Are Hedgehogs Dangerous? (7 Important Facts)

Before hedgehogs became popular as pets, they were not considered domestic animals because people did not know how to care for or understand what hedgehogs needed. Many think hedgehogs will pose a threat from their bodies that have sharp quills.

Are hedgehogs dangerous? Hedgehogs can be dangerous or not, depending on what circumstances. In general, hedgehogs are animals that do not pose a threat or potential danger to humans. But hedgehogs can be lethal if they carry something with them.

Learning whether hedgehogs are dangerous or not will determine whether a hedgehog can be cared for as a good pet. Let’s read this article.

Are hedgehogs dangerous
Are hedgehogs dangerous?


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous?

Hedgehogs are categorized as dog-like animals. They can be tame or dangerous depending on how you treat them. Many think hedgehogs are dangerous because of their sharp quills. But this poses no threat to humans because the hedgehog uses his quills only to protect himself.

In terms of temperament, hedgehogs are not dangerous to humans. If they encounter a hedgehog in the wild, there will be little chance of the hedgehog hurting you, even if you are approaching the hedgehogs.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous To Dogs?

It depends on how you get the hedgehog as a pet. If you take a hedgehog directly from the wild, there is a possibility that the hedgehog will carry zoonotic diseases. Hedgehogs can spread infections, such as mites, salmonella, fleas, and ringworm.

Another possibility is the hedgehog’s spine which can injure the dog. Sometimes dogs curious about other animals will poke them or interact with them. If hedgehogs feel threatened, they will curl up, and sharp spines can injure the dog’s paw.

But these two animals can coexist if both can maintain cleanliness and do not show aggression to each other.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous To Cats?

Hedgehogs and cats do not pose a threat to one another. Cats are not animals that like to attack other animals, nor are hedgehogs. They can coexist without interfering with each other. If cats are not near hedgehogs, the hedgehogs are less likely to transmit fleas.

There’s a YouTube video showing a cat adopting baby hedgehogs nursing them altogether. Hedgehogs look comfortable with cats, and hedgehogs suckle until they’re full. The title of the video is fur & needles, according to a cat with its fur and a hedgehog with quills or needles.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous To Rabbits?

No, hedgehogs can live with rabbits nicely. Both animals are not predators. You can even put hedgehogs and rabbits without causing any problems if they are the same size. But if the rabbit has a larger size, there is a possibility that the rabbit can step on the hedgehog and hurt each other.

For zoonotic diseases, both of them can infect each other if both cannot maintain cleanliness. One way to avoid fleas or mites, you must occasionally clean the pet’s body.


Will Hedgehogs Attack Humans?

It is very rare to see a hedgehog attack a human. Hedgehogs will not bite humans unless something threatens them from what humans do. If hedgehogs are afraid of humans, they will quill up without doing anything until that human is gone.

Are pet hedgehogs dangerous? No hedgehog pet attacks its owners for no apparent reason. Hedgehogs are more likely to show affection when they trust their owner. If the hedgehogs are defending themselves, you do not need to hold them and wait until the hedgehog calms down without risking hurting your hand.


Is It OK To Pick Up A Hedgehog?

Picking up hedgehogs from the wild must be careful because they can carry mites or salmonella, and you can catch it too. Immediately wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap to remove any parasites on the hedgehog’s body that you took from the wild.

If a hedgehog is protecting himself, it’s best not to hold him directly. Wait until hedgehogs flatten their quills and you try to pet them and show that you are not a threat to them.

Are baby hedgehogs dangerous? No, the baby hedgehog is an adorable creature that is curious about its surroundings. They are less likely to feel threatened by humans because they are used to humans from the moment they are born.


Can Hedgehogs Hurt You?

Hedgehogs will not likely hurt you. If the hedgehog is in a defensive state, you don’t need to approach them or hold their quills. Although it is not so painful to get sharp quills, it can still give you pain.

Some hedgehogs do not need human affection and prefer to be alone. These hedgehogs can bite you if you force them to pick them up. If you have a hedgehog who has an unfriendly temperament, don’t force yourself to interact with them before the hedgehog starts it.


Are Wild Hedgehogs Dangerous?

Wild hedgehogs are harmless if you can treat them well. If you have a garden, try to put some food at a certain point at once with a water supply. Hedgehogs will not intentionally damage a garden. They want to forage the way they can.

If the wild hedgehog feels threatened by your presence, they will stand still and point their quills. You don’t have to force yourself to pick them up until they calm down.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous To Chickens?

One thing that can give you some relief is that hedgehog’s flea can’t survive on chickens. The fleas can only live on hedgehogs’ bodies and will not pose any threat to chickens.

For hedgehogs with chickens in one place, hedgehogs won’t damage the chicken eggs because they don’t have enough strength to break the egg’s shells.

Watch when the hedgehog is in the chicken coop. If a chicken accidentally steps on a curled-up hedgehog, the chicken can get injured in the leg which is a dangerous thing.

Are hedgehogs dangerous
Are hedgehogs dangerous?


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous To Humans?

Hedgehogs can only be harmful to humans if they carry any diseases. The table below lists some pathogens that can be passed from hedgehogs to humans.

Can Pass To HumansExplanation
Cryptosporidium parasiteThis parasite can cause diarrhea and persistent cough. Try to keep drinking to avoid dehydration and replenish electrolytes.
Salmonella bacteriaSalmonella can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If it lasts more than 24 hours, you need to ask your doctor.
Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis bacteriaMay cause fever, bloody or mucus covered stools, rash, or abdominal cramping.


Do Hedgehogs Carry Diseases Harmful To Humans?

Hedgehogs can carry salmonella germs if you don’t keep them clean. Diarrhea is the primary cause that will appear if you catch salmonella from hedgehogs. Although the treatment can be fast, the best step is to keep the hedgehog clean to keep it away from these bacteria.

Other possible diseases that can be carried from wild hedgehogs are rabies, foot or mouth disease, and tuberculosis. Try consulting a vet for what you should do when you get new hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs that look healthy and clean don’t necessarily mean they don’t carry any bacteria. For the first step, don’t hold the hedgehog with your hands directly, but use gloves, and don’t forget to wash your hands every time you handle the hedgehogs.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous Pets?

Hedgehogs are harmless as pets and have become popular in recent years. Hedgehogs began to be categorized as domesticated animals because they have a calm temperament, showing affection, even though they are solitary animals.

Are African pygmy hedgehogs dangerous? No, African pygmy hedgehogs have become a popular pet and many people already know how to properly care for them. African pygmy hedgehogs like to get close to their owners and climb on the shoulders to show their affection and want to play with their owners.

Even though hedgehogs have poor eyesight, they will easily get used to your presence. Try to pet them before picking them up until they get close to your hand. There’s nothing that makes hedgehogs dangerous unless they feel threatened and quill up.


Are Hedgehogs Dangerous To Touch?

Hedgehogs can be easy to handle if they are calm. The only thing to watch out for is when the hedgehog quills up. If you try to touch them, your hands could get caught with their quills and cause injury to your fingers.

Be careful with hedgehog’s droppings as there may be salmonella bacteria around the hedgehogs. Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap to remove any bacteria carried by hedgehogs. If you want to be more secure, you can use gloves every time you interact with your pet.


Final Verdict – Are Hedgehogs Dangerous

Overall the hedgehog is not an animal that is dangerous to humans or other pets. Hedgehogs will be dangerous if they carry zoonotic diseases, and there is a high probability of being contagious. Clean hedgehogs regularly to reduce the chances of them passing bacteria to other creatures.

Are hedgehogs dangerous
Are hedgehogs dangerous?

Hedgehog’s quill is one of those things that many people find dangerous. But the hedgehogs who are defending themselves will not aggressively attack with sharp quills, but they just stay in one place while being protected by sharp quills until the predator leaves without touching them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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