Pug Life Expectancy : 9 Best Ways To Increase Pug Lifespan

The Pug’s motto is derived from the Latin phrase “Multum in Parvo” means “a lot in a little”. It is a small but muscular breed. This breed has three colors like silver, apricot-fawn with a black face and all back. The Pug’s large, round head, big, sparkling eyes, and wrinkled brow give it an array of human-like expressions—surprise, happiness, curiosity—that delighted owners for centuries.

In this article, we will discuss the Pug life expectancy, how long do Pugs live and how we can improve the Pug life span.

Pug life expectancy
pug life expectancy – increase pug lifespan


Pug Life Expectancy

How long do Pugs live? Pugs can easily adaptable to old as well as young people. They are very adjustable in the city as well as village area. The pug life span is about 12-15 years. It means that it can live 80 years in human years. If you want to calculate the pug life span in human years, you can calculate it with a dog age calculator.


Pug Life Expectancy – How Long Do Pugs Live?

The Pug life expectancy is about 12-15 years. A recent study shows that the average pug life expectancy of females is about 13.2 years and males have shorter life span. The Pug life expectancy of males is about 12.8 years. A very important point is that a good living condition can increase the Pug life span to 15 years.


Pug Life Span Compared To Human Years

According to the veterinary medical association of America one-year-old pug is equal to 15 years of human. Dogs live much shorter cycles as compared to the humans. There is also significant differences between dogs breed. Various factors are affecting and have to be taken into account if we would like to forecast a dog’s life.

Generally a larger dogs lives shorter and small dogs live longer. Pug life span is also longer as compared to other dogs. Practically one year of dog is equal to 14-18 years in humans. How long do Pugs live in human life? Approximately 13 years.


What Do Pugs Usually Die From?

The most important cause of death in pugs is due to neurological disorder like PDE. This causes the brain inflammation which causes lethargy, loss of muscles movement and seizures. There are many other factors which were the cause’s death in pugs.

Skin infections and yeast infections are the serious problems that affect the pug life span. But they are not much fatal. However, there are other infections that can cause death like vital diseases, bacterial infection, fungal infection and protozoal infection.

Diet is also major problem that may decrease the pug life expectancy. A poor diet that is full of sugar, fat and without calories can affect the Pugs life span.


What Symptoms Do Pugs Show As They Grow Old?

If your Pug is 7-9 years old then you can say your Pug that it becomes senior now. Because VET call it senior is that age. Some Pug owner is not able to detect the sign that shows that pug is going to be old.

If you see following signs then it means that your Pug is becoming a senior dog and you should take much more care of it.


How to Increase Pugs Life Span?

In humans we can increase the life span by taking good diet and follow on all precautionary measure that is very important to increase the life span. Same rules are for Pug dogs.

If you take much care of your Pug and follow all precautionary measures that your VET told you then you can increase the Pug life expectancy.

How long do Pugs live it its only depends upon the factors which affects the average life span.

Following points are much considerable if you want to increase the Pugs life span.


Watch Weight of the Pug Dog

As we know that obesity is mother of all diseases. We can’t stress this problem enough. If your dog is obese then it is vulnerable to other problems and health issues. Keep checking the weight of your Pug. In start give your dog high quality food and healthy treats.

Trained your dog well and diet give him healthy diet and check the weight of pug fortnightly. Give such feed that is not bad for dog health.  In this way you can increase the pug life expectancy.


Pug Bladder Control

As we know that when we grow older our muscles become weak. When dogs reaches to old age then their bladder muscles weaker. If your dog is getting this thing in early age then this is due to an accident. Use dogs diaper to overcome this issue.

When this happens, treat your dog with love and care. Avoid scolding them anyway. You can invest in urine cleaner to clean up after your Pug. This will also help your to increase the pug Life expectancy.


Strong Pug Joints

How long do Pugs live it? Bones weakness also affects the pugs lifespan its only depends upon the factors which affects the average life span.

Pugs are very susceptible to diabetes, arthritis and much other illness regarding to the bones. It can be affected for Pugs life span. If your dog is lifting weight then it may cause the bone disease in pug.

Carrying heavy weight result in bones weakness and your bones becomes fragile. Pugs are known as shorter legs dogs so their legs are not meant to carry heavy weight like other normal dogs.


Regular Pug Grooming

Pugs grooming is very essential to increase the Pug life expectancy. When your pug reaches to the age of 8 years then grooming is essential. Shedding problem can be reduced by by buying the right brushes for your peg.

Trim their nails carefully. Take much care of your dog while wrinkling. As we know that when pug reaches old age it becomes more prone to infection. So grooming is very important in every age, especially old age. This will also increase the pug life expectancy.


Proper Pug Dental Care

We know that dental care is very essential in dogs. Pugs need a regular dental cleaning. If you want to increase the pug life span then dental cleanliness is the main thing. If you are worried about dental visits then brushing is another good option. The regular brush makes your dog’s teeth strong.

If your dog’s teeth start decaying then change the diet of your pug from a dry diet to a soft diet.


Regular Pug Vet Visits As They Grow Old

Proper check is very important for a healthy life. If you want to see your pet healthy then visit the VET thrice in a year for senior dogs and twice a year for young Pug. It is very important because when you consult your VET it diagnoses the disease if you are a victim of it.

If you have many dogs and other pets then arrange a vet visit at your farm or house. In this way, early diagnosis increases the Pug life expectancy.  Only Vet can tell us how long do Pugs live after the checkup of your Pug.


Senior Dog Diet for Pug

If your peg is old then there is a serious diet for it. Now shift the dog food to senior dog feed. In old age, dogs have a shortage of nutrients and you should have to give it all the nutrients that important for the healthy life of an individual.

  • Consult your vet for a diet plan. Go to the vet and tell him to make a balanced diet plan that includes all the essential nutrients. Here are some diet tips for your senior Pug.
  • If your dog is older than shift to the high-quality food or home-cooked food
  • Stop giving unhealthy snacks and fatty food. This food is very dangerous for adult dogs. Replace such food with wholesome foods such as raw baby carrots.
  • Make a schedule for your pug meals to avoid spur moments that may tempt you to feed them with snacks.
  • Ask your vet for health supplements that include all healthy nutrients. On other hand, give a healthy foot to them also.


Brachycephalic Breed Warning

These Brachycephalic Pugs have shortened snout, heavy body and short muzzle and makes swimming difficult for them. Water or a life jacket is very important for this issue. If your pug is near the water body then Pug must be in the water jacket.

Don’t make a burden for your Pug and don’t force it for a walk. Don’t cut on exercise just take it easy on them and watch out for any breathing problem.


Pug Eye Care

Eye care is also very important if you don’t take care of its eyes then it results in some serious eye disorder such as retinal abnormality. Pugs are very susceptible to glaucoma because of tier bulging eyes.

Some senior pugs lost their eyesight in adulthood. If your adult will lose the power of vision then make sure you retain all the furniture positions. After this, your pug will move without any difficulty.


Keep Pug Exercising every day

Exercise is the main key to getting rid of all the problems. So, if your dog is unhealthy start taking it to exercise with you. It minimizes all the problems regarding the dog’s health. Keep one thing in mind, too much exercise is very dangerous.

Without a light workout, your pug’s health starts to deteriorate which ultimately leads to the heart weakening. So it is very important to choose the right time to take your dog with you for a walk. It can help them exercise without straining.

Pug life expectancy
pug life expectancy – increase pug lifespan


How Do You Know Your Pug is dying?

If you are a true Pug lover then it is very important to know the condition of your Pug than anything else. This is what helps you to extend the Pug life expectancy.

Although every dog is different there is a sign that shows that your dog is about to die. The following are the signs that show that your Pug is about to die.


Loss of Interest

If your dog shows the sign of no interest in you and your family member then it is a sign of its old age and it means that your dog is about to die. They even detach themselves from the most interested and liked people.

This is because they feel mental confusion. Such a dog detaches itself and remains in his carte and living area and shows no interest in other matters. This is very sad thing for dog lover.


Loss of Energy

Feeling too much fatigue and difficulty in movement is another sign that tells us the pug life span is about to end.

You realize a dog that was hyper before is no longer playing. They just sit in his place of sleeping because the dog has no energy for movement.


Loss of bladder Muscle

When a dog is going too old then it results in the weakening of bowl muscles which ultimately leads to the loss of bowel movement. Not his bowel muscle weakens but there are many other organs that started shutdown.

Keep your dog clean and healthy. If your dog loses bowel movement then dog diaper is the only best option for your dog’s cleanliness. It means that the pug life span is about to end.


Loss of Appetite

You will see that your dog feels less appetite. This is because of old age. This sign shows that Pugs life span is near to end. Just like human, dogs also feel less appetite when reaches to old age.

Loss of appetite is due to the shutting down of Bowel muscles. Dogs don’t feel experience the sensation of thirst and hunger. Huge loss of weight is also due to loss of appetite.


Difficulty in Breathing

If you see that your Pug feels difficulty in breathing then it is an indication of death. A dog may struggle to catch breath this is due to the shutting down of lungs.

Sometimes Tracheal collapse in dogs happens too.

The more your dog shows this like of symptoms the less its life span. But, if your Pug is young and active and shows such type of symptoms then consult your VET.


How to Make Memorable Last Moments with Senior Pug?

How long do Pugs live? An average of 11 to 15 years. How to say goodbye to your pet? There comes a time when you have to.

This is a very sad question for all dog lovers because we live so many years together. This time is very sad for all of us.

  • Put your dog to sleep when it is about to die. Comfort them every chance you get but make sure you put their best thing first.
  • Spend more time with your pet and comfort them during this process, say goodbye to them.
  • If your pet has been passed then put them in the garbage bag this may seem cruel but it will decrease the rate of decomposition and arrange a goodbye ceremony for your Pug.
  • Don’t ignore your pain allow yourself to show sadness in front of people. Remember all the good things that your Pug used to do.
  • Talk to all people that understand your pain. Only a dog lover can understand your pain at that time.


What Is The Oldest Living Pug?

The oldest living Pug is a 27 year old dog. Smaller dogs generally have longer lifespan.

An amazing 27-year-old pug named Snookie passed in South Africa on October 12, 2018, making him the oldest recorded dog of his breed to have ever lived.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Black Pug Life Expectancy?

A black pug has the same life expectancy as other colored pugs. With healthy living conditions and proper care, pugs usually live up to 15 years.


What Is The Chinese Pug Lifespan?

The Chinese pug lifespan is also 12-15 years but the proper care and good fate can increase it to 20 or above years.


What Is Average Pug Lifespan? How Long Do Pugs Live?

The average life span of a Pug is 11 years. However, some Pugs can live up to 15 years. An incredible example of this is King Tug, the Pug from America, who lived to age 18 years.


What Is The Jack Pug Lifespan?

The average Jack Pug lifespan is about 15-18 years.


How Old Is A 13-year-old Pug In Human Years?

As we have discussed earlier, one year of dog life is equal to 15 years of human’s years. Your Pug is 13 years 3 months old or 69.94 years old in human years, and is considered a Senior dog.


Is 13 Old For A Pug?

Yes, when Pug reaches the age of 7-9 years then it becomes senior. As we know that the average Pug life expectancy is about 12-15 years.


Final Verdict – Pug Life Expectancy

Pug is a very beautiful and innocent dog. It is very adjustable to any environment. It is very friendly with human beings.

How long do Pugs live? The Pug life expectancy is different from the breed of one dog to another. But there are few things that can increase the Pug life expectancy.

There are certain things that can increase the pug life expectancy. Regular brushing, showering, Vet, balanced diet, right food are the best things that improve the pugs life span.

Pug life expectancy
pug life expectancy – increase pug lifespan

Sadly, dogs have a very short life cycle compared to humans. So enjoy every moment of life with your Pug.

Pug life expectancy is about 12-15 years. The oldest Pug Dog lived in South Africa and it was about 27 years old. This only can happen because of the proper balanced diet, regular exercise and regular checkup of Pug.

One year of dog life is equal to the 15 years of human life. If your dog age is 13 years old then it is equal to approximately 70 years in human years.

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