Rabbit Litter Size : How Many Bunnies Are In A Litter? 7 Cool Facts

Before you cut off your lawn, check your yard to ensure you are not disturbing rabbits camping in their nests. There is nothing wrong with the rabbits that you have right now.

Want to know how amazing your rabbit litter size can grow? You will learn how to improve your rabbit litter size, and we will advise how to treat your bunny litter size to raise all your kits.

A female adult rabbit generally has anywhere from 1 baby rabbit to 14 Rabbit kits per litter. The statistical average shows Bunnies have 6 baby rabbit kits in a litter. The Rabbit litter size depends on the mother rabbit’s age, size and health.

Rabbit litter size
Rabbit Litter Size – How many rabbits in a litter?

We won’t keep you any longer, let’s first dive into the most important dope that you need to know if you want to be a successful zoologist. How many bunnies are in a litter? One thing you need to know as a pet parent is the average rabbit litter size.


Rabbit Reproduction Rate

A rabbit’s gestation period is about 30 days, and can get pregnant shortly after giving birth. How many bunnies in a litter? For every time it gives birth, you can expect a rabbit litter size of between 1 to 12 although it can have more.


Rabbit Reproductive System

A rabbit is one of the few animals with a bicornuate uterus – two separate uteri and cervices connected to a private part simplex. This uterus helps in the formation of the two embryos in both uteri of the same rabbit. A rabbit’s reproductive rate is so high, in fact, it can get pregnant if it mates a few minutes after giving birth.

Sexual intercourse, and not hormones like humans, triggers the release of eggs. You can look at your rabbit’s private part to determine if it is receptive to mating, that is, if it is red and moist.


Rabbit Litter Size

How many babies do rabbits have in their first litter? A bunny litter size range from an average of 7 but can have a litter size of between 1 to 15 young ones. The kittens are usually born naked with closed eyes and ears. Any mature rabbit, whether the small or big size of age 4 to 4.5 months can produce an average of six.

What is a litter of rabbits called? Kittens. This is the name of young rabbits.


How Many Litters Can A Rabbit Have In A Year?

Rabbits breed almost immediately after giving birth. The gestation period is about 30 days. How many rabbits should I get? Two are enough, a male and a female. If you keep your rabbits together, male and female, she can have between 11 to 12 litters each year.


How Many Babies Can A Rabbit Have In A Lifetime?

Once a rabbit delivers her babies, she can mate and get expectant as soon as the next day. A doe is sexually mature at 6 months for smaller breeds and 9 months for bigger breeds. Normally, a rabbit has a lifespan of 5 to 8 years.

If we calculate a doe with a lifespan of 5 years, giving birth to an average of 5 rabbits for each litter, then we expect 12 litters each year and 60 litters in the 5 years. You can figure out the number of babies easily that you should expect to about 300 given your doe does not miss a single month. The babies can be more or less than that depending on your luck.

You can have an entire world of rabbits in your homestead within no time, as you have seen. However, note that this depends on the type of your rabbit. Some rabbits give birth often, while others have a longer gestation period. 


Californian Rabbit Litter Size

How many rabbits are in a litter from a Californian rabbit? Between 1 to 14 babies for each litter. This Himalayan-New Zealand rabbit crossbreed can have an average of 6, for all its successful deliveries, but can have more.

Considering that a Californian rabbit has a slightly more gestation period of up to 31 to 33 days, you can expect a lower number of litters in a year.


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Litter Size

An average of 2 to 4. This rabbit litter size can vary and some kits may be born healthier than others. Netherland dwarf rabbits require a more extensive form of breeding to keep away diseases and to produce average-size kits.

The gestation period is similar to Californian, of between 31 to 33 babies.

If you are planning to own a Netherland dwarf rabbit, be ready to preserve a pretty penny as well.


New Zealand Rabbit Litter Size

How many bunnies are in a litter of a New Zealand rabbit? A New Zealand rabbit litter size has an average of 7, but the size ranges from 1 to 14 kittens. The pregnancy process is so simple that a doe can get expectant within 24 hours provided there is a correct mating with the buck.

The New Zealand Whites have the record of breeding the largest litter of rabbits in the Rabbits’ history.


Mother Rabbit Ignoring Baby Kits – What To Do?

If this happens, it is likely that an immature rabbit gave birth who is still unaware of the precautions. It is possible that she won’t care, and would be clear if she does not bother constructing a nest at first. Here, we are going to teach you how to encourage your rabbit to care for her kits.

One thing you should note before choosing what to do is that your rabbit is probably feeding your kits even if she seems to ignore them. A wonderful piece of advice is to check your kit’s condition to judge if they are being fed or not. Weak, cold, wrinkled, and shrunken bellies may be a sign of an abandoned kit. Well, in this case, you may have to intervene.

This is how you encourage your rabbit. Hold her as you caress her body in a position that your kits can nurse comfortably. In most cases, this fixes the problem. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you are monitoring the practice. Do Rabbits Shed?

Please note that uncomfortable housing conditions might be a cause too, where your hutch is so damp that your rabbit is not comfortable lying sideways.


Do Rabbits Eat Their First Litter?

First-time moms can kill and eat their litter if hungry. It is so normal that the first litter will not survive because the mom is so frightened, unready, and has no option but to do what comes naturally to her.

A rabbit is not carnivorous, so she does not eat them by her will. It is natural for a first-time mom. After the first litter, there is nothing to worry about. Your doe can have another litter in a matter of 30 days.

If you do not want your rabbit to eat her first litter, provide enough proteins by feeding her Alfalfa hay a few days before giving birth. Eating her kids may also suggest that she is extremely territorial.


How To Increase Rabbit Litter Size?

Multiple breeding is a practice by many breeders which works on the fact that multiple ovulations are reassured. A rabbit has no ovulations until it is bred. Although it ovulates with its first breeding, the second breeding is to ensure more ovulations for the release of more eggs that determines a rabbit litter size.

You can do a repeat breeding within intervals of 5 to 6 hours. Leave your rabbits for about 30 minutes to mate again as they wish.

Unfortunately, this can land you in serious trouble. If your rabbit had second litter in her second uterus that had not conceived at the first mating, say after two weeks, then you have to hand-feed your second litter.

Teddywidder Rabbit Characteristics


What Breed of Rabbit Has Large Litters?

It is hard to give a single breed because almost all rabbits produce a similar number of kittens in a litter. The number in a litter also depends on its size, health, maturity, and care. A rabbit usually has several litters a year.

How many bunnies are in a litter of a rabbit with the largest litter size? Dwarf rabbits produce up to two kits, average size up to six kittens while larger breeds produce up to 10 kits.

How many bunnies does a rabbit have in a lifetime? If you need the best rabbit that can produce the highest number of litter in its lifespan, then choose the American rabbit because it has a longer lifespan of up to 12 years.


Do Rabbits First Litter Always Die?

The chances of the first litter survival are almost zero percent. Reports from the University of Miami suggest some kits may survive, although in rare cases. That’s totally okay because a rabbit is unprepared for feeding and caring for its kits, this is the reason for that.

What causes rabbits to have stillborn litters? Due to either abandonment and cannibalism of the first-time mom, or weak and sickness of the new born.

Most litter grows well after the first litter because your doe is ready for it. You do not have to worry anymore.

Sometimes a doe can eat her first litter, which is normal, and you need to be patient with her. Other rabbits are selective; they divide their kits into groups and feed some groups only. It can be a neglectful or intentional action. That’s the natural way of things, the first litter will hardly survive. 


How Many Rabbits Survive Out Of A Litter?

Less than 10 percent will survive in your first litter. It is natural for a first-time mother to lack the capability of nurturing her kids because of the first-time strange experience.

From the second litter, you can expect all your kits to survive if you offer them great care. How many bunnies are in a litter that survives? The average of the kits which usually survive per litter is around 7.

However, only provide care that is of dire need because, under normal circumstances, a nursing rabbit does not require your assistance. Your actions, like practically holding your doe to nurse your kits, are dangerous and unnecessary.


Do Rabbits Get Sad When Their Babies Die?

Not really. Rabbits have been known to get sad only when a close companion passes on rather than the kits. This does not mean that they do not suffer emotionally either, it is hard to notice depressed rabbits because they express their grief differently.

Some rabbits can mourn the loss of their mates by showing deep depression with signs of not eating, low energy, and expressing sudden anger towards you.

She will also not move her dead kits from the nest. That is your responsibility.


Final Verdict

It is super easy to build a multitude of rabbits in your homestead within a year. How many bunnies are in a litter? We can comfortably conclude that the rabbit litter size depends on the size, health, and breed of your rabbits.

Rabbit litter size
rabbit litter size – how many bunnies are in a litter

You should know the rabbit breeds you are raising as different rabbits have different gestation periods so that you can plan for your litter. Some rabbits take time to mature sexually. It is not always 4 months maturity time for a doe to all breeds. There is a reduced litter of bunnies size for the dwarf rabbits, while others produce more.

Do not breed your rabbits if you are not a professional, you can pass diseases or sire unwanted breeds.

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