Are Hedgehogs Destructive? (9 Interesting Facts)

Each animal that will be treated as a pet has its uniqueness. As an owner, we have to accept the destructive behavior of our pets, even though it is detrimental to us. Let’s discuss one of the most popular pets, the hedgehog.

Are hedgehogs destructive? Hedgehog as a pet is not destructive and does not cause much damage. Some people consider hedgehogs destructive because they are nibble objects to investigate around. Being wild or being a pet, hedgehogs can wreak havoc in different ways and depend on your point of view.

To find out whether it is true that hedgehogs have destructive behavior, how bad are hedgehogs when they are pets or in the wild, let’s read this article.

Are hedgehogs destructive
Are hedgehogs destructive?


What Is The Hedgehog Temperament?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals, quiet, docile, and a little bit noisy. If you are familiar with the sounds made by hedgehogs, you can distinguish what expressions they want to convey. Hedgehogs will snort or hiss when grumpy. Snuffle when they are exploring things.

Pet hedgehog is nocturnal. Hedgehogs will not just sit and sniff around, but they will eat at dinner and start doing their activity. Hedgehogs can be suitable pets for workers. When you get home, you can play with the hedgehogs. After you leave for work, the hedgehog will sleep until the afternoon.

Hedgehogs will be nibbling or quilling up when they are scared or uncomfortable. Give the hedgehogs time to get used to the new place and you as their owner. If you can handle them gently and hand-tamed with constant, hedgehogs will not bite or quill up.


Are Hedgehogs Destructive?

Hedgehogs are not known as destructive animals. If you keep hedgehogs in your home and allow them to hang around your house, they won’t damage clothes, bed linen, carpet, or anything else they can bite. Hedgehogs don’t have strong jaws to leave marks on furniture.

Hedgehogs are also often placed in the garden to assist the owner in cleaning the garden from pests. They like to eat slugs, caterpillars, and beetles. Some of these pests will damage your garden from the leaves to the fruit. Hedgehog will help you eliminate pests in the garden.

Do hedgehog bites? Hedgehogs will rarely bite you. Young hedgehogs bite their owners when they think they are going to be fed. Hedgehog thinks that your finger is included in the food you will give.


What Problems Do Hedgehogs Cause?

Many want to understand what possible problems will occur if caring for a hedgehog as a pet. Hedgehogs can bite when they are curious, anxious, or because of illness. Apart from these three possibilities, hedgehogs will not bite their owners.

Another problem that is considered usual by hedgehogs is the activities and sounds they make at night. We can’t expect nocturnal animals to be silent and not make a sound at night. It was their time to do whatever they wanted.

If anyone is bothered by a hedgehog that is active at night, you are not suitable to keep it. Hedgehog as a pet is not troublesome. It is easy to care for if we know how to pet them well.

Are hedgehogs destructive? If anyone cared for a hedgehog for the first time, they would think hedgehogs would easily damage furniture or bite anything they see. But hedgehogs don’t have jaws strong enough to tear clothes, curtains, or other fabric materials.


Do Hedgehogs Cause Damage?

In the wild, hedgehogs become damaged to the native fauna. The hedgehog often looks for ground-nesting birds and eats eggs or chicks as their meal. It will be different from a hedgehog in captivity, which only has a tiny chance to do damage.

One of the things that can damage is when they roll up or squill up, and you accidentally touch them. Look for something that makes them uncomfortable or scared. Provide comfort until they flatten their spine.

To make you believe that hedgehogs are harmless animals and do not cause any damage when they become pets, let’s look at the hedgehog facts in the table below.

Hedgehog factsExplanation
Nocturnal animalHedgehog will be active during the night.
Have the ability to hibernateHibernate is one way to survive in cold weather
Lactose intolerantMilk and some dairy products are not suitable for hedgehogs
They hunt with their hearing and smellHedgehogs don’t have excellent sight. They use their other senses to know their surroundings and when hunting prey
Solitary creatureThey are more comfortable in a tank alone, or in one place with another hedgehog


What Is Bad About Hedgehogs?

There are several things that some people think will be bad to keep a hedgehog as a pet. The sharp spine can carry foot and mouth disease, transmit salmonella bacteria, and fungal diseases. For some of the reasons above, several regions prohibit owning a hedgehog as a pet.

Why is a sharp spine a problem when caring for hedgehogs? Let’s think about it simply. When we take them from the wild, they feel uncomfortable because we have separated them from their families and homes.

Hedgehogs will defend themselves, trying to quill up to ensure you are a person not to hurt them. You also have to understand how to take care of a hedgehog because they have their uniqueness as pets.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal and make noises when they want to convey their emotions. Understand everything they want to convey and fulfill what they need. For those of you who can’t stand noises when you are trying to sleep, then a hedgehog will be bad for you.


Do Hedgehogs Damage Gardens?

No, quite the opposite. Hedgehogs are gardeners’ friends. They can help you get rid of pests that can damage your garden. Hedgehogs will love to eat slugs, caterpillars, beetles, or other pests that roam your garden.

Sometimes hedgehogs will be digging up soft soil to fill their spare time. It will not be categorized as causing damage, because you can close it again. Hedgehogs will not harm plants for no apparent reason.

Are hedgehogs destructive? No, hedgehogs are not destructive. No hedgehog intentionally attacks humans. They will only roll up or squill up when they feel threatened by you.

Are hedgehogs destructive
Are hedgehogs destructive? Are hedgehogs destructive when new? Are hedgehogs destructive in the woods?


Are Hedgehogs A Nuisance?

Hedgehogs are harmless to humans but can be a nuisance at night. Nocturnal animals will do all their activities at night, from eating, playing, to circling their habitat. Sometimes hedgehogs will make a loud noise if they are scared or tired of being in the cage.

If someone is easily awakened by noises at night, the hedgehog can be a nuisance. Nothing else describes a hedgehog as a nuisance.

Do hedgehogs bite humans? They rarely bite, don’t damage furniture, and won’t quill up if they feel safe inside the house. If you treat hedgehogs harshly, they might bite you.

Are hedgehogs destructive? There is nothing that makes a hedgehog destructive. They might be nibbling if they are curious about something. You can stop hedgehogs from biting on cloth or some furniture if you’re worried they’ll damage things around them.


Does A Hedgehog’s Spines Damage Clothing?

Hedgehogs spine up when they are frightened or protect themselves from predators. The spine is not so sharp that it can damage human clothes or skin. The worst-case scenario is that the spine can get the threads pulled loose.

No pet owners handle their hedgehogs while wearing fancy clothes. Pet owners can also stay away from hedgehogs when they quill up. Wait for the hedgehogs to calm down, and pet them to provide a sense of security.

Are hedgehogs destructive? There is no possibility of a hedgehog damaging anything in your home. Their spine is not strong enough to damage your clothes or furniture. Woolly clothing can be stretched when hit by a hedgehog’s spine. It will not damage the cloth and can be picked up with ease.


Are Hedgehogs Aggressive?

There are no reports or evidence of hedgehogs acting aggressively. The only defensive system of hedgehogs is a roll-up or quill-up to keep predators away from them. Hedgehogs rarely bite and only do it if they feel cornered. No hedgehog is intentionally aggressive towards its owners.

First-time hedgehogs will find them aggressive when they nibble. Hedgehogs do that when they explore their habitat and want to know things around them. Their nibbling power is unlike other animals that leave marks or an injury.

The average hedgehog lifespan is between 5-8 years. How long or not a hedgehog lives as a pet depends on how you feed it, the cleanliness of the cage, and the attention it gives to them.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous?

Hedgehogs are not dangerous animals. They are harmless because they rarely take aggressive actions such as attacking humans with no reason or acting destructively. The only reason hedgehogs are considered dangerous animals is that they can carry bacteria, germs, or infections.

Hedgehogs can carry and transfer germs such as salmonella. If you can’t keep your hedgehogs clean or pick them up from the wild, there’s good chance germs or bacteria could transmit to you.

Are hedgehogs dangerous as pets? No. You need to get used to the hedgehog when you first get it. Give them time to get to know their surroundings until you can gently hold them without the hedgehog having to roll up.

If the hedgehogs feel safe, you can interact, pet them, bring them around the house to show your affection and provide comfort for them.


Are Hedgehogs Fragile?

Hedgehogs are quite small and fragile animals. Some hedgehogs allow them to be held and picked up by their owners. Others prefer to spend time alone.

Every hedgehog you have must be handled or picked up gently. If you don’t know how to hold a hedgehog properly, the hedgehog will roll up and feel uncomfortable with the way you treat them.

Are hedgehogs destructive? Hedgehogs are not devastating and harmless. The only thing they do and humans find dangerous is when they quill up. Hedgehogs wouldn’t do that without a cause. They only do that to protect themselves from whatever makes them uncomfortable.


Is It Illegal To Kill A Hedgehog?

Many regions recommend calling wild mammal protection if you find a hedgehog in your garden or near your home. Hedgehogs are not dangerous animals, and there is no particular reason for you to kill an innocent animal like a hedgehog.

If you’re bothered, simply call the authorities to pick up the hedgehog. They will not do any damage around your home. The only thing they might do is dig up your soft soil.

Many choose to keep hedgehogs as pets. Some types of the hedgehog as pets such as European hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris, African pygmy hedgehog, and Erinaceus europaeus.


Final verdict – Are Hedgehogs Destructive

Hedgehogs are harmless, docile, active, and solitary. You can take care of them as pets, and it’s okay if they live alone in the cage. Many people consider hedgehogs to be destructive because they nibble things near them.

It is a hedgehog’s way of knowing what’s around him when he’s curious about his new home. They do not have strong jaws to destroy your furniture.

Are hedgehogs destructive
Are hedgehogs destructive? Are hedgehogs destructive in captivity? Are hedgehogs destructive in the wild?

One of the most dangerous things about hedgehogs is their sharp spine. Calm the hedgehogs when they feel threatened by something and roll-up. Let them calm down or give them a treat until you can hold the hedgehog and are calmer.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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