Do Axolotls Need A Filter? 4 Cool Axolotl Tank Filter Types

Having an aquatic pet like axolotl is interesting. You have to keep the tank in a clean and well-maintained condition. Caring for axolotls must pay attention to this because they are sensitive animals. Water parameters such as pH level, water hardness, water filter, ammonia, and nitrite level.

Do axolotls need a filter? If the axolotl tank is replaced with water very often, there is no need for filtration. Many axolotl enthusiasts prefer to have a filter on the axolotl tank with several options such as internal power filters, under-gravel filters, canister filters, and external hang on the tank filters.

If you want to know complete information about the needs of axolotls with filters, you need to read this article to the end.

Do axolotls need a filter
Do axolotls need a filter


What Makes Axolotl Healthy In Tank?

The axolotl is healthy in a tank with longer life expectancy if the water parameters and food provided are appropriate. If the axolotls are not given what they need, they will get stressed and start showing weird behaviors like inactivity, less appetite, and floating.

Axolotls are very sensitive to bad water conditions because of a lot of waste, dead plants, uneaten food, and anything that can raise ammonia levels. If the ammonia is more than 0.25 ppm, the axolotls can be poisoned and worsen their condition.

Give the axolotl regular feeding and always clean water with ammonia or nitrite levels at 0 ppm.


Do Axolotls Need A Filter?

Filters are not essential for axolotl tanks if you can change the water frequently and always check using a water test kit.

Changing the water serves to prevent ammonia or nitrites spikes. Do not change the water by more than 30% to make the ammonia or nitrite is at 0 ppm because of the new water circulation.

It’s better to have a filter in the axolotl tank to prevent water change too often. If you don’t have a filter, you need to change the water every two days. Having a filter, you need to change it once a week.

Does an axolotl need a filter? Yes, the axolotl may get a filter in the tank. The filter will help the nitrogen cycle from ammonia to be converted to nitrite and then to nitrates. Filters are suitable for axolotls if they have beneficial bacteria to regulate the nitrogen cycle in the tank.


Do Baby Axolotls Need A Filter?

Each axolotl can be given a filter in its tank to keep the water clean. The diet of young axolotls is more than that of adult axolotls, so they produce more waste. If the tank has too much dirt, the ammonia level can spike and poison the axolotl.

Do axolotls need a filter? Baby axolotls are more sensitive than adult axolotls. If the baby axolotl is often stressed due to water conditions, the development of the baby axolotl can be hampered and susceptible to disease.

I have a healthy axolotl with a clean tank and a regular diet. Does my axolotl need a filter? Yes, I think so. Filters can help keep water quality cleaner than changing the water frequently. If too often, the axolotl can be stressed.


Do Axolotl Eggs Need A Filter?

Axolotl eggs are more dependent on water temperature compared to water conditions in the tank because axolotl eggs do not produce waste until hatching. If you want to install a filter, start after the axolotl hatches from the egg.

You can give the axolotl tank with sponge filters that clean the tank down to the debris. If axolotl eggs are kept at a water temperature, their growth will be maximized. The duration of the hatching process is also seen from the temperature in the tank.

Do axolotls need a filter? It depends on your choice. If you can not change the water tank too often, you need to put a filter in the axolotl tank.


Do Axolotl Tanks Need A Filter?

Adult axolotls produce a lot of waste. If the axolotl tank has a size of 10-gallon tank, the water will get dirty quickly and need a filter to maintain the best condition of the water. You will need a water filter that can keep the ammonia and nitrite levels stable while you also clean the axolotl dirt in the tank.

Do axolotls need a filter? If the axolotl tank is small, you have to use a water filter to keep the water clean and don’t need to change the water too often.

If you change it too often using tap water, axolotls can also get sick because too much is mixed with tap water which contains chlorine and chloramines.


What Do Axolotls Need?

Axolotls need clean tank water, slow water current, age-appropriate food, and living alone. Axolotls live in habitats with calm water. If axolotls live in heavy currents they are easily stressed and susceptible to disease.

Axolotls prefer to live alone in tanks to avoid aggressive behavior towards other axolotls or their tank mates. The food provided is better live food for young axolotls while waiting for their sense to grow.

Do axolotls need a filter? To make it easier for you to keep the water and nitrogen cycle clean, you need to use a filter that has beneficial bacteria. If you feel the filter is unnecessary, you should do water changes more often than usual.


What Do Axolotls Eat?

Young axolotls prefer to be fed live foods such as worms, crustaceans, daphnia, and brine shrimp. If you are still a baby, you need to give baby brine shrimp to fit the size. Do not feed the axolotl too much so as not to overfeed and balanced nutrition.

When they are adults, axolotls have a sharper sense, they can be given dead prey or pellets. When you want to feed an axolotl, you have to adjust the size of the food so that it can be swallowed once. The axolotl doesn’t chew and tear its food but swallows it right away.

Although axolotls have sharp teeth, they only have small teeth that can grasp their prey but not tear it apart. If axolotls eat food that is too large, they will have difficulty digesting it. Overfeed will cause impaction or constipation.

Do axolotls need a filter? Yes, the axolotl needs a filter because it can help the axolotl owner temporarily clean the tank from uneaten food and axolotl’s waste.

Do axolotls need a filter
Do axolotls need a filter


Axolotl Tank Setup

If you want to provide a suitable tank for the axolotl, think about the size of the axolotl and the comfort in terms of design. Give axolotls a place to live that is almost similar to their natural habitats such as providing caves, live plants, and substrates.

Give tank space more than the rule of thumb or more than a 10-gallon tank. Even if you only have one axolotl, it can still be put in a 20-gallon tank to provide ample space for swimming around and activities.

Do not give the light too bright, because the axolotl is sensitive to light. Provide UV light with lighting that is set to turn off automatically at night to provide a dark room for them to rest at night.

Do axolotls need a filter? A water filter is also an essential tank set up if you have been given a suitable place to live for the axolotl.

If you have a good tank set for axolotls but poor water conditions, then you can’t make healthy axolotls. Providing a filter in the axolotl tank will maintain water quality.


Aquarium Filter Types

If you want to understand the different types of aquarium filters, the table below will explain which filters are suitable for an axolotl tank.

Sponge filterMechanical and biological filter, can be used for 10-55 gallons tank, easy to clean.
Corner filterCan include filter media to extract toxins, but can take up a lot of space.
Hang on back filterAffordable filter hangs on back of the tank, work well as biological filter.
Canister filterHas efficiency and filtering power that incomparable, but quite expensive.

Do axolotls need a filter? If you prioritize the health of the axolotl, then the filter is the tank setup that you should install.


Best Filter For Axolotl

The best filter for axolotl is a biological filter that can convert ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrates. The nitrogen cycle will be formed and stabilize water quality to keep it safe for axolotl.

Make sure the filter you choose is not only mechanical but also biological. When you put axolotls in an uncycled tank, they will get sick quickly and cannot live up to their life expectancy.

Do axolotls need a filter? Putting the best filter will also ensure the best life for the axolotl because water conditions are always maintained and keep the axolotl away from any diseases.


Do You Need A Filter For Axolotls?

If you have more than one axolotl, a filter is needed because just one axolotl can produce waste that can quickly contaminate the tank. When you want to clean the axolotl tank without a filter, you must change the water every other day so that the ammonia level does not rise more than 0.25 ppm.

When axolotls are allowed to produce a lot of waste, an ammonia spike can occur and axolotls can be exposed to ammonia burn. Before that happens, installing the right axolotl filter will keep the ammonia level at 0 ppm.


Can An Axolotl Survive Without A Filter?

Yes, but it’s better if the axolotl has a biological filter for beneficial bacteria to help the cycling process in the tank.

Not installing a filter will only give you a lot of work to check the water parameters and change the water regularly. It will take you an hour at minimum to take care of the axolotl tank.

When you can ensure the water quality, the axolotl can survive even without a tank. Instead, you have to do a water test every morning, every axolotl finishes eating, and finishes producing waste. There should be no time to allow the dirt to produce ammonia.


How Long Can My Axolotl Go Without A Filter?

If you make water changes and require the axolotl tank to be unfiltered, you can leave it for up to 24 hours and it shouldn’t be a big problem.

If you are looking for references from axolotl enthusiasts, there are axolotl owners who do not install filters in their tanks, even though they have to change the water by 20-30% every two days.

Do axolotls need a filter? Depends on how well you can set the time to change the water, clean the axolotl’s stool, get rid of uneaten food, and do a water test. If you are not patient with this, you need a filter to help maintain water quality.


Final Verdict – Do Axolotls Need A Filter

To keep the axolotl healthy, you must meet several requirements, such as maintaining water parameters, providing healthy food, and keeping the axolotl from being stressed.

You can not use a filter for the axolotl tank if you can always clean the tank from uneaten food, axolotl’s stool, and several other things that can cause an ammonia spike. Do not leave axolotls in tanks with high levels of ammonia or nitrite to prevent their condition from worsening.

Do axolotls need a filter
Do axolotls need a filter?

In terms of water parameters, you need to keep the tank temperature, ammonia, and nitrites level at 0 ppm, and have a filter to help keep the water clean.

Choose a biological filter that has beneficial bacteria to help the cycle process in the tank so that the ammonia and nitrite levels remain at 0 ppm. You still have to change the water to 20-30% once a week.

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