How To Make DIY Bearded Dragon Decor? (7 Clear Facts)

To make bearded dragons happy and make sure that they are thriving in captivity, the owner would need to do some effort to make them happy and calm in their environment. However, most of the time, owners often fail to do this simple step.

How to make DIY bearded dragon decor? There are a lot of sources from which the owner can take ideas. Some of the platforms include YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit etc. The owner should keep in mind that they make props for bearded dragons that are safe for them and which provides comfort in the terrarium. The owner should never compromise with the safety and security of their pet by providing unsafe products which may harm the bearded dragon.

The owner can buy ready-made terrarium props or toys like complete terrarium setup, readymade balls, hiding structures or even make some DIY bearded dragon decor like DIY bridges, hiding spots etc. and even take some natural items like rocks, sand, leaves, tree log etc.

Diy bearded dragon decor
DIY bearded dragon decor


How Do You Make Bearded Dragon Decorations?

How to decorate a bearded dragon tank? Making an ideal environment is crucial for the growth of bearded dragons. Decorations can help a lot in keeping the bearded dragon occupied and happy. When it comes to decorating the terrarium, there are a lot of options.

Before starting to indulge in the various options, it is best to remember that if the bearded dragon doesn’t have necessities around them including- temperature, light, and humidity levels, they won’t be able to thrive because these requirements are very basic.

Furthermore, whatever the decorations, the owner chooses, it should be kept in mind that the decorations used are safe for bearded dragons.

Coming to the decorations, though it is not an obligation, however, keeping in mind their origin it is best to theme it more like a tropical region. When choosing DIY bearded dragon decor, the owner should keep in mind to develop the cognitive ability of a bearded dragon.

The prop should not be merely a decoration piece. It should have a benefit for the bearded dragon.


Some of the decorating tips for your bearded dragon’s terrarium are as follows

Basking log/rock

This prop can be beneficial for bearded dragons to bask. This is one of the most important props an owner can add to the tank of a bearded dragon. With a basking log or rock, bearded dragons will also try to climb it, which would be a beneficial physical activity for bearded dragons.


Cave/hiding spot

Almost all vulnerable pets would need a hiding spot or a safe space for them to be and in captivity, a bearded dragon may feel scared sometimes, so to comfort your pet in those times, it is best to have a spot, where the pet will feel that nobody can see and reach them. It can be a lifesaver in some situations.



Many owners have observed that their bearded dragons enjoy their hammocks. A hammock, just like a basking rock, would bring physical movement in bearded dragons.


Bone toys

Bone toys can be a great addition to the terrarium. They look cool in the terrarium and they provide a natural touch to the terrarium, making it more like it is in the wild. If the owner buys huge bones, bearded dragons can even hide under them.



A flagstone has many benefits if it is kept in the terrarium of the bearded dragon. Flagstone has a rough texture that makes it ideal for a bearded dragon to climb it. A flagstone has cooling properties, so it helps in avoiding overheating.

However, a flagstone is a very heavy rock, when installing it in the terrarium, the owner should make sure that they do it with utter care.

It is best to take the bearded dragon out before adding the flagstone to the terrarium, furthermore, it can be difficult for owners to handle it when cleaning the tank.



The owner can also add lots of plants. Real or artificial plants will make the tank look more appealing and vibrant.

However, it is recommended to use live plants because sometimes, bearded dragons will try to eat the leaves and owners won’t like their pets to eat plastic. Live plants are also considered best bearded dragon decor by many owners.

Another reason why an owner should add live plants is that it will promote the humidity in the tank of the bearded dragon. Some of the best live plants an owner can add can be:- 

  • Elephant bush
  • Haworthia
  • Gasteria
  • Prickly pear cactus
  • Air plant (Tillandsia)
  • Agave
  • Carex grass
  • Ice Plant
  • Aloe
  • Festuca grass
  • Jade plant (Crassula ovata)
  • Sempervivum


What Do Bearded Dragons Like In Their Tank?

There are a lot of things that the owner can put in the tank of the bearded dragon. The first thing is the tank itself.

An adult bearded dragon will need a tank as big as 70-120 gallons. Even though, if the owner has a baby bearded dragon, they may need a 20-gallon tank but they are gonna grow fast, and it’s not good to reinvest in the terrarium. So a bearded dragon would appreciate a good and spacious tank.

Another thing that is much of a need and bearded dragon would love it is temperature. The bearded dragon must have a warm environment. 75-80° F temperature is an ideal temperature that the owner should maintain.

Furthermore, the owner should also provide a basking area with a UVB light. Additionally, DIY bearded dragon decor would be a great addition to the tank.

Another aspect, bearded dragons would like would be a hiding spot, where they can hide when they feel vulnerable. Further, quality food like live insects, tweezers would be another aspect, bearded dragons would enjoy. However, the owner should always put mobility-friendly decor for mbd adult.


What Kind Of Decorations Do Bearded Dragons Like?

Different bearded dragons may have different tastes. It is best to keep experimenting. Living plants, rocks, hammocks, bridges, balls, woods, are all examples that owners can mix and integrate into the environment of a bearded dragon to the extent that a bearded dragon likes.

Some of the household items that can be used for decor for bearded dragons can be rocks, DIY hammocks, DIY bridges, DIY bearded dragon furniture and much more DIY enclosure decor for bearded dragons that can be made by the owner.

Diy bearded dragon decor
DIY bearded dragon decor


How Do You Make A Homemade Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

The first thing that an owner needs to do is understand how much space do bearded dragons need before making an enclosure by themselves. An adult bearded dragon would need at least 48 inches x 19 inches x 22 inches (height). If the owner is using a glass tank, it is preferred to use 75-120 gallons of the tank.

The owner can use wood or glass to make a tank from scratch. It is recommended to use wood when making it by yourself because it is safer. If the owner has an old cabinet, shelf or cupboard of such size, that can be used as well.

The owner would now need to create the walls, base and join them together to make a home. When using wood, it is recommended to use a front wall of glass, to keep an eye on the bearded dragon. When installing a roof, the owner should make sure to leave space for lighting.

Now, the owner would need to add additional items, to make the terrarium more vibrant. These items can be flooring, plants. Lighting, bearded dragon basking rock, hiding spot, temperature settings, bedding, hammocks and other decorations are optional.


How To Decorate A Bearded Dragon Tank

Different bearded dragon terrariums would have different shapes so there is no certain idea on how to decorate a bearded dragon tank. There are many options when it comes to bearded dragon cage ideas. But not everyone would be able to use every item. The goal of the owner shouldn’t be to make it look good, it should be to provide comfort and happiness to the bearded dragon.

The owner should decorate the tank of their bearded dragons according to the tank space. The owner should make sure that they don’t overdo it, making it uncomfortable for the bearded dragon to have space for itself.

Some of the things that can be used in the tank for bearded dragons can be basking rock for bearded dragon, hiding spots, foam Decorations, wood logs, hammocks, live plants, balls, and bones are all examples that can be used in the tank of a bearded dragon.


Bearded Dragon Terrarium Decor Ideas DIY

The owner can make custom bearded dragon decor by themselves, ideas can be taken from YouTube.

Some of the ideas for DIY bearded dragon cage decor are as follows

DIY bearded dragon enclosure decor hiding spot

It is very easy to make a hiding spot. It can be made with an old plastic bowl. The plastic should be kept upside down and cut a hole for the bearded dragon to pass through it. The owner can even use a box to make a hiding spot.


DIY bearded dragon tank decor bridge

A bridge can be made with small wood pieces. The owner should make sure to attach all pieces very carefully and tightly. An owner can also make bridges with cardboard as well.


DIY bearded dragon cage decor hammock

A hammock can be made by using a piece of cloth or a net. Attaching it in a cage where a Bearded dragon would easily access it and won’t be at risk of falling, would be a great addition to the terrarium.


How To Decorate A Bearded Dragons Vivarium?

There are many DIY decor help for bearded dragons on YouTube, which can be used to provide a creative and comfortable environment to the bearded dragon. When watching bearded dragon enclosure decor ideas, the owner should make sure that they select ideas that would be safe for their pet.

Many of the bearded dragon habitat ideas on YouTube are risky for example having a very narrow bridge, is too risky. Furthermore, the owner should only make easy DIY bearded dragon decor because they are easy to make and they are safer than the complex ones.

Many owners follow different themes like a desert, forest, and casual, but it solely depends on the choice of the owner, what they would like to provide to their pets.

A bearded dragon would comfortably live in any theme of terrarium, but what matters to them is a safe and compatible environment including temperature, lighting, food etc.


Final Verdict – DIY Bearded Dragon Decor

Bearded dragons, just like any other pet, would thrive when they have a comfortable and safe environment. Owners can add various props and decorations that will add to their lives. Many platforms will provide very good and effective ideas.

Diy bearded dragon decor
DIY bearded dragon decor

When making the decoration items the owner should make sure that they make safe props. The owner should never use toxic materials or use any sharp items that will somehow harm the bearded dragon.

When making DIY bearded dragon decor, the owner can take ideas from YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit etc. When making the props the owner should make sure that when the bearded dragon uses those props, they aren’t prone to falling or getting hurt.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet bearded dragon a good and comfortable life!

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