Do Axolotls Need Air? 4 Interesting Oxygen Source Types

The Mexican walking fish or axolotl is an interesting pet to have. They spend most of their time walking at the bottom of the tank and swimming around like fish. Even though they are salamanders, they can’t stay out of the water for too long. But the axolotl has lungs that work normally. When they have lungs and gills for breathing,

Do axolotls need air? The axolotl is primarily adapted to breathe and live underwater and can breathe air, though not as perfectly as land animals. Axolotls have lungs and gills, which can function normally when axolotl underwater or temporarily out of water. Don’t leave axolotls out of water for a long time because that is a primary threat to them.

To find out how the axolotl breathes normally and whether they need air in their life, we need to read this article to the end.

Do axolotls need air
Do Axolotls need air?


Do Axolotls Need Air?

Axolotls need air like other animals with lungs. Axolotls need oxygen to breathe. Occasionally they will come to the surface to take the air.

Although axolotls live entirely in water, that doesn’t mean they don’t need air. The axolotl is a salamander that grows rudimentary lungs to breathe. They spend time in the water. When it’s time to need air, they will rise to the surface.

Young axolotls don’t exactly breathe air but pick up oxygen particles that are in the air. Axolotls respire through their gills by diffusing oxygen through their skin. When they are adults, axolotls can store oxygen in the rudimentary lungs as they take in the air on the surface of the water.

When axolotl to the surface to inhale water, this is a normal activity for axolotls if they do it occasionally. But if you see an axolotl doing it repeatedly in a short time, immediately check the water conditions to determine whether there is an ammonia level or a nitrite level spike.


Do Axolotls Need Air Stones?

Axolotls probably don’t need air stones, as axolotls rarely experience oxygen deprivation. The water filter is sufficient to provide a sufficient environment for the axolotl to obtain oxygen. You can also put live plants that can produce oxygen in the tank.

Axolotl absorbs oxygen through their gills, rudimentary pair of lungs when they are on the surface, and their skin. With these three ways, axolotls can efficiently obtain oxygen for their breathing needs.

The water filter has helped many things in the tank to keep the water clean from ammonia and nitrite levels. If the cycling process is normal, the axolotl can breathe safely.

You can use air-driven filters such as sponge filters or other types, which include air stones for the axolotl tank. But if you want to give air stones on the axolotl tank, that’s up to you.

Do axolotls need air? Axolotls need air like any other living being. Axolotls can get oxygen in a more efficient way than other animals. Ensure their gills and lungs are healthy so they can breathe normally.


Do Axolotls Need Air Bubbles?

There is something to worry about if you use air bubbles in an axolotl tank. If the air pump cannot adjust the water flow, the axolotl can be stressed because of the heavy water flow.

Axolotl is sensitive to water flow. If they don’t live in calm water, they will get stressed and exhibit strange behavior such as refusing to eat or floating. Use an air pump to produce air bubbles without affecting the flow rate.

Air bubblers can add oxygen to the tank and help with water evaporation to keep the temperature down during hot weather, which can cause a temperature spike. You probably need air bubbles if you have more than one axolotl in a tank, or your axolotl has tank mates like small fish or crustaceans.

Do axolotls need air? Yes, axolotls need air like other animals. Keeping the axolotl tank with sufficient oxygen is the main task of every axolotl owner.


Do Axolotls Need Air Pump?

The air pump is not a vital accessory to keep the axolotl alive. The filtering system in the tank is sufficient to maintain the oxygen content. Even so, there are some conditions that the air pump can be used in the axolotl tank.

Having an air pump will increase the oxygen supply in the tank. If the axolotl normally comes to the surface to inhale air, you will rarely see this when you install the air pump.

But if the axolotl keeps going to the surface and happens repeatedly, there is a possibility that the water flow in the tank will stress the axolotl.

If you can find an air pump that can maintain a calm water flow, you can use it for an axolotl tank. You can decide not to use an air pump, but don’t let you not use a filter. The water filter has a big role in cleaning the axolotl tank from waste. It will keep the water in a good condition.


Do Axolotls Need Air To Live?

Yes, axolotl needs air to live. Sometimes axolotl owners think that when axolotls live underwater, they don’t need air to breathe. They assumed that the axolotl did not need air because it could not stay long on land, and was always in the water.

Even every aquatic animal still needs air for them to breathe. Axolotls, like fish, can absorb oxygen particles in the water. Occasionally they come to the surface to supply oxygen in the rudimentary lungs.

There are three ways axolotls get oxygen. By absorbing oxygen through their skin and their gills, and occasionally to the surface to inhale air. All you need to do is install a water filter, change the water once a week, or put live plants to keep oxygen in the tank.


Do Axolotls Need Air To Breathe?

Axolotl will inhale water if the oxygen in the water is running low. But it doesn’t mean the axolotl can survive out of water for a long time. Do not leave axolotls out of the water until their bodies are dry, as they can only survive on the oxygen supply in their rudimentary lungs.

Check the condition of the water every week even if you use a water filter. Axolotl produces a lot of waste, and you need to do a water change and take axolotl stool or uneaten food. An increased ammonia level or nitrite level will reduce the oxygen content in the tank.

Do axolotls need air
Do Axolotls need air?

If the axolotl does a lot of floating, and inhales air on the surface, immediately check the water parameters. Axolotls will not often swim to the surface to take a breath, because they can absorb oxygen particles with their gills and skin.

The table below is a list of things that can increase the oxygen supply in the axolotl tank.

Oxygen SourceExplanation
Water filterCan cause water movement at the surface and do the oxygen exchange
Live plantsCan produce quite a bit oxygen after absorbing ammonia or carbon dioxide
Water changesfresh supply of oxygenated water
Air pump or air bubblesHelp water evaporation and increasing oxygen supply

Do axolotls need air? Yes, the axolotl needs air. They cannot live solely on the oxygen in the tank, because the oxygen content in the tank can change due to many factors. Keeping the water clean is the main way to ensure sufficient oxygen for axolotl.


Do Axolotls Need Air Bubbler?

Air bubbler is not necessary for an axolotl tank. The water filter is sufficient to source the oxygen in the tank. You can consider having an air bubbler if you don’t have live plants in the tank.

Some axolotl owners agree with using air bubblers because axolotl also likes to play with bubbles. Not all axolotls will experience the same thing, some axolotls are so stressed when they see a bubbler, and they refuse to eat.

We as owners think more about the adequacy of oxygen in the tank. But having an air bubbler should also look at the behavior of your axolotl.

If axolotl enjoys when you install the air bubbler, there are no problems such as floating, less appetite, or swimming upside down, then you can run the air bubbler in the tank.


Do Axolotls Need Air Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the axolotl cannot be out of water. If you want your axolotl to live a normal life, never take the axolotl out of the water. Leave the axolotl in the water bucket for swimming around. Axolotl will not survive outside the water.

If you want to take the axolotl with you wherever you go, you can put the axolotl in a water bucket. When axolotls are thrown from the water bucket, they will look for a water source near them.

At the same time, the axolotl will receive damage over time. Axolotl will die if it cannot reach the water within a certain time.


How Long Can Axolotls Go Without Air?

Axolotls have both lungs and gills. Axolotls breathe by absorbing oxygen particles in the water or inhaling air while on the surface of the water. If the axolotl is in the water for a long time as long as the oxygen supply is still high, then they do not need air for a while.

But if the oxygen in the axolotl tank starts to run low, they will come to the surface to inhale air. Axolotl can not live long without air and dirty water conditions.

Axolotls do not breathe by inhalation on the surface of the water, but they can do so while in the water using their gills. But they will occasionally come to the surface to inhale the air and supply oxygen in their rudimentary lungs.


Do Axolotls Need To Come Up For Air?

The axolotl is fairly normal to breathe air every so often. Check the water parameters to make sure the axolotl gets enough oxygen in the tank. If the axolotl starts to surface frequently to get oxygen, it is a sign that the water in the tank is in bad condition.

Immediately check ammonia and nitrite levels, do water changes so that oxygen supply increases. Clean uneaten food and axolotl stool to avoid ammonia spikes.


Do Axolotls Eggs Need Air?

Axolotls need warm temperatures to hatch quickly and clean water just like hatching axolotls. Axolotl eggs stay underwater until they hatch, so they only need oxygen particles in the water. If you adjust the temperature to 20-22°, the eggs can have an estimated hatch of fewer than 14 days.

Ensure you put axolotl eggs in the cycled tank to ensure oxygen is enough for all eggs. If the axolotl eggs have hatched, you can lower the temperature to cool temperatures so they can be healthy and grow fast.


Final Verdict – Do Axolotls Need Air

Axolotls have gills and rudimentary lungs for breathing. Young axolotls will absorb oxygen particles in the water like fish. After axolotls grow up, they occasionally rise to the surface to inhale the air.

Do axolotls need air
Do Axolotls need air?

You can meet the axolotl’s oxygen needs with several factors such as live plants, water filters, or air bubblers if you need them. Change the water once a week even if you use a water filter to reintroduce oxygenated water in the tank.

If the axolotl goes to the surface several times in a short period, immediately check the water parameters. Axolotl does not often inhale air. If they do that repeatedly, it’s a sign the water in the tank is not good. Check the water parameters and make sure they are at a safe level.

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