Dachshund Lifespan : How Long Do Dachshunds Live? 9 Cool Facts

Weiner dogs, badger dogs, and sausage dogs are also known as Dachshund dogs. It is a short-legged, hound-type, long-bodied, and hound-type dog breed. Their hairs may be smooth, wide, or long.

It is well famous for its love and affection towards humans. If treated well, then they are good with adults and children. They are the very loyal companions of humans.

This article will discuss Dachshund lifespan, how long Dachshunds live, and how we can improve Dachshund lifespan.

As we know, Dachshund lifespan is tiny as compared to the lifespan of humans. Small dogs breed long live lifespan, and giant breeds enjoy a small lifespan.

Dachshund lifespan
dachshund lifespan – dachshund life expectancy


Dachshund Lifespan – How Long Do Dachshunds Live For?

Dachshund lifespan is about 12-16 years. It has a good lifespan as compared to the other dogs breed.

How long do Dachshunds live? Two main things tell us the Dachshund life expectancy.

  1. Genetics they are born with
  2. Care they receive in their lifespan from their owner

If these two things are adequately handled, then you can increase the Dachshund lifespan.


How Long Do Mini Dachshunds Live For?

How long do Dachshunds live? The average Miniature Dachshund lifespan is about 12 years.

It can live in both rural and urban environments. They are very active and robust. Some Miniature Dachshund can reach 14 years of age.


Dachshund Life Span Compared To Human Years

Dogs have a very short lifespan as compared to humans. The average life of a dog is much less than the of humans. According to AVMA, 15 years of human life is equal to one year of a medium-sized dog. How long do Dachshunds live human years? It is about 64-72 years.

The second year of a dog is equal to the nine years of a human as we know that the average Dachshund lifespan is 12-14 years. In human years, the Dachshund life expectancy is 64-72 years. Your dog’s age can also be calculated using the Age calculator.


What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Standard Dachshund?

12-15 years is the average Standard Dachshund Lifespan. Doxies come in two sizes. One is standard or miniature, and the second is three coat varieties.

The three varieties are smoothing-haired, wire-haired, and longhaired. They have vital companionship with humans. Various vet researches say that 12-15 years is the average Dachshund lifespan.


Why Do Dachshunds Live So Long?

Genetics plays an essential role in determining the expected age of dogs. If dogs belong to a breed with a small size, this breed belongs to the long lifespan dogs. If your dog belongs to the giant size breed, then its life expectancy is small.

So, the small size dogs have a larger lifecycle and vice versa. Now the question is that how long do Dachshunds live? Dachshund’s life expectancy is also long because of its genetic makeup and small size.


What Is The Age Of The Oldest Dachshund?

The oldest Dachshund is Wiley that is 31 years old. This is an exception in this breed. You can also increase your dog’s lifespan by acting upon all the preventive measures essential for the dog’s health.

The oldest Dachshund was 25 years old, and it is imposing in this breed. The most aged verified Dachshund was a doxie-mix who lived to the age of 12 years.


What Do Dachshunds Usually Die From?

Death is an immortal thing, but there are many reasons for death. Several diseases are fatal that is enough for the death of an individual. Studies reveal that Cancer is one of the most leading causes of death in dachshund dogs. Cancer decreases the Dachshund life expectancy.

Many other causes may result in an individual’s death, such as heart disorders, liver problems, kidney disorders, and other respiratory problems. According to the vet research, after Cancer, a heart attack is the second cause of death in a dachshund.


What Health Issues Do Dachshunds Show As They Grow Old?

As we grow older, we are very vulnerable to diseases. This is because of the weak immune system. The immune system defends our body against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful things. When the immune system weakens then, we are susceptible to diseases.

Many health problems decrease the Dachshund lifespan. Below are sign or health problems that your dog may face when it grows old


Intervertebral (IVDD) disc disease in Doxin Dog

Intervertebral disk problems are frequently occurring in older and mature dogs. Obese dogs are vulnerable to it. IVDD affects about 19-20 percent of a dachshund.

When intervertebral disks, which are the shock absorber between the spinal cord’s vertebrae, become herniated. It was pressing on the nerve present in the spinal cord, causing severe pain in the dog. It can result in damage, loss of bladder, and bowel control, resulting in paralysis.

The second one in IVDD type II is seen in the dogs that have chronic difficulty climbing the stairs, walking, or rising from the relaxed position. Ultimately result in permanent deformity. The vertebral column becomes weak, and it absorbs less shock compared to the column of a healthy dog.


Dachshund Hip Dysplasia

This is a disease that frequently occurs in the dachshund lifespan.  There is hardening of the elbow in this condition, and hip joints mainly occur in mature age. Your dog shows lameness in his legs, or it feels difficulty in getting up after sitting.

Hip dysplasia does not reduce the Dachshund lifespan; it only decreases the movement of the dog. This is painful for the dog owner because his pet is enabling to walk. It is an inherited disease that comes from ancestors.

The vet takes X-rays of the dog’s infected area then examines it. Then prescribe the medicine and exercise that is best for recovery. Another method is surgery, but this is done in critical cases. Keep in mind; some obese dogs may develop arthritis at their early age. Exercise is a key to control obesity.


Obese Dachshund

Obesity is the mother of all diseases. If you are obese, you can be a victim of heart diseases, liver disorders, and bone problems. It plays a significant role in any disease. Obesity may cause and worsen joint trial, digestive upset, back pain, and other conditions.

Make sure your dog has a healthy and balanced diet. Provide it all the necessary nutrients that are healthful for it. A balanced diet is an important thing that saves us from obesity.


Dachshund Hyper Adrenocorticism

It is also known as Cushing’s disease.  It may occur due to the malfunction of the adrenal gland. That causes them to increase the production of steroid hormones. It frequently occurs in dogs, mainly occurs in Dachshund dogs. It is a silent killer. The early signs are not notable.

This disease’s symptoms are drinking and urinating more than usual, reduced activity level, increased appetite, thin skin, and hair loss. The vet recommends the oral treatment for Hyper Adrenocorticism. So consult your veterinarian if your dog is a victim.


Skin Issues for Dachshund

Akin allergy in Dachshund may be due to environmental factors and food allergies. It can appear as hair loss, dandruff, rashes, hotspot, and itching.

It may also due to the viral and fungal infection in toes, paws, and skin fold on the legs. External parasites and other environmental factors are the leading cause of skin problems.  Meat protein is also a cause of this issue. Don’t give a protein-rich diet if your dog has a skin allergy.

Any bacterial or fungal infection can be treated with the help of a vet recommendation. A fresh food diet and vet recommended diet can be a good thing in treating skin problems.


Dachshund Cardio Issues

As we have discussed early, heart problem is one of the leading causes of death in dachshund dog. It decreases the dachshund life span. It mainly occurs in the golden age of the dog. The cardio issue is due to the weakening of the heart valve. As a result, the heart valve closes tightly—blood leaks around these weak valves.

Dogs that have this disease have a heart murmur. When your dog has Miral valve disease, you should take him to the vet. If this disease is diagnosed early, proper medication is fruitful for the dog’s life and can increase the Dachshund life span.

Preventive measures also minimize the risk of valve disease. Fatty acid supplementation and weight control can help to diminish this problem.


Doxin Eye Problems

Proper functioning of your dog’s eye is very significant throughout the dog’s life. In Dachshund’s life span, they may develop many eye disorders. The eye problem in Dachshund is inherited, which may cause blindness in dogs.

Glaucoma is a disease that is very frequent in a dachshund. It is a severe disease that rapidly leads to blindness. Its symptoms are squinting, bluing eye cornea, watery eyes, and redness in the white portion of the eyes. A proper checkup is necessary to minimize this issue.

A cataract is also a common disease that occurs in a dachshund. It can cause permanent blindness. The lens of the eyes looks cloudy in this situation. Surgery is the only best option for cataracts.

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca is another name for dry eye. It is common in a dachshund. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca reduces the fluid production that is produced by the tear gland. Then you are no longer to keep your eye moist. This results in sore and itching problems in the eyes. Its symptoms are dull and dry appearance, thick discharge from eyes, and Pawing at eyes.


Doxin Spinal Issues

Abnormal intervertebral discs are more common in dachshunds than in other dogs. About 25 percent of the dog is the victims of this disorder. If your dog is a victim, don’t waste your time. Go to your vet. If you don’t, then this results in permanent deformity.

Dachshund lifespan
dachshund lifespan – dachshund life expectancy


How to increase Dachshund life Expectancy?

Dachshund’s lifespan is very short as compared to humans. The average dachshund lifespan is about 12-15 years. So it is a painful moment for dog lovers when their pet dies. So to improve his healthy lifespan, many things can improve Dachshund’s lifespan.

The following things are worth considering if you want to improve the Dachshund lifespan.


More Exercise for Doxin

More exercise and less eat the best policy if you want to increase the dachshund lifespan. Physical activity is significant if you’re going to see your dog healthy and active.

  • A regular walk is perfect for exercise. It builds the dog’s stamina. When you go for a walk, take your dog with you
  • Hunting games are also excellent exercising, and it can also build stamina. Hide and seek is the best game that you can play with your pet.
  • Swimming is also a good exercise for your dog. You should train your dog first then take it swimming.
  • Place your dog’s favorite thing in the more complex area than your dog goes to catch this item.


Proper Certified Breeder

The good breed is also a good thing. It would help if you bought a dachshund from a certified pet store. The second thing you can buy from your trusted friend. The proper breed has remarkable characteristics that mix doesn’t have. So always keep your eyes on it when going to buy the dog.


Caring For the Doxin’s Fragile Back

Are you worried about your Dachshund back weakness? Follow these points to eliminate this issue and to extend Dachshund lifespan

  • Keep maintaining the weight of the Dachshund dog.
  • Support his back while lifting him.
  • Stop him while running or upstairs, downstairs, or jump from a height.
  • Take him to exercise daily when you go outside.
  • If your pet feels this pain, know what to do in an emergency.
  • Pet back surgery is also a solution to this issue.


Rich Diet

Now you know the average life of a Dachshund. About 12-14 years is the average life expectancy of a Dachshund. You can increase it by giving it a good diet and provide them all the essential nutrients that are healthful for your dog.

Protein-rich food, carbohydrates, lipids, vegetables, and a natural diet are essential for dogs. It can increase the dachshund lifespan. The quality of food is much more important than the quantity of food. So, take care of the food quality.

Some foods are not suitable for dog health, and dogs also avoid them. These are

  • Coffee
  • Chocolates
  • Xylitol
  • Onions
  • Avocado
  • Citrus
  • Moldy foods
  • Salt
  • Grapes

Don’t provide all the above food to your dog. If you do this, then this results in a decrease in Dachshund’s lifespan.



You should never leave your dachshund dog at any age. If your dog is an adult, then don’t leave him. It is because, at this age, dogs need help from you. So, please don’t leave him alone.

Take much care of your dog. Take extra care of his cleanliness. Cleanliness is the main thing that saves us from different diseases. Brushing is also essential for dog health improvement. Thrice in a week, brushing is necessary for teeth maintenance—a dachshund’s life expectancy increases as a result.


How Do You Know Your Dachshund is dying?

This is very important how you know that your Dachshund is dying. Many signs tell us that dog is near to death.

  • Your dog feels fatigued without doing any work. They feel tough in movement. This is a sign of old age and it tells us that dog life is neat to close.
  • Loss of interest is another big thing. Your dog doesn’t take any interest in daily tasks. It remains in his crate or house. Even it bears no good with the person that is loved most.
  • Another sign of old age is loss of bladder and bowel control. This is because of the shutting down of organs.
  • Loss of appetite is also due to old age. Your dog doesn’t like the dog that is it’s favorite. No matter what food you give to it, simply your dog refuses to eat.
  • Difficulty in breathing and suffocation tell us that the dachshund lifespan is about to end.


How to Make Memorable Last Moments with Senior Dachshund?

You should arrange a farewell party for your dog. If your dog dies, immediately pack him in polythene. It results in less decomposition of the dead body. Take much care of your dog in adult age to extend Dachshund lifespan.

Spend quality time with your dog and do anything good that is palpable for him. Provide him good sleep. Don’t hide your tear or pain. Express your feeling with other peoples.

Mainly, express sad feelings in front of a pet or dog lover because he understands your pain. Put your dog to sleep when it is about to die. Comfort them every chance you get but make sure you put their best thing first.


Final Verdict – Dachshund Lifespan

The Dachshund has very closeness to humans. It is the best companion of man. Dachshund’s life span is about 14-16 years.  You can increase the lifespan of Dachshund by improving the health conditions. A proper and balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifespan. We have discussed Dachshund’s life span, how long Dachshunds live, how we can improve Dachshund’s lifespan.

Dachshund lifespan
dachshund lifespan – dachshund life expectancy

The oldest Dachshund was about 25 years old, but many other old age dachshund dogs have nearly 31 years old. If you want to see your dachshund life span longer, then save your dog from all disorders like heart diseases, liver diseases, kidney disorders, skin problems, etc.

Consult your vet at least once a month. Because you know early diagnosis saves us from many diseases same here is the case in dogs. Cleanliness is the main thing that keeps us from fatal diseases. Regular brushing makes our teeth life better.

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