6 Pug Pros And Cons : Buy A Pug Only After Reading This

Pug belongs to the category of dog, which has a short size. Small size dogs have a high lifespan as compared to large size dogs. Pugs are stubborn, and you need proper guidelines and guidance to train your pug. The average size is about 30-36 cm for male, and the female size is about 25-30 cm.

In this article, we will discuss Pug Pros and Cons, pros and cons of owning a pug and Is Pug a Good Choice?

Pug pros and cons
learn pug pros and cons before buying a pug


Pug Pros and Cons

The most difficult thing about the pug is training. The pug is known as very notorious because of his stubborn behavior. But you can train your pug by practicing and training.

Pugs need proper grooming for a healthy lifespan. If you can afford it, then you can keep this pet. Pug Pros and Cons are important to know.

French Bulldog Vs Pug


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Pug?

Everything has advantages as well as disadvantages.  You need to know the Pug Pros and Cons. Pugs also have many advantages. We will discuss Pug Pros and Cons in detail.


Pug Pros – What Is The Advantage Of Pug?

You should know the Pug benefits if you want to own the pug. Following are the Advantages of Pugs

  1. One of the main advantages is that you can keep your pug along with you when you want to go outside or for a picnic. This is because the size of the pugs is small. You can easily handle them.
  2. They don’t occupy very much space like other large breed dogs. If you live in an apartment, it is also okay because it is small in size.
  3. The pugs are very friendly and active dogs. They can easily become family friends, and they are very close to people of any age. They are known as Cheerful and playful. They love to make company with the aged as well as children. They can take part in family activities.
  4. Pugs make loving friendships with the children with their affectionate behavior. You can keep more than one dog of this breed with no issue.
  5. Pugs are known as guard dogs. They are very loyal to their owner and do their duty very nicely. They can bark very loudly. That’s why when they see some other person or another dog, they bark very loud.
  6. If you are a dog lover and are also a beginner in owning dogs, then pug is the best option. You need less knowledge about the training of a pug. That is why a pug is a good choice for someone that keeps the dog for the 1st time.


Pug Cons – What Are The Disadvantages Of Pug?

There are many pug disadvantages. One of the main concerns is a respiratory issue. Below are the main disadvantages of Pugs

Breathing problem is the main health issue from which the pugs suffer. It is because of the short muzzles. That is why VET recommends light exercise for Pugs.

Pugs have less ability to get cold in summer. This is because of the evolutionary adaptations. Their nose size is small, and this nose makes it more difficult to cool in an extremely hot environment. If the weather condition is extreme, then don’t do exercise with your pug.

Their bodies are not adaptable to any environment. They feel sick if there is cold weather outside. Preventive measures are there in winter to save them from harsh weather like clothing.

  1. Eyes infection – They have beautiful eyes, but their eyes are delicate and sensitive. If you tightly pinch the pug, then there are chances that their eyes can pop out, and in this condition, a check-up to VET will be required.
  2. Coat Shedding – Like other dogs, Pugs also shed their coat when the season comes. You can see the hairs of coats in the shedding season. This is the natural behavior of a pug. You can also use deshedding instruments for shaving the Pugs.
  3. Facial care – facial care is also significant for pugs, just like other dogs. The wrinkles on the pug’s face need to be cleaned because they may result in a serious infection.
  4. Separation Depression – Pugs feel very depressed in the absence of the owner. If they are severely depressed, then it may lead to heartache.
  5. Healthcare – Pugs are very susceptible to different allergies and throat infections. If you want to buy or keep the pug, then a monthly check-up is required because of the health issues.
  6. Weight Gaining – Pugs can easily gain weight because they don’t like to run and exercise. Because of the lack of physical activity, they can easily get obese. That is why VET recommends the 15 minutes daily walk if the temperature is favorable. The second reason for gaining weight is overfeeding. Pugs don’t refrain from eating. Hence they become obese.


Why Are Pugs The Worst?

After reading Pug pros and cons, we can decide that pugs are the worst or not. One of the main things that makes it worst is a breathing issue. They have short nostrils and short muzzles that cause severe breathing issues. Breathing issues sometimes may lead to death. That is why the selection of this pet is discouraged.

Pug pros and cons
learn pug pros and cons before buying a pug


Why Should You Not Buy A Pug?

Eye problems are the main issue that causes eye ulcers. This is because of the short muzzles. This may lead to the eye scratches of the pug.  These are the reasons why dog owners don’t like to keep the pug. It is important to know Pug Pros and Cons before buying.


What Are Common Problems With Pugs?

The life expectancy of the pug is 12-15 years. They are very susceptible to health problems. Hip dysplasia and Encephalitis are the main problems. There are many other problems like

  1. Obesity
  2. Hemivertebra
  3. Entropion
  4. Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
  5. Legg-Perthes
  6. Stenotic Nares
  7. Elongated Palate
  8. Patellar Luxation
  9. Hip Dysplasia


Is It Cruel To Buy A Pug?

This article containing Pug Pros and Cons lets you decide buying a pug is cruel or not. Purchasing the dog and keeping them in cages is cruel. The breeding of dogs for business purposes is also discouraged. Pugs are very notorious because of arthritis, breathing issues, spinal problems and popping of the eye.


Is It Better To Have A Male Or Female Pug?

Male pugs are more friendly than a female pug. This is because of the personality of a male who likes to play. Male pugs are also very friendly than female dogs. Many pet owners like to own the male pug rather than selecting a female pug.


Is Pug A Good Choice?

It is important to know about the Pug Pros and Cons; then, you will decide whether pug is a good choice. Pugs are very loving and friendly. They can easily adjust in families. You can train them because they are sociable animal.

 But the main thing about the pug is a health issue. So, before selecting it, keep in mind all the above issues that have been discussed.


Final Verdict On Pug Pros And Cons

Pugs are a very delicate and sensitive dog. They are very friendly in families and easily adjust in the family. You can keep them in the small apartment in which you are living because of its small size. They are known as guard dogs because of the loud barking behavior. They are very loyal to the owner. If you are a beginner and want to keep a pet (dog), then a pug is a better option for you.

Pug pros and cons
learn pug pros and cons before buying a pug

Hopefully, you’ve learnt enough about Pug Pros and cons and are able to take your own decision clearly if getting a Pug is the right choice for you or not, after reading the article!

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