Cooked Axolotl : 5 Clear Steps To Cook Axolotl

So far, we know the axolotl as an adorable aquatic pet with a funny face and shape. The many color variants and long lifespan make the axolotl much sought after by enthusiasts. Because the population is getting smaller, there are only a few states that allow having axolotl as pets. But did you know that several countries serve axolotl cooked?

Where can you get cooked axolotl? Axolotl is served at restaurants in Asia as gourmet food, and you can find a lot of it in Japan. The cooked axolotl is edible and tastes good.

To find out about how to serve axolotls? Are all types of axolotls edible? Is it legal to eat axolotls in all countries? Let’s read this article to the end.

Cooked axolotl
Cooked Axolotl


Are Axolotls Edible?

Yes, axolotls are edible. You can find cooked axolotl in North America and Asia. Anyone who has ever eaten an axolotl says that axolotl is a great dish that doesn’t even require salt when served.

If you want to try eating an axolotl, make sure your local laws allow it. If the state prohibits selling, buying, or owning axolotls, then eating axolotls is also prohibited. You won’t be able to find anyone selling axolotls as food in California.

If all this time you think that axolotls are only pets or protected by several states, you don’t even think that axolotls are edible or not. A lot of people never thought that an axolotl could be food instead of a long-lived aquatic pet.

You won’t find any results if you search for axolotl eating information online. It is a good reason because the axolotl is a critically endangered species. People don’t intentionally take axolotls in the wild to eat them.


Are All Axolotls Edible?

No. Not all axolotls are edible, but the reason is not because of their type or color. The thought of eating an axolotl would indicate hypocrisy and inhumanity, because who could eat the pet they love?

But we can’t blame everyone who eats the axolotl because the treatment is different from what we usually take care of in the aquarium as a pet. If it’s that easy to get edible axolotls, you don’t need to find a restaurant that sells them.

If you take your axolotl out of the aquarium and fry it, you might get ill. Your axolotl is different from a well-vetted axolotl with various tests that are safe for consumption. If you eat axolotls carelessly, you can get axolotls with fatal bacteria such as salmonella.

Restaurants that serve cooked axolotl are guaranteed safe from axolotls that have been given medicines or antibiotics that are unsafe for humans. Do not take axolotl carelessly without performing necessary checkups.

There are no online references to anyone having axolotl as pets and eating it. Besides being dangerous, we don’t know how to treat axolotl to make it edible. If you are very curious about the menu, look for a restaurant in Japan that has years of experience in selling it.


Is Eating Axolotl Legal?

Eating an axolotl is legal in Asia and some countries. I can’t find any information about eating axolotls in the United States. As far as I know, axolotls are illegal in Maine, California, Virginia, and New Jersey. If having it is illegal then eating it is also illegal.

If you have an axolotl as a pet, and your state allows you to have it, then it will be fine if you want to eat your lovely pet. But the real question is, do you want to eat the cooked axolotl that you have always loved? I don’t think so.

There are no wild axolotls to be found in the United States even if you look for them in the legal states. You can only find it in pet stores or axolotl enthusiasts.

If you’re still having a hard time finding it as a pet or for sale, how can you find the axolotl recipe in the United States? The answer is no because axolotls in the United States are not considered food.

If you are curious about eating axolotls, you can look for them in some Asia countries. Several restaurants in Japan and China provide axolotl as luxury food. The axolotl served is also not arbitrary, much different from the axolotl as pets.

Cooked axolotl
Cooked Axolotl


How To Serve Cooked Axolotl?

You can visit several restaurants in Japan that provide axolotl as a luxury menu. Talk to Japanese chefs about axolotl cooking procedures. Don’t forget to ask what kind of axolotl is edible. The table below is how to prepare cooked axolotl.

How to prepare Explanation
Remove the stomach intestinal organs Spread the stomach open, clean the intestinal organs like you process fish before cooking.
Batter the axolotl Batter with spices all over the axolotl body.
Put the axolotl Put the axolotl into oil in the pan on fire or in melted and boiled fat.
Fry with the right duration Fry for 30 minutes or more until the meat starts to feel crunchy and hardens at the same time.
Drain the oil after the frying process Use the mesh spoon, hold the cooked axolotl until the oil drips back.

When viewed from the presentation, it will look simple and the same as cooking fish in general. But you should know that not just any axolotl can be eaten. It is not the axolotl that can be treated as a pet, but a special axolotl that has undergone several tests so that it is safe for consumption.


How Does An Axolotl Taste Like?

From the information of the eaters, the cooked axolotl can be enjoyed in various ways, such as deep-fried or boiled. It’s like eating white fish or an eel with crunchy skin. Although it tastes the same as fish, it doesn’t have a fishy or musty smell.

You have to get an expert cook to enjoy delicious axolotls. The chef will give you crunchy axolotls on the outer skin, not raw or too dry, and far from overcooked. Are you interested in tasting it? Try it when you visit Japan or China while on vacation.

This food will feel different if you have been used to caring for various axolotls as pets for a long time. But if you are curious about the taste, you can look for it in certain places. Do not indulge your curiosity by sacrificing your pet to be eaten immediately without the right procedure.


Where Can You Get Cooked Axolotl?

When I say you can get cooked axolotls in Japan, not every Japanese restaurant has axolotls on their menu. In addition, axolotls become an expensive menu there, with a price range of $13 for a small axolotl.

Look for axolotl menus in various countries such as Mexico, Japan, and China. Finding axolotl as a food menu in a restaurant is also not easy. If in Japan, you can look for it in the Osaka and Yokohama areas. In Mexico, you can find an axolotl menu in elite hotels with fried axolotl as gourmet food.

You will find it difficult to find axolotls on the menu in the United States because everyone there considers axolotls, not as food and feels wrong to eat them. If someone sells it, it won’t sell well because few people want to eat it.


Final Verdict – Cooked Axolotl

Axolotl in the United States is known as an adorable pet and is protected because it is included in the critically endangered category. But in some countries, the axolotl is served like gourmet food and edible to eat.

Cooked axolotl
Cooked Axolotl

Cooking axolotls are not much different from cooking fish and tastes like eel or white fish. It can be served boiled or deep-fried with a crunchy part of the skin.

You can find axolotl menus in Japan, China, or Mexico. Don’t try to cook axolotls yourself because the axolotls used in restaurants are different in how to care for them and have gone through several tests to ensure the axolotls are edible.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotls a good and comfortable life!

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