How To Keep Hedgehogs Warm? (7 Important Facts)

Hedgehogs are low-maintenance pets that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Although they are not picky eaters and their drinking needs are not difficult either, there are other essential things you should do to make your hedgehog comfortable in captivity.

How to keep Hedgehogs warm? Keep the hedgehog’s cage temperature between 22°C and 26.5°C. The lower the cage temperature, the easier it is for the hedgehog to hibernate and make its metabolism slow down or become lethargic. If the temperature is hotter than the requirements, the hedgehog may suffer heat stroke (aestivation).

How to keep hedgehogs warm
How to keep Hedgehogs warm?

This article will discuss the need for temperature hedgehogs in captivity.


Do Hedgehogs Like Warm Or Cold?

Hedgehogs prefer warm because they need a warmer environment. Hedgehogs cannot be in cold places because their metabolism can go down, and they are more susceptible to disease. There are temperature requirements for hedgehogs, and you should be able to keep them neither too hot nor too cold.

Look for references about the needs of hedgehog cages, such as how to keep them warm at room temperature or in other ways to provide comfort for hedgehogs while living in captivity. Healthy hedgehogs depend not only on a proper diet or clean cage but also on a suitable temperature.


How Do Hedgehogs Keep Warm?

Hedgehogs, unlike other animals, have a lot of furs to help them warm up. The only way is for hedgehogs to drop their body temperature and adapt to their environment. This method can save a lot of energy on hedgehogs.

The side effect of this hibernation method, hedgehogs will be slowing down all their body functions. If hedgehogs are in a hibernation state before they eat or drink enough, they will have to deal with low temperatures until they can survive.


How To Keep Hedgehogs Warm?

Luckily hedgehogs in captivity can be watched by their owners. Owners will not be allowing their pets to suffer in low temperatures. There are several ways that owners can do this by providing some special tools to keep the hedgehogs warm.

Heating lamps or heating pads are two things that can help you keep the temperature of the cage stable. Warmer temperatures will make hedgehogs carry out their activities as usual without slowing down their metabolism.

If you don’t want to use objects related to electricity, you can look for other ideas, such as putting a special nest such as a small house in its cage with blankets or special pillows for them to warm themselves.


Do Hedgehogs Need To Be Kept Warm?

Hedgehogs can’t stay at low temperatures. Do not leave hedgehogs at room temperature lower than 22°C. Hedgehogs who are forced to be in a room that is too cold will be lethargic and unable to move because of reduced body functions to equalize their body temperature with their environment.

How to keep hedgehogs warm? Look for a special room with little chance of outside wind when the temperature is cold. The warmer the space, the more comfortable the hedgehog will be.


How Can I Keep My Hedgehog Warm Without Electricity?

Sometimes we experience a power outage during winter. If we have provided a heating lamp or hedgehog heating pad, but it does not work, we must provide other alternatives to maintain the hedgehog’s cage temperature.

You can use a hand warmer by inserting it inside the sock and tying the end to prevent the hedgehog from touching it. A hand warmer can be a lifesaver when your power outage and generator are not working.

Blankets and pillows are sometimes not enough to warm hedgehogs in winter. Use a warmer that can last several hours.


What Temperature Is Too Cold For Hedgehogs?

Temperatures below 20°C are already in the hibernation process for hedgehogs. If the room temperature has started to cool and is below the requirements, you need to use heaters or some other way to keep the hedgehog warm.

How to keep hedgehogs warm? A heating lamp or heating pad with a harmless layout for hedgehogs. If your home is experiencing a power outage, you should find another way to warm up the hedgehogs before they automatically hibernate.


What Temperature Is Too Hot For Hedgehogs?

The temperature exceeds 28°C. Your hedgehog can have a heat stroke. High humidity up to 70% can also make hedgehog heat stroke. Just like hibernation time, hedgehogs are lifeless and can’t do anything. Sometimes they choose to be curled up.

If aestivation occurs many times, it will worsen their health. Hedgehogs can suffer from heart failure or other fatal conditions that lead to death. Don’t let the hedgehog experience bad things like the room temperature being too high or too low.

The owner’s job is to make sure the hedgehog is in a cage with a temperature that meets the requirements, without any strange behavior shown by the hedgehog because it is not comfortable with the surrounding conditions.


How Do I Know If My Hedgehog Is Cold?

Hedgehogs will be puffing or sneezing. In addition, they will reduce their activities and do not want to eat or drink. In this condition, the hedgehog forces its body to adjust its temperature to its surroundings and lower its metabolism.

Try checking their belly. Hedgehog’s body temperature should be as warm as your hands or warmer than yours. Try to warm the hedgehog with your hands or take it to a warmer room.

How to keep hedgehogs warm? Put a heating lamp or heating pad in the hedgehog’s cage without endangering them. Hedgehogs need to stay warm at all times because they can’t stay too low or too high.

How to keep hedgehogs warm
How to keep Hedgehogs warm?


How To Keep A Hedgehog Warm Without A Heat Lamp?

Place a heating pad underneath the hedgehog’s cage. Put under the bedding for the comfort of your hedgehog while sleeping. You only need to put it at one point, because if you put too much heating pad it can be bad for your pet.

We recommend that you choose a K&H heating pad for hedgehogs. This product is durable, reliable, easy to clean, and able to keep your hedgehogs warm.


How To Keep A Hedgehog Warm During A Power Outage?

Always keep a hand warmer in case of a power outage, and you don’t have a generator. Try putting it in a cloth without tying the hand warmer neatly, don’t let your hedgehog touch it. Hand warmers can be used to warm the cage for up to several hours.

The hedgehog heating pad Amazon will be useful for keeping your pet warm but cannot be used during a power outage. Try looking for references whether there is a heating pad that can be used even without electricity.


How Warm Should A Hedgehog Cage Be?

Ensure the hedgehog’s cage has an ideal temperature between 22°C and 26.5°C. Lower or higher than average will make the hedgehog lifeless and not carry out activities as usual.

Be careful about the humidity of the room. If not suitable, hedgehogs can suffer heat stroke, the same as when a hedgehog is in a room where the temperature is more than 28°C.

How to keep hedgehogs warm? If you want to have a hedgehog’s cage with a stable temperature without having to be watched all the time, try using a hedgehog heat lamp wattage to keep the hedgehog warm.


How To Heat A Plastic Hedgehog Cage?

There are two ways you can do this. Between placing a heating lamp on the top of the cage or placing heating pads above the cage. It provides a special base so that the heating pads do not directly hit the plastic cage.

Hot temperatures can make plastic melt, and hedgehogs will have a hard time if they are exposed to a melt that can injure them. Do not force the heating pads into the cage, as there is a higher chance of the cage melting.


How To Keep A Wild Hedgehog Warm?

Seeing hedgehogs struggling due to cold temperatures makes us feel compassion and want to help them as much as we can. The table below is how to help wild hedgehogs keep them warm.

Keep hedgehog warmExplanation
Prepare a cardboard boxWhere hedgehogs hide with newspapers or towels to keep them warm.
Pick them upUse gardening gloves and pick a curled up hedgehog to enter the box you prepared.
Hot water bottle inside the boxHot tap water or a towel soaked in hot water will help warm the hedgehog.
Provide food and drinkDon’t forget to put food and drink in, because hedgehogs can be more active if they eat where the temperature is getting warmer.


Final Verdict – How To Keep Hedgehogs Warm

Hedgehogs are animals that have special requirements for temperature problems. Hedgehogs can only be safe in cages that have an ambient temperature between 22°C and 26.5°C.

If you force a hedgehog to live in a cage with a temperature lower than 20°C or more than 28°C, you could be making their health worse.

How to keep hedgehogs warm
How to keep Hedgehogs warm? How to keep Hedgehogs warm with rugs? How to keep Hedgehogs warm as pets?

How to keep Hedgehogs warm? Use a heating lamp or heating pads to warm the hedgehog’s cage. Don’t forget to have a hand warmer as an alternative to warm your hedgehog during a power outage.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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