Rabbit Predators : 5 Simple Steps To Protect Bunnies

The animal that preys on another individual is called a predator. The predators kill or eat other animals for food. The victim that is killed is known as prey, and the animal that kills the prey is a predator. Rabbits do not belong to predator species. They belong to prey species. Killing or eating animals is not present like rabbits.

In this article, we will discuss the predators that are dangerous for a rabbit’s life, animals that can eat or kill the rabbit (Rabbit Predators), and natural predators of rabbits and, is a rabbit a predator or prey.

Rabbit predators
rabbit predators – how to protect rabbits from predators


Rabbit Predators

What are rabbit predators? The animals that can kill or eat rabbits are called rabbit predators. The rabbit is a very innocent small animal that can be caught and killed by other animals. But nature gives them long legs that help them run very fast and save their lives from predators. This is an evolutionary change that makes it clever and fast.

What are bunnies’ predators? Rabbit predators are dogs, lions, hawks, feral dogs, eagles, and owls, etc.

Is a Rabbit a Predator or Prey?

Although rabbits are small animals with sharp teeth, they don’t know how to prey and hunt. Rabbits are highly predated species. Bunnies are prey species. They can be hunt by many other animals. But one of their features saves them from the hunt, i.e., Long legs and high running speed.


What Kills Rabbits in the Wild?

Predators of rabbits in the wild are lion, owl, eagle, squirrels, and hawk, etc. These are the animals that can hunt rabbits. These are all wild animals that are dangerous for the rabbit species.

Domestic and wild predators are the same for rabbits. Keep in mind, wild and domestic rabbits are different species, but their predators are the same.

The wild rabbit is less likely to be hunted than domestic. They die for other reasons. Some wild rabbits died because of the eating of poison. They don’t know which plant is best for him or not. Rabbits can also die because of the eating of such plants on which pesticides or insecticides are sprayed.


What Animals Prey On Rabbits?

What do rabbits prey on? Rabbits are often attacked by snakes, hawks, eagles, owls, raccoons, and foxes. These all are rabbit predators.

Domestic rabbits that we keep as pets can also be caught and prey if they are not inside the home or cabinet. The wandering dogs and cats can kill or eat the rabbits. Rabbits have no self-defense or defensive skill that is why rabbits are a victim.


How To Protect Rabbits from Predators?

Rabbits have no self-defense against predators. They are not able to fight against predators because of their small size. That’s why they try to run when predators come.

Domestic rabbits are different from wild. They can dig large tunnels in the ground, and they like to spend the most time in this tunnel. Then, rabbits come out of the tunnel when they are less likely to be caught and prey.

Rabbits have very strong hearing and smell senses. They quickly detect the predators that are coming towards them. When they see or detect the predators coming towards them, they run and save themselves in warren.

As we know, rabbits rely on its revolutionary adaptation of high speed; hence, they are less vulnerable to hunting. 

We will discuss the tips and tricks that save our rabbits from predators.


Make Sure Your Rabbit Stays Indoors

Keeping your rabbits inside is the best way to ensure their safety. Rabbit predators can’t enter your home.

People tend to think pets need to have outside access, but this is not the case. Wild rabbits may run in fields, but indoor rabbits live just as well.

Living in a small apartment or a large house doesn’t cause any problems at all. Providing the animals with food, water, toys, and room to play will keep them happy. You can train bunnies to use the litter box, and the rabbit-proof room is accessible.

You can keep a rabbit inside by building a large shed. If it’s strong, predators shouldn’t be able to break in. The rabbit can be let out and kept covered under supervision.


Put Up a Predator-Proof Hutch for Your Rabbit

Make possible arrangements for your rabbits if your rabbit can’t live in a house. For making a hutch, it should be sturdy.

The hutches that we can buy in general stores are not suitable for rabbits. They are not rigid and sturdy. These cages are made up of plywood. Foxes or raccoons can easily break them.

 It is also useless to use rabbit runs and pens made by mass producers outdoors. It typically has neither a roof nor a floor. Foxes can leap, climb, and can also dig under fences.

Make a predator-proof hutch for your rabbit to protect it.


Keep Predators Away From Your Yard

You can keep the animals that can kill your rabbit away from your yard if you are using a predator-proof hutch. Because it hinders the predators from reaching your rabbit

Some rabbits can also die because of a cardiac attack. Cardiac arrest can also be due to frightening when rabbits see predators.

As reports in BBC says that five bunnies died when they were frightened by firecrackers.

 Even if the predator cannot touch the rabbit, they can still die in a predator’s presence. It will be a great idea to make your yard as unattractive as likely for predators.

The grass needs to be cut short and kept tidy in the yard. Get rid of standing water that can attract animals to drink. Clean your yard of leftover food and cover rubbish cans with lids.


Don’t Let Your Rabbit Out Unsupervised

If you are using a predator-proof cage or hutch, it is safe for rabbits because no predators can quickly rush into it. Keep checking your rabbits after a few hours whether he is safe or not.

If you are awake, then bring the bunny inside your home for time spending. This makes the rabbits save from Rabbit predators.

 No rabbit should be left in a yard without shelter to search for food. Stay with them and supervise them at all times if you do. Most foxes fear humans, so they tend to avoid approaching people when they see them.

Moreover, rabbits can adjust in even the smallest spaces in fencing. In case you are not watching them, they are likely to escape the yard.


How To Protect Rabbits From Foxes?

If your pet lives outside, then there are preventive measures to save him from predators. Keep in mind, providing favorable weather is also essential for rabbit’s lives.

Raccoons and foxes are highly dangerous for dog’s lives. Both of these two are the most common rabbit predators.


Method For Making A Rabbit Hutch Safe From Predators

If your rabbits are in your home, then they are less likely to attack and prey. Make the hutch that is Rabbit predators-free. If you don’t want to keep them in your home, then a safe hutch is required to save them from predators.

As we know that some predators can fly, others can dig. So make the arrangements that make the hutch safe and sound. Hutch should be impenetrable from all of its sides. The method and material that you can use are

  • Solid wood: Solid wood can be used for making the roof, floor, and sides of the hutch. Pines wood is perfect for making a cage or hutch. The joints should be secure.
  • Wire Mesh or Chain links: The wire mesh is strong, and they are not easily breakable. Chicken wires are not sturdy. So, avoid the use of chicken wires for making hutch.
  • Sturdy Bolts: Study bolts that are used for locking the doors and gates. Choose the lock that the child does not easily open because if the child accidentally opens it, it may result in the loss of rabbits. In this way, you can make the Rabbit predators hutch.
Rabbit predators
rabbit predators – how to protect rabbits from predators

The height for the hutch should be 6 feet, width 2 feet. Place wooden legs on top of the cabinet to make it harder for predators to access. A stable or a sturdy wooden shed may work as a safe hiding spot for your rabbit.

In an outdoor run or pen, the size should not exceed 8ft by 4ft by 2ft. This should be protected by a chain roof, as airborne predators should not be allowed to enter. The cage or hutch should have the floor as we know that rabbits can dig long tunnels. Rabbit predators can also dig; that’s why the metallic floor is usually used.

If you want a metallic floor, you may use wire mesh and wooden boards. If wire mesh is used, cover it with tiles or dig it in the ground. It is uncomfortable for rabbits to walk on wires.


Can Rabbits Defend Themselves against predators?

Rabbits have strong and sharp claws and teeth. But these two features don’t make them able to defend themselves. Their teeth and claws are both used for digging and chewing.

Rabbits don’t have self-defense. The only features that make them save their lives are fast speed. This feature is a trait in rabbits. They are very fast in speed when they see the predators, and then they remain in the tunnel.

Domestic rabbits are innocent as compared to the wild. They feel scared after watching the predator and often freeze. That is why when the rabbit sees the headlights, they feel nervous, and they stop instantly. 

In the event of self-defense, rabbits can use their claws and teeth. They will not survive against a cat and coyote. You must ensure that your rabbit is secure from all possible threats.

It would be wise to move your rabbit indoors if you can protect their environment from the weather. 


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are the rabbit preys?

Rabbits belong to the group of herbivores. Herbivores are the animals that eat grass or fodders. They are not carnivores. That is why they don’t like to kill or eat animals. The diet of the rabbits is grass, cruciferous plants, and clovers such as Brussels sprouts or broccoli.

Rabbits can also eat vegetables and fruits.


Why would any animal kill and not eat a rabbit?

Domestic and wild carnivores can kill the rabbit but not eat. These are rabbit predators.

  • Bobcats
  • Fishers
  • Coyotes
  • Cats
  • Badgers
  • Eagles
  • Ferrets
  • Wolves
  • Foxes
  • Lynxes
  • Wolverines
  • Minks
  • Martens
  • Weasels
  • Dogs
  • Mountain Lions


Final Verdict – Rabbit Predators

Predators are the animals that kill or eat other animals, and the animals that kill rabbits are called rabbit predators. Rabbits are very innocent and attractive animals. They belong to prey species because they are not predators.

Lions, tigers, dogs, foxes are the rabbit predators. If your rabbit is not inside the home, then there are special arrangements for him. The outdoor environment is dangerous for the life of rabbits. No self-defense makes rabbits save from predators.

When the rabbit sees the predators, then they run very fast and hide him in the warren or tunnel that he digs. When the rabbit feels safe, they come out of the tunnel. Predators regulate the rabbit population in the wild with their heavy mating intensity and reproductive capacity.

Rabbit predators
rabbit predators – how to protect rabbits from predators – rabbit predators proof cage

Making a solid hutch is very good for safety. The material for the hutch should be sturdy or rigid that no predators can attack or break the hutch.

Although rabbits have solid and powerful teeth, these are not for preying. Teeth and claws are used for digging the warren. They even do not compete with dogs and cats, although they have powerful and strong teeth.

As a pet lover, you need to learn about pet rabbits more and equip yourself with enough knowledge to protect them from rabbit predators and live a comfortable life.

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