Teacup Pug : 5 Pros And Cons, Price, 3 Brutal Health Issues

A teacup pug is a breed that was developed from the dwarf pugs. They are also known as chugs and chihuahuas. Teacup pug was developed by the method known as hybridization. Teacup pug is produced when there is a cross between pug and Chihuahua.

In this article, we will discuss the teacup pug’s full size, behavior, weight, and other things related to the teacup pug. Let’s discuss the article.

Teacup pug
teacup pug


What Is A Teacup Pug?

Teacup pug is an amiable dog. You can see the teacup pug in the family. They are very adaptable in families. They are developed by artificial selection. They have characteristics of two parents who belong to two different breeds.

When the Chihuahua and pug cross each other, then the teacup is produced, and it has features of both parents. One of its parents is a dwarf pug. That is why they have a short height. Their average size is about six inches, and their weight is about 2-6 lbs.

Their behavior and temperament is the same, just like his parents. One of the disadvantages is the health issues that are caused by the hybrid breed. Some Teacup pug breeders keep this dog for business purposes.


Teacup Pug Full Grown Size

Teacup pug full-grown has a height of about six inches. Tea cup pug size is a tiny size because of the parent feature. The dwarf pug has a short height which is why they also have a short height. How big does a teacup pug get? The maximum height that a tea cup pug can attain is about 6 inches.

The weight of teacup pugs is about 2-4 lbs in weight.


Personality and Behavior of Teacup Pug

Every breed has different personalities and behaviors. Runt pug is playful, loving, and loyal. They have an attitude very much. They can quickly adapt themselves to other animals like cats. They like to live with people of almost all ages like adults, aged, and children.

It would help if you controlled your teacup. Otherwise, they start guarding behavior and guard food, toys, and other house items.  This thing can be eliminated from a dog with the help of proper guidelines and training.

The punishment is not suitable for teacup because they get stressed very quickly. They follow the command of your owner. The calmness, firmness, and consistency make your dog better. Creative training reduces the risk of getting bored.

Whether you live in a city or town, they are very adaptable to the environment. They adjust themselves in any environment, even if you are living in a small apartment.


Health and Diet of Teacup Pug

The essential thing about the teacup that you must know is the health and diet of a teacup. Miniature pug puppies are very prone to get the disease because they are very delicate.  They have a weak immune system that is why a proper diet is necessary for them.

The health of the mini tea cup pug dog depends upon the feeding or diet of your dog. Tea cup pug breeders should know much information about the balanced diet for miniature pugs.

Here are some nutrition and diet tips

  • Many brands make the food according to the breed of dogs. Buy dog food from some authentic or reputable company. Always choose that diet that enhances the development and growth of your mini pug puppies.
  • If you don’t want to give the store food, then you can give them homemade food. The homemade food should contain the correct proportion of nutrients. The percentages of starch, vegetables, and meat should be 30, 30, and 40, respectively.
  • The healthy diet for the toy pug breed is Parsley, green beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
  • The things that are not recommended for dogs are salt, seasoning butter, avocados, mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomatoes, currants, grapes, and raisins. The canned food that has high calories is also not recommended for teacup pugs.


Teacup Pugs Pros and Cons

Before purchasing the tea cup pug, you should have enough knowledge about pugs pros and cons. By reading the pugs pros and cons, you can easily decide whether this pet is good for you or not. Now take a look at the pugs pros and cons.


Pros of Teacup Pugs

Many people want to keep the teacup pug because of many reasons.

  • They don’t like to eat much food, which is why they are economical. Although the price of the teacup pug is very high, once you keep it, there is a minute difference in your budget.  They don’t eat much as compared to the large breed dogs.
  • They want to play with humans. That is why the families want to keep them. It makes you happy because of its playful attitude.
  • Teacup pigs are portable; it means that you can keep them anywhere, even when you are traveling. Teacup pugs for adoption are perfect because they are easy to handle because of the small size.
  • Teacup pigs are very adaptable. Even if you are living in a small apartment, they can adjust themselves in the apartment.
  • They don’t need many exercises. Little exercise makes them tired. Therefore they are best for the people that don’t want to do exercise.


Cons of Teacup Pug

Teacup is lovely and adorable, but they have many cons.

  • Due to the health conditions, their vet cost is very much. They are very prone to get diseases. So the price for every checkup is bid setback. That is why celebrities and elite class families own them.
  • The lifespan of the teacup is very short as compared to other small-sized dogs.
  • They are compassionate and fragile, which is why teacups are not best for children. Children can harm them.
  • They have demanding nature. Even that while climbing to the couch or bed, they want your help.
  • One of the disadvantages is that the teacup shed very much.
  • They are not adaptable to extreme weather conditions. That is why they need outfits to walk in winter. They need AC in the summer season.


How Much Are Teacup Pugs? Miniature Pug Puppies

They are not rare dogs then the question is, how much is a teacup pug? The teacup pugs stand at the priciest breeds. Because of this reason, you can see this breed in elite class families or actors, etc.

Teacup pug price depends upon the superior lineage. If you want to buy the pure breed of teacup pug, the price ranges from 300 to 2000 USD. The price of a dog also depends upon the buying place.  You can see the ads of Micro teacup pugs for sale low prices, but these pups are not pure.


How Long Do Teacup Dogs Live? Teacup Pug Life Span

The tea cup pug is very prone to get different health issues. That is why they have a short lifespan. Although the small-sized dogs have an extensive lifespan, in this case, the teacup’s life span is short.

The average life expectancy of the teacup pug is about 6 to 8 years.


Do Teacup Pugs Bark A Lot?

There is nature of tea cup pug that they bark a lot. This is one of the disadvantages of tea cup pug. But by training, you can make your dog stop barking. As we know that the best time for training is a young age. So, train your dog at a young age.

If you are tired of the barking or someone complains about the dog barking, then the bark color can get rid of excessive barking problems.

Excessive barking is also suitable for security purposes because barking dogs are the best for security purposes.

Teacup pug
teacup pug


Teacup Pug Black

There are many coat colors in tea cup pug. The black color in a teacup is because of the pug parents. The standard pug also has black color in the coat. If the black coat color gene is dominant, then the offspring will have a black coat.


White Teacup Pug

Teacup pugs have double layers of coat that save them from extreme weather conditions. One of the coat colors in tea cup pug is white.  There are many other coat colors in teacup pugs like a fawn, silver, and brindle, etc.  White tea cup pug is not a separate breed. This also belongs to tea cup pugs.


Are Teacup Pugs Healthy?

Micro teacup pug full-grown is very vulnerable to get diseases—teacup pugs are brachycephalic, which is why they have a high risk of health issues. One of the main reasons for getting diseases is their small size. Now we will discuss the common health disorder of tea cup pug. Why Are Teacup Pug Puppies Bad?



The small changes can disturb the life of tea cup pugs. That is why you should take much care of them. One example of stress is that if they are not familiar with car drivers, they get stress. They are very fragile and sensitive.

There are signs which tell us that dog is under stress

To eliminate your dog from stress, you should provide a healthy and safe environment to your dog. This makes them adjust to that environment.


Heart Disorders

They can quickly get heart issues because of the genetic predisposition. They are very susceptible to get heart issues. A recent study reveals that 75% of the tea cup pug has this issue. The heart problem begins with heart murmuring, and then it leads to heart failure because of the degeneration of the heart valve.

Many symptoms indicate heart issues. These are



This is a condition in which there is a high level of sugar that is known as hyperglycemia. Diabetes is fatal for the dog if left untreated. They can cause severe kidney problems and can lead to kidney failure. It would help if you took care of the dog’s diet to save them from diabetes. This condition is common in teacup dogs.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia are


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are Teacup Pugs Expensive Than Normal Pugs?

The average prices of both of the dogs are nearly the same. The price of a pug is $600-$1,500. On the other hand, the price of teacup is about 600-2000$ and it  varies depending on the breed, whether pure or not.

The price depends upon the quality of the breed. The price of a select variety of pugs can reach 10k USD.


Do Teacup Pug Puppies Stay Small?

You will listen that the newborn infant of teacup can be adjusted. This is true. The small size of the teacup is because of the dwarf pug parent. At the time of birth, tea cup pug size is very tiny as compared to the regular pug. Some tea cup pug remains dwarf in whole life.  Tea cup pug full grown size is about 6 inches.


Final Verdict On Teacup Pug

Teacup pug is a domestic dog that is very fragile and sensitive. That is why they require proper care, grooming, and a balanced diet.

Teacup pug
teacup pug

They are prone to get health problems that why tea cup pugs need a lot of money for medical checkups.

So, if you are affording the expenditures of dog and want to buy tea cup pug, then it is best for you. It is Family dogs.

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