Do Possums Eat Rabbits? 5 Solid Ways To Remove Possums

Contrary to common misunderstandings, the Opossum is not related to the Possum, despite the similarity of their names.

However, the Opossum is an American species (Marsupial). Virginia Opossums are the most common in the US. Unless they are mammal experts, when Americans say ‘possum,’ they almost always mean the native Opossum.

Do possums eat rabbits? A rabbit will rarely be attacked and killed by a possum, even though it has incredibly sharp teeth. They are timid and avoid interacting with other animals. They usually eat insects and small rodents. Even though possums may not necessarily kill and eat your rabbit, that doesn’t make them safe.

Do possums eat rabbits
Do Possums Eat Rabbits

In this article, we will discuss what Possum is? Do Possums Eat Rabbits and methods of elimination of possums from your property?


Do Possums Eat Rabbits

Do Possums Eat Rabbits – Possums have very sharp teeth, but they don’t attack or kill rabbits. They are omnivores, and they like to eat insects and other small rodents.

Do Rabbits Hibernate?


What Is Possum?

Possums are native to Australia, Sulawesi, and Indonesian Islands. They belong to Marsupial Species.

The word possum comes from the word “apossum,” which means that “white animal” in the Native American language is known as Powhatan. Possums may be shown hanging upside down in cartoons but that is a myth in real life.


Types of Possums

There are many kinds of possums; we will discuss all of them.

Brushtail Possums

Brushtail possums are well known in Australia. It is the most widespread marsupial ion native region. As we know from his name, brushtail possums have a thick tail, long hairs, and furless areas of patch on the underside. These features help them to hang on trees.


Ringtail Possums

This category of possums resides in a communal nest known as dreys. In dreys, you can see adult males and females. It also contains two twins, out of which one is nursing, and the other is older. But both of these two are dependent on adults.


Cuscuses Possums

These are the largest possums. It is not a household name that cuscuses are among the largest possums. Sulawesi bear cuscus, for instance, can weigh up to 22 pounds and has a coat of thick, dark fur.


Tasmanian pygmy Possums

Tasmanian possums are the smallest Possum. Its weight is less than pencils’ weight. The size of the Tasmanian Possum is just like mouse size.


Is A Possum Carnivorous?

Yes, Possum is carnivores. They set up their residence where there is adequate availability of food. They like to eat different varieties of food. The fare includes fruits, insects, birds, mammals, fish, and carrion.

Do Possums Eat Rabbits – Opossums are also good at keeping rats and roaches away from their territory since they often compete for it?

Do Rabbits sleep with their eyes open? Yes, to keep themselves safe from predators in an uncertain environment.


Possum Diet Explained

Possums like sweet items. Fish, dog food, and canned food are Possum’s diet. The most favorite diet of Possum is fish and apple. Cans of pet food work very well as bait for opossum traps as well. While in discussion about the best opossum baits, professional trapper community agrees that the stronger the smell, the better.

Possums eat plants as well. Their presence will not ruin your carefully trimmed flowerbed. A possum prefers to eat decaying, weak weeds. You could save yourself a job in the backyard.

A possum likes sweet sugary things. Mixing of flour with sugar and aniseed oil and pasting it on trees or putting it in possum catch traps can work as baits. It will also work with peanut butter or jam instead of sugar. Do Possums Eat Rabbits? No, they don’t eat rabbits? They are safe for rabbits.


Do Rabbits and Possums Get Along?

Do Possums Eat Rabbits? As we have discussed above, possums are shy and timid animals? They don’t like to interact with other animals. Possums have highly sharp teeth, which are enough for attack and prey. But they don’t want to hunt in rare cases; they attack and kill rabbits.

Possums feed and nourish his young ones in the pouch for about four months. This is the best time for both of these two animals to live and share their property.

Do possums eat rabbits
Do Possums Eat Rabbits


Why Do Possums Eat Rabbits?

There are very few cases of Possum’s attack on the rabbit. The question is, Do Possums Eat Rabbits. Possums don’t interact with other animals because they are timid. Although they kill and eat other organisms like fishes, rodents, and insects, they don’t attack or kill rabbits.

Do Possums Eat Rabbits? Even if they are not dangerous for rabbits, they don’t mean they are safe for rabbits. It is necessary to eliminate possums from the area where you are keeping rabbits.


Do Possums Eat Dead Rabbit?

Wild rabbits are typically found dead by possums very quickly. Do Possums Eat Rabbits – Wild rabbits often die crossing roads? Hunting rabbits for sport is a sport for some predators. Birds of prey such as owls and falcons gorge themselves on the head of rabbits, leaving the body behind. A possum will eat these remains.

You should take steps to eliminate possums if you live in an area where they live. They can eat their meal in the safety of their den. 

Do Possums Eat Rabbits that are already dead? Your rabbit becomes in danger the more dead animals are near your yard. This attracts predators. Try to lure possums away from your home.

Do Possums Eat Rabbits that are crepuscular – The animal that visits your property in the dark is known as nocturnal animals. Possums also belong to this category. They will see your property in the dark. They can eat other dead animals, but they don’t eat possums.


Do Possums Kill Rabbits?

Do Possums Eat Rabbits? They don’t eat live rabbits though they can eat dead bodies of rabbits. Your rabbit can still be killed by a possum even if it doesn’t attack you. There is a range of diseases spread by possums. These animals are not domesticated pets, so infections cannot be treated.

Those pesky fleas and ticks can do a lot of damage. The parasites that feed on possums may also infect rabbits. Infected blood will rapidly make your rabbit ill.

Possums carry a lot of dangerous parasites or germs that can cause disease like

  • Tularemia
  • Chagas disease
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies
  • Coccidiosis


How to Eliminate Possums from Your Property?

First of all, to eliminate possums from your property, know about the things that made possums come into your house or property.

  • Garbage cans: Always put the lid of the can on the can’s cap.
  • Garden produce: Maintain the cleanliness of your garden. Clean the rotten fruits and vegetables from the garden.
  • Pet food: If you have pet food dishes and water dishes, bring them inside in the evening.
  • Compost piles: Never add animal products to your compost. It is because it attracts the possums to come into your garden.
  • Bird feeders: Remove bird feeders and store them in a locked container.


Methods to Keep Possums Away

  • Make helium balloons sway in the wind around your yard to scare the possums away.
  • Party supply stores sell pinwheels that can be placed in the soil around your plants, spinning them in the wind.
  • Attach an oscillating fan to an extension cord in your garden. Attach ribbons to the fan, so they stream out when the fan is running. Usually, the sight and sound of the fan scare away the possums.
  • In your yard, play your portable radio. Your neighbors may complain that you are disturbing them, so be sure to talk to them before making the noise.


Final Verdict – Do Possums Eat Rabbits

The possums are tiny animals that eat organisms like fishes, rodents, insects, and dead and decaying fruits and vegetables. They like to eat sweet things.

Do possums eat rabbits
Do Possums Eat Rabbits

Do Possums Eat Rabbits? Possums are very timid animals that don’t kill or attack your rabbits. They are carriers of many diseases because they contain ticks, fleas, and many other germs that can cause infections in rabbits.

It is necessary to eliminate possums from your property like a garden. There are many methods for the removal of possums from the garden that we have discussed above.

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