Maltese Lifespan : 5 Clear Maltese Life Expectancy Methods

Maltese Dog is a breed in dogs related to Toy Group. Maltese Dog breed is very close to human beings, and it shows affection to us.

In this article, we will discuss the Maltese Lifespan and problems related to Maltese Life expectancy. We will also describe how we can increase the Maltese Lifespan also discuss how to improve the Maltese dog Lifespan.


Maltese Lifespan

This section will be fascinating because we will discuss different Maltese sub-breeds lifespan.

Maltese lifespan
maltese lifespan – maltese life expectancy


Teacup Maltese Lifespan

Teacup is a smaller version of Maltese, and it has about 12-15 years of Life expectancy. They are tiny in size as compared to the other breed of this category.

They grow 8-10 inches maximum, and they have minimal bodyweight, i.e. 2-4 pounds. Because of their small size, they are very vulnerable to disease than regular Maltese dogs.


Average Maltese Lifespan

How do the Maltese live? Maltese has pretty good longevity because of their small size.

Maltese Life expectancy is about 12-15 years. The average dog has only 10-13 years of Life expectancy.  If you take much care of your Maltese, you can increase his Life span to 20 Years. The oldest Maltese has about 20 years old age.

The average male and female Maltese Lifespan are about the same. 12-15 years is Maltese Lifespan for both gender, but you can increase up to 20 years by giving a good diet and save your dog from different diseases.


Yorkie Maltese Lifespan

Yorkie Maltese Lifespan is around 10 to 15 years. Most of the dogs that belong to this category enjoy good health all over their Lifespan.

The average size is about six to ten inches, and their weight is about four to twelve pounds.


Yorkshire Maltese Lifespan

Morkies have a long Life expectancy as compared to the others. The average Maltese Life expectancy of Morkies is about 10-15 years.


Mixed Maltese Lifespan

14-15 years is mixed Maltese Lifespan with 13.5 old being the average age for a Maltese to live if he passes to a natural cause.


Jack Russell Cross Maltese Lifespan

The Life expectancy of Maltese Jack Russell Cross is about 13- 18 years. Its length ranges from 10-15 inches, and its average weight is about 14-18 lbs. It is known as one of the best breeds of Maltese.


Purebred Maltese Lifespan

The Purebred Maltese Lifespan ranges from 14 to 15 years normally. You can increase up to higher by following the preventive measures.


Small Dogs Have Larger Lifespan

The smaller the dog, the more is his Lifespan and the more significant is the dog, and the shorter is the Lifespan. Let’s discuss with an example, the smaller dog like Maltese it has about 13-15 years of Lifespan.

The oldest Maltese reaches the age of 20 years old. On the other hand, a giant dog-like Saint Bernard has a Life span of about 5-8 years. So, the dogs that belong to the giant breed don’t live as long as the smaller breed.


Maltese Health Problems and Life Expectancy

Health is an issue in every individual. Like humans, dogs also have health issues, and these health problems affect the Life expectancy of Maltese. There are many problems related to health.

A Maltese dog lover may face this. Below are the primary health issues that can affect the Maltese Life expectancy.


Retinal Atrophy

Retinal Atrophy is a disease related to the eyes. It can affect your Maltese Life expectancy.  If your dog is suffering from this disease, it feels difficult to see something in dim light.

If you noticed that your dog is bumping into things and becoming disoriented, your dog is suffering from retinal Trophy.

There is no such treatment for retinal Atrophy. The only solution to get rid of these problems is that you can train your dog with practice to learn the new ways of coping in the home and out on a walk.


Shaker Syndrome

It is a condition in which your dog feels general body and head tremors. Another name for this disease is steroid-responsive tremors and generalized tremor syndrome.

This disease is mainly seen in a small breed like Maltese. It mostly occurs in the species that’s weight is less than 30 pounds.

It usually occurs in adulthood at the age of one or two years. Tremors are a rhythmic, repetitive and involuntary movement of muscles. In other words, we can call this shaking.

We can increase this condition during exercise and other activities, and this problem entirely resolved when your dog is asleep. Prednisone is very effective in this disease. If you make this, You can recover your dog in one or two weeks.


Porto Systemic Shunt

PSS is an abnormal connection between the portal vascular system and systematic circulation. This disease is related to the liver. It is of two types inside the liver and outside the liver.

We know that the liver filters and detoxifies the blood, so if the shunt is present, it can’t grow well in size and results in liver failure. Your dog’s liver will not has not the average size. This thing can also affect the Life span of Maltese.

It is widespread in Small size breeds like Maltese, Cairn terriers and Yorkshire Terriers etc. Surgery is the only best option for this disease. In surgery, the shunt vessel is removed, and then your liver grows typically.


Cardio Issues

Cardio is a term related to the heart. Maltese also suffer from this disease. It is the most common issue death issue in Maltese. It is one of the leading causes that decrease the Lifespan of Maltese.

It usually occurs in the Golden years. Seventy-five percent of cardio issue is due to the heart valve failure. A valve that regulates the blood flow slowly deformed. This thing results in minor tightening of the heart valve, and blood leaks around the valve and strains the heart.

The only treatment for this disease is surgery. The torn valve is corrected in operation, and the pacemaker is only the best option for cardio diseases.


How Long Do Maltese Live?

The dog of this breed is very loving among us because of its beauty. It is also known as a toy dog.

The Maltese have a very fair Lifespan. The average Maltese Lifespan is about 12-15 years.  The only fact why the Lifespan of Maltese is longer than the other dogs is size. The small size dogs have less Lifespan as compared to the bigger ones.


What Is The Oldest Maltese Dog?

The beautiful, gorgeous, and white-haired dog originated from Malta is known for a longer Lifespan due to its smaller size.

If you take much care of your Maltese dog and save it from fatal diseases that I have discussed above, then you can increase its Life span up to 20 years. The oldest Maltese dog has about 20 years old age.


How old is a 15-year-old Maltese in human years?

Dogs live better than humans. Dogs mature in this 1st year and people at the age of 14-15 years.  There are no other development or ageing. Hence the following years cannot be count as 15

The age of 2 years old dog equals to the 14 years old kid, and at the age of 10, it equals 70 years. This thing is not valid. It depends upon the breed, size, weight and health. The 15 years old Maltese in human years is equal to 75 years.


How do I know if my Maltese is dying?

One of the most important symptoms that tell us that our Maltese is dying is severe energy loss.  If your Maltese shows the following signs, it means that Maltese Life expectancy is about to end.


Extreme fatigue

Your dog feels fatigued. Such dog avoids movement and feels difficulty in moving from one space to another.

Even that it might not have enough energy to lift its head, he remains in his crate or house. All these are the sign of old age. If your dog has a chronic illness, then it shows fatigue.


Loss of interest

He simply loses his interest in daily activities because of his old age. They don’t show interest in peoples around them.

The dog may stop responding to people, especially to you and your family. He feels mental confusion and shows no interest in you. It’s all due to old age. But keep in mind, his love is not faded for you.


Loss of bladder and bowel movement

When a dog is about to die, it loses its control on his bladder and their other organ also began to close down. The dog starts peeing on the place where he is sitting. In this situation, you have to do extra care for your dog.

A dry and clean home is best for him. Please keep your dog cleans; otherwise, sours appear on his body.


Loss of appetite

You can see that your refusal to eat. Its appetite will disappear. Its appetite level began to decreases, and it even refuses to eat its favorite things. It may vomit after eating or drinking.

Sometimes dogs show a reduction in appetite; this is not due to age. In this case, consult your VET. If your dog is old enough and shows such symptoms, then it shows the sign of death.


Odd breathing

Your dog feels difficulty breathing when he is near the age of death. Their breathing may become too shallow. You may see that it may struggle to live, and their breathing rate is not smooth.

Your dog may feel suffocation, decrease breathing rate and low oxygen level. This sign shows that your Maltese Lifespan is about to end.

Maltese lifespan
maltese lifespan – maltese life expectancy


How to Increase Maltese Lifespan?

Just like humans, we can also increase the Lifespan of the dog. The preventive measure is significant for increasing Lifespan.

Cleanliness is the main thing that saves us from different diseases. Many practices are essential to improve the Maltese Life expectancy.


The following points are critical if you want to increase the Maltese Lifespan.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is essential for the healthy Life of dogs. Although they have a small size, the practice is critical for all individuals, not only for dogs. Maltese are lively and active.

They often busy themselves at home and play well for self-recreation; that’s why it is known as a toy dog.

According to the Club of Great Britain, 30 minutes of daily exercise is very important for  Maltese and can increase the Maltese Lifespan.


Choose Legitimate Maltese Breeder

There is a wide range of places where you can buy Maltese dogs. In the USA, there are well-known organizations like American Kennel Club, the American Maltese Association, to online market places and; from here, you can choose the legitimate Maltese breed.

You can find the true breed by asking for referrals from the VET or buying it from your trusted friends.


Proper Nutrition and Diet for Maltese  

Dogs have a different digestive system than humans; hence, proper nutrition and a balanced diet are very important for dogs.

The dry dog is very effective for the health of Maltese because it doesn’t contain lots of filler or additives.

If you want to feed your Maltese with canned food, choose that food that is completely balanced and has all the essential nutrients that help your pup or dog be very healthy. Energy and protein-rich food are perfect for a healthy Life.

If you want to feed your dog a natural diet, then these ingredients must be present in it, such as Beef chicken, boiled beef liver, raw bones, chicken necks, cottage cheese etc.


Maltese Health Care

Daily brush and regular grooming are essential for Maltese every 6-8 weeks to keep your Maltese coat beautiful. Maltese have susceptible teeth.

It would be best if you took much care of its teeth. Brushing 3 times a week is essential for teeth maintenance. Maltese are also high maintenance dogs, and proper maintenance is necessary to increase the Maltese Lifespan if you are a dog lover.

Spending time with your dog makes your dog’s affection to you. Instead of going to GYM, go for a walk with your Maltese. Schedule the dates along with your Maltese.

In this way, you can increase spending time with your dog. Involve your dogs in outdoor games and makes your dog’s social relation more strong.


Spending Quality Time with the Maltese Dog

Spending time with your dog makes your dog’s affection to you. Instead of going to GYM, go for a walk with your Maltese. Schedule the dates along with your Maltese.

In this way, you can increase spending time with your dog. Involve your dogs in outdoor games and makes your dog’s social relation more strong.


Supervise Your Maltese

Even though your dog is much active, healthy and well trained but house training is necessary. When you engage your dog in daily household activity, it is another type of exercise.

It sharpens the mind of your dog, and your dog will become more intelligent. You can supervise your dog in many ways.

Playing games with your Maltese dog makes your dog more active, healthy and robust. In this way, you can increase the Maltese Life expectancy.


Prevent Physical Injury

Preventing your dog from serious injury may increase the Maltese dog’s Lifespan. Physical injury can be a barrier in a longer Maltese Lifespan, so avoid your dog with bodily injury.

If a physical injury happens then, it may result in the death of your dog. Taking care of a dog is very necessary.

Don’t leave your pet alone because your absent dog may face serious injury, and unfortunately, this injury leads to death.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

At what age do Maltese dogs die?

Maltese dog Lifespan is excellent because of its small size and less vulnerability to diseases. Usually, the average Maltese dog Lifespan is about 12-15 years. So, between 12 to 15 years, your Maltese dog may die.


What do Maltese usually die from?

The most crucial death cause of Maltese dogs is a Heart attack. About 75% of Maltese dogs face death due to heart issues. Many other health issues decrease the Maltese Dog Lifespan. Other significant causes of death for Maltese include respiratory failure, renal failure, and bladder loss.


Final Verdict – Maltese Lifespan

Maltese is known as a toy dog, and it is beautiful and attractive because of its attractive features. If you are going to buy a Maltese puppy, you should have a lot of information about it.

Maltese dog Lifespan, how do the Maltese live, Preventive measures, Balanced diet to improve Maltese Lifespan and proper nutrition. You will also get information about the major diseases that it may cause to the dog and affect the Maltese Dog Life span.

As we discussed, the average Life span of Maltese is about 12-15 years. You can increase the Lifespan of Maltese by giving proper nutrition and a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, regular maintenance, thrice in a week brushing, giving hygienic natural food.

The oldest Maltese is about 20 years old; this is only due to proper care and acting upon all preventive measures necessary for a healthy Maltese Life.

Maltese lifespan
maltese lifespan – maltese life expectancy


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