Fat Pitbull : Why Is My Pitbull Fat? (9 Clear Facts)

If you own a Pitbull, it may get to a point where you start wondering whether or not the Pitbull is unduly fat. In this article, you will find information on how to tell if your Pitbull is fat, what may make a Pitbull fat, and what you need to do, if your Pitbull is actually fat.

In objective terms, a fat Pitbull is one whose weight is above the healthy range. Factors that may make a Pitbull fat include improper feeding, lack of exercise and certain diseases. You may get the Pitbull back into the healthy weight range by changing its feeding, giving it more exercise and addressing any underlying diseases.

Even the fattest Pitbull can revert to a healthy weight: through dietary changes, more exercise and addressing any underlying diseases.

Before you start thinking that your Pitbull is fat though, you need to have insight on the ideal Pitbull weight. You also need to know what the average weight for a Pitbull is like.

Fat pitbull
Fat Pitbull – Why Is My Pitbull Fat?

You may be thinking that yours is the fattest Pitbull. But a closer look at the numbers reveals that it isn’t. A closer look at the figures may reveal that it is just a slightly overweight Pitbull: not even an obese Pitbull.

However if, in objective terms, yours is truly a big fat Pitbull, then you should know that its being fat predisposes it to many health problems.

And having the fattest Pitbull around may not really be the sort of thing you want to get accolades for.


Can Pitbulls Be Fat?

The first question we need to ask ourselves, in this sort of discussion, is on whether Pitbulls can be fat.

And the answer is ‘yes’ – Pitbulls can be fat.

You see, there exists a certain Pitbull ideal weight range. More specifically, there is an ideal weight for male Pitbull and an ideal healthy weight for female Pitbull.

A Pitbull whose weight is far above these levels may qualify to be termed as being ‘fat’.

And if, in comparison to other Pitbulls, yours has the highest weight, then people may justifiably start referring to it as the fattest Pitbull around.

Sometimes, even without making reference to objective weights, it may be possible to see that a Pitbull is fat by its very appearance.

So the bottomline is that Pitbulls can be fat. Pitbulls are not in the category of dogs that rarely ever turn out to be fat. Pitbulls often turn out to be fat. Walking around in some areas, it is actually quite common to encounter manifestly fat Pitbulls.

Now upon learning that Pitbulls can be overweight, some people ask: how do I know if my Pitbull is overweight?

Therefore in the next section, we tackle that issue: on how to tell if a Pitbull is overweight.


Is My Pitbull Fat?

There are two ways to tell if your Pitbull is fat. One is objective, and the other method is subjective.

The objective way to tell if you have a fat pit bull is by weighing it. Most authorities say that a male Pitbull should be between 35 and 60 pounds in weight. They also say that a female Pitbull should be between 35 and 50 pounds.

Those figures are for Pit Bull Terriers specifically. The healthy weight for Pitbull Terriers is therefore in that range.

It may be normal for a dog to go slightly above the healthy range. But if a dog goes too far above the healthy range, then you know that you have a Fat Joe Pitbull.

The subjective way to tell if yours is a fat Pitbull may be by just looking at it. If it is rotund or oval in shape, then you know that it may indeed be fat.

In fact, the latter approach is one through which you may tell which is the fattest Pitbull in a group, even without weighing.

Looking at a Pitbull closely, you can surely tell whether it is lean or fat.

Granted, it may be hard to tell whether you have a fat Pitbull puppy by just looking. This is because the puppy may still be growing. Therefore it becomes hard to tell what its adult body build is going to be like…

Thus, a baby fat Pitbull may be very hard to pick out, using visual observation alone.

But a fat Pitbull dog (that is, fat adult Pitbull) is usually quite easy to pick, on the basis of visual observation.

Ultimately, by using weighing scales and/or using visual observation, you may be able to tell whether you really have a fat Pitbull.


Why Is My Pitbull Fat?

Upon discovering that your Pitbull is fat, the next question you will probably have to grapple with is as to why exactly the dog has become fat.

That applies whether yours is a fat Pitbull Terrier, fat American Pitbull or fat red nose Pitbull. It also applies whether yours is a fat Pitbull Singer, fat Gray Fox Pitbull and so on.

Indeed, even if it was a case where you had an abnormally skinny Pitbull, you would have an interest in knowing why it is abnormally thin.

Now there is really nothing like a naturally fat Pitbull breed. Therefore if you have a Pitbull that is fat, it may not be possible to pin it down on genetics.

More likely, your Pitbull’s fatness may be due to eating too much. This can be a factor, even where you have a relatively small fat Pitbull.

Eating the wrong type of food may be another reason for you ending up with a Pitbull that is fat. Thus, you may end up with a fat Pitbull puppy due to feeding it the wrong type of food.

Lack of exercise is another possible reason why your Pitbull is fat. Actually, the moment you start seeing signs your Pit bull is overweight, you should start looking at its exercise routines.

All in all, on account of lack of adequate exercise, you may end up with a fat blue nose Pitbull.

Then there are certain diseases that may predispose a Pitbull to being fat. Thus whether yours is a short fat Pitbull, a fat head Pitbull or anything else along those lines, this may be on account of one of these diseases.

Fat pitbull
Fat Pitbull – Why Is My Pitbull Fat?

We will now proceed to look at each of these factors that may make a Pitbull fat in turn.


Eating Too Much As A Reason For A Pitbull Being Fat

If a Pitbull consistently eats too much, it may end up getting too fat. In fact, if you consistently overfeed your Pitbull, it may end up being a contender for the fattest Pitbull in the world title.

A Pitbull needs a certain number of calories per day. If it consistently gets more than it needs, it stores the excess in the form of fat. And this is how you end up with a fat Pitbull.

If the dog is short, you may start thinking that it belongs to a short fat Pitbull breed. So you attribute its fatness to genes. But more careful analysis reveals that the problem is in the dog’s feeding, rather than genetics…

What to us looks like just a little extra food may turn out to be way too much excess food for a Pitbull.

Just an extra half cup of food (over the recommended maximum) on a regular basis is enough to get you soon or later exclaiming ‘I have a fat Pitbull!’

Suppose you are told that the maximum a given Pitbull can eat per day is 3 cups of food. That then is what you should stick with. Going above that by even half a cup on a daily basis can lead to significant weight gain.

Then you end up having to buy those expensive (and usually hard-to-find) Fat Bill Pitbull kennels. All due to your inability or unwillingness to observe the feeding guidelines for Pitbulls you get from the experts.


Eating The Wrong Type Of Food As A Reason For A Pitbull Being Fat

You may be feeding your Pitbull the right amount of food. But if you are giving it the wrong types of food, this too can lead to it becoming fat.

For instance, if you overuse treats (which tend to be densely packed with calories), you may end up fattening your Pitbull.

Similarly, if you feed your Pitbull too frequently on human food, you may eventually make it fat.

On another note, if you keep on feeding an adult Pitbull on the calorie packed puppy food, you may make it fat.

In due course, you could actually end up with the fattest Pitbull in your county, without even knowing.

If you were trying to learn how to make pit bulls bigger while they are still young, choice of food would be critical. Similarly, when it comes to learning how to make fat Pitbulls slim, choice of food is also critical.

All in all, if your Pitbull consistently eats the wrong types of food, it may take no time for it to join the ranks of fattest Pitbull title contenders.


Lack Of Exercise As A Reason For A Pitbull Being Fat

If a Pitbull is to maintain a healthy weight, it needs regular, adequate exercise.

In case you fail to allow your Pitbull to have enough exercise, it may end up becoming fat.

Actually, the fattest Pitbull in an area may have become so fat not due to overfeeding, but rather due to lack of exercise.

As a Pitbull ages, its capacity for exercise usually starts waning. But you still need to encourage it to have some physical activity: otherwise it may become overweight.

Similarly, once you neuter a Pitbull, you may notice that it becomes less energetic to exercise. Even then, you need to get it to exercise a bit. Otherwise it may get fat.


Disease As A Reason For A Pitbull Being Fat

There are certain diseases that may make a Pitbull fat in a short duration of time.

Diseases that affect metabolism, for instance, can end up making a Pitbull fat quite fast.

Further, diseases that affect the thyroid gland can trigger events that ultimately make a Pitbull fat.

There are also cases where we see Pitbulls with the disease we refer to as “Cushing’s Disease.” This disease affects the distribution of fat in a dog’s body. A Pitbull with this disease may end up looking too fat even when, objectively speaking, it is not overweight.


How To Help Fat Pitbull Reduce Weight?

After establishing that your Pitbull is fat, you need to figure out how to help it reduce the weight.

This applies whether it is a modestly fat pit bull or the fattest Pitbull in an area.

So the challenge here is on how to care for fat Pitbulls, in order to help them go back to having healthy weights. Or, in other words, how to make fat Pitbull healthy again.

The first thing you need to do in that regard is ensure that you don’t overfeed your Pitbull. Know the maximum amount of food the Pitbull can eat. Then ensure that you never reach, let alone exceed, that limit.

Another key thing is to ensure that you feed the Pitbull on the right type of foods. Provide a healthy balanced diet. Minimize the use of junk food. Also minimize the use of treats.

If there is a disease that is making your Pitbull fat, get a vet to diagnose and treat the same.

Ensure that your Pitbull gets adequate and regular exercise.

These are the best weight loss tips for an overweight Pitbull dog. They can be quite helpful at keeping your pit bull in shape throughout.

Beyond those, you may consider giving the overweight Pitbull weight loss supplements. But you should only do this with your vet’s blessings.


How To Prevent Pitbull From Getting Fat In The Future?

Once you manage to get a fat pit bull reasonably slim again, you will likely want to know how to prevent the Pitbull from getting fat in the future again.

For instance, if the dog had grown fat to a point of being a contender for the fattest Pitbull title, you may want to prevent that from recurring.

Now how to prevent Pitbull from getting fat in the future is easy. Firstly, you need to ensure that you never overfeed the Pitbull.

Further, you need to ensure that you only feed the Pitbull on the right types of foods. Don’t overuse treats. Avoid giving adult Pitbulls puppy food. And minimize the use of human food by the Pitbulls.

On another note, you may need to have any diseases that can make a Pitbull fat diagnosed and treated. As long as such diseases remain untreated, the dog will probably always be a potential fattest Pitbull title contender.

Finally, to prevent Pitbull from getting fat in the future, you need to ensure that it gets regular and adequate exercise consistently.


Final Verdict – Fat Pitbull

It is possible for a Pitbull to get fat. You may tell if a Pitbull is fat by weighing it. If its weight is far above the healthy limits, you know that it is an overweight or obese Pitbull, as may be the case.

Fat pitbull
Fat Pitbull – Why Is My Pitbull Fat?

Visual observation may also tell you if a Pitbull is fat. For instance, if a Pitbull has an inordinately round/rotund build, it may be manifestly fat.

Factors that can make a Pitbull fat include overfeeding, eating the wrong types of foods, certain diseases and lack of adequate exercise.

You can help a fat Pitbull to regain a healthy weight by changing its feeding. Addressing any underlying metabolic diseases (or other diseases predisposing the Pitbull to being fat) and giving the dog adequate and regular exercise can help it regain a healthy weight and shape.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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