans. You can keep your dogs to stop them from eating, which is harmful to them in this condition.


Dog Hiccups In Sleep – What Are Possible Health Concerns?

 When dogs get hiccups in sleep, then it is not fatal for them. You don’t worry about this thing. But observe your dog in hiccups. If the condition is going to worsen, then there are risks of several other disorders. It can be a sign of gastrointestinal issues. When there is excess gas in the stomach of dogs, then they may start hiccupping.

Some dogs also get coughs and breathe shortness then it may be due to the respiratory disorders that may be due to kennel cough and asthma. Kennel cough is due to the entry of bacteria into the respiratory tract of dogs. It can be due to overcrowding and poor ventilation. You can consult with your vet as early as possible to save your dog from getting chronic issues.


Why Does Dog Get Hiccups In Sleep

Diaphragm movement is smooth and regular, but sometimes it can be changed due to some external factors resulting in muscle spasms. There is not only one cause that is behind dog hiccups in sleep. When dogs are extremely stressed or excited, it results in breathing much air then dogs may have hiccups.

It can also be seen in dogs that are very much energetic. When they are playing, and due to rapid and irregular breathing, they may get hiccups. Hiccups can also be due to drinking or eating, and they can also be due to choking.

The diaphragm has dome shaped skeletal muscles, and it divides the chest and abdomen. It is a very important organ that plays a key role in the breathing of dogs. When air comes in a diaphragm contract and then moves down, this makes an extra space and results in the extension of the lungs. When dogs exhale air, this results in the relaxation of the diaphragm, and it will be moved upward to the chest cavity.


Is Dog Hiccups In Sleep Okay?

Yes, dogs’ hiccups are okay while sleeping. As we discussed, it is due to fast drinking and eating. It can be seen in fully grown adult dogs as well as in puppies. Multiple reasons can be there for hiccupping in dogs.

You can see more hiccupping in puppies while asleep as compared to adult dogs. At least there is only one-time hiccupping in puppy age. Puppies have good energy levels and excitement. They are very curious about the new things when they see that is why they experience hiccups.

When they encounter a new thing, they get very nervous or excited to know that things. Then they may hear or smell that thing, and when there is large air breathed in, it may result in hiccups. Dreams can also cause this issue, although it is not harmful to them. It is considered harmless spasms by vets. 

Many owners confuse hiccups with reverse sneezes. They have many differences. Reverse sneezes only happen when there is the inhalation of air by the nose, while in hiccups, the inhalation of air is due to the mouth inhaling.


Why Does My Dog Make Hiccup Noises While Sleeping?

One of the common causes of hiccupping in adults and puppies is the rating of food or drinking water too fast. It results in the ingestion of air in the intake of water and food. Dogs may hiccup noises while sleeping. It can be because of the contraction of muscles of the diaphragm.

Dog hiccups in sleep
Dog hiccups in sleep


Are Hiccups In Dogs Bad?

Hiccups are not bad in dogs, but it is annoying for pet owners. Hiccups don’t hurt dogs, and it is not painful as well. While hiccupping, there is no damage or abnormality inside the dogs. That is why you need not worry about this situation.


Should I Be Worried If My Dog Is Hiccupping?

No, you should not be worried if my dog is hiccupping. You may sense the wheezing sound because of difficulty breathing and irregular breathing. You need not consult with your vet in this situation. If you see many other health symptoms and illnesses, then vet consultation is necessary in this regard.


How To Help Your Dog When It Gets Hiccups During Sleep

In many cases, you need not worry about hiccupping in sleep, and dogs get on normal breathing without any help or cure. It is harmless in dogs like it is harmless in humans. It will be solved naturally, and it needs no aid or help.

The hiccupping session duration ranges from minutes to many hours. A few minutes of hiccupping is okay for dogs, but if the duration is going to a few hours, then you can help your dogs in these harmless spasms. Following are the things that are worth considering if you want to help them.


Disturb Dog From Rest

The first thing is that you can wake dogs up from their dream. You can get him back to the original conscious and real world. The faster you can get back to him, the more hiccupping will retreat. So the first thing is very necessary for dog hiccups in sleep.


Relax Dog, Relieve Hiccups

You can also help your dog by back rubbing. In this way, the dog feels relaxed. It is helpful for dogs for the elimination of stress and nervousness that is causing hiccupping in dogs. You can also make them calm and relax by stroking the fur of dogs. Soothing the voice of owners is very important for getting your dog back to normal life from hiccups. In this way, their breathing rate will get back to normal.

A relaxing walk in the park is also an effective solution to hiccupping. When there is a calm walk by dogs, you will see an improvement in breathing and regular heart rate. You can also make them distracted by noises, sights, and smell from taking him outside.


Hydration For Hiccup

Hydration is also the key thing to remove the hiccups from dogs. You can give them water. When dogs drink water, it is very helpful to maintain the water balance in the body, resulting in lessened hiccupping.

Keep in mind that your dog only drinks water very slowly because when there is drinking of water at a fast rate, it may result in hiccupping, and it is the most common cause of hiccups in dogs. You can also give them treats of their favorite food to make them. But don’t give treats or edibles in case of sleeping because it can cause a choking hazard. That results in a serious respiratory issue. It may block the air canal of dogs.

Honey and maple syrup are very important in this condition. You can mix both of these things in water and give it to your dog. Sugarcane juice is very much effective for calming down your dog from hiccupping. Relax the throat of dogs.



Playing is an important thing to help them from hiccups. You can give toys for play with. You can also take them to the park for outside trips. Chewing toys are worth considering to make them busy or if you want to distract the mind of dogs.

If you want to fix this issue in less time, then running around the home or something is a great game that can help get a dog back to normal life. If you forcefully do something for dogs in hiccups, there may be more abnormality in breathing.


Chest Massage

If you want to get rid of hiccups, then chest massage is the best thing to do. You can rub the belly area for about ten to fifteen minutes, and this is many effective methods for dogs.

Dogs enjoy this type of massage. When you are doing a massage, it makes them calm, and it lowers the irritation in the diaphragm. Massage makes the diaphragm back to its position.


Regulate Meal Times

The last thing is the most important thing if you don’t want to see dog hiccups in sleep. You can change the feeding schedule of dogs if dogs keep getting hiccups in sleep. You should know the weight and size of dogs, and you also need to know the appetite of dogs.

Appetite also varies from dog to dog. There is much appetite for dogs that belongs to large size breeds as compared to the small size breed dogs. You should adjust the frequency, timing, and quantity of diet for your dogs.

If dogs eat only one time in one day, you can divide this meal plan into two to 2-3 smaller meals, and you can give it to dogs at three different times per day. If dogs eat quickly and swallow the food without chewing, then dogs may get hiccups. That is why splitting whole meal into 2-3 times is important for dogs.

Dog hiccups in sleep
Dog hiccups in sleep


Final Verdict On Dog Hiccups In Sleep

It is a normal thing that dogs hiccup in sleep. You need not worry about this thing. Many reasons are there, like stress, nervousness, and excitement, etc. It will retreat naturally. Hiccup sessions can last for minutes to hours. You can help them in many ways like disturbing sleep, relaxing them, hydration, chest massage, and regulating mealtime.

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