Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears? (7 Interesting Facts!)

Bearded dragons love fruit served as a treat. Sweet-tasting fruit like pears is one of them. But many owners still don’t know about can bearded dragons have pears?

Can bearded dragons eat pears? Pears are safe for bearded dragons but should only be given as a rare treat and in moderation. Don’t forget to remove the stem, skin, and core every time you want to serve pears. Don’t give frozen and canned pears at all costs. Pears juice is also not a good choice for bearded dragons because it is not healthy.

Can bearded dragons eat pears
can bearded dragons eat pears – can bearded dragons have pears – my bearded dragon ate pear

Of course, there are still many who ask about “my bearded dragon ate pear” and ask what the benefits are, as well as the dangers if eaten too much. Let’s discuss this in this article.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat pears in moderation. You can only give two slices per week, and no more than that. Pears is a fruit with sugar content, and you should pay attention to how much sugar content is given to bearded dragons.

If you don’t give them in moderation or give pears too often, it will cause problems in their gums and teeth, and besides that, they can get diarrhea because sugar can ferment in their gut and produce stomach aches.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raw Pears?

Raw pears have a lot to offer your pet and can provide many nutritional benefits. But just because he can eat them doesn’t mean he will take any nutrients from the pears. This is because the pears are very delicate, and it’s easy to over-feed them.

Can bearded dragons eat pears? Yes, your bearded dragon can. But remember to peel it first because if the bearded dragons eat too much of the skin, it can become a choking hazard and dangerous for the bearded dragons.

My bearded dragon ate pear and is only given as a rare treat, at least once a week. My bearded dragon loves the taste and texture. Even though they like it, giving enough portions will provide more benefits than giving too much.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked Pears?

Fresh pears are better given to bearded dragons than other forms. If you wish to feed your bearded dragons exclusively on fruits and vegetables, you must harvest the fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness.

If the pears already have sugar content and cannot be given too much to the bearded dragons, then the cooked pears cannot be given too much. My bearded dragon ate pear is only a rare treat and has never been given routinely.

Can bearded dragons have pears in cooked form? Yes, your bearded dragons can have cooked pears only in small portions, same as fresh form. Pay attention to the sugar intake given to bearded dragons to maintain their health.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Pears?

No, don’t give your bearded dragons frozen pears because their digestive systems would become ill. It has been ascertained that feeding your bearded dragon with fresh fruit is the best thing for him, so long as he is fed with a balanced diet.

Can bearded dragons eat pears? Yes, they can, but only in a fresh form. Some other bearded dragon owners may have tried to feed their dragons with frozen or fresh pears and have had mixed results.

You must learn all about the reptile you own before attempting to feed him with something other than his normal reptilian food.

When owners ask about “can bearded dragons have pears,” most of them only think that they can give pears in any form, even though it is best to give bearded dragons in fresh form only.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pear Leaves?

You need to discuss with your vet whether or not bearded dragons can eat pears leaves. Because green leafy does provide high fiber content, but bearded dragons can accept not all leaves.

Can bearded dragons eat pears with leaves? Give them one small slice of pears and one leaf to see how they react when they eat it. If you like bearded dragons and there are no side effects, then you can give it even though it shouldn’t be too often.

Can bearded dragons have pears daily? Do not give pears for a daily treat because it can cause tooth decay and stomach pain for your bearded dragons.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pear Stems?

For your bearded dragon’s safety, don’t give stems to them because it can cause stomach upset. But if they accidentally eat stems in small amounts, then it won’t be a problem.

Can bearded dragons eat pears with stems? You should set the pears aside from the stem and only give it a small portion for the pears pieces. Don’t give stems to bearded dragons, so they don’t reject the pears either.

There are some cases where the bearded dragon won’t eat because he is simply unwilling to try it. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure if your pet can handle a particular type of food is by giving him lots of options.

My bearded dragon ate pear after I entice them with another food like crickets. When he refuses to eat something, there is no guarantee that he can’t eat something else.


Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears Everyday?

Bearded dragons cannot eat pears every day because it can be bad for their bodies. Besides being able to make their situation worse because of too much sugar content, their gums and teeth have problems. Their teeth can decay due to consuming too much sugar.

Can bearded dragons have pears, if not every day? You can only give a maximum of two small slices per week. Don’t give more than that so that the bearded dragons get the health benefits of the pears they eat.


How Much Pears Is Too Much For Bearded Dragons?

Ensure that the pears you give him are fairly small slices because they are very easy to digest. The best pears are those that are slightly bigger but remain in the range of a medium-sized pear.

Can bearded dragons eat pears more than medium slices? For safe portions, you can only give one small slice. We still can’t estimate how much sugar intake your bearded dragons will get for each given slice.

One big slice of pears is too much if given to bearded dragons in one meal because pears can only be given as a rare treat with a small amount.

Can bearded dragons eat pears
can bearded dragons eat pears?


How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?

You can only give once per week, or a maximum of two times per week with a distance of a few days from the start of giving it in the same week. For example, if you give a slice of pears on Monday, you can give it back on Thursday or Friday.

Can bearded dragons eat pears more often? To avoid toothache or gums in bearded dragons, you can only give it a safe amount once a week. My bearded dragon ate pear is only a rare treat, and I usually give them pears every two weeks to keep the bearded dragons healthy.


Can Pears Be Part Of Bearded Dragons Diet?

People who have not been raised with bearded dragons will be surprised to know that the bearded dragon diet can consist of only fruits and vegetables.

If you want to feed your bearded dragons the best things that they can eat, then you should make sure that you have a variety of fresh fruits and veggies in your bearded dragon’s diet.

Although fresh vegetables are extremely important, you should also make sure that you are rotating your food as well.

Can bearded dragons eat pears? Pears can be one of the fruit options for bearded dragons. Besides being juicy, there are also many benefits. Always consider the portion when giving it as a treat.


Pear Nutritional Information For Bearded Dragons

When pet owners ask about “can bearded dragons eat pears,” of course, they also ask about the nutritional value of pears. Let’s have a look at the table below.

Energy57 Kcal
Water83.96 g
Fat0.14 g
Protein0.36 g
Fiber3.1 g
Sugar9.75 g
Calcium9 mg
Phosphorus12 mg
Vitamin C4.3 mg
Sodium1 mg
Vitamin B60.029 mg
Iron0.18 mg

Due to the high sugar content, you cannot give large portions of pears to your bearded dragons.


How Do I Prepare Pears For My Bearded Dragon?

Choose ripe pears, and make sure there are no insects in the pears. Wash thoroughly before peeling to remove residual pesticides after harvest.

Can bearded dragons eat pears with other plant materials? But you need to remove the stem, core, seeds, and skin until clean and cut the pears into small pieces that are suitable for your bearded dragon’s portion.

Can bearded dragons eat pears? If you can serve bite-size pears, then it would be better for your bearded dragons to eat and digest them.


Can Bearded Dragons Have pears?

Your bearded dragons can have pears as a treat that should not be too frequent, and the portion must also be taken into account.

If you can give it in the right portion, it certainly won’t be harmful to their teeth and gums. For the right portion, you can also consult your vet so you can give pears as a healthy treat per week. Remember that you can only give fresh pears, not frozen, cooked, or other forms.


Do Bearded Dragons Like Pears?

Bearded dragons love sweet fruits such as apples, grapes, and pears. Even so, you should not give too many pieces of pears to bearded dragons.

If they have just been introduced to pears, then the first step before eating them is to be licked first to ensure the taste. If they like, they can be bitten right away or stay licked until they decide to bite.

But not all bearded dragons can explore new foods. As they get older, there are also bearded dragons who are getting pickier with food. You can entice them with their favorite other foods to eat a variety of fruits or vegetables and get the nutritional value.


Should I Feed Pears To Bearded Dragons?

Yes, you should give bearded dragons a small slice of pears because they contain fiber, and there is also vitamin C which is good for bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat pears? Only in moderation and cannot be given as a daily treat because the sugar content is high for bearded dragons. For safe servings, you can only give one per week, with a fairly long distance, to avoid the pain associated with consuming too much sugar.


Final Verdict On Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears

Pears are safe for bearded dragons, even though they have high sugar content and low calcium. Pears are very suitable for a healthy treat if given in the right portion to avoid consuming too much sugar.

Can bearded dragons eat pears
can bearded dragons eat pears – can bearded dragons have pears – my bearded dragon ate pear

You are safe to give a small slice of pears once a week or give it another week. Pears contain fiber and several minerals that are good for the health of bearded dragons.

Do not give pears other than fresh form such as canned, cooked, or frozen, because bearded dragons will only be safe if given a small piece of fresh pear. For serving, separate them from the stem, seeds, core, and skin, and make sure they get a bite-size to be digested properly.


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