Pug Pitbull Mix : (9 Interesting Mix Breed Facts)

Pitbull Pug Mix is a family dog. They are very friendly and active towards humans. You should have at least one Pug Pitbull mix if you have a variety of dogs. As we know, dogs are good companions and are very loyal to their owners. When you are going to keep the dogs of a new breed, then you should have all knowledge like health issues, temperament, etc., about them.

This article will discuss the Pitbull pug mix in detail, their health issues, and behaviors. Let’s start the topic.

Pug pitbull mix
Pug Pitbull Mix


Pug Pitbull Mix

Pug vs. Pitbull cross results in pug pitbull mix. Pug Pitbull mix is known as a hybrid because of the two different parents from two other breeds. When the American Pitbull crosses with a pug, the resulting offspring has both parents’ characteristics and is known as Pug Pitbull mix or puggle and Pitbull mix.

Pug Pitbull mix has both parents’ features and dual nature, so you should have enough knowledge before keeping them. To understand their behavior, review both of the parents.


Pug Pitbull Mix History

As we know that they have been developed artificially by the process known as hybridization. Pitbull pug mix was developed in 206 B.C. Pug Pitbull mix originated from China.

Pug pit mix is called lap dogs. They have a very possessive nature towards the owner and the rewards. That is why you can train them very quickly by rewarding them. You can see these dogs in elite’s class families. They are known as a symbol of the privileged class.

In the 16th century, the Pitbull pug was widely spread worldwide, and now they are among the most popular dog breeds worldwide.


Characteristics of Pug Pitbull Mix

  • Pug pit size is about 12-16 inches in height.
  • Pit pug coats are furry and short, but they do not have the ability to shed very much.
  • Pit pug mix has many coat colors. Brindle, black and white, gray, brown, red, black, and blue are the famous coat colors of this breed.
  • Exercise is necessary for them. I hours is enough exercise for Pug Pitbull mix, but you should divide into two half an hour sessions.
  • Pitbull and pug mix has 23-34 pounds average body weight.
  • The average life expectancy is about 10-13 years.
  • There are many names of pug Pitbull mix. Other names are pugbull, pug A bull, pit pug, pit a pug, pugbull, pugbull terrier.
  • They are very affectionate and intelligent. They are very friendly among families.
  • Pug Pitbull mix has adaptation to adjust themselves in people of almost all ages. They are very loving among children.
  • They can fight with other pets because of fear. Proper training is necessary to eliminate this habit.


Pitbull Pug Mix Appearance

The appearance of the hybrid breed is difficult to determine because of the two different parents. The appearance of a dog depends upon the dominant genes of each parent. If the dominant genes are from a pit-bull, then the Pitbull pug mix puppy has many characteristics of a pit-bull and vice versa.

Pit pug puppies either get the feature snout from Pitbull or get the flat-faced feature off his pug parent. Pug Pitbull’s mixed body structure is very similar to the Pitbull as compared to the pug.

They have a variety of colors like

  • Brindle
  • Black and white
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

 The primary color depends upon the dominant genes. Their size is about 12 to 16 inches, and their weight is about 23 to 35 lbs. They have long torsos as compared to the size of legs. One of the features that they get from their pug parent is a black mask. They have a unique facial appearance.


Personality Of Pitbull Mixed With Pug

Pug Pitbull Mix is known as highly affectionate. They are very loving and loyal to their owners. They’re brilliant because of their intelligence. They remain alert in any situation. Respond very quickly to the environment.

Pug mix with Pitbull is adaptable to the external environment. They can easily adjust them and face them. Pug Pitbull Mix maintains a gentle and calm demeanor. They rarely attack humans. Even when they see unfamiliar faces, they only howl or bark rather than attack and hunt.

Pug and Pitbull mix is known as highly energetic and playful dogs. They can make you happy when you are holding them.


Pug Pitbull Mix Behavior

Pugs pit mix shows no aggression and violent behavior. They are peaceful dogs. They need some training and guides for socializing. This is very important for seeing the newcomers and other pets. One of the best things is that they don’t become victims of separation anxiety.

Their parents suffer from separation anxiety, but the hybrid breed is not suffer from separation anxiety. They like cuddling if you leave them alone at home; they don’t feel anxious like other dogs. You will find them fine and good.

One of the traits of both parents is stubborn behavior. They show very much in their life. They can do anything that their owners have liked. However, they require strict guidelines and training, and they often feel challenged to get the commands.

Because of consistency, patience, and love, they can do anything for your good behavior. They can make your day good. This personality and behavior make their family dogs. That is why elite class families keep them.


Nutrition Needs Of Pugbull

In this section, we will discuss the diet plan for Pugbull. You should give them proper nutrition and a balanced diet. A balanced diet is perfect for the dog because it doesn’t make your dog obese. AAFCO narrated the minimum nutrients requirements that are given below

  • The minimum protein requirement is about 18 percent for adults and 22 percent for puppies.
  • They require 5-8% fats.
  • The diet should be rich in antioxidants and fibers.
  • Diet must be packed with Glucosamine and fatty acid.
  • Essential minerals and vitamins are also crucial for a healthy diet plan.


Pitbull Pug Mix Exercise

Exercise is essential for the healthy lifespan of dogs. Some dogs don’t like exercise because of respiratory problems. Pugs are very vulnerable to respiratory disorders. The pug great dane mix needs exercise for getting a slim and smart body.

The Pugbull requires about two sessions of 30 minutes of daily exercise. These two sessions are enough for the Pitbull pug mix.

  • If you assure that the dogs take from the pitbull, they are very energetic and the one hour exercise is enough for them.
  • If the inherited characteristics are from the pug, then you need to care about the exercise sessions. The pugs are very susceptible to respiratory diseases.  It is because of the short muzzles.

So, you should have complete information about the blood lineage of your dog because if you know the lineage, you will train your dog accordingly.


Training of Pugbull

As we know, the pugbull is very stubborn because of the inherited characteristics. They don’t get the command very quickly. They inherit the characteristics of aggression from the parents. You can train them if you know the tips of training.


Grooming Of Pitbull and Pug Mix

Grooming is essential for the healthy lifespan of the dog. Grooming includes cleanliness and brushing etc.  Here are the tips for grooming

  • However, pugbull don’t require much grooming. Brushing the dog’s coat 2-3 times per week is essential. The slicker brush is the best for brushing. 
  • Pug skinfold is an inherited trait, so if your dogs have skinfolds, you should clean them. This will make your dog free from infectious diseases.
  • Monthly bathing is also for the cleanliness of your pet.
  • Regular caring of paws is also essential for Pugbull.
  • Nail trimming makes the dog beautiful and saves it from infections. Monthly trimming is also perfect.
  • Clean the ear canal and ears every week.
  • Teeth much care for the teeth of your dog. Three times per week, brushing is also perfect for teeth maintenance.
Pug pitbull mix
Pug Pitbull Mix


Pug and Pitbull Mix Health Problems

As we know, there are specific health guidelines for dogs. They can get horrible health issues during their lifespan, so you should know about the preventive measures to save your dog from health problems. They need extra care for a healthy lifespan.

Pitbull pug mix puppies are vulnerable to get infectious diseases. They also get inherited or congenital diseases from their parents.


Weight Gain

Pug Pitbull Mix is a food lover because their parents are also fond of eating food. They don’t stop eating. This may lead to obesity, and we know that obesity is the mother of diseases. Pugbull doesn’t like exercise much, which is why they become obese.


Ear Infection

The most common infection in the Pug Pitbull Mix is an ear infection. This is because of the lack of care for the ears. That is why proper cleaning is essential to eliminate the ear infection problem. This may lead to severe pain.



A cataract is a condition in which there is a decrease in the vision of dogs. This disease first affects one eye. After that, both of the eyes will be affected. Puggle pit mix is very prone to this disease. You need to take care of the pug and Pitbull mix puppies.



Diabetes is a genetic disorder, and it comes to the pugbull puppy from the genes. If the parents are patients of diabetes, then there will be a chance of diabetes in offspring. In diabetes, the dogs cannot balance the sugar level, resulting in high sugar levels or hyperglycemia.

This is a fatal disease, and the severe problem can lead to kidney failure and ultimately lead to death.



There is special care for your dog if he has epilepsy. You should have taken anti convulsing medicine to save him from convulsions. In this condition, there is inflammation of brain tissues which leads to epileptic attacks and seizures. Your dog requires proper attention.


Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition in which a dog’s joint will not bear weight. This can result in joint immobility and freezing of joints. Often the weight-bearing joints have been affected by this disease.


Frequently Asked Question

What Is the Cost Of Pug Pitbull Mix?

The minimum price of pugbull is about 350$. The price of the dog is according to the dog’s lineage. If you want superior lineage, then the cost will be high. However, the average cost of pugbull is about 350-2000$.


Is Pug Pitbull Mix Is a Family Dog?

They are very friendly and loving with people of any age. They make his owner happy with love and affection. That is why they are the best family dog.

Pug pitbull mix
Pug Pitbull Mix


Final Verdict on Pug Pitbull Mix

Pugbull is a friendly and loving dog. They have been developed by hybridization in China, then, later on, they were brought to other countries in the 16th century.

They are the best family dog worldwide. Their price ranges from 350-2000$. If you can afford this price, then buy it.

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